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memories of my early years

I was born 56 years ago. In Rich lands VA.  But that day I was not alone .I also had a twin brother. My dad was a coal miner for 10 years. When he came home from work all we could see was the white of his eyes. He was a hard working man for us. He built the house we lived in on Boyd Ridge. My grand parents lived down the hill from us.

My mother stayed home took care of me and my brother. I barely remember walking down the dirt road we lived on with her and her sister. She was a good mother. I remember my dad telling me when I was a toddler that I got to close to the fire place and the snow suit I was wearing caught on fire my mother put it out with bare hands. god love her they said she burnt her hands bad.

I remember dad putting me and my brother on the back of old Charlie. He was a huge work horse they used in the fields he was a great horse.

My grand parents had a farm. Fresh milk, fresh eggs, Fresh veggies out of the garden. She even had 2 big cherry trees in the yard. A huge grape vine also. She made the best biscuits ever with gravy. She canned everything even sausage, pickled corn,beans,beats ,etc..

It snowed a lot there but we always stayed warm. We used wood heat best heat there is.  We would sled down the hill with card broad. That was fun.

I really enjoyed my time on the mountain even through it was short lived there. I still have memories from then and will never forget them.

Lost my grand dad when I was 10. Very sad day for me I loved him dearly.he died from black lung he got from the coal mines. Lost a few uncles from that too. Thank the good lord my dad got out of them in time.

Lost my grand ma to Leukemia,and old age to she lived a full life of 92. I miss her too very much. She was a good and strong woman with silver long hair. I took after her on that she was a beautiful woman.





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    1. Memories are a window to our past and yours sounds like return to a simpler time. Thank you for sharing and I hope the times ahead give you as many great memories as the time passed.

    2. yes memories are great to have and i am sure i will have many more great memories love ta


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