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The Points I Use To Keep My Marriage Secure

1. Greeting My Wife Every Morning With A Kiss
To keep my marriage under proper security, I greet my wife every morning with a kiss. That is after prayers. I do this to reassure her that my love for her has not reduced. I also use greeting and kissing her to wish her good luck for that day.
She returns the greeting and the kissing. My wife being the life wire of chores in the family, example taking care of the kids, washing our clothes, cooking for us, she needs an encouragement from me. At least greeting and kissing is not bought in a supermarket, I freely offer it to make her happy for the day.
2. Bathing With My Wife Daily
I bathe with my wife to show that we are inseperable.There is nothing evil in having our bathe together. This activity makes me to help wash her back and she washes my back also. With bathing together, I will not look at another woman for the day. This is because my wife is the most beautiful woman on earth. That is why she is “the bone of my bone and the flesh of my flesh”
3. Sleeping with her on the same bed
One of the measures I use to keep my marriage secure is to sleep with my wife on the same bed. Sleeping together with makes me feel her. This makes it impossible for me to start wondering how I will be in another woman’s bosom.
Sleeping together with my wife on the same bed enables me to discuss pressing issues when I remember them at night. I may forget discussing issues if I sleep elsewhere. It is important to be close to your wife to monitor her health condition as she will also monitor mine own health condition.
4. Going to shopping with my wife
Another aspect of keeping my marriage secure is to go to shopping with my wife. For the past twelve years, we make a list of items before going for purchases. Once we are satisfied with our list, we go to the market.
After purchases, we share the items into two bags if the items bought are enormous. We carry the bags home together. If the bag is only one with items, we keep on exchanging the bag carrying it between ourselves until we get home. It is quite a happy exercise. The reason is because a woman is a helper to the man, while a man is the manager of the family.

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