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Beyond The External Feeling of a Child 2
November 28, 2017

As an important addendum to what has already been said in this book, I believe that it is

important to state how important the spiritual dimension is to the ultimate application of

the principles stated in this book.

I have found that each of us tends to treat ourselves like we feelGod treats us. The

word feel in the previous sentence is important. I believe that we can know God treats

us one way and yet feel like He treats us another. It’s the difference between the head

and the heart.

I encourage you to go to http://www.askapastor.org/ebooksand download the ebook

entitled “Painting Your Picture Of God.” Beginning with a self profile, it will take you

through a series of studies designed to show you where your view of God might be

hindering your forward progress in applying the principles in this book.

I wish to close this book with the one question I heard myself using in counselling more

than any other. Even after spending hours hearing about the intense pain in an

individual’s life through stories that oftentimes brought tears to my eyes, I knew that this

singular question had to be asked. So I learned to sit back in my chair, look the person

in the eye, and dare to ask the question “What are you going to do about it?”

More than that, I learned to wait for an answer.

Most of the time the question would sound so cruel that the person to whom it was

addressed would physically react as though I had punched or slapped them. The room

would fill with an awkward silence. However, what at first seemed a cruel question

became an empowering question. As the person was able to form their answer

sometimes over minutes, sometimes days, months or even years, they would find

themselves extricating themselves from the bindings that had shackled both them and

their dreams.

So I end this book by asking you the same question. Now after reading this book, what

are you going to do about it? Please take your time. But please do answer that


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