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Get to know Jesus and get to be free

Love and truth are God’s two main qualities.

We want to know who Jesus is, but he asks us what our inner dispositions are: because we will gain nothing through finding him unless we are disposed to submit ourselves to him.

God creates, this means first of all that God puts order. He organizes the world and gives meaning to our existence. His work is completed with the creation of humanity.

We are created in God’s image and of course, to respond to God. But love has first place in God’s plan and the long evolution of sexuality has been its preparation.

Because God is not subject to time, God lives in that permanent fillness which we call eternity and in which there is no before or after, no duration, no fatigue and no boredom.

God is the one who always gives first. Jesus will offer us rest; he will give us the bread of life and give himself as the friend. Allow yourselves to be conquered by the love of the Lord who is forming you even more than you can imagine.

Jesus brings the living water, which is God’s gift to us, his children: the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit; whom we receive, helps us worship God according to the truth.

God does not need the words of our prayers, but looks for simplicity, beauty and nobility in our spirit. The Spirit of God cannot be communicated except to those who seek the truth and live according to truth in a world of deception.

Each one of us is in some way the samaritan woman. Those who really seek the truth recognize it when it is presented to them.

We must first believe in the messenger of God.

The heart of prayer in the church is the mass wherein we thank God for the salvation of the world through the death and resurrection of Christ.

People, confused, are easily fooled propaganda and ideologies. People in every century have foretold the impending end of the world.

The Spirit helps the believers and inspires their prayer so that it may be heard. The Spirit enables us to understand and interpret Jesus’ words throughout all time.

This is the time to be reconciled with family members and neighbors, to let go of resentments. Since we are sinners, our salvation is worked out through suffering and through the cross.

Our desires and our prayers are powerful because we have come to the center from which God directs the forces saving humankind: because we work for eternity; our names are already written in heaven.

To evangelize does not mean to try to sell the Gospel but rather to prove its power to heal people from their demons. Stop being environs of famous people, kings and prophets of the past.

To pray is to take the time to listen, to meditate in silence on the work of God, it is to slow our desires, so as to pray attention only to God, secretly present, and slip into his will.

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Wake up to the call of God and be transformed

Many times God waits for a person in this or that desert of his or her life.

Each time God calls people to a mission, he begins by reassuring them, for they immediately understand that such mission will fully take possession of them.

We all receive existence from God, but God exists in himself and depends on no one and nothing whatsoever.

God is one, and none of those who receive existence from him can add anything to God.

God is a wholly active and perfectly free person; and he calls us to be persons who exist in truth. Hence, God creates a world in which we can act responsibly.

To worship God does not mean, as some believe, to lie prostrate before him, but rather to approach him face to face. God wants to be sewed by persons who, in turn, free others.

Experience teaches us that in order to save one’s neighbor, neither material help nor political change nor prayer is sufficient.

God, who exists, is concerned about those who still do not exists in truth. We say that God saves human person; and so we suppose that there are real persons and not undeveloped persons without liberty, or responsibility. Salvation is not the washing of souls but the restoration of the human person in all dimensions-individual, family and social.

There is a big difference between telling a person his ideas or deals are wrong or sinful, and condemning him. We usually condemn the persons; we do not make room for change and mercy.

Jesus is the light for all people of all times. By the light of Christ a person triumphs over all inner darkness. If we live in the light, the light will gradually illumine our innermost being. Part of the human condition aggravated by sin is the absence of light for seeking and discerning what is good.

We need to be continuously enlightened through prayer, listening to the word of God, studying the teaching of the Church, and accepting the good advice of our brothers and sisters.

Sin is not just doing something bad. Sin is, also, to enclose ourselves in our own petty problems and rely only on human wisdom, without opening ourselves to the horizons of God.

To be in sin, on the other hand, is to live in falsehood; it is to persist stubbornly in a certain pride, an attachment to our own judgments.

