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Summer Season’s Usual Activity Plan
summer time

It’s already summer time here in the Philippines and most families are preparing for something they could do to enjoy the summer time.

Well, the usual thing that we can do during summer are the following:

  • Mountain Climbing. Here in Baguio, hiking is common because there are many wonderful mountains that hikers can go. It is good to go for a mountain climbing during summer because mountains are free from the landslide, which is usual during the rainy season. Aside from that, we could feel the cool breeze of the fresh air that we can’t experience in the city. We can also do camping.
  • Swimming. River, beach resorts, and swimming pool resorts are accommodating for a swimming activity during summer. It is a good outdoor activity for families. It is enjoyable and we can ease the hotness of summer.
  • Ice cream hunting. During summer season here in our place, ice cream is everywhere. Even me who is conscious of the food I eat can’t help having a cone of ice cream with my friends. It’s a way of enjoying the season. However, we should ingest ice cream moderately and look for those ice cream that is flavored with fruits and vegetables.
  • Road trip. This is also a very good family bonding most especially with families who have their own car.
  • Have a picnic at the park. This has always been the number one bonding of my family during summer aside from going to the beach for swimming. My mom cook for foods and we take it out to the park.

Above are the usual thing that Filipinos are doing during the said season. There may be other enjoyable things that we could do aside from those like a garden visit. Some of our relatives who are from the cities usually go home here in our place just to visit our small farm or to do vegetable picking. Other tourists also love the strawberry picking in La Trinidad, Benguet.

Hope you’ve planned well your summer activities.

How to be a good friend; how to make friends
March 18, 2017

how to, there are lost of posts about how to, but i saw some only asking about how to have friend, so i wanted to write what i know about having good friends, i dont know much as life is endless school, but i know good info

coworkers or study mate, or neighbors are not as good as good friend, good friend is your back support, they are you fun and some times your sadness, but they make you sad for one reason to make you happier person they tell sometimes what hurts you only to see you better

can not imagine life away from my friends, some of them i studied with and some worked with, thats how we met.

some of them our friendship started by hate then friendship and some really smoothly started friendship with.

so it depends on who are you, your presonality and you lifestyle, it also depend on who are they their personalities and their life style

i say that due to the activities and areas that bring all closer.

list of things that helps you to make friend

dont judge, its really bad character that no one like to hear

be nice and sensitive to their feelings and what makes them happy or sad

be polite when you talk about their families in any situation you face

if you dont like some of their opinion dont have to agree, but at least do not be sarcastic about it.

do remember the important things in their lives, such as and not limited to their brith, their graduation also any thing that important to them

in parties or celebrations do bring gifts, like in friendship day or so on, gifts do not put you in trouble, like pricey gifts, its enough to know it means you remember this and you dont go with empty hands, simple thing like flowers, sweets, chocolate anything will do.

Drone reviews DJI latest drone in the market
March 14, 2017

Drone reviews DJI, for drones lovers and addicts this post about new drone with latest tech. in the market and sure the key is the photos

Wherever You Go The DJI Mavic Pro is a small yet powerful drone that turns the sky into your creative canvass easily and without worry, helping you make every moment an aerial moment. this has size that high degree of complexity so its DJI’s best also sophisticated camera fly. new transmission system in this DJI that with about 7Km range, 5 vision sensors yea imagine how good that will be, 5 K camera 3 axis mechanical to stabiliz, obey any wish by pressing your finger on it. Inside the box there is best sized remote controller to make your hands comfortable holding it for hours and more DJI’s transmission has range you will like Full HD 1080 video stream. same good Mavic. now you cant make your plane fill or hit other things, since you see the obstacles even too far ones as far as any body imagine
Precision Flight technology is DJI can hover really here and there for real also land where exactly it took off

It is hidden small drone if you fold it and that is amazing and like magic, super.
-the small light is made of good plastic.
– 5K video at 30fps or 1080p at 60fps and that is good vidoe to upload and do traffic
– So many up- and here and there-mounted sensors, to stop hitting these obstacle around it, it has lots of mode for night or day
– Maximum speed 50h which is the best until now

great video and good photo is the key for good cam drone and good life photos, really last
Drone remote is best in the market when you use it for play, makeing movies or doing anyting you like.

Some more about Cricket… it really helps to understand the game..

