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What Pets Do We Have In The House?

My kids love pets. I have 5 children and the three youngest are so inclined in taking care of the pets in the house. You can say we have a mini zoo because their numbers are growing. Except the eldest male who is 17 now and eldest female who is 15 years, all the three are fond of caring the pets.

photo is mine

photo is mine

My children; Bojong is 13 years old, Jaeden is 10 years old and Lian, the youngest 7 years old now. The influence could be from my wife who really wanted to have pets in the house.

So what are the pets we have and what are their names.

  1. The dog is not a surprise because only few homes don’t have dogs as pet. Before the other pets came, dogs are already in the rules. The dogs rule the hearts of the family. Our dogs now include the aging Galema who is a pure white hair and not so romantic to us. The other one is Happy—a gray-haired dog that really look. When she was small, she is so serious looking dog.
  2. My wife requested for rabbits and so Balooney and Teego came. Balooney—pure white female rabbit and Teego—an orange male rabbit who is so romantic to Balooney.
  3. The mother is named Phili because she is choosy on her foods. Her baby boy is almost two months old named Nigel. Nigel now the favorite pet in the house. She is pampered not only with milk but also with hugs and kisses.
  4. She is Chichirya or Chichi for short (as I call her).—a baby cat that my son Jaeden brought to home. I don’t where she get the kitten but she is not only well-loved by the kids but also the favorite playmate of our dog Happy.
  5. We have three pigeons now with names Graciel, Nico and Bluebar. The three kids have their own pigeon. And soon it will multiply because I saw an egg in their house.

What so important with my kids is that they are responsible enough to take care of their pets. They feed them, give them water and provided them with love and affection.###

Best Thing To Do This Rainy Day
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It’s been raining since this morning. This has been the weather for the past three days. Just last week we are having problem about the long drought causing  scarcity of water—water level in the well getting deep and the city ration of water among the houses were limited or  given schedule. This problem is solved now because of the non-stop raining.

photo is mine

photo is mine

The advantage of rain was already felt—and so with the disadvantage now. When it’s raining your outdoor activity is limited: the children cannot play outside, becoming muddy in the area, flood in some areas and so on.

As I have said, the children cannot go out and so with us. The TV has been busy since this morning. We wanted to eat and eat. We wanted some indoor activity to keep our day going in this day of raining.

What have we done in this day when we can’t go out.

  1. Watching TV. I think this is the best thing to do? Play some movies or watch some cable channels and that is already a good bonding in the family. The kids watch Cartoon Network, wife watches her Sunday series and I watched the game 3 of western conference finals of National Basketball Association.
  2. Cook some food. I made some popcorn so we can have some picking while watching. Macaroni soup is also in the list and then some pastries to munch in.
  3. Playing indoor games. We have scrabble board, sungka for children, and even some mobile apps game.
  4. Playing under the rain. The kids love it. While I’m picking some mango fruits to ripen, the kids are running, playing and having fun under the rain. I was like them when I was a kid. It’s their turn now.

It’s a family bonding for us. We are all here. Sometimes it’s a riot because our children are six but it’s always a big happy family for me. Rain or shine we are keeping together. This is how we spend the day when it’s raining.###

Goodbye, my dear dear pacifier

During the first weeks of the baby’s life, the sucking reflex is very strong and so many parents resort to the use of a pacifier.How painlessly get rid of itHere are some ideas for you, but they are not universal – each parent has to judge when it is the right moment and which strategy is best for his child.

1. The earlier, the easier

This is the golden rule. After the 4th month, you can start offering a pacifier less often – only when you really need it, and so within a few weeks you will get rid of it. Just do not be tempted to return it when the growth of teeth begins.

2. Do not sleep with soother

My advice is not to teach the baby to sleep with the soother because in most cases they wake up when they drop it, and that means endless night adventures for you and a restless sleep for them.

3. Pacifier removed

Most often works only successfully in children under 12 months of age who are less attached to it. If the child weeps too much and too long for the teat – better think of another strategy.

4. Pacifier is not what it was

The baby is accustomed to a certain kind of feeling the pacifier brings. Change it – it will reduce your interest, and giving up will be easier. You can do this simply by drilling the tip of the teat with a needle.

5. The exclusion method

Notice when and where your child needs at least his soother and start from there. For example, first stop giving it out, gradually restrict your use at home and so until you learn to fall asleep without it.

