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Does Karma Work When You Get Used Like Doormat

You may find that people have the karma working against them all the time. You can see that people who are doing crimes, murder, pay some price for their action. You need to find out how the karma does not affect people who do bad. I think we always fail to find out the reason behind it. The very scenario where people do murder, and stuff and they get away. And not only that they end up in better place of the life. And the worst part is that you get treated badly despite doing good all the time. So I am wondering if karma works in your favor. What are the chances of good things happening. I am just unsure that not all the people in the world can see karma working. In this article, I want to explain my views on Karma.

Karma is Random

You may find that karma does not always work for every scenario. Some of the time people can murder, rape and do crime. And they may end up being president or rich person. And for them it works. And this is what shows you that karma is random. And it has nothing to do with you doing good or bad. It is just the time that makes it go random or good. For some people this means they are going to be punished even without they doing anything wrong.

Karma doesn’t work on time

You may find that someone who does murder in their 20s dies in their age of 92 with cancer. You call that karma? In that case that karma is 70 years late. And the worst part is that dying naturally does not mean it is karma. You can just convince your mind about it’s existence. But in reality it is no way karma that is meant to punish the people. It is just our way to say how the world works in a mysterious way. But in deep down inside we all know that karma is not on time. In fact thing that happened in past does its damage and there is no way back from it now.

Karma is selective

Have you seen the fact that there are many people who live poverty life? Many people claim that things in past life leads to this. However karma is very selective. And it can push you in wrong side. And think that it is doing good to some while bad always continues to happen. I think karma does it’s job when it sees fit. And people think that it is the past life that has the influence on the current life. So that being said, karma does sound selective on that side of the life. I am not sure how many people can not see the selective side of the karma. Because I can tell you all that happens is selective here.

Karma is not a good thing that happens when it really deserves it. But a lot of bad things happen to all of us. And karma is not an answer to that part of the life. Karma is very sadistic concept if you see it that way.

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You Can’t Control Life Without Money
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The reason many of us have more control over their lives is because they have money. If you depend on other people for the money, then you can’t control your own life. Also you can’t control life of other people. This means you are going to feel very helpless. You have to understand that though money is not everything. But money does give you a lot more control in life compared to other things. Money is as good as something that brings a good amount of power. So life without money is something we can’t even imagine. And the reason we have to make money for living around goes to prove the point. Here in this article we are going to discuss how money can give us things which are not easy to achieve.


You can’t travel long distance on your own. You have to make use of the transport. You have to buy the ticket or the vehicle in order to travel the distance. And as you know the vehicle fuel is going to cost you some money. It makes you wonder if travelling is even possible for long without having to pay. I think apart from going on mountains and beaches, you can’t have free ride. Life just does not work that way. Travel is only possible if you have money. Unless you are living in the places where you have some good nature. It can be odd other way.


Nobody is going to give you free food. You have to work harder to make money to feed yourself. You have to make enough money to feed your family. And evey member from your family needs to be taken into consideration. Food is rising in cost these days. Most of the junk food is increasing the cost of the food. And the best part is that good healthy food is forced to be on the low cost. And this makes you think if eating outside is any good. You have to consider the option that food is always going to increase in price and there is nothing that you can do about it. We just have to pay the price.


You can see that many of the people don’t have anything to wear. You may find that clothing is a need of the hour. You have seen people working harder to buy decent clothes. And this means they are buying the clothing which they can afford. Without money do you think it is possible to buy the clothing. Many of the people struggle everyday to wear good clothing. And for this we have to thank money. Because without money there are no means to even have decent clothing process. So a lot of things in our life are possible only because we are focusing on the money. So it’s important that way.

These are some of the options that you can find that with money. It is the money that gives us all the resources and makes us easy to access. And the another impact of money is through social and psychological.

