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What Will Happen When Trust Is Gone?
March 7, 2017

When trust is gone, everything will be nothing. Your conscience will not stop to torture your presence for you are not true to your words. The pain of the person who entrusted you his full trust on you never likes to see your face again. That is what will surely happen if you are not sincere. It may not only happen to a relationship but also to a simple group, few friends, family members and even to you. In friendship, trust is gone if you reveal to others the secret your friend confided to you. Your mouth cannot stop to spread the most confidential secret of your friend and because you are friends she has her full trust that it will not reach to the ears of others. Since you break one rule of friendship never expect to see your friend trusting you again and that offense is also a ground to break your friendship. Your friend may surely say you are not a real friend and human being. The more you add injury to your friend’s heart. It is late for you to realize your fault leads you to losing a friend.

In a family, trust is gone if the money intended to pay for your tuition is spent bonding with your friends and here comes you now asking money again for you cannot take the exam. Your family will also lose their trust on you again if you become unwed mother. There will be many occurrences that may lead destruction of trust between you and your parents. They may not support you again in your desire to finish a course. It takes months and even years to restore back trust you ruin because of your carelessness. There are many petty instances your parents dislike to task you again that involves money and confidentiality. To gain back their trust, all you have to do is make your grades better and rise again through your own initiative should you have been a victim of a false love , for here you are now with a child without a father a child to call his own and a husband to support you and your baby. It will be better for you to be smart and wise the next time should there be temptation that come your way like that experience you have now. You will surely like to die from shame and guilt of losing trust from your family if do the same mistakes a gain.

Moreover, never tell a lie to a friend for you can never gain back better friendship again. Also, never hurt your family through a sinful lie for they are your only hope to build a better future. Their future lies in your hands and yours is just to accomplish what they like to happen to you, that is success yourself to exhaust when you are on that stage of life.

Trust leads to a better life for many will appreciate you and that serves and vouches you when you seek for an employment and marriage. Just be nice to everyone and nice things happen back to you.Trust is like a flowing stream that continues to fall in its strength of silent water.

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    1. Indeed when trust is broken, it cannot be made whole again, just like a clay pot that us broken that can never be made whole again or even if it can be it is already with cracks. And these cracks at anytime may crack again and totally be damaged.

      True, with parents , when they catch their child lying to them about the amount of tuition they are paying and discovering that what they asked from you is so much higher than what it should be, such trust can never be restored again. The parents for fear that they will be defrauded again as to the amount would just go to he school and pay it themselves. Or they can just issue checks so they can be sure that it will be paid on the said amount written on the check. No more avenue for cheating the parents.

      But hubby and I are happy because our child is honest with us when it comes to money.

    2. @Dina, hi friend? Nice you have a very good upbringing of your children. Those children doing that cheat are dissatisfied with their allowance. They might have many projects,m it remains wrong though. Having many projects and hungry feeling is not a valid reason to spend the money intended for tuition. There are many college students this time spending much to useless things,


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