Our truth consists in living in accordance with our vocation as children of God. Truth and freedom always got together. By doing evil one becomes an accomplice of the devil and, even without wanting to do so, falls into a trap.

As long as we continue to be unconcerned about our time condition and are either agitated or idle, we are no more than slaves, even though we may excel in wealth, knowledge of status.

From the time we become children of God, everything we do bears fruit for eternity.

Healings and miracles are worthless unless they affirm faith in Jesus crucified, acting through the humble, and present in the poor.

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The bright rough road. Our journey with God

God never says that the road to salvation will be easy, but he does say that it will save us. He provides us with the necessary education required to maneuver the obstacles on the road and the strength to stand up to the oppresser who will seek ways to stop us in our tracks or direct us along another path away from salvation and God.

Whether we are rich or poor it does not matter. All persons who desire to live in heavenly paradise are required to travel the rocky path. We will not be alone, but we must have love so profound that we imitate the one who guides us, Jesus Christ. Being poor physically doesn’t excuse us from living the Christ. There are many examples of individuals who are poor in the Bible and their reqind was the greatest. Take the widow who gave her last penny, Jesus said she would receive a great reward because of how deeply and generously she gave. On the other hand Jesus warns us about how we become attached to riches. In the story of the rich young man, even though he followed all the commandments he still was not able to enter the heavenly paradise. Jesus told him to go sell all you have and gave to the poor, and what did the young man do? He went away sad for he had many possessions. He was too attached and so missed the invitation Jesus was giving him to journey with him on the road to salvation by growing closer to him.

Dying to self is essential when travelling on the bright rough road. This means that things of the flesh do not consume us so that we become dark. Our Good God, though the road is dark and rough, gives us Christ as our light to brighten the way. As such he teaches us through his word in scriptures and the tradition of the apostles and those who came after. Living as an apostle means to be responsible and accountable; not just for ourselves but for others.

During our lifetime we will experience trials, temptations which sometimes may seem as punishment from God. Nevertheless, though these may be dark times, we must never cease or be discouraged from expressig our gratitude to God. After the storm comes the sun and through the darkness there is light, so also when we persevere through temptations we become healed.

On the journey on the bright rough road we have to be consistent and persistent is nourishing our souls. We must have food for the journey, if not, the road would be lonesome; a wilderness. Therefore prayer should not be something we do occasionally, instead it should be a necessity as it is the basis for nourishing and rejuvenating our souls, and it provides conversational companionship for our journey.

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We must never doubt. God will always feed us

Because of food, the people in the Bible rebel against God time and time again.
The first awareness that the Israelites had of the Spirit of God came to them through the prophet’s deeds. The prophets were those persons who knew something of God’s secrets, and with whom God had shared some of his wisdom, and who on certain occasions possessed an irresistible power. By the way the prophets acted, the Israelites came to understand that God communicated his Spirit like a violent and sudden wind.
It is one thing to say and do strange things, to speak in tongues, etc; quite another and more important to have received the responsibility to guide and teach God’s people. It is the Spirit of Moses, God’s representative who will produce in the seventy elders strange prophetic manifestations.
In the Bible, the story of Eldad and Medad shows that God does not always give his Spirit through official channels. Thus the authorities of the people of God should not be surprised when the Spirit is given where they are not: such will be the case in the story of Cornelius.
God provided food for his people just when they lacked everything. The phenomenon of requesting bread from heaven is to sustain us on our journey. Therefore, we must choose between serving and being served, sacrifice ourselves for others or taking advantage of them. Turning to Jesus must be a priority for us for he is our educator.
God has set on this earth all that humanity needs for food and development, but if we do not know how to listen to the word, we will not know how to solve the world’s most urgent problem, the distribution of the riches of the earth. Faith in God’s promises is the only force with which to fight against egoism and unequal privileges and it will eventually obtain food, peace, and freedom for all.
People struggle for adequate food, and their first preoccupation is to survive, because if they do not eat they will cease to live. God wants us to do work and believe. We must receive the sacraments for they help us to mature in our life with God. They affect the very core and being of our bodies. God multiplies the little we have so we can bring his blessing to others. This is how he makes believers out of us. That is why when we look at the world and reflect on life, we easily find signs of the presence of God.

