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Summer Getaways, Have Clean Restrooms

Photo shows one of the beautiful beachfronts in the Philippines

is summer months in the Philippines now and most people, local and foreign tourists flock to the sea or wherever they find it nice to cool off and have fun.

Whether it is a seafront, a river, a lake, or man-made swimming pools, one of my criteria for a best resort: a clean and nice comfort room!

A resort, whether it is intended for swimming, for diving or snorkeling, or for other water sports like kayaking, water boarding, boating, paddling, etc., could be very nice and can attract a lot of guests when they have good accommodations. These establishments should have courteous and efficient staff, who are well-trained in entertaining visitors. They should allow guests to have a wonderful time in their place by assisting them in their needs.

Another top of the list of good resorts are the comfortable and beautiful areas where guests can eat, sit or just lay-away the time, or while they are watching and enjoying the view of the resort.

Clean Restrooms

They should have clean facilities; clean kitchen and dining areas, along with bedrooms for those who opt to spend overnights, or stay for several days in the resort. Usually, guests will appreciate clean restrooms or comfort rooms.

It should meet standards for utility and tidiness. It should be cleaned daily and trash taken out on a regular basis. The tiles should be shining clean or spin-and-span with no molds or traces of dirt; where one can really “savor the moment” while sitting on the “throne!”

It should be very very clean, like removing the worries of contacting germs or virus sitting on it.

There should be enough toiletries in there, because all of those items and services are usually included in the charges or things a guest usually pays. So let them have the best services so they will have the desire to return to that resort in another time in the future. That resort can have free advertisements courtesy of satisfied guests.

This could be the reverse when resorts did not meet the expectations of their guests. They could have negative impressions, and negative publicity. Guests are the best reviewers of a resort. They are the most influential and credible ones when other people are looking for resorts or summer getaways.

Resort Safety

Another important consideration is the safety of the guests. Aside from physical setup which provides safety for the guests, there should be enough security personnel like lifeguards, who should always be on alert when people are swimming or having other water activities inside the resort.

They should assure their guests that their belongings will be safe, no intruders, or no criminal elements lurking in the area who are looking for innocent victims. Of course the guests should always be cautious of this, so they will not fall prey to such bad elements.

These are some of the guidelines for resort owners and their guests to make summer vacations truly enjoyable.

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Popinthebox – Pop Vinyl Subscription Service – Review

Pop in the Box – Review

Pop in the Box is a company that offers a subscription service where you receive Pop Vinyl’s in the post each month.  For those that don’t know what Pop Vinyl’s are they are Vinyl figurines of pop culture characters, they are made by a company called Funko and there are over 1000 to collect. They made characters from Marvel, DC Comics, WWE, HBO, Bethesda Games, Disney and many others.

I’ve not been aware of them for very long, I only really started considering them about 4 months ago when my partner decided to subscribe to loot crate, which I will also write a review about at some point.  One of the things you can get in loot crates are Pop Vinyls, hence the connection.

So anyway, I started looking at getting some as I thought they were quite cute, but once I realised how many there were I got a bit overwhelmed as I didn’t know where to start. Then I came across pop in the box, which sends you random pop in the boxes each month. At first I was dubious because I thought I would end up with loads of rubbish once I don’t want, but then I realised there was a feature to go through all the Pop Vinyl’s on the site and mark them as want, don’t want, or have. Popinthebox will then only send you ones you have marked as want.

At this point I was sold. So, I started looking at the options.

You can have either 1,2,3,6 or a massive 12 Pop Vinyl’s per month. The more you get the cheaper each Vinyl is and you also save on postage. Here is the breakdown:

1 – £8.49 + £2.99 postage – £11.48 Total – £11.4 per pop vinyl

2 – £16.99 + £2.99 postage – £19.98 Total – £9.99 per pop vinyl

3 – £25.17 + £2.99 postage – £28.16 Total – £9.39 per pop vinyl

6 – £49.44 + £2.99 postage – £52.43 Total – £8.73 per pop vinyl

12 – £84.99 + £2.99 postage – £87.98 Total – £7.33 per pop vinyl

So as you can see the savings made by getting 12 a month is quite substantial, but as I had never bought one before I decided to start small and went for 2 a month. Also, because there is no way I can afford or justify spending nearly £90 a month on a novelty treat for myself. Maybe one day lol.

