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Walking in faith: A sign to the world

People will learn about us and about God’s kingdom by watching how we behave.


The Church is not God’s reign. But as the Church we point people toward God’s reign. We are signs of God’s kingdom. The whole world should be able to see God’s love and power in action when they see the way we live as Church.


By giving Peter the authority symbolized by keys, Jesus also showed that the Church and the kingdom of God are connected. Jesus sent the apostles out to spread the good news of God’s kingdom.


Through the power of the Holy Spirit, the members of the Church become holy, more closely resembling the image of God.


When it comes to what the Church teaches, we turn to those who are best able to keep the Church faithful to the word of God. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the magisterium protects and explains the word of God.


When you use your talent for sports or your gift for music, you are answering God’s call. When you see a need in the word and do something to meet it, you are answering God’s call. As an adult you may choose to answer God’s call as a single person, a priest, a married person, or a member of a religious community. Every one of us has a vocation. A call from God to serve. Priests and deacons, mothers and fathers, men and women religious, single people-all are needed to do God’s work. Each of us is called to serve God by sharing signs of love.


People live their answer to God’s call in different ways, or states, of life.


At Baptism all of us promise to follow Jesus and to serve God and others.


God calls each person in a unique way, and each person brings his or her own gifts to a life or service.


We are never far from God’s mercy. We can come home to God. Reconciliation heals our wounded relationships with God, others, and the Church. The power of God’s mercy and forgiveness transforms us.


Whatever we do as gathered person of God is holy. In the Eucharist we testify to God’s holiness and strengthened one another under the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

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    1. Scripture and tradition together make up the one common source of God’s revelation. Today the living word of God is an important part of our celebration of the sacraments.


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