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Walking by faith: Called to God’s kingdom

We can lean on God without any fear of becoming too dependent. As we grow in God’s life of grace, God is there to lead and support us each step of the way.


God prepared the way for Jesus by sending John the Baptist. John was a prophet, someone called to speak God’s message to humans.


We meet God and share in God’s grace through the sacraments, especially the Eucharist. Through the waters of Baptism, and through the power of the Holy Spirit, we become children of God. Sacraments are our celebrations of God’s presence in our lives. God choses each one of us without any merit on our part. God’s gift of grace cannot be earned. God gives grace to us freely out of love of us. The gift of the Holy Spirit helps us trust completely in God’s plan for us and cooperate with it.


We are not always ready to cooperate with God’s plan. When we put ourselves at the centre of our lives, the Spirit of God is squeezed into a small corner. God’s Spirit leads us to pray even when it seems that words will not come. The Spirit shows us God’s love even when we have turned away from it. God’s Spirit helps us become s holy people.


We cannot see God’s Holy Spirit, though we can see the results of the Spirit’s work.


God’s grace is available throughout our journey of faith.


The people Jesus blesses are living signs of God’s kingdom. True happiness can be found only by seeking righteousness, the attitude of being in the right relationship in God’s kingdom.


We see ourselves and others as made in God’s image. We are children of God, and we have the love of God as well as many other blessings. The beatitudes help remind us of our attitude, our way of thinking, and our way of living in relationship in the kingdom of God.


When we become the best we can be, we become who God calls us to be. We want to be best selves because that is part of God’s plan for us. God calls us to do good, and virtue helps us respond to God’s call.


God will give us the gift of wisdom, from which all other virtues flow.

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    1. Indeed, God’s grace is always available for us throughout out our journey in faith because He is faithful.

    2. God gave us a taste of true happiness in Jesus our Savior. Throughout the entire Mass, we are gathered and led by God’s Spirit. The Eucharistic prayer is the prayer through which the community offers thanksgiving to God for salvation in Christ.

    3. The presence of God is everywhere. Where there is goodness, love faithfulness, kindness, peace and truthfulness. Often we do not realize it how God loves and is truthful in his care for us. People hurt one another, friends betray, families disappoint and discourage, and so on. God’s presence is denied in this ways I can’t understand why.

      • we may never truly understand why we as human beings feel the need to do all those things: hurt, lie, betray, etc. However, it is our duty and purpose to strive to be loving, faithful, kind, truthful and ever draw close to God.


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