So I placed my order and waiting. It took about 2 weeks to arrive which was a bit of a surprise but as I would be getting them once a month I guess it doesn’t really matter how long the first box takes to arrive as you will be getting them roughly the same time each month.

My first two arrived and they were Belle from Beauty and the beast and Jared from the Labyrinth so I was more than happy with the selection. I wasn’t so overwhelmed by the quality and when I looked into them a few people had similar issues but that is no reflection of popinthebox but more of Pop Vinyls in general the quality can vary. I was also surprised that the boxes aren’t sealed but again this is normal.  My second box had Willy Wonka and Puss in Boots so I was equally happy with those selections.

My only gripe with the site is that it is meant to update your collection with whatever Pop Vinyl’s it sends you so that it doesn’t send them to you again. This hasn’t worked so far so I had to go on and update it myself, which is fine as I only have 4 but I could imagine that would be annoying if you were getting 12 a month as they chance of duplicates would be a lot higher.

So far I am really happy with the service and am going to upgrade mu subscription to 3 a month so I can build my collection a bit quicker.

Disclaimer – I am in no way affiliated with Popinthebox or Funko I am just a customer who wanted to share their experience.

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Try the mysterious and magical effect of binaural beats!!
April 15, 2017

Hi. May I ask did Anyone here tried to listen to binaural beats? How is your experience guys?


Just a little information guys! Binaural beats entrain your brainwaves through playing different sounds in each ear. The brain compensates for the difference which creates a third frequency inside the brain

I just tried it last week and I have this amazing effect on me. I use to do it 2 times a day. One in the morning then in the evening for at least 30 minutes. I used to go to a place that I feel comfortable with a silent background, an example is my bedroom. Before I start doing this I need to sit down or just relax on my bed, calm myself and empty my mind. I prefer using headphones rather that headset because headsets make’s my ear having this what we call a little pain, or whatever what you call it. And yeah! Back to binaural beats, I discovered it through youtube. I’m trying to find a music that will make me cuddle up and then I saw this BINAURAL BEATS. I didn’t have a second thought about trying this one since I’m having a struggle in sleeping. So I click the play button then tried to appreciate the sound. Then, you know what guys? It is definitely effective. It’s the first time I sleep 8 hours and fully relax, I wake up with a smile, Yes! with a smile, not because I’m crazy but because I feel that I release my stress. So just give it a try, Let me guess, many of you reading this one wake’s up with a sad face. Some of the reasons are you guy’s had a lack of sleep and the others maybe it’s their nature. Better try binaural beats guys. Be happy


  1. You must not pregnant.
  2. You don’t have a record of mental illness
  3. Not for babies- Mozart is good for babies.



  1. Relax your body
  2. Increase your IQ
  3. Creativity
  4. Brain booster
  5. Stress reduction
  6. Good for struggling in sleeping.
  7. Helps you to think of some thoughts while writing.
  8. Good for studying






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Free Week Gym Membership + Went Swimming
April 8, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 3.43.16 PM

This afternoon, my fiancé and I went to go enroll at our local gym for a free week trial to see how we like the gym equipment, classes and the amenities offered. We actually used to go to the gym there a few years back but now things have change and there are much more people enrolled at the gym.

My dad is actually a member of the gym and he referred us in so we were able to get a week pass oppose to a three day pass. The sign up process was very easy, we only had to provide our name, e-mail address, cell phone number, take a picture and sign a liability form. We also had a brief overview of the gym and then we were on our way to do what we wanted to at the gym and for the next week.

