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India’s national flower is lotus
March 22, 2017

The Lotus,national flower of the India, is symbol of supreme reality. Hindu religion & mythology portray goddess Saraswathi,muse of learning, as the being seated on lotus flower. To Indian psyche, lotus is more than a flower. it represents both beauty & non attachment. There is saying that although it grows in the mud, it smells of myrrh

Lotus grows in the fresh water ponds & lakes & in semitropical climates. It blossoms gradually & magnificentl one petal at time and reaches full bloom when rays of the sun kiss flower.

And There are innumerable poems praising love between the sun & the flower in literature in the general & Indian literature in particular. And The lotus is found in the different colours, namely, white, red, and blue, pink, and the purple and is found in many Asian countries.

And The lotus is edible & has many curative properties; its use in traditional Asian medicine is as old as a history. And The flower is used to brew lotus teas, and which relieves cardiac complications & helps to stop bleeding.And The roots of the plant help in getting rid of body’s toxic wastes & in strengthening lives.And it also helps in reducing body heat. And The roots & rhizomes are useful in the treating small pox, throat complications, and the pigmentation problems in the skin, & the diarrhoea.

And the cooked lotus root is a good for stomach & the reproductive organs. It also helps to contract blood vessels and the prevents blood loss and the complications such as coughing blood & blood in stools. The stem helps in healthy growth of the foetus & also used to treat tightness of chest.

The lotus seed is used to tone spleen and the kidney & is also used as food. Soups are also made from seeds. The large leaves are used as cold bed sheets to treat high fever & for treatment of summer heat & further they are used to things. The things that are thus wrapped remain fragrant for long time. & In short, it can be said that lotus is panacea.

Lotus has message to convey to humans. Although, lotus is the archetype of beauty, and it symbolises non attachment. In his essay The Secret of Work, Swami Vivekananda opines, Just as water cannot wet lotus leaf, so work cannot bind unselfish man by giving rise to attachment to results.Even though lotus is rooted in mud, it continues to float on water without becoming wet or muddy. This aspect of lotus dictates how humans ought to live in this world work incessantly but be not attached to work and to the surroundings. It also reveals, This world is not our habitation but one of the many stages through which we are passing through.

And The Bhagavad Gita says, One who performs his duty without attachment,and surrendering the results onto Supreme Lord, is the unaffected by sinful action, as lotus leaf is untouched by water..

Lotus flower is the found only in two colours that are pink & white.

And The flower grows in murky waters & rises on long stalk above surface to bloom glorious.

It is beautiful flower which symbolises divinity, fertility, & wealth, knowledge & not to forget enlightenment. Untouched by impurity, lotus symbolises purity of heart & mind. According to Hindu mythology Lotus is made as seat of t Goddess of wealth Lakshmi

Just one thing in a day!
March 22, 2017

Decluttering is a daunting task for me and a boring one too! I was overwhelmed with the piling clutter at my place and yet unable to tackle it effectively. Most of us keep on procrastinating decluttering because it takes up a lot of time. It was at that time I came across many minimalist blogs. I read their success stories. Though I admit I can never lead that kind of extreme minimalist life but I was intrigued by the idea. At least, they encouraged me to declutter my house so that I could give it a more neat and organized look.

The best idea of decluttering I got from Colleen Madson’s blog ‘365 less things.’ She has shared a simple technique for decluttering- Declutter just one thing a day. It’s very easy and convenient too. It doesn’t look like much but if you are consistent then by then end of a year, you will get rid of 365 unwanted items from your house. Over the years, Colleen not only managed to get rid of the clutter in her house but also established a blog with thousands of subscribers who were benefitted putting her simple tip into practice. Her blog started as a place to document her daily decluttering goal but over the years has been evolved into much more.

Decluttering just one thing in a day- is Simple yet an effective way of decluttering. This is such a simple idea that it can be used by anyone. It doesn’t take up much time. I have been implementing the same at my home and I have managed to get rid of quite a lot of unwanted stuff in this way. If you also want to declutter your house but find it intimidating task then try this simple tip of decluttering one thing a day. You will begin to see the change in just a few weeks.

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March 18, 2017
sunflower 6

Gardening is good for the health. The results of which, is also rewarding.

You should have the patience in doing gardening. It is like an experiment. It is a trial and error process.

Eventually, if you have the right attitude in this effort, you will have a beautiful front and back yard. You will also have fresh fruits and vegetables for your family to eat.

It is not easy to start gardening.  It is also not a “clean” job to do.

You have to consider several factors when starting a garden.


Decide on what type of plant you want to grow. Are you the flowery type of person, the fruity one, or a vegetarian?

Choose plants that are suitable to the type of soil that is in your backyard. This is important because not all plants can thrive in just any soil there is. Each plant has its own type of personality.