6. Challenge empathy

Children develop very quickly in every aspect, including emotionally. Experience his empathy by saying that someone else needs more than his teat – such as the weeping baby in a trolley or the little kittens behind the bush. Once she voluntarily gives her – throw it away secretly and every time you ask her to remind him where he is.


Important rules:

Do not try to remove the teat when the child is restless due to a teething teeth
Once you remove the teat, do not be tempted to offer it again
Suggest a substitute for the child to relax – a stuffed toy or diaper for example
Be careful not to replace the pacifier with your thumb
If the child understands it and it is difficult without the soother – try to distract it with interesting games or offer small incentive awards for every day without a pacifier
Do not do it forbidding – do not let the child cry for too long about your pacifier, do not poke it with a hot pepper, and do not imagine that a child to whom the pacifier has provided peace and comfort for a long time will forget about it from tomorrow to tomorrow .
Go with patience and understanding – that’s the key to success.


He said, “I love you”

Every woman dreams of hearing these words from man to herself. We often say we love someone or something, but when these words are directed at our mate, they seem to have a radically different meaning, approaching a magical spell connecting two people into an invisible alliance.

It seems, however, that these words are far easier to say than women than men. When does a man say “I love you” and why is it so difficult sometimes? Of course, both women and men have to get to know their partner to some extent, to know for sure what they feel about him. Time is the main indicator of what is going on, and it can be both too early and too late for those words.
Men’s psychic is different from that of women, and this is conditioned by both social preconditions and biological factors. Men are considered to be the strongest sex, and for years there has been a belief that the display of feelings is a manifestation of weakness. Men are people of action and not words and have adopted this pattern of behavior since the earliest childhood, so it is not right to be angry if it is difficult for them to dress their feelings in words as we may We are asked.
Situations where men say “I love you”:

Serious men say “I love you” only when they are sure

When he is sure that he will not be rejected, if he acknowledges his feelings, the man will undoubtedly utter the covenant words, but your reaction depends on whether he will speak again.

For fear of losing you

When men see that things are not going well and they realize they can lose us, they resort to the use of “magic” words, as if they are the only thing that can stop us. Unfortunately, very often they are extremely inadequate.

Feeling guilty

There is a theory that men say “I love you” more easily than “Excuse me”. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why men use these words when they are wrong. Of course, very often, quite honestly, he wants to apologize by witnessing his love, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Before sex, during sex and after sex

Of course, sex is an important part of the process of telling the two words, but when it’s involved, we need to be especially careful.
• There are men who are willing to “express their feelings” with the sole purpose of putting the woman in bed. Beware of such, worse than those who put in bed without saying it.
• During sex, all senses are exacerbated, nervous processes are performed at an incredible frequency, the man’s “common sense” is often blurred, and he lets his heart talk. When she says he likes sex, of course, we can not be sure he really is in love. Do not totally exclude the option of just being his game.
• Recognition of feelings after sex is a sacred point for many couples, because that’s when they feel most connected, closest to each other, and the sincere “I love you” is the natural end of things.

When pressed

Some women, in their desire to hear “I love you”, cross the border, and the man feels compressed by questions such as “Do not you love me?” Or “Why do not you tell me you love me” or ” that you love me”. So, ladies, be careful in your approach, because the confession of love in love will not bring you what you are looking for.

Actions instead of words

Words are just words, they carry a certain charge in themselves, but what really testifies the love of man to us is his actions. Some women never needed to hear “I love you” from my beloved, because their actions speak enough.

Is there any complete happiness?

The ability to see and accept all parts of our lives helps us to be happy

There is no complete happiness! I often hear this sentence. People usually continue their reflections like this: “If you have money, you have no love; If you have a job, you have no happy relationship; If you have a family that satisfies partner relationships and healthy children, you have no time for fun and friends. ”

When I hear these words, I have the feeling that something is not enough for a person to be happy, something is unsatisfied. I find one more thing – as if one wants to escape the nature of things and does not want to accept the integrity of the experiences, relationships and situations in his life.

And here I mean like this: “There is happiness if we open our eyes and see … your laziness.” But … let’s get to him step by step.

The integrity

Imagine a padlock. Used to lock. Provides security. In winter, his body is cold (our fingers can get bruised until we unlock it), it’s hot in the summer (we can even get burned). It’s weighing. Can be cut. These are some of the features of the padlock. When I have to make a choice how to lock a door and ensure my safety, I take into account the specifics of locking devices, I take into account all the information and choose.