My fiancé and I went to the gym around 1pm until 2pm and there were people, but it was not overly crowded. My fiancé worked on his upper body while I went go swim laps at the swimming pool.

I have not swam in years, so it was nice getting back to swimming. When it is busy, two people can share a lane but I did not have to share at the time I went. I was quite a slow swimmer since I was not used to it. I swam a handful of laps and I was tired! When I got out of the pool, my legs were definitely wobbly.

There are so many benefits to swimming so that is why I want to focus on swimming more especially since I have back pain occasionally.

What are some benefits of swimming?

  • Targets every area of your body for a full workout
  • Good for your lungs, heart, brain
  • Reduces Stress
  • Low impact exercise, reduces stress on your joints
  • Anyone could swim!
  • And so much more!
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Old good inspiring fairy tales.
April 7, 2017

I have given a lot of my childhood  time to the fairy. This is a wonderful literary works, which are full of wisdom by ancestors settled over the centuries and cheerful children’s tricks, and attracting attention adventures. It happens from time to time to hear about the fact that there is one or another cruelty in fairy tales. How it works on the mental development of the child can tell us the psychologists, but the cruelties is none other than the expression of those times cruel world.

At that time there was not drawn colored careless Teletubbies or supermen effortlessly overcoming everybody, there was a world full of witches, devils and other dangers, hardships, calamities. And the common man faced with them. Well, very often gallant prince on a white horse kills a dragon. In our folk tales very often the main actor was Pansy given to serve to the evil stepmother! Or, a third brother who was not very clever.

Fairy tales convey to us a simple message about our world – that the world we live in is insidious  and. Tales teach us do not believe in witches, do not give up on their spell, and do not make friends with the devil and so on. Even if you are weak, you can still fight and win! True positivity charge!

Of course, there are many negative aspects. Knight always had to defeat the dragon and to go across nine seas till received the right to marry favorite girl. This encourages inferiority complex. The world always has been divided into good and bad, which is not true – most of the so-called bad guys are really suffering. Maybe tales encourage follow superstitions and other templates of normal life, but I see more good than the injury.

Clearly, there are a modern fairy tales, where there is not perhaps concentration of accumulated wisdom of life, they are more for entertainment or propaganda, or for to earn money – most computer games going on in the world of fairy tales.

Human life is colored by the experiences and battles. Therefore, when it becomes difficult, sometimes it worth to try only because of the extraordinary experience that you gain. And you not even notice how life acquires new colors.


Picture by Pixabay.com

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When I decide to make my own web based MUD adventure
April 7, 2017
Have Computers Helped to Dumb Down the Population?

The work involved with designing a game from scratch is relative to the functions that the game includes as well as the systems built around it for example, a single user game where the character has to jump over obstacles and reach the end of the level while collecting items along the way could work with character object linked to keys that define actions like “jump” and the game engine would have a map that moves across the screen and affects the character when a collision is detected and a function to add the collectible items into the game as the characters location changes and more complicated games like call of duty which are too complicated to be discussed in this group since this is meant for people looking to develop their own. Such systems may involve anything from security to ensuring effective quality of service on the client side (assuming the game has a server). My game was born from the pure nature of other web based MUD games and from my general problem with them, not to say that they are all the same but so far I haven’t found one that suits me so I saw an opportunity to create something unique on the off chance that there are others who have the same problem. After reading articles and posts from other developers who often write articles with tips and methods for implementing game systems I could only come even closer to thinking that there was clearly something missing in the interface and after playing my first MUD I didn’t even need to read to have my own opinion.

I got to the website, signed up and then I created my character twice because of uncertainty and also because I wanted to be too many things, the way i saw it, “why should I have to be something that is known to do something instead of being able to evolve from a source character that is capable of learning everything the game has to teach? For example, if a necromancer can bring players back from the dead after what is usually a waiting period of a few minutes or hours then the player is left with waiting without anything to do for that long. I would rather have a system that allows the user to play while the character is deceased. I had the idea to create a separate map further down the z axis, and possibly call it the “the underworld” where the user could continue playing according to the scripts there or perhaps even find a way back to the “world of the living”, find their rotting corpse and posses it, with consequences of the darker nature of course, but then again, am I saying that every character that dies goes to the underworld? I need a better story.

