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The word count for writing

In LB we know we need 300 word to post are topics for some people it every easy to do for others in cam be hard to make a good post and make sure the count of 300 words are there. I know some other writing sites might have less , then other have like 400 characters and I know some people can mix up character and word counts I;m not sure which one I like better 300 words or 400 characters? Now if you are a pro writer
they may have have like a 1000 words for their articles and more since they are getting paid by a magazine I wish my writing can be better as you see my grammar still need more work. I know this still will take me more time to improve my grammar but I am working on them. By doing these low paying writing sites It does help my writing skills get inpoved. Yes I all so need to get my spelling correct to .I know some times spell checker does not all ways work right and if I am using my smart phone some time auto correct will make my correct word spell wrong. This is were I get mad at my phone I do not need help to spell words bad I am good doing that my self.So as you see I am working on my spelling and grammar and trying to get better at doing more then 300 words per post not 400 characters. What about you? Do you like character count or word count? Me I think now I like them both but I’m still not sure which one I like . I should say I do not care as long as I get paid for my post. look what with mykites they had people do all they post they got money from the ads then they skip and run. with out paying any one. When I started on my kites when it was time for me to cash out it took over six month for them to pay me. with my lot when we reach the limted they pay automatic do not even have to ask I like that . Now back to LB
I like this site it has a lot of ways to earn money so I am study it to see the fasted way I can make money on this site. What else writers writiers doing on LB to make money beside blogging? Ok that it for this one have a good night.

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    • I think it is perfect to have a word count. On MyLot where you earn by discussing there is no limit to start a topic but this is a bad thing. If there is a word minimum than it makes a person create a good article with some content and not some random frases in attempt to get some money.

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