But when we are in a life situation, we somehow forget that. Somehow we do not accept the situation as it is, in its fullness, integrity, and totality of parts. We talk, think, act, as if we think it has only positive or negative aspects. We tend to “cut” natural parts and ingredients from it, usually those we think are negative, unpleasant, annoying.

A few examples

“I love to take care of my family, I like to prepare my favorites for every dish, but I do not like it and I do not like it, I’m even angry when I have to wash the dishes afterwards. Can not my children or my husband wash them? I have so lovingly prepared their favorite things, and they do not understand and let me do this unpleasant duty !!! “.

“I love my young daughter so much !!!! She is so beautiful! It’s a candy! All day I can enjoy it. But my mother and my partner do not help me at all. Go to work, watch your life. Well, they provide me money, of course. And just in the evening or at the weekends change the diapers, stretch the laundry or run the vacuum cleaner. How can they not help me all the time? I have to do everything alone! I do not have the time to make up and dress beautiful to go out for a walk with the baby, and we love both the clean air … ”

“My partner is wonderful, but he snore awfully !!! I can not sleep! How long will I have to talk to him about it and endure it at night ?! ”

“I have a son of a teenager. I can not get him into bed before midnight. Otherwise he is healthy, smart, has a clear purpose for his life. And he does it alone. ”

“My child is healthy, clever, gifted. On weekends we go to different competitions and events in which he shows up. Oh!!!”.

“I’m angry when I have to pay my bills – I do not like to give money for bullshit like electricity, water, phone, internet, food.”

“We were on a wonderful vacation, I had to go to the beach every day, but the sun … I was looking for high-grade sunflower oils, shade, cooling cocktails …”

Responsibility. Attitude.
Self-sufficiency. Completeness, integrity. Maturity. Different viewpoints.

I do not overburden or lighten the topic with the examples. You may find yourself extreme or superficial, but we humans have a tendency to complain, discontenten and do not accept those parts of situations, relationships, and feelings that are not in our taste.

Why? Because we need to make an effort, learn or develop skills to cope. Because we need to be honest with ourselves. When we deny, our behavior is like a toddler who is whimpering and does not want to accept the “obligatory” part. We show a lack of maturity because we do not accept the fullness of events and relationships. We show anger and discontent, not wanting to do any part. We believe that some of the activities of everyday life are servile work, lowering our authority and value. We believe that trouble is only happening to us and has already shaken us from the role of a long-suffering Genoveva, and we think it is high time that life offered us another, necessarily happy and, of course, a major role. We are sorry, we want to transfer our weight and burden to another and we definitely do not want to do any concrete action. We want the freedom and authority of man “18+”, but we do not accept the duties and responsibilities inherent in maturity.

How can we relate these reflections to a really difficult situation for us?

The situation is difficult

Then when we do not have the ability to pass through it. We do not have the yet automated, advanced skill that is needed to get in, get over and get out of the difficulty. When we have it, the situation no longer strains us, worries, “pulls out of balance” and does not accept it as a problem. Well, of course, here too we can manifest a whimper, showing anger or annoyance, asking, “Why is this happening to me?”
And my answer is this – sometimes we do not have to interpret to fainting and look for the reason, just to see what is what in this situation exacerbates my annoyance and uncertainty. Here is the valuable information we give ourselves if we ask ourselves the questions: “What do I do not want to do now?”, “Am I afraid of failure?”, (“Do I think I have no resource to do ?!”) , “Am I lazy?”, “Is it better for me to be familiar, old and sure?”, “Am I afraid of self-pity or accumulated fatigue?”

The ability to take life
In its fullness … I will express it metaphorically: every day of our life is a colorful bouquet – with unique varieties of flowers, some of which have thorns, others need grasses to stand out, third – nuances of feelings to Connect us with a sense of depth and life. Our bouquet is colorful due to the variety of events and the flowers in it are of different shapes. In order to be able to hold and carry our bouquet in order to take it to the vase in which we want to put it, paper, twine and fasteners are put in it. And to describe it in its fullness, I must say that it weighs, sometimes solidly. But when we walk along the streets, we say to other people something like this: “Today someone has read me, confessed, appreciated, rewarded, I am proud of it! And I, in turn, have confessed to accepting the bouquet. And I’m very pleased to notice this! “.