A few months ago I found myself without a hobby or more specifically nothing to do, I had just graduated and had a lot of free time on my hands so I decided to do the internet and came across MUD (multi-user dungeons) and RPG (role playing games). For those who don’t know, an MUD game basically works in a similar way to any other graphical game except that its events are displayed as text however its not as simple as calling it an interactive story or text game as the functions are far too complex to call it such. Iv’e never played an application based MUD or RPG game as I am a fan browser based games. They allow for a more dynamic feel without the use of installations and updates on the client side however I don’t know if that makes it more or less convenient from the server side and also from a point of administration. The first mud I played made me look away for a while, from the beginning I was told that all characters die most of the time, also that it was okay for that to happen, I figured that it was necessary considering the fact that many people play action adventure games with an intention of casting spells on other players. If they don’t then I did, the first thing I noticed was that I now had to learn a whole new way being immoral, violent and greatly reckless, not that this is what I am in real life but the whole point of playing something that can allow you to do that is to do it, this also applies to watching shows, if a person has has watched 4 seasons of game of thrones then clearly a part of them enjoys exploring something like that from a safe spot behind the screen. So I viewed some commands on the game and soon enough I figured out how to walk and right after that, how to to kill and I knew then that the first player I saw running around the map in my line of sight was going to be my prey and would soon feel the wrath of the 3 commands I knew.

I was obviously defeated and once I had bled to death I noticed that the deity I chose in the beginning of the game had resurrected me or rather “spat out” my player or something to that effect, so then I wondered if every deity in this world was capable of giving such powers. I held the thought because I was being reckless considering that I hadn’t memorized the commands to the point of knowing how to interact with the world. So I typed “help” like any person would with a game like that once again was looking at a long list of commands that I now needed to understand. While the movement and kill commands were simple enough they had what appeared to be parameters that defined how the action could be specifically carried out which I suppose affects the outcome but at the time wasn’t even good at using the keyboard which meant that any given moment while I was looking down at my keyboard for a counter attack, some experienced player has already caused damage and even if I have time to dodge, the time will be spent deciding which command applies with which parameters and then finally look down before responding and by that time the enemy is walking away from my characters “corpse”.

So i figured why not create a game where a user doesn’t have to type but instead is provided with commands which when clicked process a client side script that loads the options for the players and displays them so the user is immediately given a wide range of options that don’t have to be memorized and also a game without a game over, users cycle through maps that represent different stages of existence and while they will lose things like inventory they will still keep playing and perhaps keep their experience points for the use of universal items. Sure it will probably take months but since Ill be studying again I figure why not?
Oddly enough what worries me about this project is not coding what is basically a whole new infrastructure for a what is actually a framework for a universe but the stories that have to be written in order for users to be interested and in order for the world to make sense. Everything has to be written, processed and displayed properly or the whole world collapses.

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The tales of Venice, gondolas city.
April 5, 2017

Have you heard stories of people travel to any city, look around and decide that all of its charm – just inflated bubble? All I can say – it is absolutely inapplicable for the Venice. Its authenticity you can feel turned in any direction: high shutters and bridge railings, terribly narrow streets and too frequent ice cream parlors, water and sea grass smell, gondolas silhouettes, as if even the weather would say that there is Venice, it cannot be confused with anything else. And you do not want to do anything, because there is a scent of fruit and pasta e fagioli and warm, warm sea, because architecture fascinates every minute.

Romantic Venice you can think looking at old church and a channel near connected by short bridge. Bridges, the city of bridges, city not separated by water, but connected by bridges. This is a city where you do not need a forecast of summer weather, because, it seems, there exists only sunny and warm weather. This city seems is generating light and heat itself by its own language and emotions, its rhythm of life, its culture and landscape. Here boils everything that is the most beautiful.

