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Appreciate the little things as life is only once
May 12, 2017

Life is only once and what is there in it if we don’t live the way we want. It is alright to keep working for your family, living for your daughter, living for your son, living for your husband, living for your wife, living with your mother, living for your father and so on. There is nothing wrong in living for others but just think for a moment  and ask yourself, “Am I living for myself?” Mostly the answer will be no but, hey that is okay. Learn to appreciate the small things in life as those small things are what your life is made of. When you look back in time these small things will be the big things and you would proudly say, “Glad, I did those things.”

What is really appreciating the small things and what benefits that you will get?
Appreciating the little things means focusing and paying attention to the things and events that happen in your life on a daily basis which you will nurture it. Those small pleasurable things which will put on a big smile on your face whenever you think of that are the little things. It means developing the attitude of gratitude for those everyday little things and that you get easily, you take for granted and much more. Having this attitude of gratitude will not stop you from getting negative impact but will give you the outlook to look on the bright side of life.
What research says about gratitude?
Recently several types of research are being conducted on gratitude and researchers says this as a new field of study. In the study, participants who keep a gratitude journal writing on a regular basis were studied from those who hadn’t. These results show that people who regularly write gratitude journal had a more optimistic view on life and better well being, always experience positive moods and also help others a lot. They even exercise a lot, studies shows. They stay healthy in both physically and mentally.
Attitude of gratitude builds your resilience
When we show gratitude to our loved ones or a complete stranger we are sharing the positive vibes within ourselves and also with the community. Reciprocating this will create a positive environment thus enhancing ourselves in meeting new people and creating a bond. Sometimes this bonding changes into a very special bond earning you some valuable people in your life.
What can you do to appreciate the little things in life?
Well, there are many ways to appreciate the little things in life. Let me share what I do.
Maintaining a gratitude journal
Keep a separate journal and write down the things that you are grateful for that happened in that day. It may be a cute message from your friend, a delightful meal that you had, saving money, a memorable trip, weekend excursion or a short trip, or even helping a complete stranger and much more. Spend some ten to fifteen minutes for this every day. After a  few weeks, this will evolve into a habit and you will start to spend some extra time. You will feel the change in yourself gradually. You will be aware of all the things that happen in your life and will start to appreciate them at the right times.
Celebrating the little things
We all have those big things like wedding, birthdays, graduation, promotion to celebrate for. But why not celebrate the small things that happen in everyday life. Some examples would be celebrating a nice weather by an outing with your friend, giving a special treat for your pet, arranging a dinner for the neighborhood just to celebrate the night. These small things will remain in your memory forever giving you happiness.
Slow down and enjoy a bit. Living in the moment is one of the great things that we forget to do in our busy schedule. Take time for yourself, enjoy the little things and feel the change. It won’t happen in a night but it will come with patience. Patience is the key to all. And practice. Everything in this world is achieved by constant practice and determination. If you are enjoying a day keep enjoying every day. If you are writing down the things for a day keep writing the things that you are grateful for never missing even for a single day without giving some petty excuses. People who give excuses will keep on giving excuses and they never change. But you are not like that. You are special. You are unique. You are capable of achieving the great things that you have aimed for. Never give up because somebody laughs at you. People who laugh will be laughing but never care for them and keep on living your life the way you wanted.
Thanks for reading. Good luck. 🙂
How to be perfect and real in life
May 12, 2017

Perfection is not only defined as the punctuality in everything and it is more than that. Every organization wants perfect candidates for their job. Why not? Because they are paying for the perfections too.