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Let us live in the awesomeness of God

Our Almighty God does not rush us. He patiently waits for us. Sometimes, he takes us into the desert (actually and figuratively), so we can discover or rediscover how awesome and important he is to our lives.
He is always calling us to come into his fold, but he does not rush us or manipulate us. He always has a mission for us but it is up to us to discover and come to terms with what that mission is. Whatever our mission for God is, he assures us that said mission would be a fulfillment for us. He gives us the tools we need to understand our mission and waits and guides us in the ways how our mission will fully possess us.
Through God we came into existence and our dependence should lie on him alone. Without him we are nothing and we need him for our survival.
In him we have freedom and he activity and continuously frees us from whatever bondages hold us down. He calls us to be persons who live in truth, in him, for he is the ultimate truth. He create the world and gave it to us; not to exploit, but to care for responsibly.
There are some people who believe that to be a true Christian requires over zealous gestures, such as lying prostrate on the ground, speaking in tongues or the constant loud shouts of “Alleluia” and “Praise the Lord.” Don’t get me wrong, these are indeed good actions. But not everyone is blessed with these graces. Worshipping God takes many forms, the above examples are some ways. But quietly approaching God in a quiet corner is also worshipping God and a sign of a true Christian. Worshipping God should be a freeing experience, not something that is forced. Through our experience and encounter with God we should be strengthened in turn to go out and free others.
To be free entails more than material help or political change. Sometimes not even prayer is sufficient because the key ingredient is missing. That key ingredient is God. He does not just want words or action but a complete conversion of our hearts towards him. That is how we will a live salvation history.
God would not be God if he did not care about those who still do not know him. He continues to save his people day by day especially those who are on the margins on society, those seeking liberty. To seek salvation is not suppose to be seen as a mere washing of soul but as the restoration of the human person holistically.
Therefore we are to seek God’s grace, his power to heal our spirit, to help us to believe and resonate with this truth, so that we express his love in real and spontaneous ways. When we receive God’s garce we will live his truth and blossom on earth.
Jesus encourages us to reap what is good and we can only do that if we sow what is good. Reaping and sowing goodness allows us to enjoy the fruits of God’s kingdom such as social peace, justice and happiness.
Not because we are made in God’s image means we automatically will enjoy his fruits. Our humanness make us faulter and so to enjoy God’s goodness requires sincere and contemplative actions on our part. Accepting God means accepting his rules and abiding by them so his plan for our lives can be fulfilled.
The Spirit of God gives life to us and if signs of the spirit acting in our lives cannot be seen, then saying that Jesus lives within us is quite contradictory. The Bible as the word of God helps us to recognize how God speaks to us and how he helps us to achieve our goals individually and collectively.
As Christians we can alienate ourselves from our communities. Yes we should live lives separate from a worldly one, but shutting ourselves away from each other is not the answer. Remember we are interdependent on each other and through interacting with each other we discover new meanings to our lives.
God created us in love and he wants all of us to love him back. Because he loves us he constantly saving us and yet some of us refuse to get to know him. Our intellect as human beings continue to show God’s amazing power. Our creativeness which we receive from him continues to impress us. But our genuiness should not make us build attachments here in this world for we will leave all behind at the moment of death.
Some of us are so unsettled in our belief that we ruin and flutter from one congregaton to the next. We will only be settled like the woman at the well when we drink from the well of Christ, the living water himself who is the Rock of Salvation.
Let us open our hearts to the will of God and be dazzled by his amazing and undying love for us.

