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What Pets Do We Have In The House?

My kids love pets. I have 5 children and the three youngest are so inclined in taking care of the pets in the house. You can say we have a mini zoo because their numbers are growing. Except the eldest male who is 17 now and eldest female who is 15 years, all the three are fond of caring the pets.

photo is mine

photo is mine

My children; Bojong is 13 years old, Jaeden is 10 years old and Lian, the youngest 7 years old now. The influence could be from my wife who really wanted to have pets in the house.

So what are the pets we have and what are their names.

  1. The dog is not a surprise because only few homes don’t have dogs as pet. Before the other pets came, dogs are already in the rules. The dogs rule the hearts of the family. Our dogs now include the aging Galema who is a pure white hair and not so romantic to us. The other one is Happy—a gray-haired dog that really look. When she was small, she is so serious looking dog.
  2. My wife requested for rabbits and so Balooney and Teego came. Balooney—pure white female rabbit and Teego—an orange male rabbit who is so romantic to Balooney.
  3. The mother is named Phili because she is choosy on her foods. Her baby boy is almost two months old named Nigel. Nigel now the favorite pet in the house. She is pampered not only with milk but also with hugs and kisses.
  4. She is Chichirya or Chichi for short (as I call her).—a baby cat that my son Jaeden brought to home. I don’t where she get the kitten but she is not only well-loved by the kids but also the favorite playmate of our dog Happy.
  5. We have three pigeons now with names Graciel, Nico and Bluebar. The three kids have their own pigeon. And soon it will multiply because I saw an egg in their house.

What so important with my kids is that they are responsible enough to take care of their pets. They feed them, give them water and provided them with love and affection.###

Best Thing To Do This Rainy Day
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It’s been raining since this morning. This has been the weather for the past three days. Just last week we are having problem about the long drought causing  scarcity of water—water level in the well getting deep and the city ration of water among the houses were limited or  given schedule. This problem is solved now because of the non-stop raining.

photo is mine

photo is mine

The advantage of rain was already felt—and so with the disadvantage now. When it’s raining your outdoor activity is limited: the children cannot play outside, becoming muddy in the area, flood in some areas and so on.

As I have said, the children cannot go out and so with us. The TV has been busy since this morning. We wanted to eat and eat. We wanted some indoor activity to keep our day going in this day of raining.

What have we done in this day when we can’t go out.

  1. Watching TV. I think this is the best thing to do? Play some movies or watch some cable channels and that is already a good bonding in the family. The kids watch Cartoon Network, wife watches her Sunday series and I watched the game 3 of western conference finals of National Basketball Association.
  2. Cook some food. I made some popcorn so we can have some picking while watching. Macaroni soup is also in the list and then some pastries to munch in.
  3. Playing indoor games. We have scrabble board, sungka for children, and even some mobile apps game.
  4. Playing under the rain. The kids love it. While I’m picking some mango fruits to ripen, the kids are running, playing and having fun under the rain. I was like them when I was a kid. It’s their turn now.

It’s a family bonding for us. We are all here. Sometimes it’s a riot because our children are six but it’s always a big happy family for me. Rain or shine we are keeping together. This is how we spend the day when it’s raining.###

Small Crabs in the Provinces’ Local River

Summer season is the best weather condition for the people in the local provinces. They will have the time of having a picnic in the riverside. Most of them have the time to swim in the river and practice the skill of catching small crabs. It is also added up to the food in the picnic.

Catching small crabs are not easy as compared to the bigger ones. It takes a lot of patience while looking for them in the provinces’ rivers. The water is not that clear enough to see them. In time, they can have the seafood from the river and boiled with a sprinkle of water in the cooking pan. It wasn’t delicate to prepare the best food in the picnic.

Most local people loved to eat this on the 1st day of May, it is a labor day. Most of them wanted to have a getaway with the family and riverside is the best place venue. It doesn’t need to go to the beaches for those who are near in riverbanks.

Of course, eating small crabs should be eaten moderately especially for those hypertensive people. We cannot eat despite loving the small crabs. The level of cholesterol is too high and can spike up the blood pressure. As they said, we need to consume food with limitations. It doesn’t need to burn oneself so hard because of food. We are the one who can control the food and not the vice-versa.

There are so many ways to catch small crabs. Most of them are living in the holes of the riverbank. Some local people can use some tools to catch them. A perfect family bonding to catch or try to have some reward with small crabs in the net. You can have side dishes that will come along with the small crabs.