In our lives, in the valuable and important for us relationships, situations or activities, it is up to us whether we will see the twine, the paper, the grass or the unique variety. The ability to see and accept all parts, integrity and completeness is an indicator of maturity. The ability to move from one feeling to another, from holiday mode to stress on a holiday within the same day also shows how grown we are.

And if something is stinging us, it is good to see what this “thing” is and to seek professional support. We still have to answer the question: “Is this drama really a drama?”, Whether it is not a simple laziness and a delay or a desire to attract attention, whining, praise. There is nothing wrong with these three things, as long as we do not do it often, and when we do it, it is more enjoyable to ourselves and to the audience. The next time you upset and cry, and a few hours later you refuse to smile, remember that a juicy cake is not such without the dry bark.

Overcome the fear of pregnancy

Are you pregnant or are you planning to be soon, but do you have a number of fears? Whether you are or is a matter of time, fears are the most normal things that can happen to you. It is important to understand that this does not make you weak and unable to be good parents and to do well, both with pregnancy and with birth. And with that you raise up a wonderful child.

It is true that every new and unknown thing is frightening for most people, especially when we have partial information from people who have decorated it in unpleasant shades. Everyone has their fears, whether rational or irrational. But all future or current mothers have gone through these worries and concerns. Here is a short list of the most common fears in pregnancy: Will I manage to be a good mother?

This is perhaps the first and main thought that goes through the head of every pregnant woman, as well as those who are considering having a child. The truth is that one always does. The problem is he does not believe enough until he looks back and does not realize how well he actually did. That is why, even if not so pleasant periods of our life, they look kind, nice and idyllic compared to the present – simply because we look back at the difficulties we have already done, the way is already gone and is familiar, It is not scary, as it was before us.Think about it, someday all of this will be in the past, and you will almost certainly dream of returning this time, experiencing these emotions … Try to look at this point from another perspective.

Besides, what does it mean to do well? One always makes mistakes that allow him to progress and become better. In this sense, do not confuse “good” with “infallible”. The most important thing on the way is to love your child, and that will no doubt happen. You will love your child and you will always be doing it because it is an instinct. Birth will be very difficult and painful and will not deal with it …

It is pointless for us to focus on a single moment or hypothetical situations in which we may never fall, but focusing on us depriving us of the good things that happen next to us or at least to live peacefully in Our routine everyday life. And yet, it’s normal! Birth is something unfamiliar, something that has not happened to us, but we have been looking at the movies for a while, reading and listening.

The fact is that everyone is afraid of the pain. Statements such as “It’s been happening since the world is coming” and “Every woman is fit for it” do not give us much comfort because they do not change our sense of fear of pain. But pain, first, in many cases, is not stronger than the one with the monthly cycle, secondly it is constructive, and it should actually give way if the woman comes out of the vicious circle of fear of pain because the more fear Of pain, the more pain.

Our life is strongly influenced by the Western culture, in which the drama of the woman in the movies is our only “real” look at birth (while we do not have our own birth). We are irradiated with an idea of childbirth, but it is unknown among other cultures where birth takes place very slightly.

Here’s how the vicious circle works – fear of pain, the removal of catecholamines (stress hormones), the removal of blood from the uterus and its concentration in the hands and feet (as fear and tension make the body to fight or escape), disturbance of normal access Of oxygen to the uterus, the muscles do not have sufficient resources and pain. Inadequate breathing also contributes to increased pain. Therefore, instead of focusing on your fear of pain, it is better to see what you can build in order to avoid confronting it.I encourage you to get better informed about birth, possible behaviors during the process, breathing, visiting special courses for parents, and during birth do not think about yourself and their unpleasant sensations, but about the baby and how it Maybe he feels.

This is a huge responsibility I do not know if I can handle it

Yes, this is a huge responsibility. And what? If it is less responsibility, is it easier? The question of responsibility and understanding of having a baby is a huge responsibility, in fact, it is only on the agenda until the baby appears. Then the thought of “the great responsibility” and the fear of not being able to deal with is far away in the past – the time when we have had time to think about it.Because when the baby comes, you just do things without thinking, doing them as you feel them, and feeling – they happen no matter how big or small the responsibility is, how difficult or easy it is because that’s how nature is built And because this is your child.

When the desire for sex avoids us



We see the lack of sexual desire more often in women than in men. Studies show, for example, that 42 percent of women in the United States and 300 thousand women in the UK are affected. Despite the worrying results, it turns out that for most women the low libido is transient and, after consultation with a doctor or a psychotherapist, the problem subsides. What could be the reasons why a woman’s sexual desire is so vulnerable?

