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How to Ignore Difficult People
February 3, 2017

It’s better to ignore then to say somethings which can be regretted later. We’ll come in contact with lots of difficult people and in order to make any progress ignoring will have to occur. However there will be some who insist on gaining one’s attention in such cases. Take the name of the individual or individuals and what’s being said and provide the information to the authorities of lawyers. Depending how difficult the individuals are. Perhaps contacting both parties will be of great benefit.

Some are difficult because they’re trying to annoy others or because they’re just not happy people. Whatever the reasons are. Don’t tolerate their antics. Most of the time individuals will try to be difficult from a distance and if there some distance then perhaps it would be wise to keep the distance. When there’s no response they may go on but in some cases there needs to be something said. Some are pretty persistent. If they’re on social media a block can do.

Difficult people have some underlying issues and perhaps if they’re behavior is continuous then they should seek some professional help. Some can’t be reasoned with. There’s so many people who tolerate such behavior when the behavior needs to be nipped in the bud. Allowing individuals to continuously harass and attack can lead to greater problems. Mainly it’s the trolling behaviors which can be ignored. If there’s any threats or bullying take notations and provide to the authorities.

Some are testing and they’ll need to recognize that their behavior won’t be tolerated. Once they’ve seen a zero tolerance and recognize how determined a person is to “proceed” even when they’re displaying ridiculousness then eventually they’ll move on. A lot should receive an ignore. Some individuals aren’t worth the time of day. Meaning they’re so ridiculous any words will be a waste of time. Some will try to create trouble for others but there’s ways to disconnect from the individuals.

A lot of the behaviors are online and through technology. The goal is to try and annoy the individual or individuals. To gain a reaction or to try and stop whatever’s taking place. No amount of words, threats, or cyber attacks should cause intimidation. Most of the individuals aren’t as brave as they seem. If they were then they’ll express what’s said “face to face.” There’s a lot of bullying both online and off. Some of the situations certainly need to be addressed. If the antics are only minor then ignore.

Most of the difficulties arise in order to generate responses. If it’s through text messages then blocking the number will stop the “messages” from getting through. Powering down devices will eliminate some of the annoying messages which can be generated from others trying to annoy or be disruptive. Taking proof of such occurrences is needed if legal action is taken. In some cases there’s no choice but to take legal action.

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    2. If you have experienced being bullied or hurled hurting words by a person, better avoid him next time you see him.
      If he is an officemate just be civil but cordial . But if he is your boss, better find another job where your boss doesn”t demean anyone.
      These kind of people are venting out their unhappiness to others tehy think they can bully, so better avoid them, or you will always be stressed, consequently get sick like getting a high blood pressure.

      • I’m my own boss no confronting self but there’s ways to keep going while having to deal with difficult individuals. There’s certainly a lot of cynical ones and they have no problem expressing how cynical they are. We’ll in life we’ll come across such souls.


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