Here are some cool tips to be perfect
1. To be perfect punctuality is the first thing one should follow. Being punctual in everything is not easy, it needs a perfect plan and execution before that. So punctuality is the key tool to be perfect.  So be punctual.
2. A good planning is essential for being perfect because all the tasks and different job details should be known before starting to do anything. Each kind of job is allocated according to its specifications. So planning is important for every project as well as an individual to be perfect. It differs from person to person according to his work and his own experience. And also it differs in one’s own ways of doing things.
3. If you want to be perfect in your job, you should be perfect in your time you take to finish the job. For example: If a job approximately requires 10 hours to complete, you should aim to complete it on or before 8 hours. Because in these 2 hours of time you can check the mistakes and correct those within the allotted time and submit it well ahead of the deadline. It gives perfection in both your work and time.
4.Perfection not only depends on the time but also in giving a quality work is also means perfection. Giving an excellent quality work requires considerable time and work but it makes you perfect in everything slowly by practice. It increases your reputation by that your credibility and status in your workplace will go to a higher level.
5. If you feel like responsible towards your work or work was given to your team it makes you feel continuous and prompt in working, by that your work will be perfect and also you will be rewarded accordingly.
6. Be advance in your work as well as your life. Don’t urge yourself and other members before the last minute. Prepare yourself as well as everything in advance before the day starts. It gives you confidence in working and also gives perfection in finishing the project.
7. Concentration is one of the major tools one should follow to be perfect in everything. Concentrate in every work you do and make others be concentrated in their work. Don’t get disturbed yourself by watching something else while working. Always working with the full concentration will make you a perfectionist in the jobs that you are doing.
So here are some awesome tips to be perfect in everything. Everything will come by practice. There are people who hate a perfectionist but they really don’t know the hard work behind those people doing in order to be perfect. Before hating anybody for being perfect think of that hard work and determination. Learn from them and get motivated by them. Most of the successful people are perfectionists and that is why they were able to achieve their goals in time.
Thanks for reading. Good luck.
What Things Are Important in our Life

There are many things that makes up our life. You can see that each of those things in itself makes a life lot more happy and good. You can see that often ignoring those things in itself can make things lot easier. But then again without these things we can’t be any happy. You see those things do in fact make things better as we move ahead in life. I have tried to understand how this works plenty of times but every time I try to come to conclusion I find it harder to acclimate to those facts. In our life the priority changes as we move ahead in life. You can see that many of those things in themselves make us wonder about how difficult life can be these days. In this article, I want to put on different perspective on how the life is going to be in different parts of the world.


I think there is no denying fact that money is very important. And we can’t simply find our way out of it. Everything is moving because of the money. You can’t really go ahead without it. So never underestimate the money. Life goes on only because of the money and the things that we can buy with it. So it’s basically what makes us or breaks us. There are times when you can’t do anything without having much money. So you should understand that money is something you need as long as you work towards those things. So make sure you never ignore the money while you are making progress.


You have to keep some people around you. Those people can be parents or friends or someone you can trus. Though these days you can’t really trust anyone these days. And it can be really hard to be around people who are not trustworthy. So that’s another thing that you have to watch out. You have to understand that people who are going to be around you helping financially are the people worth being around. You can see that these are the people you should be finding yourself towards. That being said all of this takes time to understand and you have to learn how to manage people.


This is another thing that you have to watch out for. Health it not easy to manage. And you have to work harder to understand what are some things that you can manage. Health takes a lot of time to balance itself out. How you manage yourself and how you deal with small these such as these decides how your health is going to be in future. That being said, lot of those things are surely stressing many of us out. We have to learn how to adjust with those things eventually. So health factor should be always considered if you wish to get hold of your life. Because it has the power to change things.

As you can see lot of things in life are good and they can come to us if we work harder. So we have to consider what we can do with it.

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life a game find a way to be happy

Life is a game and if we want to make it good we got to make it happen as you see there people who are not happy and there is people who are. Look at the people whoa re very rich on TV and they jump off a bridge because they were not happy . as we know they have the money to do what they want . Now look at the middle class if you can find any left if some one out there is making ok money the secret is do not live out of your means which all us do any way. Like on the movie back to the future doctor brown said the future is up to you now make it a good one. we all know what we want , what we are limited to . If you want to make your life good one do not listen to any one advise or may be you should . You know what make you happy and you do not need to do drugs to that I say stay a way from drugs to make you happy you do not want to spend your life in jail . Yes I know there some people who have medical problem and that why they are not happy but that is kind of other story
do not wait for your lover to make you happy if we find the right soul mate of corse we all be happier. Do not let poltican take a way your happy if you are all ready happy. Now how to we turn life in to a game ? and I am not talking about the board game call life or the cereal out there call life . Me if I do thing I like doing like swimming ,writing, snow skiing if I have the money spending time with friends this is what make me happy. So think what do need to do to make life a game and get happy ?