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God requires our prayers: he waits for us to come to him

Do not be afraid to asks for prayers. Do not be like the republican in the Gospel who announced what he was praying for. Instead be humble like the tax collector and surrender quietly to God. As Christians we are interdependent on each other. We are to pray for others and they are to pray for us. It is a give and receive partnership. When we pray for each other we are connected in a spiritual and caring way. We should choose carefully those with whom we share private concerns but we should never fear to ask for prayers.

Sometimes it seems like we will never get the answers to our prayers. That does not mean we are to give up. Praying to God is a limitless requirement and it is important to remember that God’s time is not the same as our time. He always has what’s best for us in his plan. That is why we are to keep praying for he listens to us and gives us the best answer, not the fastest answer.

If we have faith then we know for sure that God hears and answers our requests. Trusting in him puts us in a position to receive what he has for us. We must seek the good of others and not selfishly seek our own desires. God will only answer our prayers if they reflect his will.

We must not be partial or choosy with our prayers. We should pray at all times in both times of ease and times of trial. Some of us only cry out to God when we are hurting physically or spiritually. We cuss God and complain to him. But if we truly accept our role as Christians then we will not do this, for we know otherwise. We have hope and have patience and believe in a Father who cares. Therefore, we should turn to him no matter what we are facing, good or bad.

With the strength of God we are able to overcome the challenge of loving our enemies. It is understandable to not want to pray for someone who has inflicted pain on us. But our loving actions and prayers can be the bringer of peace in odd situations. This way strife will not last.

Being Christians who are faithful means to lift up our sufferings and the sufferings of others to God. He works in our bodies, but also in our hearts and souls. We must pray for physical health to be strengthened but also the spiritual health. Gd being the Great Physician always treats the whole person, not just part of our bodies.

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We are the body of God: an ecological theological perspective

In the scriptures, especially the new testament, we are told over and over that we are the body of God. That our bodies are his vessel. That him residing in us makes us sacred for he is sacred. If he does not reside within us, then all the work that we do, though they are good, will not guarantee us a resurrection with him. Without God we die both body and soul.

God is the giver of wisdom and if he resides in us means we have wisdom within us. But our free will if not used properly will strife this wisdom, stifle God making us choose the wrong path on the road to life.

When God created us he created us free and he gave us all that we needed. He gave us animals and trees and then he gave us companionship of a suitable kind. He created us male and female to replicate his love here on earth. Just as he gives himself to us, we too are to give ourselves to each other in sacrifice of self, love and happiness.

Over and over in the scriptures we are told that we were created in the image of God, in his likeness. That we are his children, his heirs, his offspring. This is because when he created us he gave us his Spirit. We have his Spirit residing within us, though there are times we choose to ignore it.

Since creation our world has been through drastic changes. The first ever recorded change was the Great Flood told in Genesis. Recent changes have come in the form of earthquakes, flooding and severe weather changes brought on by the ever dreadful phenomenon of climate change. Socially we have changed too. The story of the Tower of Babel showed how God dispersed people on the earth by giving each their own language. Now we are seeing cultures merging, a call for acceptance, a call for equality, leadership ladders changing, economic status changing, and so forth. We group all these under the elaborate heading of evolution. The question that is pertinent is whether these changes were as a result of the intervention or direction of God. We may never know the answer. However, whether or not we participate, support or encourage these changes is what we can control and whether we seek God’s guidance in determining our roles in these changes.

We are collectively the body of God, but we are also individually his body. We are each unique with our own characteristics, gifts and talents, and when we use these we contribute to the development of the whole. As we are all connected and dependent on one another, what we do or not do affects another. So are we contributing positively or negatively to the whole? Are we building or are we destroying the whole?

Being the body of God, being his earthly image, we represent communion with him. Through his Son, Jesus Christ, we enter into marriage with him. We are the bride with Christ as our bridegroom, a marriage commissioned for eternity.