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Humble Beginnings of the Family

When I was a child, I had seen my father’s family turned to be somebody or someone in the society. It was a humble beginning. It was past form of situation. Because they had changed into the other side of being a person. They had developed the greediness from within. It was a picture of breaking the family apart. It was an old pattern that family can never be the same again because of inheritance.

I thought it will not happen to have a broken family. As the years go by, my father siblings had changed and tried to pull my family down. My late father taught us to stay together despite money is involved. It doesn’t measure the importance of a family. That’s the reason why we always help each other and never put the money at the center of the relationship.

I am not sure if when will it happen in cutting the relationship with my father’s family. They are planning to sell the family house. My late father fought hard to stop them. But my father is not here anymore and cannot able to fight for his family.  Now, we need to face the challenge. Once the payment of my father’s share will be given to us. We decided to cut the relationship with his family.

There are no reasons that we keep on clinging to them anymore. In the first place, they decided us to be out of the family. We are anticipating to find our own house and live as a close-knit family. Our life will not depend on them. It is how we are going to re-build our own home. It is also the time to forget the bloodline between my immediate family and them. It is a typical way to face the fate of the family because of greediness.

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Spend Quality Time With Your Children To Discover Each Other’s Strengths And Weaknesses
April 26, 2017

No matter how busy are you at work you have to spare some time to be with your children. Please feel their longing for you. Your children need your attention and affection for there is no other in this world who could understand them better but you, their parents. No wonder many young people turn to drugs because they feel they are alone. They long for someone to talk to oftentimes to know what happens in school and the problem meet every day in school and outside of school. Never wait for the time someone a police to knock at your door for your son or daughter is in jail caught trafficking or using illegal drugs? Do not wait for the time to see your lovely daughter pregnant without a husband. That will be the most crucial part of a reality not evaded because of trust to children and teachers in school and you too need to do overtime work for it is a must to earn more for the family. Somehow parents thought that their children follow the rules you introduced to them and the punishment they would have once violate the rules at home and family.

Our technology this time sometimes brings havoc to young and even mature people’s lives. It is simply because they are exploited by technology believing everything as their only means to forget typical problems in life. Life without a problem becomes abnormal for it is from them where everyone grows strong and courageous. What is bad in technology this time that affect the world and your parenting is the abuse of the media like Facebook. Facebook helps people connect lives far and wide, but others misused it. It is too much to bear a son shot himself to death live in Facebook Video and too late to know by parents problems of their son in school and love. There are many distasteful occurrences seen in Facebook Video son-daughter condemning parents as careless to them and love is none-existent which is wrong of course love of parents to children are immeasurable and enduring. It is just the feeling of the children because they lack attention from you. You might too busy in your social life and social gatherings forgetting about them. Why not bring your son or daughter to a party. If he refuses, invite a relative to stay with him at home while you are not around, or if not, prioritize your son than attending a party.

My sister and her hubby so busy all the time in their work. They lack time to their only son. His son, my nephew always visits me in the university where I am teaching. He just comes to talk to me of many things which I also sympathized to make him happy. One time, I noticed his face pale and eyes pale. I asked him if he lacked sleep and his answer was no. I was so afraid because I sensed my nephew too illegal drug. Then that case was not anymore recalled by me until one day our sister called us at home telling their son was in jail. I was so terrified with the cause. My nephew stole numerous original DVD’s in a mall. That was so devastating and the more devastating when the lawyer told my sister to undergo drug test to their son. The finding was positive of illegal drug. That was the reason he was released in jail and my sister and her hubby pay the DVDS less only for they were not carried by my nephew outside. He was apprehended in the gate and was brought right away to jail without proper complain.

My nephew was not in his right thinking and he told us that he started taking illegal rug that time marijuana when he was in Grade Six, age 11. That time of detention, h was a newly graduate college student from a university. The worst was, according to his statement to the police, it was his teacher who supplied him with marijuana almost all of them in class. Therefore, if his parents always communicate with their son, chances are there during their bonding affirmation of their son he took drugs. He was rehabbed and at this time he maintains a medicine to stop his craving of the illegal drugs. There are so many victims of illegal drugs and parents late to know about their son or daughter’s involvement. Because our country is under war on drugs in Duterte administration, so the said teacher trafficking drugs to innocent children was arrested and later committed a suicide by hanging herself using her belt in her own prison cell room.

