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two important things you need to know this coming valetine’s day

Two IMPORTANT things you need two know this coming valentine’s day

Valentine day is a day that is generally believed that love should be shown to ourselves, especially between two lovers. Most times, valentine day is taken serious by the young lovers(often times the university students) although, those of age still participate(LOVE is in the heart, doesn’t age like we do). I can smell the valentine sweet fragrances coming on the way, alongside with the engagement rings.

In as much as we always want to make our lovers happy, there are some certain things we need to put into consideration and they are:

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  1. DANCE WITHIN YOUR TUNE, there’s an adage that says “cut your coat according to your available cloth” Anonymous. Don’t do more yourself, some men, all in the name of pleasing their lover, will borrow to get them a gift. This should not be, let me tell you, if she truly loves you, she will surely accept whatever you present her.
  2. KINDLY COMPLY, agree with her when says WAIT. Don’t hate her, she’s keeping the HEAT for you. Please, she trusted you to follow you to that place, don’t disappoint her. DON’T FORCE HER.


  1. BE CONTENTED, appreciate the gift/gifts he’s giving you. Please be contented for once. Never compared your lover with your friend’s. He might not be able to avoid that gold engagement ring, accept for who he is. And don’t be deceived, you never know the type of job the other man is doing, probably, he’s stealing, you don’t know.
  2. DON’T MESS UP, let me use this medium to announce again that, AIDS IS REAL. Don’t get caught up in the middle of romance, be careful. Shun sexual immorality, be pure. Zip up and wait. IT’S WORTH WAITING FOR.



    1. Very good tips specially for those young lovers who just follow their urges not their minds. Good if they are already reaponsible ones, meaning of age and with stable jobs. They can marry eventually.
      But nonetheless, it is best that a love is centered on God, because this kind of love is what can wat until the lovers are married .

    2. Wow! Thank you for sharing that great Idea. It’s not just an idea but an advice to young couples that they must apply not only this valentine but also keep in their hearts and mind forever. I also like what you said on the last part. “It’s worth waiting for”

      • @ken,its worth waiting for truly, better to zip up and preserve the heat than to mess up and regret.
        Thanks for reading this piece. I do appreciate.

    3. For me every day in a Valentine Day if I’m happy and content with my husband. All that is important is LOVE for me.
      Partying on Valentine’s Day even if I’m not emotionally attached to my hubby then what is the point in partying. Love in itself is an eternal feeling and is sufficient to complete
      an enitre life.

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