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memories of my early years

I was born 56 years ago. In Rich lands VA.  But that day I was not alone .I also had a twin brother. My dad was a coal miner for 10 years. When he came home from work all we could see was the white of his eyes. He was a hard working man for us. He built the house we lived in on Boyd Ridge. My grand parents lived down the hill from us.

My mother stayed home took care of me and my brother. I barely remember walking down the dirt road we lived on with her and her sister. She was a good mother. I remember my dad telling me when I was a toddler that I got to close to the fire place and the snow suit I was wearing caught on fire my mother put it out with bare hands. god love her they said she burnt her hands bad.

I remember dad putting me and my brother on the back of old Charlie. He was a huge work horse they used in the fields he was a great horse.

My grand parents had a farm. Fresh milk, fresh eggs, Fresh veggies out of the garden. She even had 2 big cherry trees in the yard. A huge grape vine also. She made the best biscuits ever with gravy. She canned everything even sausage, pickled corn,beans,beats ,etc..

It snowed a lot there but we always stayed warm. We used wood heat best heat there is.  We would sled down the hill with card broad. That was fun.

I really enjoyed my time on the mountain even through it was short lived there. I still have memories from then and will never forget them.

Lost my grand dad when I was 10. Very sad day for me I loved him dearly.he died from black lung he got from the coal mines. Lost a few uncles from that too. Thank the good lord my dad got out of them in time.

Lost my grand ma to Leukemia,and old age to she lived a full life of 92. I miss her too very much. She was a good and strong woman with silver long hair. I took after her on that she was a beautiful woman.





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I follow my heart- What about you?
April 24, 2017

When we can’t speak our heart out or we have to accept our mind many of us fall into a deep pit of confusion. One may not feel much difference between both, but look close into your life or recheck what you need in life if your heart and mind feel the same.

People often choose to neglect their hearts prefer to stay with their. And rightly so as heart is one of our body parts but the fact we should know that it develops during our childhood and for this particular reason is it possible to say that our heart knows better!

Have you ever given it a thought that when you were still a young child then there was no need to control your emotions but when your brain began to develop your thoughts became different?

I am surprised to see that when you set out to do something good then you face a lot of hurdles, bad comments and whatnot but when you do something bad it’s really so easy. So stop blaming your heart for being so emotional because it’s not your heart but your own feelings. Heart has nothing to do in what direction your brain works.

It’s easy to blame your heart which is nothing but another of your multiple body organs. If you feel more than a simple pump, the heart is scientifically considered a highly complex system having its own thinking power and it’s proven fact that when we can’t keep it in control, our heart tends to prove that it has its own healing power.

Actually your biggest enemy is your on weakness and no one from outside world. It all depends your own self ho you defend your own interest, family, relatives and friends from negative feelings. And sooner you do that the better. I am part of this society and know what is good or bad for myself and the society.

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Old good inspiring fairy tales.
April 7, 2017

I have given a lot of my childhood  time to the fairy. This is a wonderful literary works, which are full of wisdom by ancestors settled over the centuries and cheerful children’s tricks, and attracting attention adventures. It happens from time to time to hear about the fact that there is one or another cruelty in fairy tales. How it works on the mental development of the child can tell us the psychologists, but the cruelties is none other than the expression of those times cruel world.

At that time there was not drawn colored careless Teletubbies or supermen effortlessly overcoming everybody, there was a world full of witches, devils and other dangers, hardships, calamities. And the common man faced with them. Well, very often gallant prince on a white horse kills a dragon. In our folk tales very often the main actor was Pansy given to serve to the evil stepmother! Or, a third brother who was not very clever.

Fairy tales convey to us a simple message about our world – that the world we live in is insidious  and. Tales teach us do not believe in witches, do not give up on their spell, and do not make friends with the devil and so on. Even if you are weak, you can still fight and win! True positivity charge!

Of course, there are many negative aspects. Knight always had to defeat the dragon and to go across nine seas till received the right to marry favorite girl. This encourages inferiority complex. The world always has been divided into good and bad, which is not true – most of the so-called bad guys are really suffering. Maybe tales encourage follow superstitions and other templates of normal life, but I see more good than the injury.

Clearly, there are a modern fairy tales, where there is not perhaps concentration of accumulated wisdom of life, they are more for entertainment or propaganda, or for to earn money – most computer games going on in the world of fairy tales.

Human life is colored by the experiences and battles. Therefore, when it becomes difficult, sometimes it worth to try only because of the extraordinary experience that you gain. And you not even notice how life acquires new colors.


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The main differences between childhood and adult life.
March 31, 2017

Have you ever thought, that would be fun to live life over again, from scratch, but with all the already accumulated wisdom and experience? To know what decisions to make, to understand what really lies behind one or the other option, you might have more determination and courage to make changes that are delayed. I understand that many people with a huge nostalgic look to their childhood years and the time spent in school. Even all the troubles with teachers, conflicts with parents and failed youth’ loves pales against the joy of youth. If you are still in school, enjoy this time! But what is the joy of the youth?

First of all, children have a huge amount of leisure time! Even if the tasks of homework exceed your capabilities, it will never equal the amount of work that you will have when been 30 years. It was nice to laze, is not it?

It’s a lot of dreams! It seems you can become a dentist, and banker, and TV star just so, in your dreams. Hang over the bed John Lennon poster and already see yourself singing on stage! It’s a lot of first time! For some people first times raise the beautiful, positive emotions. After all, this is the joy of discovery, fun time. And finally, this is carelessness! It is fun not to think about the future, because it seems that parents will take care of everything.

And why ever it seems that we want something to fix in the childhood? Why do many want to go back and correct the mistakes made in the past? Why do we live life too far from the childhood, although we idealize this time? What the transformation happens along the way from the child into the adult world, taking away the joy of life?

First of all, it is caring. Now we are already those who have to take care both about ourselves and also about others. This obliges. It depressed those who do not like responsibility.

Second, these first times now they cause the joy not for all of us. Often, this is merely another source of stress. If possible we get rid of them and become all well knowing and experienced adults.

Third – it is the lack of dreams. An adult human being has a purpose, because it is not serious to dream. It teaches many serious books.

And in the end, there is almost no leisure time. Although we like become responsible for ourselves, but for one reason or another, our time and results of work we give to others.

What could a child learn from adults as to prevent the gray everyday’s swamp of transformation? To become an anxious and frowning? And lose the possibility of to feel free to experiment, to make mistakes and grow? Refuse to dream and get up goals and pursue them with big determination? Reject the freedom of creativity and suppress yourself into the schemes?

To reject the first times and choose only what is tested? And to close your life in a narrow and limited tunnel since a young age?

But one thing is clear – processes of growth and development are taking place throughout life.


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