Interesting facts and myths about water
May 8, 2017

In summer water becomes the most priceless thing in the world for all of us. We will be in the water, drinking, bathing, having lemonades but still, we won’t be able to quench that prolonging thirst however hard we try. Do you agree with this my friends as I will be like this in summer? When I see water I will transform into Gollum, “My precious.” LOL.  We will be hearing a lot of facts about how much water to drink and all but is everything true? Well, there are some myths in that too. Let’s see what are all the true facts and what are all the myths.

The true facts about water
1. Drinking eight glasses of water a day is necessary
This is indeed a true fact that on an average we need to drink at least eight glasses water in order to stay away from dehydration and other problems. However, if you cannot drink eight glasses of water correctly doctors suggest that to keep a general rule of drinking two to three liters of water a day.
2. Drinking water helps in weight loss
Although water doesn’t directly involve in reducing your weight, drinking water at regular intervals will keep you full thereby limiting the intake of food. But when you are extremely hungry having a glass of water will replenish your digestive system thereby prevents you from overeating.
3. Drinking water while eating will affect digestion
Doctors say that drinking water while eating will dilute the stomach enzymes which interferes the digestion process. Also, drinking water during meals will add more volume to the stomach which causes bloating and acid refluxes. Therefore it is advisable to drink water before having a meal and about 30 minutes after taking your meal. This will keep the digestive juices flowing.
4. Drinking water removes toxin from our body
Dr. Jasvinder Anand, Senior consultant, Internal Medicine, Medanta says that drinking water is essential for proper functioning of kidneys which are solely reliable on how much water we drink. The sufficient amount of drinking water will help in excluding Urea which is one of the major toxins in our body. Also, drinking enough water helps in preventing constipation problems and good bowel movement, and also water acts as a lubricant for the colon. Proper drinking of water will help in preventing digestive ailments.
These are some true facts about the amount of drinking water a day and what are the benefits that we get from drinking enough water. So, now let’s see some of the myths that we believed to be true but they are not.
1. Water need decreases in winter season
Rupali Datta, a Delhi-based nutritionist says that this one of a major false belief. She says that even though we don’t feel thirsty in winter our body uses more energy to keep itself warm for which it requires hydration. The air in the winter is also much dry so we need to drink water in order to keep our mouths, throats, and noses moist. Also, our body loses one to two liters of water in urine, 500 ml in sweat, 300-400 ml while breathing in both summer and winter. Despite the seasonal changes our body will be functioning as normal and it is our duty to keep it hydrated.
2. Drinking water too much
Though drinking a lot of water in excess will not have any adverse effects on our body Dr. Ranjish Monga, Head of Gastrology, Gurgaon. Except for elderly people who have high blood pressure and on a low sodium diet can drink excess water only on a medical advice otherwise it will cause electrolyte imbalance. Otherwise drinking excess water at times is not a big problem.
3. All drinks are good for hydration
People often have the false assumption that having a cup of coffee or tea will hydrate the body and replaces the drinking of water. This is a false assumption studies shows. Often coffee or tea will make us expel more water from the body than usual. The biggest rascal is alcohol. Drinking alcohol not only causes often urination but also leads to vomiting and after effects are quite discomforting.
4. Drinking a liter of water early in the morning will keep our digestive system healthy
This is another false assumption and people should stop drinking a liter of water early in the morning immediate after waking up. This will lead to flushing out a whole lot of electrolytes on an empty stomach. But if you feel thirsty having a glass of water is just enough as anything more than that will be unnecessary.
5. You will dehydrate if you don’t drink enough water post workout
Nutritionists say dehydration occurs only when you lose 2% of your total body water. You can measure this by weighing yourself before and after workout sessions. If you are an athlete, bike racer then you will be needing 200 ml of water every 20 minutes in order to maintain the glycogen stores. Otherwise if you just workout only mildly a tender coconut or lemonade will balance the water need.
Most of the myths that I have mentioned was believed by me as true facts. So, let me know in the comment section which are the ones that you believed to be true and which are the myths that you believed. The right amount of drinking water will help us stay away from diseases.
Thanks for reading. 🙂
The Best Reminders for Heartbreakers

In some point in our lives, we still need to be human in ending up a relationship. I am referring to heart breaker persona. It is in their personality to break the heart of people who loved them so dearly. These heartbreakers acted like an animal behavior. It may sound inappropriate but that’s the truth behind their mask.