If you have decided what type you are, then secure now the seeds of your choice.


It is much easier if you start to grow your seeds in a seed bed. That way you can see which seeds are the healthy ones and less insects to mess with the seeds. Ants can really uproot seeds if seeds are planted directly on the ground.


Plants, like people, need water to survive. Just sprinkle water on the seed bed. Don’t dose it with water.


Seed bed is not a permanent place for plants to grow. You have to transplant it to a bigger place or straight to the ground. When leaves are around 4 or more or if it is strong enough to be uprooted, then transplant them for them to have more room to grow.


Congratulations, if you have reached this part. No amount of money can equate the happiness and fulfillment of harvesting your own food.

Try to wake up early in the morning
March 18, 2017

Early rising used to be the extolled by our grandfathers as if it were in itself virtue. Young people were exhorted to be get up with, or even before sunrise and sleeping late were condemned as vice. old rhyme taught Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise. Without doubt it is in general good thing to get up early, though every young man today thinks that the early rising in itself will not be make a man either wealthy and wise, however much it will only improve his health. So But there is no moral vice in getting up late.

Early rising cannot be laid down as a general hard and fast rule for everyone. And the People’s circumstances and bodily and mental constitutions differ too much to make it possible to make the general rule for all.

No doubt the early to bed and early to rise rule is sound one for people who live in country and whose occupation is farming. And old proverb was coined when majority of population of England was the agricultural. The bulk of farmer’s work must be done in daylight.they cannot plough, and irrigate, and dig or reap at night. If he will would thrive, so he must therefore use all the daylight he can be get and be up with sun.for the ‘night cometh when no man can work’. Further farmer who is engaged in heavy physical work all the day.

Needs more sleep than clerk, whose occupation is sedentary.And the farmer who stays up late will probably get up late lose best hours of day for work.

But same rule does not applies for town dwellers, whose occupation can carried on with the help of artificial light as well as night as by day. Some of most interesting and instructive parts of town life are carried on after the sun sets.Fact is that there in the towns there are thousands of people who go to bed late, and get up late but are yet healthy, wealthy and wise’. The old proverb.hence is not universally true.
Early rising is secret for a happy life. We all wish live long but we cannot. Why? We go against Nature. Nature likes us work during day and to rest at night. But we do not obey this law of the Nature. And we do not go to bed early. We read and write late into night. And Some of us keep playing, dancing and drinking whole night.that’s why we do not rise early. What is the result? And Our health breaks down and we fall ill. Nature takes revenge. And We have to suffer for our disobedience.
Early rising gives you good health. But early rising alone is not enough. And You must leave your bed and walk a little. So This will give you fresh air. Fresh air is queen of medicines and the beauty of Nature is best of tonics. The music of birds and smell and colour of flowers will give you nicest kind of feast. Nature will give you what your soft bed can not.

Starting a Fruit & Vegetable Garden!
March 17, 2017
Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 8.20.32 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 8.20.32 PM

Nowadays, it seems like everything at the market is mass produced. Even though the food may still say organic, or all natural – everything just looks bigger than the normal. And the regular, non-organic foods “normal” foods are even more gigantic so it is hard to believe what is on the market now.

My fiancé and I are trying to be more healthier and one step to being more healthier is to start a little garden in the back yard and grow our own fruits and vegetables. Nothing outrageous just a small manageable garden since he currently rents a home. And potentially if we move or purchase our own home, we would be able to just pot the garden and take it with us.

Last week, my fiancé cleaned up the yard and weed. Then, dug in the soil where he plans to plant the seeds, so that we could buy new soil and make sort of like a soil bed for the seeds.

We have been making a few trips to our local home improvement store and purchased organic certified seeds for some vegetables and fruits.

So far we purchased:

  • Arugula
  • Beefsteak Tomato
  • Genovese Sweet Basil
  • Calabrese Broccoli

We will go back and search for strawberry because I absolutely love strawberry along with some other seeds too. A gardening tip is to check the back of the seed packet and see if it is currently a good season to grow that particular vegetable or fruit in your state and living condition. If not, it is best to find a different packet of seeds to plant.

Today, we went to the home improvement store twice because the first time around, he only purchased two soil bags and actually needed two more! I am not a fan of home improvement stores or garden sections to be honest. I just liked taking pictures of the beautiful flowers though! This garden will be more of my fiancés hobby rather than mine. I will be happy when the seeds sprout and watch the vegetables and fruit grow and to be used in our foods though.

Do you have a garden? What do you typically grow?

No Electricity the Whole Day; Turning a Negative Situation to Positive
March 15, 2017

There was no electricity in our place this whole day, starting at 7:00 in the morning till 6 in the evening. The electric company said there were maintenance activities done to improve its services to the consumers.

