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I follow my heart- What about you?
April 24, 2017

When we can’t speak our heart out or we have to accept our mind many of us fall into a deep pit of confusion. One may not feel much difference between both, but look close into your life or recheck what you need in life if your heart and mind feel the same.

People often choose to neglect their hearts prefer to stay with their. And rightly so as heart is one of our body parts but the fact we should know that it develops during our childhood and for this particular reason is it possible to say that our heart knows better!

Have you ever given it a thought that when you were still a young child then there was no need to control your emotions but when your brain began to develop your thoughts became different?

I am surprised to see that when you set out to do something good then you face a lot of hurdles, bad comments and whatnot but when you do something bad it’s really so easy. So stop blaming your heart for being so emotional because it’s not your heart but your own feelings. Heart has nothing to do in what direction your brain works.

It’s easy to blame your heart which is nothing but another of your multiple body organs. If you feel more than a simple pump, the heart is scientifically considered a highly complex system having its own thinking power and it’s proven fact that when we can’t keep it in control, our heart tends to prove that it has its own healing power.

Actually your biggest enemy is your on weakness and no one from outside world. It all depends your own self ho you defend your own interest, family, relatives and friends from negative feelings. And sooner you do that the better. I am part of this society and know what is good or bad for myself and the society.

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