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Bible study: Abraham our founding father in faith
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God is always expressing self through works, and creation continues to live and exist in God. Worldwide conflicts may turn as black quickly from our dreams into a reality which is not very pretty. Creation was God’s way of expressing the Godself. God calls whom he wants and gives to one person what he does not give to another. God gives more so that we produce more and so that everyone may benefit from it, but God gives definitely what he wants.

In our own day, economic necessity forces so many immigrants to leave their country without knowing where to go or how their lives will be affected. God is testing us, he knocks on our hearts to see what the echo will be: will we be able to let go of our own wisdom and enter into his plans. On account of sin, every person is born and lives as if he or she were in a foreign land. Our own reality is hidden from us as long as we are not rooted in God and in communion with him. Our religions and ideologies, products of our culture, do not permit us to go beyond the limits of a world we make to suit ourselves. To become aware of our vocation we need God’s call and we need to be willing to get out of this vicious circle. Faith will never occur without separation which is why God foresaw it in each one’s life: leaving our parent’s house, beginning to work, getting married. Faith prepares us to face even more painful separations that will place us entirely at the service of God. As believers, we can never think that we have arrived. Until the end of our lives, we are pilgrims, drawn by an ideal never quite reached and always attentive to God’s signs to see where God is waiting for us. God is patient.

Those whom God calls are never isolated because they always meet other friends of God. God loves all women and men, and wants to save all even when they do not know him. If you remain conscious that God calls you to be a free person and one who free others, he will give you the opportunity to do it. When God makes us his friends he gives us responsibility for the world. Just as with friendship between people, friendship with God means sharing everything.

God saves his best gifts for those who remain faithful during times when he takes all hope away from them. We know without doubt that God approves our dedication to a particular task if on some occasion we have shown that we are willing to let go even of that task, if God wills it so. God guides those who seek to do his will, above all when they choose to marry; he will enable them to meet the person best suited to help them realize this desire. How many lost opportunities in our own life: stupid things in life have bewitched us and caused us to miss what alone is worth keeping.

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