And although this text cannot be called objective as I fell in love with Venice from the first glance and still love it every time I go there. I aim not for objectivity; I aim to draw pictures, sounds and smells to install into my imagination for long lasting memories. This is too special place to leave emotions only for myself. Gradually fade the impressions of the previous visit but I still remember how every new sunrise there brought new people, images, smells, thoughts, brought joy of life. Brings the feeling that everything is great, because when you just are and do not care what was, do not care what happens, everything is fine, everything just is undeniable. And then you can empathize and feel, to put all this in mind and heart, and here also let it run, giving up a new place for a moment.

Yes, it worth visiting this wonderful city – Venice.


Picture by Pixabay.com

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Fundamental SAFETY RULES

Examine the nation of your goal, get however much data as could be expected about the spots you plan to visit. Get yourself comfortable with nearby traditions and directions. Travel makes Destination Guides is a decent place to begin. Our online Travel Store offers a scope of safety things for voyagers. Here you can likewise buy definite maps, enlightening manuals, medical aid packs and different things vital for making your trek safe.

– Obtain travel protection, ideally with the arrangement that gives immediate, quick installment to the restorative supplier.

– Before you leave, photocopy your reports and tickets so it is simpler to supplant them on the off chance that they are lost or stolen.

– Keep a position of safety. Attempt to mix in with local people decently well. Leave costly gems and valuable resources at home.

– Do not examine your touring plans freely.

– Stay alarmed, particularly in high-hazard nations.

– Do not uncover your assets (cash, archives, gems, and so on.), guard them secured in the lodging.

– Carry just little measures of money.

– Wear a hid cash belt, keep your basic records and cash in it.

– Each time you utilize your charge card, watch out for it until it comes back to you. Check Visas when they are returned.

– Never leave your own things unattended.

– Respect nearby traditions and directions.

– If you cause harm, contact the closest government office.

– If you are new to the neighborhood dialect, record some key expressions in the nearby dialect.

– For a situation of burglary, get a police report instantly on the off chance that you’ll be making a protection assert. Burglaries of explorer’s checks must be accounted for inside 24 hours.


Check in as quick as you can and don’t postpone in the principle terminal range. Try not to talk about your venture arranges with kindred travelers, group, or notwithstanding voyaging partners. Get yourself acquainted with ways out and safe ranges. Attempt to avoid unattended things. Confirm baggage carousel checks prior and then afterward a flight. Never leave your baggage unattended. Remain quiet and alarm. Attempt to involve a seat by the window in the mentoring segment. This position is less available by robbers.


Get a card with the inn’s name and address. You can indicate it to a taxicab driver in the event that you get lost. Remain in lodgings on very much voyaged lanes in safer zones of the city of your goal.

Bring down level floors are safer for a situation of flame. Despite the fact that, maintain a strategic distance from the primary floor as it is the best area for criminals.

Get yourself acquainted with the area of stairways, emergency exits courses, crisis exists, and cautions.

Keep your lodging room entryway bolted at all circumstances. Before opening the way to an outsider, confirm it’s identity. Never welcome outsiders into your lodging room.

Never leave your assets (a camera, reports, gems, and so on.) lying around wherein workers can see them.

Before abandoning you space for the day put the “Don’t bother” sign on your way to give the feeling that the room is involved. When you are prepared for the space to be cleaned, call the housekeeper.

Utilize the lodging safe to store assets.

Convey the room key with you, don’t abandon it at a front work area.

Try not to utilize your name while noting the telephone.

When coming back to your lodging around evening time, utilize the principle entrance. Be attentive before entering parking garages.