God knew what he was doing when he created us. By giving us existence he made us apart of his plan. He uses us to accomplish his plan of eternal glory. Our duty as part of God’s plan is to respond to him by knowing, loving and serving him. Love, one of the three theological virtues, is the most important of all. Without love we are nothing. Without love we are empty. Through love comes the continuation of creation. Through love comes the responsibility especially in intimate relations.

God is timeless and he is limitless and he will be around for eternity. We too can join him in eternity. Actually he has given us the necessary means by which we can join him in eternity. This means is through his Son, Jesus Christ, the bringer of salvation.

God knows us from before we were born, he said so himself. We belong to him even though some of us do not want to. He loves us nonetheless and he s always true to us. Without him we will gain nothing worthwhile. Therefore, we should make all necessary preparations to submit ourselves to him.


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Do we seek companionship with our Almighty God

Throughout our lives we are expected to proclaim the salvation power of Almighty God. Though we are his sons and daughters, if we are not actively seeking his graces, in humanness we will die just humans and the glorious resurrection will not be ours. All our works are meaningless and useless if they do not come from or serve the purposes of God.

God created us with free will giving us the power to choose to follow good or bad and right from wrong. To be able to use our free will correctly we need to ask God for the wisdom to discern such choices. The road is presented before us, but which path to take is only given to us by the direction of God.

The creation story in Genesis tells us that God created us male and female, man and woman. Our creation was not just to satisfy sexual desires or to produce offspring, but as a means of unity. He created us male and female so that we might come together in the bond of love by giving of ourselves to each other in sacrifice and shared happiness.

God made us in his image and likeness. Therefore to look at each other is to see a representation of God. We all have it within us to express God’s image and likeness for we are all a gift and we all receive his Spirit. He created us very good and over and over he has expressed his unwavering love for us. He gives order to the whole creation and his giving of his Son to us expresses to us how important we are in his plan.

We are blessed from the very beginning of creation. He blessed us and told us to be fruitful and multiply. He told his messengers, servants, prophets to issue blessings on each other and their followers. Each blessing has a purpose and unique to each individual, yet when we come together us a whole a holistic world is possible.

In the bond and sacrament of matrimony we the human couple are presented as the authentic image of God. For no marriage can be fruitful without God. God is love and we have to love him first before we can love anyone else. In him we live for eternity. By giving of ourselves to each other in the bond of love we join in the mystery of Christ where he calls himself the bridegroom and we his bride.

Let us thank God for always being our companion and for all those persons he has given to us to share our lives and our love.

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Jesus needs disciples who commit themselves once and for all

Jesus brings the living water, which is God’s gift to us, his children, the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit whom we receive, helps us worship God according to the truth.

God does not need the words of our prayer, but looks for simplicity, beauty and nobility in our spirit. The Spirit of God cannot be communicated except to those who seek the truth and live according to truth in a world of deception.

Each one of us in some way is the Samaritan woman. Those who really seek the truth recognize it when it is presented to them. We must first believe in the messenger of God. Jesus is in our midst, but to be aware of his presence requires faith. He comes to reveal the mystery of God, the mystery of the love of God-Father, Son and Spirit.

God does not expect works on the part of human beings but calls them to faith. Be rid of all that hampers you, of all that prevents you from seeing and believe. Believe that it is he, and he alone who is able to save you.

Physical possession is not the usual way of the devil’s activity in humans. The Devil operates in the moral life of people. Not that the Devil is the cause of every sin and evil that people do. There is also the selfishness of our flesh and the lure of the false promise of the world but the Devil, as enemy of God’s kingdom, is never at rest. The Devil notices at once those who are capable of weakening or destroying his empire.

Jesus shows us how to visit the sick. The care and love of our Christian sisters and brothers attracts God’s favours upon them.

The Good News does not remain mere words but it effects a change. If God puts us on a road in life, this road will lead somehow. Hope is courage and endurance. Good and bad will be mixed till the end of the world. Good and evil will always be found together in persons and institutions. God respects people and He is patient.

