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Wake up to the call of God and be transformed

Many times God waits for a person in this or that desert of his or her life.

Each time God calls people to a mission, he begins by reassuring them, for they immediately understand that such mission will fully take possession of them.

We all receive existence from God, but God exists in himself and depends on no one and nothing whatsoever.

God is one, and none of those who receive existence from him can add anything to God.

God is a wholly active and perfectly free person; and he calls us to be persons who exist in truth. Hence, God creates a world in which we can act responsibly.

To worship God does not mean, as some believe, to lie prostrate before him, but rather to approach him face to face. God wants to be sewed by persons who, in turn, free others.

Experience teaches us that in order to save one’s neighbor, neither material help nor political change nor prayer is sufficient.

God, who exists, is concerned about those who still do not exists in truth. We say that God saves human person; and so we suppose that there are real persons and not undeveloped persons without liberty, or responsibility. Salvation is not the washing of souls but the restoration of the human person in all dimensions-individual, family and social.

There is a big difference between telling a person his ideas or deals are wrong or sinful, and condemning him. We usually condemn the persons; we do not make room for change and mercy.

Jesus is the light for all people of all times. By the light of Christ a person triumphs over all inner darkness. If we live in the light, the light will gradually illumine our innermost being. Part of the human condition aggravated by sin is the absence of light for seeking and discerning what is good.

We need to be continuously enlightened through prayer, listening to the word of God, studying the teaching of the Church, and accepting the good advice of our brothers and sisters.

Sin is not just doing something bad. Sin is, also, to enclose ourselves in our own petty problems and rely only on human wisdom, without opening ourselves to the horizons of God.

To be in sin, on the other hand, is to live in falsehood; it is to persist stubbornly in a certain pride, an attachment to our own judgments.

Our truth consists in living in accordance with our vocation as children of God. Truth and freedom always got together. By doing evil one becomes an accomplice of the devil and, even without wanting to do so, falls into a trap.

As long as we continue to be unconcerned about our time condition and are either agitated or idle, we are no more than slaves, even though we may excel in wealth, knowledge of status.

From the time we become children of God, everything we do bears fruit for eternity.

Healings and miracles are worthless unless they affirm faith in Jesus crucified, acting through the humble, and present in the poor.

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    1. The serpent was the one who encouraged the woman, Eve, in the Garden of Eden to eat of the Tree of Knowldege of Good and Evil. It told her she would not die but that her eyes would be opened and she will be like a god, knowing good and evil. The serpent said to the woman, “You will not die, but God knows that the day you eat it, your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods, knowing good and evil.” (Genesis 3:4)


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