In the event that a fire begins to take your key before leaving the room, as most in entryways bolt naturally. Try not to utilize lifts amid a fire. In the event that you experience substantial smoke in the stairwell, don’t attempt to go through it, you may not make it. Pivot and stroll up to the rooftop fire exit. On the off chance that all ways out are blocked or if there is substantial smoke in the passage, you will be in an ideal situation remaining in your room. In the event that there is smoke in your room, open a window and turn on the washroom vent. On the off chance that your telephone works, call the work area to reveal to them where you are or call the fire division to report your area in the building. Hang a bed sheet out the window as a flag. Fill the bath with water to use for putting out fires. Safeguard water onto your entryway or any hot dividers. Stuff wet towels into splits under and around entryways where smoke can enter. Put a wet towel over your mouth and nose to help sift through the smoke. On the off chance that you are over the second floor, you will be in an ideal situation battling the fire in your room than hopping.


Purchase a guide, acquaint yourself with the city and area of your lodging. With the assistance of in, workers find unsafe regions of the city and abstain from going by them by any methods.

Try not to remain out in the city late at evening time. When strolling, stay on wide, sufficiently bright roads. On the off chance that vital, you should arrange taxi services. Watch your beverages being poured. Never acknowledge a drink from an outsider. Get guidance from your lodging specialists about respectable eateries and other excitement.

Never oppose equipped theft, it could prompt brutality.

We wish you a fruitful and safe trek!

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The essence of being the innovative
March 30, 2017

There is a regularly missed refinement between Being Original, Being the First, and Being Innovative.

To discover that somebody (or something) has been the principal, we have to apply a transient test. It ought to reply no less than three inquiries: what precisely was done, when precisely was it done and was this at any point done some time recently.

To decide if somebody (or something) is unique – a trial of substance must be connected. It ought to reply at any rate the accompanying inquiries: what precisely was done, when precisely was it done and was this at any point done some time recently.

To decide whether somebody (or something) is inventive – a useful test must be connected. It ought to reply in any event the accompanying inquiries: what precisely was done, in which way was it done and was precisely this at any point done before in the very same way.

Surveying the tests above leads us to two conclusions:

1.. Being first and being unique are more firmly connected than being first and being imaginative or than being unique and being inventive. The tests connected to decide “firstness” and inventiveness are the same.

2.. Despite the fact that the tests are the same, the accentuation is definitely not. To decide if somebody or something is a to start with, we fundamentally ask “when” – while to decide creativity we basically ask “what”.

Development helps in the preservation of assets and, in this manner, in the fragile demonstration of human survival. Being first shows plausibility (“it is conceivable”). By being unique, what is required or should be possible is explained upon. Also, by being imaginative, the useful viewpoint is uncovered: in what manner should it be finished.

Society remunerates these pathfinders with status and showers other substantial and elusive advantages upon them – fundamentally upon the Originators and the Innovators. The Firsts are frequently disregarded on the grounds that they don’t specifically open another way – they only show that such a way is there. The Originators and the Innovators are the ones who find, uncover, develop, set up together, or verbalize something in a way which empowers others to rehash the accomplishment (truly to reproduce the procedure) with a lesser speculation of exertion and assets.

It is conceivable to be First and not be Original. This is on the grounds that Being First is setting subordinate. For example: had I headed out to a tribe in the Amazon backwoods and cited a discourse of Kennedy to them – I would scarcely have been unique yet I would have been the first to have done as such in that specific situation (of that specific tribe at that specific time). Popularizers of present day science and religious evangelists are all first at doing their thing – however they are not unique. It is their crowd which decides their First-ness – and history which demonstrates their (absence of) innovation.

Huge numbers of us rethink the wheel. It is humanly difficult to know about every one of that was composed and done by others before us. Ignorant of the way that we are not the principal, neither unique or imaginative – we document patent applications, make “disclosures” in science, misuse (not really) “new” topics in expressions of the human experience.

Society may judge us uniquely in contrast to we see ourselves to be – less unique and creative. Thus, maybe, is the disorder of the “misconstrued virtuoso”. In fact, things are less demanding for those of us who utilize words as their crude material: there are such a large number of stages, that the probability of not being first or creative with words is microscopic. Thus the copyright laws.

