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Assisting can Occur at any Location

Some may think that assisting others has to happen at a specific location. Not so. One can travel to other destinations can still contribute in some way. Pretty sad that so many individuals are willing to try and hinder others from excelling in some way. The determination of the individuals won’t allow the disruptions to stop what is designed. If we’re “motivated, determined, and confident” they’ll we’ll get there. May not be on our time but as long as there’s continuous efforts to create movement then the movement will occur.

Continue to stay focus on the right path and watch how it will all come together. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to experience a comfortable life. Better living should occur and no one should want to stay in the same position. Making contributions is a way to give back and also paves a way for many blessings. If leaving one area means further elevation then that’s what’s needed. Some may not “understand” or want to understand why others need to move ahead.

Experience further development. Others should be encouraging and not discouraging progress but not all will think on such a level. Some may want others to stay behind for selfish reasons. Of course no matter how many aren’t in agreement we should always do what’s best for self and of course if there’s small children involved then what’s best for the children. Movements are necessary. Some “will accomplish” more when leaving one area and residing to another. Some will try to prevent such movements but in order to grow there will need to be some changes.

No matter how many try to hinder or try to stop what’s occurring. “Change will occur anyway.” Some don’t fair well with change. Everyday there’s a change. Situations will change and changes will occur in other areas. It’s better to just allow the decisions of others to occur. It’s up to the individuals to make their own decisions. Offering services in one location may cause a lot of people to believe that there shouldn’t be any movement. They’re absolutely incorrect.

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Doesn’t make sense to try and hinder others. Trying to cause a disruption isn’t the best way to go. There should be progress and it’s alright if some want to progress elsewhere. “Movements” should occur anyway if they’re not in healthy environments. If the environments are extremely stressful then there shouldn’t be a standstill. Going forth is necessary. Not all will comprehend and that’s alright. What will occur will occur anyway.

There’s some wonderful destinations where continuous growth can occur. More knowledge can be gained and meeting new people is a great way to “further develop.” Learning from other cultures is awesome. Perhaps what some are afraid of is the growth. Reaching a level when they’re out of reach. Leaving some behind is necessary. Everyone shouldn’t be traveling on a journey with another. Some are just there to pull back.

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