So since there was no internet, no computers or television, I focused on offline works at home that needs to be done. I started the day with my usual morning walks and bicycle ride for less than an hour. After that we had breakfast.

Later on, I tended to my pets who were already hungry. My cat, who consistently mewed while following me wherever I went; my dog who barks at whatever it sees; and my two love birds who kept chirping when they saw me nearby their cage.

I first gave the cat its pellets, then the dog his food (pellets too) and the bird seed and sunflower seeds for the birds. I also placed some grass and fresh water to the cage.

Then I watered our ornamental plants. I tended to my orchids that need replanting. It was good my sister gave me pots designed for orchids. It has several holes beneath and at the sides of the earthen pot. I used coconut husk as planting material, then tied a nylon cord to hang it at our fence. I also watered them to enhance rooting.

After watering the orchids, I applied fertilizer to my plants. I used dried horse manure as fertilizer. The horse manure was given by my nephew who works in a horse ranch.

Then after working in the garden, we went to the local market to buy fresh vegetables and fish. We always prepare a lot of vegetable dishes to avoid eating so many starchy foods like rice or white bread to prevent increased blood glucose.

We bought a lot of radish, tomatoes, and native onions which I made into a salad. I only added some fish sauce and a little vinegar. It tasted so delicious and healthy too. We also have some boiled bananas, but we always remember what the nutritionist told us that we can not eat so many bananas because it is loaded with sugar too.

The Negative Situation Became Fruitful

So, during that whole day brownout, I had accomplished a lot of things at home. Instead of going out and spending the whole day in a mall which has air conditioning, I spent the day at home. It was positive because I did not spent money and had accomplished the things that need my attention: my pets and my plants.

Have you ever went to the store and bought things you dont need
March 14, 2017

ladies i guess we did that many times, go to the store due to the need to do soem shoppign for the house or the kitchin for leaningers or foods or clothes and so on, then when you reach the store you bought things that was not in your mind or needed at that time, yea all did that i guess and the issue that you go home with out buying the things that you went out for the store to buy it in the first plac,e

what is that, how the store make syou buy things ou didnt want to buy and make ou pay more, i will tell you in this article how they do that and how to avoid that and be more clever with the stores promotions

yes the secey is the stores promotions, they make you want to buy tings with do promotions on things even you didnt want them at your home, but you see th price ilittle less tahts lead you to buy things you didnt want or didnt think of even. at least for the time you went to the store, but you knwo what, though things may be cheper they may be expired and expired i dont mean that the date is finished, but  expired means thta date of the product is almost there, that means less good food and sometimes untastt food or no tate at for sure, yes really it or not its the real deal with the promotion, they dont win if they didn tsell the almost expired items thats why they do put it on promotions.

you have to more clever, how to do so?  I will tell you you can be more clever and dont spend money on things that are not worth it sy doing a note of the food, clothes or what ever you went out of your home to buy and just buy whats in that note. thats if you want really to save money and not to make the sellers treat you badly.

i have to say some men and women and really i mean men and women do have notes of the things that wanted, but they feel lazy to open in it in the store and then at the end they do that too, buy things they dont need and go home without what they wanted to buy for home


The Wonders of this Super Fruit or Golden berries
March 13, 2017
golden berries


I came upon this what they call super fruit when I posted pictures of wild flowers taken in our backyard in facebook.

golden berries pix 1

A friend sent me this article thru personal message in facebook. I got curious and researched more on this.

golden berries pix 2

I told her that it is not the same plant. So I went to our backyard to look more closely to the plant I took a picture of. Luckily, our farm help was there cleaning the peanut plants. I showed him the photos of the golden berry and he told me that it was not the same as the plant I took a photo of.

He pointed me to another plant which is similar but with a bigger fruit inside the lantern-like fruit.

Lo and behold, the tree he pointed out to me was that of the golden fruit. I took a new photo of this super tree with a close up of its fruit. Now I have to wait for the fruit to ripen and see what is its color and the size of its fruit.

golden berries pix 3                golden berries

To know more about this so called super fruit, I searched the internet and found some interesting things about it.

Its fruit is similar in shape and structure to that of a small tomato. Since this fruit grows as a wild plant in our place, it is a menace to farmers, reason why it is being uprooted not knowing that there are health benefits we can get from it.

There is still no therapeutic claim for this, here are but some of the health benefits we can get from this super fruit/golden berries:

  • Ability to help lose weight;
  • Detoxification;
  • Blood sugar management;
  • Heart booster;
  • Anti-inflammatory;
  • Help fight prostate and prevents stomach and colon cancer;
  • Source of Vitamin A, B, and C;
  • Great diuretic.

Maybe there are more benefits from this wonder fruit that has yet to be discovered.