However, since inventiveness is measured by the substance of the made (thought) content, the odds of being unique and also first are thin. At most, we wind up rehashing or re-stating old thoughts. The circumstance is more regrettable (and the tests more thorough) with regards to non-verbal fields of human attempt, as any candidate for a patent can authenticate.

Yet, then unquestionably this is excessively extreme! Don’t we as a whole remain on the shoulders of mammoths? Can one be unique, in the first place, even imaginative without absorbing the experience of past eras? Can development happen in vacuum, spasmodically and problematically? Isn’t scholarly coherence an essential?

Genuine, a researcher develops, investigates, and finds on the premise of (a restricted and fairly irregular) determination of past investigations and research. He even uses hardware – to gauge and perform different capacities – that was created by his ancestors. Be that as it may, advance and progress are possible without access to the fortune troves of the past. Genuine once more, the very idea of advance involves correlation with the past. In any case, dialect, for this situation, opposes reality. Some advancement comes “all of a sudden” without any “forerunners”.

Logical insurgencies are not smooth transformative procedures (even natural advancement is no longer considered a smooth undertaking). They are stage moves, paradigmatic changes, hops, fits and begins instead of methodical unfurling syllogisms (Kuhn: “The Structure of Scientific Revolutions”).

There is almost no coherence in quantum mechanics (or even in the Relativity Theories). There is even less in present day hereditary qualities and immunology. The idea of relentlessly utilizing building squares to develop a black tower of science is not bolstered by the historical backdrop of human learning. Also, shouldn’t something be said about the principal individual who had an idea or concocted a gadget – on what did he base himself and whose work did he proceed?

Advancement is the father of new setting. Unique contemplations shape the human group and the firsts among us direct the guidelines of the diversion. There is next to no progression in the irregular procedures called innovation and insurgency. In any case, our responses to new things and adjustment to the new world afterward basically continue as before. It is there that coherence is to be found.

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Learned How to Knit, Am So Happy

Yesterday, I had achieved something that is included in my bucket wish list: to learn how to knit!

I considered acquiring that new knowledge/skill as success. I can always be busy in my vacant hours and could not think of what to do to avoid boredom. Knitting is one of the solutions, aside of course from reading blogs or playing games in my tablet.

Knitting as an Art

There are times that I always wanted to do some crafts to keep my hands busy, and one of the skills I longed to learn was how to knit. I admire women in the movies who are knitting. They are particularly shown in some old movies when women are always at home caring for their families. Or some grandmothers who keep themselves busy knitting a cap, a scarf, or socks for her grandchildren.

It is so nice to create something out of your keen interest for it; or using your time and skills in doing crafts like knitting, which I consider as a work of art too!

Learning from Youtube Tutorials

After buying the yarn, I looked for two chopsticks at the kitchen which I will use as the temporary “needles” for knitting. I made one end a bit pointed to make it easier to use when scooping the yarn.

So I intently watch the Youtube tutorial for beginners; the first of which was how to hold the yarn and the needle, and how to cast on. At first, I was so confused and felt dizzy following the step-by-step movements of the hands, of the needles and the thread. My yarn became out of shape with my repeated mistakes, sometimes it got entangled. I almost give up, during the first day that I tried to follow the tutorial for beginners.

It was good there is a man who is in the tutorial video, and he made the procedure so slow so it is easy to follow. Those who do not know or do not have any idea how to knit will surely feel like his head spinning, like me, I got a headache trying to follow the steps. It was good I did not give up. I tried and tried, until I finally learned the basics which is to start with making the first cast.

Now, when I am not playing games or reading/writing blogs, I turn to knitting which I found to be so relaxing. Of course I always have to stretch my back from time to time because it can cause backache especially when the posture is not right.

I am happy to think that soon I can make my first knitted pouch.

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