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Is Your Family Really Benefiting When You Work at Home?

You’ve beaten the obstacles and found a way to work at home, whether by finding a job or starting a home business. But is your work getting in the way of time with your family? It may be time to make sure you are finding balance between working at home and your family.

Let’s take a look at some easy things you can do to ensure that you are spending time with your family.

1. Make time for play. Family activities are a great way to relax away from work. It can be as simple as taking a walk or going to the park, or it could be a full day excursion to a museum, amusement part or beach. You don’t have to leave the house, of course. You could play games, make cookies or do other fun activities around the house. The point is to simply have fun as a family and have time to talk to each other.

One way to start is to plan a family night. Tell everyone they have to be home on a particular evening each week and do things as a family. Even if you just rent a movie to watch together, it’s something you’re doing together.

If you’re married, make sure you plan a regular date night with your spouse. Frequency may depend on how old your children are and how often you can get babysitting, but it is important for your marriage to have time as a couple.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have fun with your family. Just make time for fun.

2. Be there for your children’s activities. If your children are involved in sports, acting, singing or other activities, make sure you are there for all the games, performances or other important events. It will help your children to know that they are very important to you.

3. Set rules and enforce them. If your children understand when they can interrupt your work you will be able to get more done in less time, giving you more time for your family.

Of course, you need to be consistent. If kids get away with breaking the rules some of the time, they will test the rules often. Consistency will save you time in the long run, even if you aren’t sure you want to spare the time at a particular moment.

4. Pay attention to what kind of attention each child needs. Every child is different. Some demand attention while others are so quiet it’s easy to forget that they need you too. Make sure you spend time with each child as an individual.

5. When the kids come home from school, take some time to talk about their day. They will appreciate your interest. You should also make sure they understand their homework and start it at whatever time they do best at finishing it. Some do best starting homework immediately on getting home, while others do better if they can play for a while first. Be aware of your child’s needs.

6. If your work is something the children can help with, let them be involved. If not, you can still at least talk to them about what you do. This sets a good example for your children by helping them to know what working is really about.

It’s easy to get buried in the needs of your work when you work at home. A little bit of planning can go a long way toward making working at home a wonderful experience for all. Your family is why you decided to work at home, so don’t let your time with them get put aside.

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    1. I think one thing we all need to realize is the fact that family plays a very big part of our lives. If we ignore it its like your letting go of something very precious. We should always make time for family whether we are working from home or away from home.
      Its not like when your working at home everything is about work. There will be time for breaks to eat and rest. At least at home your working schedule is flexible you can throw in a few hours of rest and relaxation as compared to working outside. There you are under certain rules but at home you are your own boss, so there is no room for you to say that you cannot spend time with the rest of the family. The bottom line here is just make time like you have mentioned above, you don’t have to have too much money to make your family happy.just remember the beat things in life are for free so make time.

      • You are so right, we all need to realize that our families play a major part in our lives. After all, all we do if for them and to make sure that we are able to provide everything they need, even if we can’t always provide everything that they may want. Yet, acknowledging the importance of the people in our lives, what they mean to us and what they mean to us is the key to successful happy family as well at working from home. Anitah, I have seen your comments different places and I have to say that I admire the way you think!

    2. Incredible work! I feel the same way, working from home should of course benefit you and your family. That’s the main reason people, where I know I do anyways, decide to work from home. I feel like me being here while they are growing up and learning is important and I don’t want to miss out on anything in their lives. I don’t want to be one of the parents that has to work a 9-5 and barely get by while the 1% is benefiting from my hard work and me missing out on my kids growing up. Thank you again! I will definitely take some notes and I am sure that me as well as my family will flourish.


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