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The Easiest Way To Make Your Nervous System Stronger
February 28, 2017

The Easiest Way To Make Your Nervous System Stronger

When there is problem of our body system, it means that there is something that it triggers the body to function that way. It is so obvious of the kind of pain and feeling one feels should there be a sudden problem of the system especially the nervous system, the carrier of all the body parts and functions of them. Why I came to this idea sharing you what I had shared in my life too, that was so many years ago experience at age 19. This age has lots or erratic, frivolous and unpredictable actions. Despite many things felt in the previous years and not only me, almost all of us as long as passed the teen age, lots of things cannot be forgotten and lots of experiences cannot just be simply erased and ignored as years go by. I repeat the reason why I came to the sharing of this, when I learned from someone that she always feels nervous. It was not elaborated on that topic if the cause of her nervous is something that scares her mind or something that terrifies her in a sudden instance.

Finally, I got the answer to my doubts why my friend just felt that way. If you feel nervous of something else, that is already a very big issue for the mind may not be able to resolve it for you for you constantly see images that scare you. It is also unwise for a person to tolerate it because many will be affected, though it rarely happens that mental hospital is the final landing place, but if it is getting serious, it might happen. My friend declares that she has a heart problem and because of this, her blood pressure is affected, so every time she goes to her medic and sees the doctor’s name, her blood just rises up and she seems like to collapse from fear. By the way, she was my virtual friend I met in one of the writing sites two years ago. She is already in her 40’s and remember this age, 40 which many said and promoted that life begins at 40. She is so afraid that in her 40th year old she will suffer different sicknesses.

I shared my friend and to you too, my dear readers how to make our nervous system strong. If our nervous system is weak the heart follows and the mind seems like to ignite a negative reaction towards the emotion, the heart. My friends, one day ago in my teen age years, I always felt nervous. I just felt afraid of all sorts. I hated that kind of emotion. I fought it through reading humorous passages from books. I also kept myself busy reading different books and magazines old and new. I did not like the feeling for even a sound of a car I felt afraid. When my siblings called me, I felt afraid. I did feel my heart beat so fast, yet abnormally. I jogged and jogged so that my mind became sharper and heart too stronger.

Then, I read a portion of a page of a magazine and that magazine was so famous before in Philippines. What I saw on that page was, should you like heart and mind stronger, eat liver of fish and chicken only and mongo beans. Wow, I told myself I finally found answer to my long awaited discovery how to have nervous system stronger. If our nervous system is weak, the tendency for us to be in distress of feeling afraid despite do not know why feeling that way.

After the knowledge of it, I bought big fishes, extract their livers and fry them. I also bought chicken livers and cooked those deep fry. I also bought and stocked mongoes. Just cook mongoes with plain water, no salt and sugar. After eating them for a week, I forgot what I felt. All I knew that time was my heart became stronger until this time. I cannot just easily cry. My mind becomes so sharp and smart, so if you feel the way I felt before during my teens, just follow what I discovered, and you will surely be happy and thank me. By the way, the writer of that Health and Home Magazine where I got the info how to build a strong nervous system was an American surgeon specializing nervous system, Neurologist. I am so thankful of that very nice and generous doctor. I also hoped that my friend followed my suggestion. I will send you updates in the comment box. Take care all, health is wealth.

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    1. That is some good advice there. I am sure there are many other ways to approach the same. Thanks again for the article.

    2. I am actually a nervous person. That’s why I didn’t learn how to drive.

      I was already one time made to drive by my hubby, after months of teaching me. While driving I saw a big car approaching while I am driving. I felt so nervous, that I have to drive the car to the side to let the truck pass by.

      After that, I never want to continue learning how to drive anymore.

      But I eat a lot of chicken liver because it’s my favorite. Even the liver of fishes, i eat them. But still I am a nervous person. I easily get nervous when I hear a commotion.

      Though, I can be at our room just listening to my earphone at night in the dark, since hubby is at the lobby in his desktop.

    3. @Mahesh, Thank you, I hope I help readers here having problem of nervous system.There are people who just shake from fear despite no idea about the cause of the fear.There are also those that cannot face people or classmates during reporting time. My students for example, if assigned them to report, the next meeting they are absent hehehehe. They are very sick and problematic. i told them what makes you afraid to report? That is one way to practice the second language and to always have the brain in the active zone once given always tasks by the owner self.

    4. @Dina, Hello friend?The eating of liver should be constant good for one month straight. Fishes liver should be friend, no ingredients of them all and even the mongo beans only small salt no other ingredients to solidify the absorption of the nutrients intended for the nervous system. In case, you still feel that way, you have weak heart, so never drink liquid with caffeine like coffee, and also avoid too oily foods. If possible, no oil with foods you eat. Do not eat meat from any source, that triggers the body system to stimulate highway to weaken the body metabolism. Take care.


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