In-depth studies indicate that changes in specific hormone levels in women may be the cause. Lymph node hormone release, high levels of prolactin and androgens reduce libido. In view of the fact that the sex hormone secretion of the woman is controlled by the pituitary, we must guard against psychological ailments. Any strong anxiety affects the proper impulse transmission in the brain and the function of the pituitary.

Some drugs such as tranquilizers can lower the desire for sexual contact. During the post-partum period, women’s libido disorders are often reported. Hormonal changes as well as exhaustion during breastfeeding are a legitimate reason. Diseases such as depression and diabetes are also associated with decreased libido The menopause is controversial. On the one hand, the vaginal dryness is a disturbing factor. On the other hand, however, many women report increased libido right at this time Abuse of cigarettes and alcohol significantly reduces the desire for sex.

Such problems can also arise purely at the psychological level in response to serious problems in partner relationships, over-exhaustion in others. Herbal Medicine For relaxation, it is recommended that women each day drink a cup of tea from a calming herb – chamomile, verbena. In the evenings you can drink raspberry tea or Adam’s tree (if you do not have hormonal treatment). Tincture made from wild oats, nettles, sweets and Chinese tweeters are particularly beneficial.

Diet Unbalanced diet with increased intake of more processed sugars, few vegetables and fruits is the cause of low libido in many women. Try some unloading programs with fruit juice intake that sensibly gives the body energy. Take the necessary amount of vitamin A, B and E, magnesium, manganese and zinc in natural or as a supplement. Take polyunsaturated fatty acids by increasing your intake of fresh non-fat fish or fish oil. They play a central role in the synthesis of sex hormones.

Aromatherapy You can add 2 drops of ylang-ylang butter or musked horse basil and 3 drops of geranium oil to the tub. The same mixture can put in the aroma lamp and enjoy the harmony and tranquility. The oils of ylang-ylang and muscled horse basil are known to increase sensuality. Sandalwood and geranium oil suppress depression and rose oil stimulates sexual desire.

Do not close yourself but rather share with your partner as you can even include it in the treatment process. Ensure the required length of sleep and physical rest to cope with the discomfort quickly.

Small Crabs in the Provinces’ Local River

Summer season is the best weather condition for the people in the local provinces. They will have the time of having a picnic in the riverside. Most of them have the time to swim in the river and practice the skill of catching small crabs. It is also added up to the food in the picnic.

Catching small crabs are not easy as compared to the bigger ones. It takes a lot of patience while looking for them in the provinces’ rivers. The water is not that clear enough to see them. In time, they can have the seafood from the river and boiled with a sprinkle of water in the cooking pan. It wasn’t delicate to prepare the best food in the picnic.

Most local people loved to eat this on the 1st day of May, it is a labor day. Most of them wanted to have a getaway with the family and riverside is the best place venue. It doesn’t need to go to the beaches for those who are near in riverbanks.

Of course, eating small crabs should be eaten moderately especially for those hypertensive people. We cannot eat despite loving the small crabs. The level of cholesterol is too high and can spike up the blood pressure. As they said, we need to consume food with limitations. It doesn’t need to burn oneself so hard because of food. We are the one who can control the food and not the vice-versa.

There are so many ways to catch small crabs. Most of them are living in the holes of the riverbank. Some local people can use some tools to catch them. A perfect family bonding to catch or try to have some reward with small crabs in the net. You can have side dishes that will come along with the small crabs.

Image Credit: Shavkat



Humble Beginnings of the Family

When I was a child, I had seen my father’s family turned to be somebody or someone in the society. It was a humble beginning. It was past form of situation. Because they had changed into the other side of being a person. They had developed the greediness from within. It was a picture of breaking the family apart. It was an old pattern that family can never be the same again because of inheritance.

I thought it will not happen to have a broken family. As the years go by, my father siblings had changed and tried to pull my family down. My late father taught us to stay together despite money is involved. It doesn’t measure the importance of a family. That’s the reason why we always help each other and never put the money at the center of the relationship.

I am not sure if when will it happen in cutting the relationship with my father’s family. They are planning to sell the family house. My late father fought hard to stop them. But my father is not here anymore and cannot able to fight for his family.  Now, we need to face the challenge. Once the payment of my father’s share will be given to us. We decided to cut the relationship with his family.