But like me, this small but super fruit has been taken for granted until someone told me about its wonders.

Just like other things in our lives, almost everything is being taken for granted for and we will only realize its importance if we already lose it.


Best activity for the weekend
March 9, 2017

Any healthy lifestyle lovers in Facebook shows and emphasize in their posts how important it is to actively spend the weekend: go somewhere, ride a bicycle, or even just go for jogging, then somewhere have a  trendy and fine dining, yet  take a part in any still not tested entertainment, for a short time rush into any neighbor abroad and then load a bunch of photos into Facebook from the top of that mountain. But I already from the middle of the week start dreaming of self-imposed isolation in my home. On the sofa. And go nowhere. Not to speak with anyone. And not try to enrich our lives with new experiences. Saturday I want to spend on the couch.

I don’t reject the fact that maybe it’s determined by age desire, as I simply get unrealistically tired through the week. When daily you need to get up early, to plan a work projects, to go there and here, to communicate, to participate, to smile politely, then type-type-type, you start to worry that not be able to do that at the time, that you’ll be late… So why can not be described as a rest situation where all this just does not happen in your life? At least for two days.

In truth, I should say that not every Thursday I am visited by vision about Saturday on a couch. Sometimes I have the desire to go somewhere, to experience something new, or at least banal go for shopping in the supermarket. Or have a short weekend fly to somewhere not so far.

But personally I very like that my desire to be at home on weekends. Because I actually love my home. After all, this is my place of strength. I had read somewhere, how are born holy places, providing strength to the people – the magic comes from the constant recurring human actions, thoughts, prayers. I feel every weekend making holy my home when on the kneed I am cleaning toilet, bathroom, chasing the dust out of the rooms, and then a hundred times bow to all types of surfaces, falling into a meditative state when I collect clothes, bringing them to wash, and so on. And where jet vacuuming carpets and floor washing, then any drawer management, which usually is accompanied by a pleasant discovery, fun memory.

And then there is still a bit of strength to make a cup of coffee, pull out and break the chocolate, to take into arms a book and having to lie down having fun in the blissfully fragrant and clean home. This Saturday lying on the couch will be twice more fun because I brought four new books. And there are still some unread books from the library, so I could spend a couple of weeks just reading. Sometimes I dream that my job disappearing and I can do whatever I like to do week after week.

Yes, I many times say yes for the weekend on the couch, as indeed it is cruel fun, fine, here I rest, recover,  recharge myself. I do not rule out the possibility of maybe due to the fact that not get up early, do not plan my works, not going anywhere, I do not smile to strangers, I do not participate,  do not communicate, encrypt and write, and do not worry  or stress. I am at home. On the sofa. And it is just great.


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Dental floss helps to remove dental plaque from in between the teeth. The area between the teeth is not easy to reach with a toothbrush and so we need to floss.
Flossing is not just to remove the food particles from in between the teeth but to remove the plaque. This way we can prevent the plaque from becoming hard.

When to start flossing
Dental literature recommends that we start flossing a s soon the tooth touch each other. When the gap between the child’s teeth is closed then the toothbrush bristles cannot perform the cleaning action.
Normally by the age of 4-5 years the teeth are touching together. So the parents will have to floss the teeth on a daily basis.
A child needs to be helped with dental flossing till he/she is able to do it independently which is around 10 years of age.

Types of floss
Dental floss is available as a multifilament nylon yarn. It has various forms:
• Twisted or non twisted
• Waxed or non waxed
• Bonded or non bonded
• Thick or thin
• Flavored or non flavored

No one type of floss is recommended by the dental authorities. No particular type of floss has any advantages over the other. It is a personal choice, as every type removes the plaque from in between the teeth equally effectively.

How to floss
Flossing your child’s teeth could be difficult in the first few attempts. It is s skill that needs time and practice.
At first it could take anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. But with practice it just takes a few minutes.
The first time flossing could be demonstrated by the dentist. This is a good way to learn how to do it correctly. Make a dental appointment and get a demonstration on dental flossing.
There are several ways to floss. One recommended for the child by dentists is the loop method.
• Tie the ends of the dental floss in a loop-use (about 1 foot).
• Then hold the floss tightly between thumb and fore finger.
• Gently glide it between the child’s teeth, but never snap as this can injure the gum and make it bleed.
• Now take it to the gum line against the surface of the tooth. Move the floss firmly to the contact area and then to the sulcus, up and down motion to be repeated a couple of times (never snap it down).
• Continue this procedure on all surfaces
• Change the floss to a clear segment after use on 1 or 2 teeth.

Use of dental floss holder can make flossing a little easier. But flossing with a holder is only recommended in cases of patients lacking manual dexterity.
So you must establish a regular flossing pattern for your child. This way the plaque causing cavities will be removed and no gum disease can occur.