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She Has Many “Boyfriends.” Are Cats Polygamous?

My Cat has so many friends

My adopted cat has so many “boyfriends!”

First is our dog, Oreo, who likes to kiss and play with her. Unlike other dogs and cats, the two goes along well. At times it is my cat,whom I call “Kamuning,” who is more snobbish and would strike her paw at Oreo. This is when she is not in the mood to play.

There is a saying in our country (Philippines) that when siblings always fight, parents would scold them and blurt: “you are like cats and dogs!” But this is not the case with my dog and cat who are very intimate friends.

Persian Cat as Boy friend (cat friend)

We had Kamuning spayed because we do not like so many kittens/cats around because I do not like it’s poo. But we were so sorry for that decision when we found out that a neighbor’s Persian cat frequented our yard because he is “in love” with Kamuning.

She could have so many beautiful kittens with a fine breed, and it could be sold at a high price to cat lovers. The Persian cat has a beautiful white fur and blue eyes. Kamuning is predominantly white with orange and brown spots at its head and feet.

Siamese Cat as Her Choice

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Then during the next “mating season” when she is in heat again, we heard different sounds from our cat again, and we thought it’s the same Persian cat she was playing with. I was so happy when I saw the light brown big Siamese cat, with greenish blue eyes staring at me. It did not ran away and seemed to be guarding Kamuning.

So he is the next boyfriend/cat friend of Kamuning.

Orange Native Cat as Boyfriend

The third “boyfriend” cat friend is a native orange cat. It is smaller than the Persian and the Siamese cats.

It is good-looking also but I prefer to have kittens sired by a Persian or Siamese cats because of their beautiful eyes, and bigger in size too.

I just wonder if cats are really polygamous. They can have different mates in one season to another. Got to research on this.

Dear cat lovers, what can you say on this? Am glad to hear from you.

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