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Walking by faith: Stories and signs

Some of Jesus’ stories are like windows that allow us to see God. Let yourself be surprised by God’s word.


Everywhere he went, Jesus invited people to enter the kingdom of God. The kingdom of God is not an earthly place or government. It is God’s reign of peace and justice. Jesus used signs-actions and examples-and stories to teach about God’s reign. Jesus showed people that there are reminders of God’s kingdom in creation. The signs in creation say that God is near and God is great. Jesus worked mighty deeds called miracles as physical signs of God’s power. When we believe and trust in God, we recognize that anything is possible.


To teach people about the kingdom of God, Jesus used simple but memorable stories that had special meaning for his listeners. With each parable he told, Jesus invited his listeners to use their own experiences to imagine what the kingdom of God was like. To a poor woman down to her last small coin, Jesus said the kingdom of God was like a lost coin found again. Jesus insisted that people listen with their hearts as well as their ears to what God was asking of them in the stories he told. The parables show that to enter the kingdom of God, a person might have to give up many things the world considers important. Wealth, power, and fashion don’t count in God’s kingdom. The treasures of God’s kingdom are love, justice, and peace. Through his stories and signs, Jesus showed us that God’s kingdom is not a faraway fairy-tale. When we love, when we act justly, when we make peace, we are living in the reign of God.


We are invited to keep turning to God with heart, mind, and soul. Even more importantly, God gives us the great gift of eternal life. We become citizens of God’s kingdom. Repentance means turning away from sin and turning toward God. Repentance helps us see the kingdom of God more clearly. When we take care to choose the just and loving way, we are living in the kingdom of God.


Day and night, sun and moon are all God’s creation.


The prophets reminded God’s people to prepare for the coming of the Messiah, God’s chosen one, by living as people of light.

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    1. Our passing from death to life is a sign of God’s covenant, or sacred bond with us. In the Eucharist we are brought back to God through the blood of Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. As we pass through this life together, God is always washing us, feeding us, and healing us in the sacraments. God has loved us first in Christ.


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