Believers are not to separate themselves from those who do not believe, for they are the yeast of the world. We must choose between sewing and being served, sacrificing ourselves for others or taking advantage of them.

This is the time to be reconciled with family members and neighbours, to let go of resentments. Since we are sinners, our salvation is worked out through suffering and through the cross.

Our desires and our prayers are powerful because we have come to the center from which God directs the forces saving humankind, because we work for the eternity, our names are already written in heaven.

To evangelize does not mean to try to sell the Gospel but rather to prove its power to heal people from their demons. We must stop being envious of famous people, kings and prophets of the past.

To pray is to take the time to listen, to meditate in silence on the work of God, it is to slow our desires, so as to pay attention only to God, secretly present, and slip into his will.

God relies on the poor and the marginalized to maintain the aspiration toward peace and justice in the world, to awaken the conscience of those good people who are too comfortable.

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Watch and pray: We must be ready for the coming of the master
December 24, 2017

Be alert and watch; for you don’t know when the time will come. (Mark 13:33, CCB)

The faithful God will not fail you after calling you to his fellowship with his Son, Christ Jesus, our Lord. (1 Corinthians 1:9, CCB)

As sons and daughters of God we are made in his image and likeness. God loves so much so that he gave us his Son As a sacrifice in order to bring us glory. Through Christ, God saves us and Through this salvation we share in the inheritance of the kingdom of God.

Don’t let yourselves be shaped by the world where you live, but rather be transformed Through the renewal of your mind. You must discern the will of God: what is good, what pleases, what is perfect. (Romans 12:2, CCB)

God does not want us to just live our lives by following rules. He want us to live a life that is meditative, understanding and filled with discovery of the will of God in all areas and situations in our lives. Jesus Christ gave his life, his body to us and for us. He suffered pain for us so that we may not be burdened by suffering. He gives us his body so that we may put all our woes on him.

He consecrated his body for us so that when we allow him into our lives we too become consecrated vessels. We are descendants of the twelve tribe of Israel, the people of God, chosen to be holy. Jesus felt the pain of death and bore it humbly, a sign and example, that we too should do the same.

Being humble is challenging As many times we feel the need to respond and act on everything that comes our way. But the Bible proves to us that God acts mysteriously in our lives, encouraging and teaching us on the way to act, and also punishing us when it is needed. There are many times when all hope and justice seems to have disappeared from the earth. However, looking at Jesus’ trial and condemnation to death we realize that There is not much difference to what is happening to many Christian militants and martyrs now. Jesus, through he is the Son of God, was and is hated by many people, and so are we who are children of God and live a Christ like life.

We are to call upon God for the grace to live in his Spirit, to believe in his way and to walk in his truth. We are to express love and make our faith blossom on earth.

Store up treasure for yourself with God, where no moth or rust can destroy nor thief come and steal it. (Matthew 6:20, CCB)

Prayer is not about how many words we say or how well we repeat a Prayer.  It should not be a to do list. Prayer is about our inner disposition, our attitude, faith and love of God. We don’t need to talk much when we pray instead we are to surrender our lives in God’s loving hands.

Jesus taught us about forgiveness. He says we are to forgive those who asks for forgiveness. Forgiveness is not about doing a person a favour and it is not about receiving or giving credit. Instead it is about freeing ourselves from the hatred that has been poisoning us. We must embody generosity instead of meanness.

Jesus also teaches us about money emphazing that it is a false God. It offers happiness and security but robs us of our presence. When we are caught up in making money, we are unable to truly live and to be truly free. Our personal growth is neglected, our family life is neglected,  and we participate in evil doing.

To do your will is my delight, O God, for your law is within my heart. (Psalm 40:9, CCB)

God is all about love and truth. There are his two main qualities. To know him means knowing Jesus and submitting ourselves to him.

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