It might not be late for your parents to save your children from getting addicted because temptation is so inviting and refusing it would also harm his or her pride, so to show friendship and without a second thought, your son or daughter may not anymore get out from that prison of addiction. Parent should be the best friends of their children. Let them feel your constant love and let them show you care. You may go shopping together, go to church together and dine together at home or a fast food chain. This will make you close to each other and your children will never go astray with your constant togetherness. Parents play vital role in the shaping and molding of the lives of their children, the school serves only second to them. Another way to get closer to your children is watch a movie together and always talks to them. Despite parents, but it is also good for you to respect your children’s feeling. There are parents that just get mad at their children in front of their classmates making them so ashamed and so insecure. The son of my friend age 16 committed a suicide through hanging using his blanket inside his bedroom when his father punished him in front of his classmates and crush. He left the area and went straight to his bedroom and hanged himself in a broad daylight. His father was tortured by his guilt but he cannot anymore retrieve the life of their only son.

Parents love to children matter most, show it to them and live in a peace and harmony.

Image credit to Facebook

The First Time Can Never Forget

Some of us are so sentimental for having the first in our lives. It can never forget to have new things and treasured them all throughout existence. For a newborn to have all the new things can bring back the old memories. They might not see how crazy the parents of giving new things are documented through photos or videos. It is a definite keepsake and be seen the child as they grow older.


For our little niece, my sister started to give her a sweet cake for the first day of every month. Her birthdate is on the first of July 2011. The family tradition of giving her a cake started on the following month and continued until she had her first year existence in this world. These are taken in photos for the little niece knows how she was loved by her parents and the family members.


At present, she is 5 years old and continues to have sweet cake every first day of the month. It has been a tradition to rekindle when she was born. Time flies so fast and she is about to enter primary school. She just graduated in a Daycare school with honors. The family pampered her with love and continued to support her. She will always be the baby in the family.


In time, she would be able to understand the deepest gratitude of the family for having her. We also felt so blessed that she is a grown up girl with full of love. All the first time for her was tried to provide. As they said, family can sacrifice things to give all the best for their child. It is what she experiencing right now. All the new things are still available and waiting for the kid to experience. This is what we need to know by taking the responsibility seriously as a good parent for the child.


Image Credit: Shavkat



‘The Truth Has Set Me Free’
April 20, 2017
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Yes, you have read it right as the what the Bible said in John 8:32, “the truth will set you free”.

Thirty-seven years ago today, I went down to the water of baptism and had been confirmed as member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints by an American missionary who is assigned to our place. It is the Filipino missionary who baptized me.

It took me 4 years to be converted to the truthfulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I didn’t personally hide myself to a pair of missionaries who went door to door to do the teaching of the first principles and ordinances of the Gospel. It did happen that the first missionaries were transferred and they were replaced by another missionaries who had no idea where I lived.

Anyway, how the truth has set me free? My late parents had no objection for my baptism for I respected them. My mother told me that she hadn’t found wrong with the teachings of the Mormons. So, I decided to be baptized on April 20, 1980. A month later, I received my ordination to the office of the Priest and I was authorized to baptize my wife who was converted in June, 1980 after undergoing the basic teachings on the Gospel.

After that all of my 6 children had joined the Church for I baptized them. Our youngest son who is my junior had served a mission for 2 years. We exemplify the lives of faithful saints for that we’re sealed as a family in the temple of God. Thus, we keep the faith that our family could be together forever.

For those who couldn’t understand our faith, that is okay for I do respect theirs too. The Gospel truth that keeps on ringing to our ears is the 3-fold missions of the Church, that is, to proclaim the Gospel all over the world through the missionary work, to perfect the saints by studying the scriptures, exemplifying them to our lives, and to redeem the dead through a vicarious work performed inside the temple.

You may share your spiritual experience on the spiritual truth of what you believe for I know every religious denominations have their own truth. I know that everyone has the religion freedom. As an LDS (Latter-day Saints), we do respect it.  God bless.

image: Family – geralt  pixabay/public domain

Do people in your family look alike?

In every family, some siblings do look like and it shows the resemblance of their parents to them. It depends on how strong the parents’ chromosomes. Others don’t even look alike. The reason is it could be recessive traits from the blood line of grandparents. I think it would not be nice if the siblings will appear the same facial features with the exemption of identical twins.

My siblings and I are so unique in physical appearance. We don’t look alike that much. It wasn’t the case for children different fathers. At least, the mother’s chromosomes prevail in their veins. The family as a whole, we are considered to be a nuclear familial relationship. In my father side, they are 9 siblings in total. It was like having a village when the family has a reunion.

