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These Are My Growing Pains of Life

When I was a kid I ‘t think that I realized how big the world is. How much was really out there. I wouldn’t say that I was sheltered, but I would say that I was limited to what I knew because the people around me where limited to what they knew. It doesn’t seem that they really learned what all was all there as far as education and the power of knowing ones self.

I am an adult now, so I can’t blame my parents for the things that they never taught me because they themselves didn’t know. All I can do now and is learn everything that I can possibly learn and be the best mother that I can be with the tools that are provided to me.

I would be lying though if I said that I never stop and think what my life would be like if my mom taught or encouraged me to be happy in the skin that I am in. If she taught me how to begin to love myself, to find what it was that gave me passion and to run with it. To chase it down and capture every moment. To take note of every mistake and learn from them, to not be ashamed or afraid to fail, because after all, all the greats fell and what made them champions is their courage to get back up.  I wonder if my life would have been different. Not that my life is harder than anyone else. I am blessed with a husband and kids and we live comfortably. So I am grateful for the things we have and it’s not the material things that I yearn for, it’s just I wish there was someone who would have taught me more about life.

Life as a wife and mother. I struggle at both, but I believe that I am my worst crictic. Everyone around me tells me what a good job I am doing, my husband and kids are happy, but it’s me wishing that I would do better and more of this or that. Eventually, I’ll get there I guess, I am figuring it all out. That’s all that I can really do, right?

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    1. keep open minded and good luck!!

    2. Life indeed is a life long teacher.we learn something new everyday and we ahould not be scared of facing what life throws at us. Like we have often been told when life throws lemons at you make lemonade out of it. I have also learned a few lessons in life from my mother being my mentor if she was not there i doubt if i would reached this level that i am at. Actually life has a lot to offer than just material stuff we have so much that we can get out of life if only we take to pause think and learn.
      We all live in communities sorrounding us from since we were kids we had our parents teach us one or two things then we also had our teachers and friends as we grew up all this people will definitely teach you one or two things in life that you would like to know. So as we grow in life we alos grow in mind.

    3. Sorry… but dont make the same mistakes your parents made to your kids do what your parents didnt do so that 2moro your kid will say ibhad a great mom who taught me about the value of life…. this how u look forward and nt backward


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