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“You Know You’re In Love When YouCan’t Fall Asleep Because Reality Is Finally Better Than Your Dreams.” – Dr. Seuss
April 25, 2017

Definitely Correct and everyone absolutely approves this quote of Dr. Seuss. Being human, it is normal to fall in love to our opposite sex though this time members of the LGBT also claim despite they are humans but their heart too, beats for love not to their opposite sex but to the same sex. We cannot argue with them nor could we twist the fact that there are gays and lesbians in the world. What is important is they happiness they feel. Happiness and harmony in a relationship is so important and a must for that is what we long to have a better feeling, no war, no chaos, no argument, no fight, no raising of voices and no betraying, only love. To feel that you are also in love is a great gift one can have for not all feel the true love only admiration, attraction or lust. There are men after only of the physical attributes of the women not from the heart and those who based everything from their heart; they truly know how love beats and how the feeling goes when love strikes the heart. The feeling is immeasurable and you are willing to sacrifice and even die for it for the sake of love.

Courting a girl takes time and when time comes that she accepts your feeling, both of you would like to dance in happiness. Yes, true when there is positive result to courtship, we cannot avoid to jump to glorify the glorious feeling, to sing to express the happy mood and to dance to show how happy you are in that moment. The eyes glow in wonder and awe. There is always reason to wake up the next day and reason to sleep late, LOL. You do not like to disappoint your sweetheart if text you and no reply at all. That is why before you enter into a relationship. Make sure you are ready for that. It is also not easy to fall in love right away. You have to develop the feeling first. Each boy or girl undergoes steps to let the love grow in the heart. Love can wait so never be in a hurry for it is not easy to stumble down because of disappointments. You will be disappointed if late to realize that what you feel is not love only pity or admiration. Others do it in pretension loving someone for the sake of experience. What is the girl or boy is serious in their feeling? Your conscience will surely hit you with blames.

During courtship process, you cannot immediately say “I love you.” It is simply because we can always express these words to anyone, to parents, to brothers, sisters and friends. This time, we always hear people say “love you friend.” Hehehe, so watch your tongue it may slip without break. Usually teenagers practice courting a girl and if they are busted, they just laugh for they just practice how to court a lady. That thing does not bring you to perfect intention because you are just playing your emotion. What it will be done to your sister, you will surely say karma to you. Also, love is not a toy and game after being bored to it you just forget your feeling. That happens actually of there is no love. If you are in love, you feel afraid that the girl or boy may not having the same feeling as yours, you feel restless and insecure. It is necessary for the boy during courtship to befriend the girl first, make her trust you fully and know you better in attitude and the way you acre yourself too meaning do not give your 100% love to the girl so with the girl to the boy. I always hear my father telling me before when he was still alive to give only our 50/50 feeling to our love of life for when we are cheated, it will be very hard to ease the pain of loneliness and injury caused by dishonesty. Our father is so right for it really happens to me and to my sister love broken so with our heart broken in two.

It is normal for us humans to fall in love and when time comes that we feel it, we are the luckiest for not all feel the real love. Yes, the author of this quote is so right in saying that we know we are in love if we cannot fall asleep. I experienced it too in my life the first time my heart beats for love to my neighbor hehehe. I was 14 years old that time. We always played together and our favorite play was “hide and seek.” Then one day in my young age, I realized I fall in love to Liling. He was 1 year older than me. He too felt the same way I did. Then one day he told me he liked and he loved me, LOL. I was shocked though my heart told me I loved him too. I was so restless and spent sleepless nights after Liling confessed to me his feeling. I was always hoping sun not to set for it takes many hours to wait for the next day to come and be each other again. His parents learned about Lilings’ courtship to me and our young ages were the reason not to feel love. His parents sold their properties and left our place leaving me sick of not seeing him again after they transferred to other place.

That is a proof that it is really true that when we are in love, we cannot sleep right away. We keep on imagining the face of our beloved. Our mind keeps on searching his sweet smiles and the warm touch of our hand, so sweet and cool feeling. Our mind keeps on thinking about the one we love and how love beats for love seems a mysterious thing. The feeling is so hard to explain only the feeling knows and the mind abides. Despite how love works in a mysterious way, there are also people in a relationship or already married continue hurting through cheating their love? It is so hard to explain for there might be personal reasons hard for them to share.

” It is better to have love and lost than never to have love at all.” Sorry to forget the author of this famous quote,Lols.

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    1. You are absolutely right when you say love does not know gender because they’re those who choose to love the same gender, and they’re those who choose to go for the opposite sex. In real essence love has no boundaries. Love is a feeling that each one of us has or experiences, and different people react in different ways when they fall in love. First there is the perception of “love” in love. People may feel like they are truly in love, when in actual sense what they really feel is lust. This normally happens especially with young people say people around teenage years till around 23 years of age. Most of these youth’s not all of them per say, the ink they have fallen in love when all there is, is infatuation. They will always feel like they want to be with that person all the time, when something goes wrong in the relationship they feel like they cannot move on, that in short is infatuation. This is where you will find a youth lacking sleep because of another person.why wouldn’t you sleep 8f I may ask? Am just thinking aloud, if someone truly loved me then their love should make me sleep like a little baby because of the joy inside of me not the other way round. These are just my. thoughts. I usually tell my nieces when you get to the age of 25 years and onwards, and a guy confesses his love to you even one or two years down the line, or you always feel like you have butterflies in your stomach when you see them, then at that point you can say you are in love. Because it’s mature love that shows itself in the way things are done, or the one someone talks and behaves. This other love i guess is all just puppy love to get something from you and take off.

    2. @Anitah Gimase, Hi friend? I appreciate so much your share of this blog about love. That is true all of us fall but not all succeeded and triumphed in love,like me I been in love so many times and so many times fall because of bf’s dishonesty. Seldom we can find true love and true human this time. Many are exploited by media , technology and the like.Love is a very nice feeling ,It inspires us and moves the highest mountain.

    3. cely said on May 29, 2017

      All normal persons feel this way when love strikes. The feeling is so wonderful and you are always inspired,lol. Love is truly mysterious for it could change the mindset of an individual, change the attitude and change everything for the sake of love’s happiness.Life is truly awesome when there is love. When I was in high school, I had a crush and I cannot avoid myself looking at hime if I have time hehehe.

    4. Love is the most abused word in language. But it is also the most powerful. Love can make us do good things and it can make us do bad things. We know we are loving if we do good. If not we are only using or being used. When we truly love someone we do not treat them like objects.


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