For some occasions, some children don’t look alike. But then, there are some instances that the father is skeptical if the child is his. That’s a ridiculous thing to think. This can happen if the father is working abroad and came back home with the wife having a new baby in the family. Perhaps the relationship was in trouble and unluckily, the wife impregnated prior the husband went to work abroad.

“How to solve this doubt of a husband?” It might be ridiculous for a guy to ask for a DNA test. But then, this is the last option to redeem the name of the wife to the people. Since it cannot be controlled that neighbors will make fussy over such situation, DNA testing is the best option to prove that the wife is faithful all along the relationship.

If this situation had been done, we can be sure that the relationship will not last. The trust was broken and insulting to a woman. There is no way can be patched up if things went sour and bitterness for some.

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Do you like the smell of freshly cut green grass?

In it summer in the Philippines, the local people were so busy doing some activities in their backyard. Cutting the green grasses would be ideal to make the place so peaceful to look at. This is what makes me feel so refreshing and I like the smell of cut green grasses. It is a scent that the residents love to smell.

When I was a child, I loved to help out in the backyard. I used to cut the grasses and let them dried. In the afternoon, I will burn them up. However, as the years go by. There is an ordinance from the city hall that burning things are not allowed now. Thus, we tend to pound the grasses and serves as fertilizer.

My siblings and I love to play in the backyard. When the grasses were cleared out, we can able to have a picnic. It wasn’t grandeur picnic. We buy some snacks in a store and have some lemonade. My father installed a tent too. It was a simple outdoor activity. And children can’t do nowadays.

Most children have their gadgets and even cannot go out. Now, as grown up, I am asking my youngest brother to cut grasses this weekend. We need to prepare for the coming of the new generation to have their summer vacation with us. More tents to be installed and have a bonfire at night. I hope to see my cousins and have the bonding moment as we used to be.

There are so many memories that will be treasured staying in our family house. Sooner or later, we cannot able to do it again. My father’s siblings are planning to sell it. As the old issue, inheritance makes the family circle in chaos. My family and I were planning to move out and find a new house to stay. Hopefully, there are some grasses that will be cut and remember the familiar smell of it.

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We all have that one person..

This blog post is dedicated to a person very special to me. That’s not my girlfriend, best friend, my pet, my parents or anyone else. It’s my very own cousin. He is the person that I admire the most, and no matter how much we argue sometimes, I love him because he’s my blood and I grew up with him alongside my parents too.

We all have that one person that we reflect to, and we admire. In my case that is my 23 year old cousin, that I admire the most on this world. I’ll list some reasons down below why.

  1. He’s parent-like to me

    First of all, and the most important reason is that he is parent-like to me. Whenever I feel his presence I feel like I am watched by my parents, he is like a third parent to me. I am totally relaxed in front of him, he has a sense of humor, I can tell a secret or joke in front of him, but also he is very open for giving advises too.

2. His personality

His personality is probably the second reason why I admire him most. He is the type of guy that is calm, muscular dude with  brown eyes and soft celebrity-alike hairstyle. But I would not go further into describing his outer appearance, as that will sound gay, which I’m not lol. Okay as I said first, his personality is what I listed second and I have a reason for that. He is always calm, no matter what the situation is. He handles every situation like a pro, and he has the mindset of a 21st century person. If I told him tomorrow that my girlfriend is pregnant, he wouldn’t panic or curse as he is not stupid middle-aged freak, his mentality is awesome and that’s what I like mostly about people.

3. His Knowledge

Third of the reasons, is knowledge. Everything I learned until today (and still learning) about world news, politics, soccer, basketball, sports and general life-hacks, was taught to me by him. As he is attending the best faculty in our city, he has gained a lot of knowledge and I hope one day he will have a big promising career that will bring him fortune and lot of clients.  His knowledge goes same for his advises, every advise he has given me until now was based on his knowledge. He never talks before knowing the facts.

4. HE’S Realistic

Although this reason hurts me badly sometimes, I have to agree this is one of the top 4 reasons why I admire and love him. He is realistic and honest. He made me eat healthy and made me aware of my unhealthy eating routine for the past years, and is never lying me. He is always open with me, and he spreads his words and opinions about me in front of me without lying me. He is realistic even tho that is often savage. That’s a very good thing because if he wasn’t realistic I would not have changed many things about me today which I am happy I did.