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The Mission is to Head Towards What’s Purposed
February 15, 2018

Indeed there will be delays and there will be some wanting to incur the delays for whatever reasons. Too many continue to think that they’re actions can stop what was already designed. Yes, folks can try to hinder but what God has declared is so, so therefore their efforts to disconnect won’t occur. “What am I Tanikka Paulk seeking?” A good question wouldn’t so many want to know. The gifts and gifts which were given to me=Tanikka Paulk no man shall take away. It’s been said over and over again within the word that you seek and you shall find. I’m continuing to seek and will continue to make the necessary discoveries.

Although there have been many challenges there is still progress. No matter how many arrows are pointed in my direction there are many reasons why “I’m continuing my journey.” (Tanikka Paulk) The ones trying to cause delays and a cease aren’t understanding just how purpose really works. The dysfunctional behaviors have caused some tension but has also alerted others that there needs to be some changes occurring. There is progress and there will continue to be progress. What I’ve found so many haven’t dreamnt of finding. So there will be further developments occurring.

There will always be some disagreeing with what has to take place and what has already taken placed. For so many they’re not seeing the whole picture. Most of what needs to occur must occur without so many eyes seeing. Too many are so in tuned with trying to make sure that there is little progress. If they’re willing to change their mindset then perhaps there will be more accomplished. As long as there are individuals wanting to cause upsets then there will probably be delays. “There no need to become all bent out of shape just because there’s problematic events.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Perhaps more will occur when there are removals and yes there will need to be disconnections in order to create more success. Shouldn’t persons want to become more successful? I’m not sure why so many continue to believe that their more powerful then God the Father of Jesus Christ. I’ve been in situations where it would appear as though there were no solutions at all. There are ways to get through the trials and although trying to get through the many trials may take sometime. “Remaining hopeful is key.” (Tanikka Paulk)= T. Paulk

My mindset is towards “goals, achievements, progression.” (paulk tanikka) There should be building occurring and for the ones thinking that sabotaging is the answer. They’re wrong. It’s better to soar then to go backwards. I’m on my journey and no matter how much chatter going on. I’m going to continue to make the efforts to build. Rising upwards will occur because God has already declared my destiny. There were and will continue to be achievements. Too focused on what should and needs to occur in order to produce a stronger economy.

“Reflecting and the Reflections. Positive Thinking Shall Occur.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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