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Gamma our pet rooster who left behind indelible memories
April 30, 2017

Taking pictures of Gamma our pet rooster was an interesting activity as he was not like any other birds. He had many endearing ways. He was a part of the household and always sought our company.
Gamma was one among 5 birds we had. They were named Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Theta and Omega. All these birds had a personality of their own but gamma lived to a ripe old age of 12 an age that is normally not seen in birds.

Here is a picture of Gamma when he was around 3. This was the time when he was most active.


Little did we know that roosters would want to mingle and mix with the household. He would stand near the door and ask to be taken in. He never liked to be left alone.


We used to bring him in but not for long as birds do mess up with their droppings.

Right from the time he could crow he would do it anytime of the day. It was no longer the belief that birds crow just when the sun rises.

He so He loved his food.



The most endearing ways of Gamma were that he was friendly with our pet Preiti and they always kept each other company. They used to stroll together, play together and just be with each other.



He was particularly fond of the maid. He would knock on her door and walk right inside, jump up and sit on her books while she was studying.

As he got older it was difficult for Gamma to move around and that meant lifting him around which in fact he liked. He enjoyed human contact. His last days we saw him suffer as he was stool bound which could not reversed.

We miss him very much as he gave us his twelve years filled with wonderful memories.

uld get in and out of his pen on his own – every day at the same time.

We miss him very much as he gave us his twelve years filled with wonderful memories.



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    1. I find it really hard to believe this story. Is it for real or just for the sake of doing a post. Forgive me for saying that but its the first time i am reading or hard of a bird that has lived that long. 12 years is a long time indeed. How did you keep it for that l9ng, did it never fall sick? Or did you used to take it to the vet to be checked every so often. This is truly a story and a half. Just out of curiousity what breed of chicken was he? I would like to do more study on this sounds really interesting. May he continue to rest in peace.
      It was a rare one, it also palyed with dogs and we all know dogs and chicken do not mix easily. I like the pictures you took of him especially the one on the stairs looks really cute like its cat walking wow. You really took good care of it, i hope you will get another one just like him. Lovely story it inspires me to take good care of my cat. I sometimes don’t take the time to play around with it. But from now onwards i will thanks for sharing your story.


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