Today, I want to tale you about Cricket “The most likeable game in India”. Now, you people are thinking that why I am saying anything about cricket. All of us know about it. But I just want to share with u some most important things about this game. This can help you to understand the game more accurately. And you can enjoy the game more precisely. Like if cricket commentator says that Kohli hit the ball over mid off for the boundary, then most of us just clap and enjoy but don’t try to understand the meaning of mid off . if we all will understand the meaning of the all field positions, then we will enjoy more. Isnt it? So, I am sharing with you some important field positions name. We all know about bowler and wicket keeper. I am starting with off side first. Beside wicket keeper there are three more catching positions. First sleep, second sleep and third sleep. Just beside third sleep there is a field position called gally . just right side of the gally position there is point position. There is a deep point area which is in the boundary area in the square of the wicket.there is a third man area. This is also in the boundary area just square of deep point area. We all know about cover drive. When ball hit for cover drive that area called cover area. And Deep of the area called deep cover or extra cover area. There is position called mid off which is in front of the wicket. Again boundary of the same area called long off. Now, going with the leg side areas. Boundary of the square of leg side called deep square lag. There is a deep fine leg which is also close to the same area.  There is a deep mid wicket, mid wicket. In front of the wicket in leg side  called mid on and boundary of the area called long on.

Collection of books and toys
March 13, 2017
num noms


My 36-year old eldest daughter has so much interest like books, anime, manga, pinky street dolls, doctor who, cosplay, and anything that will fancy her interest.

Her interest in reading started when she was just a little girl.

I was not a reader but my sister is. I only read those love story books like Mills and Boon and Harlequin Romances for more or less, the ending are almost the same. Rich man marries poor girl. For detective books, my style of reading was to read the last part for I do not like suspense.

This is the reason why I promised myself that if ever I will have children, I will teach them to like reading.

I started buying children’s books and reading to them before going to bed. For educational interest, I bought encyclopedias. I have 4 sets of them, since internet is not yet around in the Philippines in the 80’s. I still have those set in our home but it is gathering dust nowadays.

As she grows older, her interest varies but was more interested now in anything Japanese. She accumulates anime books and comics.

She got interested in Doctor Who even engaged in its cosplay.

Here are some of her collections:


She amassed 80% of Nora Roberts’ books…..

nora roberts

and a lot more books from different authors.


How to draw MANGA BOOKS…..

manga set

Anime comics…

anime comics 1

DOCTOR WHO books, dolls, and magazines.

doctor who 1


…. and those Pinky Street Dolls

pinky street 1 pinky street 2

Her fascination with these dolls has been rubbed on to my granddaughter.

My granddaughter has so many books and toys. She loves to watch cartoons like Peppa Pig, Cookie Swirl C, Num Noms, and so many others. But she got fascinated with these Num Noms toys.

That’s why in 2016 Christmas season, she requested Num Noms toys as gifts. Her every waking hour, her Num Noms Toys were the first thing that she will look for. These are but some of her Num Noms Toys:

num noms


Show your stories to the world with Wattpad

If you like writing short stories, novels or even trying to write a book then this is the place for you. Wattpad is a place where you can publish your book for the whole world to read. Stories you have in your mind that need to come out.

Now keep in mind, this isn’t a place where you can make money when you want. Only the successful stories are chosen for ads to monetize and give to the writers. This is however a good start to get some feedback on a book your writing. This is the perfect place to write a book chapter by chapter. You can launch each chapter for your readers and they can give feedback while you are writing your story. This can help you improve your writing or even your story.

Now if you are not a writer but you love to read, well guess what, this is also the perfect place. There are stories of various categories. You can create a free account and save books to read on you profile. Choose the books you find interesting, save then and read them. Better yet, read them on the go. They have an app for android and iphone you can use. This is perfect for those who love to read and don’t like to bring their books along. With your smartphone get access to thousands of stories and read them on your spare time. Read stories as each chapter come out. Some stories are being written chapter by chapter. Some stories are already completed and you can read the whole book.

This is a site worth checking out. Whether your a writer or a reader, it is the perfect place for both. Write your story you always dreamed of telling or read everything the world has to offer. All kinds of stories of diferent categories from romance, to sci-fi to steamy. You want to read it, it is most likely already there.

Categories to write about when blogging – Part 1

There are various things to write about, i mean you can write about almost anything but there are some things that are not only easier to write about but are more looked for online. If your blog is helpful then it will probably get more traffic and comments. OF course this is a hard task.

1 – DIY (Do it yourself)

These are some of the most viewed blogs. You can write about how to do just about anything, from making a table to dying your hair or even making your own make-up. It is always easier and cheaper when things our done by our own hand. Sometimes we cherish more the things we make on own own then if it was bought.

2 – Food and Drink recipes

Who doesn’t like to try new things being it drinks or food. If you have a family recipe you can share or some invention you have made with food or drinks then show it off. Write up the recipe and show the world how to make the things you think are delicious. This is a good thing to write about because we all live in diferent areas around the world which means we will find so many variety of food recipes and drinks. We can try making some exotic cuisine right at home.