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Thoughts focus attention, attention creates energy, where is energy – there are the results.
March 27, 2017

Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts …They are running forward restless. What will happen? Will you succeed? What if not? And what will happen if? And you are creating all possible, impossible, unlikely, theoretically possible catastrophes, misfortunes and disasters, most of which remain not happened. Or with sadness and regret you are looking back, “Oh, I could do better … if I was not doing this, now I could have other situation”. And only occasionally thoughts make pauses, carefully looking at what is happening now. Those rare moments when, in fact, you are participating in your life and clearly understand that everything that is around you – it’s consequence of your yesterday’s thoughts, actions and states. Not always reassuring and fascinating, so in order to not see again you are diving into the mirages of the future, or into the swamps of the past. And again all over again…

How much you focus on your life? How do you live now? And how you want to live? Do you see the details of which is created your life? What you usually think? What stops you? And what is important to you? How you would live if every moment would remember that life is only one? How many times a day you ask yourself similar questions? Questions about you and your life? Rarely, right?

So it is not surprising that often you are visited by the feeling, like you and life are completely separate things. You are going one way, and the life just past you. Because your attention is directed not to life. And, as you know, in what is focused your attention, this exactly is happening. You are afraid to fail? Great, you will fail. A year ago you were hurt by someone and not forgot? Okay, it will happen again. Life seems a difficult and sad? Please, you have a lot of difficulties and sadness.

Devote more attention to your life and it sure will thank you.


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Social Media Is the Most Powerful Tool for Communication
March 27, 2017

Most people are so into social media. It takes a matter of time to remember things from the post of popular or famous people. I am sure busy people didn’t catch up. It was said that the posts were circulated just to reach fanatics. Can you believe that? Well, it was being shared and re-shared the particular posts in public.

In the year 2014, there are some posted messages that turned into viral. If a person is updated, then there are no worries about the real facts seen in different social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, Sina Weibo, etc. These are common usage of social media across the globe. For the people who haven’t seen the most popular messages in social media, brace yourself to know it.

In Facebook, the film Despicable Me run its popularity through the most shared post “The Holiday Cheer.” It made the Minions reached its chart to fame. Adults and kids love the new characters in the film.


Instagram had also shared its fame for the most like photo of Kim Kardashian getting married to Kanye West. For the record, they reached the total likes of 2.4 million and people commented for 61.6 thousand. It really made difference for being a famous celebrity.


Ellen DeGeneres takes the spot on Twitter. She had tweeted a message “If only Bradley’s arm was longer. Best photo ever.” How can she stop the people? The tweet message came along the way around the world.

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Social media still continue to control people’s lifestyle. However, people should still control the social media instead. Be careful about posting some messages or photos, because it can cause a chaos thing to happen. It would be self-destruction and you cannot get it back of what it was posted. That’s what had happened to be careless to their actions.

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Anxiety Happens When You Try to Have Something You Don’t Have

Many of us have gone through the situation where we have some sort of suffering. You can find that suffering makes it a bit hard for many of us to handle the life. And this results in anxiety. So one has to always understand how to control anxiety. Traditional medication and the shots of vaccine slow us down. And those are not exactly the solution if you ask me. Those are more or less some of the odd things that may we do to our bodies. And we have to realize that we are not dependent on the medicine. Because those medicines are going to make it harder for us to live with the anxiety. We may get addicted to them assuming they are curing us. In reality they are like any other addiction.


The biggest thing we have to give up in life is control. If we give up the control then we understand that life is not based on series of decisions. And sometimes we have to let the life happen to us. And we then understand where our control lies and how much we can manage the best of our life. Anxiety is one of the harder things to do in life. You have to understand anxiety is not going to make you control some decisions which you don’t want to take. Because in future such stuff affects you the most and you end up in much more deeper spiral. That is one of the thing that you have to explain to your mind to avoid the anxiety in near future.


We are being programmed by the medical people that medication are what cures the anxiety. In reality that is not the case. It is the habit that we form in our everyday life are what going to make us go away from the anxiety. I have found that medication are going to make peoples lives even more worst. But the way this medication lobby works. It is going to be hard for many to accept the truth. So it all comes down to your personal choice. You have to decide what works for you and what you can do in order for the medication to work in your favor. I think we have to try other methods instead of medication.


We look at life with series of milestones. And if those milestones are not achieved we assume that we are going to fail and die. But in reality that is not the case. We are going under lot of stress. And we have to deal with those set of choices in our life. We have to focus on things that makes us strong. We have to live the life based on how we want. Instead of fixing it to something. I think life is very complicated thing and we have to understand how to control the variables that are affecting us. So life is meant to be lived with series of small choices. And I think life is something is not easy to live by these days. So adapt and see how life works for you.

