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Parrots are the most elusive birds when it comes to capturing them in my camera
April 18, 2017

Our garden is designed with birds in mind.  Little did I dream that among the birds that visit we would also see parrots although they do not come anywhere near us and not even to the birdbath. They are always seen high up on trees. I hear the parrots when they arrive on the scene.  I rush to  get my camera to trap them but whether it is their sharp ears or sharp eyes they vanish from the scene even before I open the door to get into the garden.

That apart being green in colour they camouglage with the environemtn around and to stop is a toutgh thing for a photographer.

Parrots are choosy.  They do not eat all the fruits that grow in our garden. They do not like mangoes but their favourite is bilimbis and star fruits.

There was a tornado in our property a couple of years ago and our star fruit tree got copped off bring the branches low down. There were countless fruits but the parrots did not come.  They were not confident of coming down. It was a sad time for us as most of the fruits were wasted as we hardly have them ourselves.

But when the tree was high up every single fruit would be minced and dropped down – again not a happy situation as our friends always wanted to take a few for them.

I have never liked the idea of trapping parrots in cages. I like to see them flying around in the garden and enjoying their freedom.Here is a video clip that captured these parrots in action

However, one wonders whether they truly like being there and getting all the fuss. They are trained to talk and perhaps they feel important when they are able to utter those few words.

With concrete jungles mushrooming everywhere a day will not be far when birds will have nowhere to go as more and more trees would be cut down making place for buildings.


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    1. Parrots are social because they are talkative hehehe,they want to imitate words they hear. And now they are influenced with camera,lols.I like parrots very cute and adorable.They do tricks, they are smart and adorable.

    2. I like seeing parrots. Never tried to have them. I always see them flying freely in the surroundings. They are talkative. A trainer will be happy as it is very easy to train them. In India, we see some people carrying parrots in their boxes (cages). They call themselves parrot Astrologers. They earn some livelihood through parrots. There is a saying that not to feed or cage a parrot in single. Even if you want to cage them you do it along with another one. This is the nicest and safest way of dealing with parrots. They need company always. Don’t break it away from its companion and isolate a parrot.

      • I am not in favour of putting them in cages but I am not sure if parrots are happier when they are in cages with a companion

    3. I do really love parrots. One time my mother and I visited her long lost friend something that catch my attention was this colorful bird on the cage. It was a beautiful parrot as they were talking about something i was surprised when the parrot suddenly speak on its own. It says “PANGET” which means in english is “UGLY!” I was looking around to my surprised it was none other than the parrot uttering those words. So, what i did is that I answer back to the parrot saying, “PANGET KA RIN” in tagalog that she or he is “UGLY TOO” Then, I was laughing out loud. 😉

    4. I do really love parrots. I still remember when I was a Front Desk Clerk in a certain hotel in our area, we have pets that we desk clerks are taking care of. We have a parrot named “beauty”, whenever she see a guard in uniform, she will always say “Pangit” which means ugly. She easily imitate some words that you say out loud then laugh loudly for several minutes. You will have to shout at it to stop but sometimes she will also shout back at you and then suddenly she will laugh again. She is so amazing and now that I’m not with the company anymore I miss her. We also have 16 love birds but they are just noisy and cute little fella not to mention the snakes that we have.


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