There are times that they became so inhuman in ending up the romantic relationship and offer a platonic relationship instead. In some occasion, they forgot to be humans in dealing with the situation. As for a reminder sake, they should act appropriately for letting go a person.

For instance, if a person wanted to end up the romantic ties, he or she doesn’t show the decency of being carefree to break the heart of somebody. They seem not showing the care as acted before the breakup. As if they pushing them away deliberately. We get the point that this heart breaker lost his or her love to someone. But it doesn’t mean he or she needs to be cruel and inconsiderate with the feeling of others. They forget that someone is hurting just because the relationship failed along the process.

Some people don’t show the decency to say sorry for cheating their partners in life. It was like nothing happened and being cruel will be the last option of ending a relationship. That’s the sad part of loving someone who doesn’t care for hurting the trusted partner in the first place.

The best reminder for the heartbreaker is to know that they violated the golden rule of God. In time, bad karma will strike without noticing it. There is no why’s and but’s for that. It is the course of action strike back for the bad things done from the past. The realization will be the last thing to know about the fate happened to their lives. Forgiveness is hard to gain. It is not like a piece of cake that can complete the whole cake.

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How to Determine Failure in Relationship

Some people cannot determine the real cause of having a failure in a relationship. The main reason, they were so in love and cannot see the failure of a relationship coming into their lives. There are so many instances that relationship failures can be determined through personal experiences.

Here are the following signs that relationship is boiling into hard rocky road:

  1. Incomprehensible Alibis: There is some point that your partner created so many alibis. It is not only a pure alibi and it does appear white lies too. Thus the excuses are so lame and it is comprehensible in so many ways.
  2. Night Out with Friends: For some reason, the sudden night out came to the picture. It is unusual for the partner to socialize while in a relationship. We can take note that he or she is mingling in a new crowd.
  3. Unplanned Travel: After the hard work during weekdays, you might notice that your partner is planning to travel without somebody else. It wasn’t the case. You are not a part of his or her travel.
  4. Exercises Without the Partner: There are times that your partner will suddenly change his or her routine on daily basis. He or she became a member of certain gym club and you did not belong to the group.
  5. Changing Schedules of Appointment: In some point, the usual routine of being together had changed gradually. At the end, you will notice that special dates with the partner are gone due to changes in appointments at the workplace.
  6. Less Interaction: Your partner started to become passive and never gives an opinionated statement on certain topics. It will become a frustration since you cannot get the constructive criticism in finding an answer to certain dilemmas encountered.
  7. Keeping in Silence: In reference in no. 6, your partner remained in silence while you are convincing yourself that he or she is agreeing. But it wasn’t always the ideal approval from a partner.
  8. Showing Disinterest to Any Suggestions: In every suggestion, you may give, he or she is starting to blocked suggestions. He or she is starting to become irrational in every decision. He or she is starting to push you away in his or her life.

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I Am A Walking Dead: Why?

Some people would never think about feeling death after the break up from your ex-partner. The moment was said, “I don’t love you anymore.” Your heart struck by a lightning that pierced through the inner soul. You may not feel anything. It appears you are a “Walking Dead”.

I, myself even felt the sadness and fell under the spell of depression. Let us admit that there are patterns of being felt death in your total being. It depends on how you managed to pull through out yourself from that horrible situation. There is a feeling of nothing will happen after a person broke your heart into small pieces.

The question is, “How to heal a broken heart?” It seems the question will strike back to the different notion of other people. But the safest answer is, there is no definite time to measure how to recover from being heartbroken. It differs from one person to another in coping up with the misery life after the relationship suddenly cut by the person we loved.

Being crazy will be the first reaction. You don’t know what is the reason. There are so many reactions that you can witness in dealing with the breaking of our hearts. It tends to break our soul and body.

