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When I see a veteran I thank them for service how do I know if they were in the military ? A lot the guys were hats that say they are a veteran . Some of the people gave up a lot to service the US from all different kind of wars. most likely there no one around today who did world war one. but there still people who are live who did world two then the Vietnam war, and other wars
and to the people who are in now who are on active duty I all so thank them for their service because the people now in the military did not get drafted they join This is other reason why I thank them for their service and I all so join the son of the American legion so I can do some thing to help out when I have time. How does some one join the son of American Legion. this how your dad has to be a veteran and a member to the legion . If problem can join today if your mom in the service to but I am not sure about the ladies there is a lady’s auxullary. Here the different from the VFW people who join the VFW had to be in a foreign war with the American Legion you did not have to serve over seas to join. I wish I had a good on line income then I would not have to work at night and I could help the sons of my local post of the American legion more I enjoy doing that. This how I am thanking a veteran and honoring my lates uncles who service my country.
yes I had two late uncles who service the my country they did not die in any war. they past away old age . Ok that it for now.

    1. good photos, thanks sharing this nice post

    2. I rally try not to use photos on this LB
      becasue any one else can use the photo
      my post is about Veterans but I have to have some
      kind of photo to post my post

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