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Going for Something New in Life
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We all have this force holding us back when it comes to the point where we are going for something new. I think that force is going to be stopping us from taking action. Life can be very tricky and sometimes it plays with us. It gives us enough fear that we don’t take risks in our life. And it makes you think that it is going to end if you take the risk. This way we often don’t take risk and instead we stay in our comfort zone. So that’s one way life stops us from doing work. So we have to realize that life and our mind both play trick with us. And we often stop ourselves by not doing things we are supposed to do.

So exactly what stops us from doing something new? What force is responsible for that?

Fear of Losing Life

Do you want to visit himalayas? You may have fear of life. Here you may fear of going to new places. The fear of moving to the mountains and among people who you don’t know about. And that fear of losing your life in foreign land. Fear such as that can be very bad for you to not go there and do things. So you may have to understand that losing life is one of the biggest fear almost every one of us have. But unless you let go of that fear you are not going to meet new people. You are not going to travel abroad. And things that will always keep you hooked to the couch. That is one thing that may haunt you if you have fear of life.

Fear of Losing Money

Often we don’t buy something because we are often living on paycheck months. And we don’t want to buy stuff to avoid getting broke. This way we are controlling our cashflow. Granted that we should be frugal and only buy things that are good for our own requirement. And then that habit then spiral out of control. And we end up in situation where we are not doing things by fearing the money. So you have to understand that fear of losing money is real. You have to understand that money is very important thing that can affect our lifestyle. So one has to understand that part of the life.

Fear of People

These days we have the different type of people around. All have different region, origin, and language. That habit can go into out of hand. And then we stop meeting new people. And our habit of not having enough people to stand behind our name comes into play. That is one reason many people have to learn how to network. For example often people who want to have business needs to find contacts. Then that can help you establish yourself and develop. I have found that fear of people is real. And it can cause the depression. You should definitely consider getting over this type of fear. As that fear in itself can make your life a bit harder to manage and control.

These are some of the type of fears that I think that affect our real life.

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Everything is just temporary; everything was before us and will be after us.
March 25, 2017

Everything is just temporary; everything was before us and will be after us.

Today I finished reading the book about anthology of Tibetan Buddhism. One sentence of the book stopped me from reading, several minutes I admire the truth revealed in those words, and already a good week as this truth is constantly turning in my mind.

I often like to ask people what about they think. What is most important to them in life? And I increasingly confront with thoughts of what is my priorities, is it set out correctly and what I would want to change? In those moments I am surrounded by lot of ideas, it seems, I even can see how they are jostling with each other for my attention.

There are a lot of experiences in life. Sometimes they catch me at once, and body does not endure the stress: the trepidation and gratitude for each second, for every beauty, especially the inner human beauty. People often complain about their appearance: they are unhappy about weight, facial features, hair, or about lack of money, they much less groan about their inner beauty.

For me it is very important the experience that fills me from the inside when I am  getting to know a special person, discovering a special place, hearing a special tone, listening special voice, feeling special flavor, reading special book, seeing special movie.

Sometimes knowledge is a little fearful, but this fear forces to cling to life, and going through it, not to miss the life itself. To stop, to look around, admire, because one day running we can feel that gray mass roll through us, and thousands of feet leaving the dirty footprints on our clothes. Money, wealth, career, appearance – all that is so banal. Everything is just temporary; everything was before us and will be after us. And finally, everything what is inside of us, no one can replicate.


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Be a Social Butterfly in Business
March 25, 2017

“What makes a business successful?” The people who are in business should be a social butterfly. If not, then how they can promote the business and maintain the loyalty of their clients or customers. The sales management includes the strategy of selling oneself in terms of dealing with different types of a target market.

Socialization is the best chance for them to meet their potential customers. It wasn’t showing the good products that they can offer but to build rapport to them. It wasn’t easy to build a rapport for the first meeting in such event. If the sales agent had been doing this for a couple of times, then there is no sweat on their forehead.

Being a social butterfly can make or break a good relationship with potential customers. If it is not possible to introduce the products or services, the connection will be the next thing to do. There is a possibility that partnership will be opened during the socialization. It is like getting to know each other stage. Capturing the attention is also essential to let them attract to what possible business transaction will happen.