There are no reasons that we keep on clinging to them anymore. In the first place, they decided us to be out of the family. We are anticipating to find our own house and live as a close-knit family. Our life will not depend on them. It is how we are going to re-build our own home. It is also the time to forget the bloodline between my immediate family and them. It is a typical way to face the fate of the family because of greediness.

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Spend Quality Time With Your Children To Discover Each Other’s Strengths And Weaknesses
April 26, 2017

No matter how busy are you at work you have to spare some time to be with your children. Please feel their longing for you. Your children need your attention and affection for there is no other in this world who could understand them better but you, their parents. No wonder many young people turn to drugs because they feel they are alone. They long for someone to talk to oftentimes to know what happens in school and the problem meet every day in school and outside of school. Never wait for the time someone a police to knock at your door for your son or daughter is in jail caught trafficking or using illegal drugs? Do not wait for the time to see your lovely daughter pregnant without a husband. That will be the most crucial part of a reality not evaded because of trust to children and teachers in school and you too need to do overtime work for it is a must to earn more for the family. Somehow parents thought that their children follow the rules you introduced to them and the punishment they would have once violate the rules at home and family.

Our technology this time sometimes brings havoc to young and even mature people’s lives. It is simply because they are exploited by technology believing everything as their only means to forget typical problems in life. Life without a problem becomes abnormal for it is from them where everyone grows strong and courageous. What is bad in technology this time that affect the world and your parenting is the abuse of the media like Facebook. Facebook helps people connect lives far and wide, but others misused it. It is too much to bear a son shot himself to death live in Facebook Video and too late to know by parents problems of their son in school and love. There are many distasteful occurrences seen in Facebook Video son-daughter condemning parents as careless to them and love is none-existent which is wrong of course love of parents to children are immeasurable and enduring. It is just the feeling of the children because they lack attention from you. You might too busy in your social life and social gatherings forgetting about them. Why not bring your son or daughter to a party. If he refuses, invite a relative to stay with him at home while you are not around, or if not, prioritize your son than attending a party.

My sister and her hubby so busy all the time in their work. They lack time to their only son. His son, my nephew always visits me in the university where I am teaching. He just comes to talk to me of many things which I also sympathized to make him happy. One time, I noticed his face pale and eyes pale. I asked him if he lacked sleep and his answer was no. I was so afraid because I sensed my nephew too illegal drug. Then that case was not anymore recalled by me until one day our sister called us at home telling their son was in jail. I was so terrified with the cause. My nephew stole numerous original DVD’s in a mall. That was so devastating and the more devastating when the lawyer told my sister to undergo drug test to their son. The finding was positive of illegal drug. That was the reason he was released in jail and my sister and her hubby pay the DVDS less only for they were not carried by my nephew outside. He was apprehended in the gate and was brought right away to jail without proper complain.

My nephew was not in his right thinking and he told us that he started taking illegal rug that time marijuana when he was in Grade Six, age 11. That time of detention, h was a newly graduate college student from a university. The worst was, according to his statement to the police, it was his teacher who supplied him with marijuana almost all of them in class. Therefore, if his parents always communicate with their son, chances are there during their bonding affirmation of their son he took drugs. He was rehabbed and at this time he maintains a medicine to stop his craving of the illegal drugs. There are so many victims of illegal drugs and parents late to know about their son or daughter’s involvement. Because our country is under war on drugs in Duterte administration, so the said teacher trafficking drugs to innocent children was arrested and later committed a suicide by hanging herself using her belt in her own prison cell room.

It might not be late for your parents to save your children from getting addicted because temptation is so inviting and refusing it would also harm his or her pride, so to show friendship and without a second thought, your son or daughter may not anymore get out from that prison of addiction. Parent should be the best friends of their children. Let them feel your constant love and let them show you care. You may go shopping together, go to church together and dine together at home or a fast food chain. This will make you close to each other and your children will never go astray with your constant togetherness. Parents play vital role in the shaping and molding of the lives of their children, the school serves only second to them. Another way to get closer to your children is watch a movie together and always talks to them. Despite parents, but it is also good for you to respect your children’s feeling. There are parents that just get mad at their children in front of their classmates making them so ashamed and so insecure. The son of my friend age 16 committed a suicide through hanging using his blanket inside his bedroom when his father punished him in front of his classmates and crush. He left the area and went straight to his bedroom and hanged himself in a broad daylight. His father was tortured by his guilt but he cannot anymore retrieve the life of their only son.

Parents love to children matter most, show it to them and live in a peace and harmony.

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