The best part of knowing the root cause of break up would be a great help to move on to our lives. But then, there are some cases that it cannot be explained even the person who broke your heart cannot answer why it happens.

At the end of the day, we always think that there is no forever. It is true, there is no forever in a relationship. The truth is, there is a lifetime. We stay to our special someone in a lifetime. It cannot be break even the strongest forces. It can withstand the difficulty in life and can bring out the best within us.

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What to Do When You Lack Motivation in Life

I think all of us at some point in life reach a stage where we lose the motivation towards life. And we lose all hopes. And we don’t know what to do and what not to do in our life. This can make a lot of issues in life. And in due process your health may get affected. So you have to understand where do you stand on that part. I think motivation is really harder to get in life. I have found that people who don’t have motivation ends up having issues with the random things. In fact not having regular motivation leads to depression. Most of the people out there have this sort of issues with the motivation and many of them are suffering from anxiety lately. In this article, I want to discuss what you can do to get motivation back in your life. And how to keep yourself motivated as well.


I think most of the people who are making money out there are making use of their hobby. You can see that hobby keeps you motivated. And hobby if linked with money it can make you even more happy. And that plan in itself is something that you have to consider when it comes to making money. So hobby is deefinitely one thing that every one should go for when it comes to keeping your head motivated. You can also read about how some other people are doing it in order to understand the motivation. Because you can see that motivation is not going to easy as well there.


You can find a lot of motivation through relationship. You can meet new people and see new things. This way you can build yourself and get stronger. You can also have more balance mentally and healthy if you are in relationship. I have seen many people who are into relationship and have got many small things about the motivation. For example, you can see that relationship are not easy way to handle your emotion. But it can give you enough motivation that you may feel like life. I have found that some of the time, you need to understand the life, in many ways, but you just have to get used to that part.


Life is made up of memory. And more people around you the better. You would understand life much better that way. You can even understand how to make memories with people along the way. As people change all the time. You just have to understand what can be done better way. You can learn a lot from people. And this is something I want to understand as I go ahead in life. I want to understand what are some of the things I can do with it there. I don’t know what are other ways to let go with the mental issue. I am sure in time things may change but we just have to look around.

As you can see motivation is not an easy sum game. But you have to work on it and see what you can do with it.

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Is there any complete happiness?

The ability to see and accept all parts of our lives helps us to be happy

There is no complete happiness! I often hear this sentence. People usually continue their reflections like this: “If you have money, you have no love; If you have a job, you have no happy relationship; If you have a family that satisfies partner relationships and healthy children, you have no time for fun and friends. ”

When I hear these words, I have the feeling that something is not enough for a person to be happy, something is unsatisfied. I find one more thing – as if one wants to escape the nature of things and does not want to accept the integrity of the experiences, relationships and situations in his life.

And here I mean like this: “There is happiness if we open our eyes and see … your laziness.” But … let’s get to him step by step.

The integrity

Imagine a padlock. Used to lock. Provides security. In winter, his body is cold (our fingers can get bruised until we unlock it), it’s hot in the summer (we can even get burned). It’s weighing. Can be cut. These are some of the features of the padlock. When I have to make a choice how to lock a door and ensure my safety, I take into account the specifics of locking devices, I take into account all the information and choose.

But when we are in a life situation, we somehow forget that. Somehow we do not accept the situation as it is, in its fullness, integrity, and totality of parts. We talk, think, act, as if we think it has only positive or negative aspects. We tend to “cut” natural parts and ingredients from it, usually those we think are negative, unpleasant, annoying.

A few examples

“I love to take care of my family, I like to prepare my favorites for every dish, but I do not like it and I do not like it, I’m even angry when I have to wash the dishes afterwards. Can not my children or my husband wash them? I have so lovingly prepared their favorite things, and they do not understand and let me do this unpleasant duty !!! “.