Most of the tycoons had shared their inner thoughts and experience to let others be successful in line to business. Big or small scale business can get some tips or recommendations from them. The great success is to know how to socialize. In this way, you would be able to determine if there is a buying signal from these potential clients. If there is nothing, then you can able to find some good approach in persuading them.

As they said, “Practice is the best teacher for everything.” If a person was able to enhance their salesmanship, then there is nothing to worry about. In business, taking a risk is an option. They can find numerous strategies in mind on how to answer all the questions that the customers will ask during the process of the transaction.

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Career Plan: Say No to Dead-End-Job!
March 25, 2017

Career Planning is the most important thing for the people to consider in their lives. It would be a waste of time working without even planning for future careers. The wrong notion is to have a job and that’s enough. It is not ideal to work in a certain company without any career growth. Easy-go-lucky personality can lead you to nowhere. Time is ticking and cannot even stop how fast it runs on a daily basis.

There is nothing wrong if you will file a resignation to your boss’s table. Why? Because you need to find a niche that will lead to quality life and can give career opportunity. If you think that it is a dead-en-job, then you need to find a better job. Don’t be afraid of changes. It is a part of life to gamble and taking the risk is also a good way to face the challenges.

For newly graduated students from the university, it is fine to work in companies that can offer basic salaries. Since most companies prefer to hire applicants who are well-experienced in respective expertise or field. They can take the chance to gain experience and move to the next level once acquired the necessary skills required by well-known companies. It is the reality of truth in finding a better job.

We don’t need to envy those people who had their instant position in certain companies due to nepotism. In reality, these people are incompetent and it will show in the long run. What a shame, right? If you had gained enough soft skills, you might even get this higher position. That’s the part of knowing the career path. Some people forecast their future and stopped believing if there is no hope for promotion. Thus, he or she refused to have a dead-end job for the betterment of oneself.

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Talk less and work more
March 25, 2017
Illustration of vintage style red pencils over rough background - Learning and academic conceptIllustration of vintage style red pencils over rough background - Learning and academic concept

The well known adage that we eat to live, and not to live to eat, and draws sustenance from the biblical truth that man does not live by bread alone but by the word of the god.

And This is so because when a man lives by the word of the god, it gains primacy and all other the things become subordinate to it.

That is how a good book becomes the precious life blood of a master spirit. This assumes added significance as the verse takes us to the colossal heights of glory and we eat only if we must.

Just as we talk less and work more which is for the slogan for efficiency for carrying out any of work at the stipulated time, eat less and to think more is the secret of living in grace, keeping off this sins since gluttony is one of the only seven deadly sins.

And Moreover, the gluttony leads to disgrace. An Unknowingly some people punish their offspring by to giving too much to food,and slowly leading them to other vices.

And That is why frequent fasting, as well as preference for the light vegetarian diet is the essential to acquire purification of mind and the body. At the same time, application of the philosophy of the simple living and high thinking makes sense. Self purification demands that our thought, word and the deed ought to be disciplined so as to attain spiritual and the intellectual acumen and maintain consistency in both to precept and practice.

And there are people who make caustic comments on colleagues about whom they say.I have seldom seen you eating in office. Whether this is something worthy of to admiration or derision becomes a matter of the conjecture.

Simplicity is the cardinal principle of the enlightened men who are keen on pursuing an austere life as to against the drift of ostentatious display of wealth and the vulgarity by the nouveau rich.

Everyone would like to strive for true happiness but the miasma of the worldly pleasures prevents one from achieving it.And The divine secret of it is that those who hear the word of god and the obey it shall get it.From the very beginning, the word was with god.And The word was the source of life and this life brought light to mankind.

Man is supposed to live in the harmony with the nature and not to go against its laws by the imbibing the spirit of the verse from the scripture, and to along with carefully chosen morsel, may add the glory to lives of many a million..

Time and the money are two of the most valuable resources people to have. When life gets the simpler, the amount of the these two things that a person has available will rise.Ans That is the benefit of a simpler life in today’s world.

And the great thing about this list is that people have choices. And They can choose to do the one of them, all of them, and or some of them. And they can start out with just one and then add some others later.

Life is about the choices. Making the choice to live life in a simpler the way is something that is becoming popular thing to do.