3 – Reviews on apps/sites

This is another thing that people like to read about. We like to see if there is anypoint in using a certain app or site and if someone writes a good review on the site it will help them decided if they should use it or not. Is the site a scam?  Is it useful? We won’t know unless someone tells us about it first hand.

More categories to come. Stay tuned to see what you can write about and why you should.

Sell your photos with Snapwire

This is another site/app where you can sell your photos. This one is harder to get started because you need to earn points and level up to be able to start earning and earn more.

The first thing they tell you to do is to upload photos to challenges, if your photo gets nominated they you earn points and level up to shooter, here you can enter requests and start gaining some more money. This is hard because the lover the level, the less photos you can submit to the challenges.

Another way to earn points is to create a very strong portfolio and hope the Snapwire team chooses a foto as selected to get some points and start earning.

It feels more like a game then a selling site but seems fun. It is harder to get into the selling process but this is a way to distinguish the good from the great.

You need to have good quality photos and submit them, the more you submit, the higher the chance to get some points.

The challenges are easier to get you some points but you need to have some point of photos to get nominated.

There challenges and requests are also rewarded with money going from 25$ and higher depending on the type of challenge or brand that launches it. I am still trying to get myself into this one but it is, like i said earlier, a bit harder. This is something that can push you farther into wanting to get better pictures and improving your skills.

The earnings also depends on where you sell you photo (challenges or requests) or in your portfolio and the size of the photo they want. Also if it is needed you might need to add property and model releases to get you pictures with the propor licenses to sell and this opens up a bigger chance to sell.

Stasy tuned for some more photo selling sites/apps.

Sell you photos with EyeEm
Places That I Want To Explore AgainSea of clouds below the airplane. Photo by SuperD

EyeEm is a site where you can sell your photos. Similar to Foap there is an app that makes it easier to upload you pictures on the go. The upside is that you can upload you photos online and not just on the app.

Similiar to Foap there are missions but the rewards are not monetary. You gain some vouchers and exposure of your own photos.

How to earn on EyeEm?

EyeEm is a bit harder ro gain money because of the huge amount of people uploading very good photographs but basically you just need to upload your photos and start creating your portfolio. Make sure to upload good quality photos so they can be accepted on the market.

The site automatically tells you if you need a model or property release and provides you with the link to send to get the release signed up.

Here you can follow fellow photographers and like the photos you think are the best. On the app there is a section that has featured photographers and their albuns but if you scrool down, between the albuns there are articles and tutorials to help to earn and take better pictures.

This is good for those who are starting out. The best thing to to is to read all the tips and tricks possible to get your photos successful. The best tip is to take a variety of photos of diferent themes and upload them, tag them well also. This will increase your chances. Like any other earning site you need to work to get what you want.

Living as a photographer is not easy but you could get some extra change out of it and invest in your equipment.

The photos price depends on the type of license they are sold as. This is something i haven’t got myself to look for but i still try my luck on this site.


Stay tuned for more sites where you can sell your photos online.

Selling your photos online with Foap
garlicvine_A word in Praise of my Ever Faithful Camera

Foap is a smartphone application that is used to try and sell photos. It is only available as an app to upload photos to sell.

This is a fairly good app to try and sell you perfect shots. Due to the huge amount of photos people send daily it is harder to sell photos online. You need to have the perfect shot that someone would need to buy and that is no easy task.

There are two ways to try and earn money on this app.

Uploading your photos

You can just simply upload your photographs to the app and create your portfolio. Any shot you think is a sellable shot you can upload to your profile. This is harder to sell photos but it is worth a try. Each photo is sold at 10$ and you stay with 50% (5$ for each photo sold).

Entering a mission

Every once in a while a big brand will launch a mission of the type of photo they want. They give you a time limit, description, tips and examples on the kind of photos they are looking for. These missions are rewareded with a minimum of 100$. If you are lucky enough to win a mission you photo could be posted up on their site for sale. If you have someone that is recognizable then you need to get a model release from them. It isn’t hard and the app provides all the details you need for this.

Create an album

You can create an album and add photos from other people to try and sell. If you sell one of their photos then you get 0.25 cents while the owner of the photo gets 5$ and vice versa. Others can decide to put one of your photos in their album if they think it is sellable.


It isn’t easy to sell a photo but it is a good thing to try out. It is a fun thing to do. For those that like photography and don’t win money with it, well it is worth a try getting your photos out there.


Stay tuned to know which other sites and apps you can use to sell your photography.