“I love my young daughter so much !!!! She is so beautiful! It’s a candy! All day I can enjoy it. But my mother and my partner do not help me at all. Go to work, watch your life. Well, they provide me money, of course. And just in the evening or at the weekends change the diapers, stretch the laundry or run the vacuum cleaner. How can they not help me all the time? I have to do everything alone! I do not have the time to make up and dress beautiful to go out for a walk with the baby, and we love both the clean air … ”

“My partner is wonderful, but he snore awfully !!! I can not sleep! How long will I have to talk to him about it and endure it at night ?! ”

“I have a son of a teenager. I can not get him into bed before midnight. Otherwise he is healthy, smart, has a clear purpose for his life. And he does it alone. ”

“My child is healthy, clever, gifted. On weekends we go to different competitions and events in which he shows up. Oh!!!”.

“I’m angry when I have to pay my bills – I do not like to give money for bullshit like electricity, water, phone, internet, food.”

“We were on a wonderful vacation, I had to go to the beach every day, but the sun … I was looking for high-grade sunflower oils, shade, cooling cocktails …”

Responsibility. Attitude.
Self-sufficiency. Completeness, integrity. Maturity. Different viewpoints.

I do not overburden or lighten the topic with the examples. You may find yourself extreme or superficial, but we humans have a tendency to complain, discontenten and do not accept those parts of situations, relationships, and feelings that are not in our taste.

Why? Because we need to make an effort, learn or develop skills to cope. Because we need to be honest with ourselves. When we deny, our behavior is like a toddler who is whimpering and does not want to accept the “obligatory” part. We show a lack of maturity because we do not accept the fullness of events and relationships. We show anger and discontent, not wanting to do any part. We believe that some of the activities of everyday life are servile work, lowering our authority and value. We believe that trouble is only happening to us and has already shaken us from the role of a long-suffering Genoveva, and we think it is high time that life offered us another, necessarily happy and, of course, a major role. We are sorry, we want to transfer our weight and burden to another and we definitely do not want to do any concrete action. We want the freedom and authority of man “18+”, but we do not accept the duties and responsibilities inherent in maturity.

How can we relate these reflections to a really difficult situation for us?

The situation is difficult

Then when we do not have the ability to pass through it. We do not have the yet automated, advanced skill that is needed to get in, get over and get out of the difficulty. When we have it, the situation no longer strains us, worries, “pulls out of balance” and does not accept it as a problem. Well, of course, here too we can manifest a whimper, showing anger or annoyance, asking, “Why is this happening to me?”
And my answer is this – sometimes we do not have to interpret to fainting and look for the reason, just to see what is what in this situation exacerbates my annoyance and uncertainty. Here is the valuable information we give ourselves if we ask ourselves the questions: “What do I do not want to do now?”, “Am I afraid of failure?”, (“Do I think I have no resource to do ?!”) , “Am I lazy?”, “Is it better for me to be familiar, old and sure?”, “Am I afraid of self-pity or accumulated fatigue?”

The ability to take life
In its fullness … I will express it metaphorically: every day of our life is a colorful bouquet – with unique varieties of flowers, some of which have thorns, others need grasses to stand out, third – nuances of feelings to Connect us with a sense of depth and life. Our bouquet is colorful due to the variety of events and the flowers in it are of different shapes. In order to be able to hold and carry our bouquet in order to take it to the vase in which we want to put it, paper, twine and fasteners are put in it. And to describe it in its fullness, I must say that it weighs, sometimes solidly. But when we walk along the streets, we say to other people something like this: “Today someone has read me, confessed, appreciated, rewarded, I am proud of it! And I, in turn, have confessed to accepting the bouquet. And I’m very pleased to notice this! “.

In our lives, in the valuable and important for us relationships, situations or activities, it is up to us whether we will see the twine, the paper, the grass or the unique variety. The ability to see and accept all parts, integrity and completeness is an indicator of maturity. The ability to move from one feeling to another, from holiday mode to stress on a holiday within the same day also shows how grown we are.

And if something is stinging us, it is good to see what this “thing” is and to seek professional support. We still have to answer the question: “Is this drama really a drama?”, Whether it is not a simple laziness and a delay or a desire to attract attention, whining, praise. There is nothing wrong with these three things, as long as we do not do it often, and when we do it, it is more enjoyable to ourselves and to the audience. The next time you upset and cry, and a few hours later you refuse to smile, remember that a juicy cake is not such without the dry bark.