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Effective Leadership Requires the Upmost Concentration
February 1, 2019

Have to concentrate because there’s so  many paths to complete. Leadership isn’t everyone’s path. A true leader will know when and how to solve some of the toughest problems. Reacting to every disagreement isn’t necessary. The ability “to function” and proceed confidently is apart of the skills required to be a leader. “A smile and a desire to proceed and accomplish building is what a true leader will want to do.” (Tanikka Paulk). Persons may disagree with the decisions made regarding some leaders.

I’ve been chosen but yet there’s so many un-acceoting individuals but there’s no need to be concerned. “One won’t stop being a leader just because some aren’t agreeing with the decision the “Government” has made. She continues and God has already chosen you to be.” (Tanikka Paulk). My confirmation and confirmations have been revealed so therefore I’m continuing without fret. Leadership shouldn’t entail the foolishness in which persons worldwide have witnessed.

If individuals want to confront the their concerns then they may but there’s no desire to cease my mission. No matter what’s said I’m going to move the way I see fit. Meaning I’m going to use my own judgement and proceed according to what I’ve “acquired.” What I’ve learned and the skills I’ve obtained. The objectives will be accomplished what’s written some haven’t figured out yet. Too many are thinking that I’m a pushover but they’re mistaken.

Firmness is what is instilled although it may appear as though I’m soft. I’m tough. Made to conquer and love will conquer. “Conquers.” So many have caused their own distress by trying to overturn what the Government has decided. “I’m chucking because they’re unaware of the many unseen moves and that’s best because there’s more progress when they’re unaware of the moves.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Effectiveness is right here. The unifying has occurred and will continue to occur. I’ve already demonstrated the know how’s. If they’re unwilling to accept then there’s groups willing to accept. Movements will occur anyway. Qualified leadership will help build a nation. Building is what one is doing right now. I have no interest in trying to tear down my country. I’m refusing to connect to the individuals trying to tear my dreams apart.

Proceeding is best and that’s what I’m doing right now. There’s been a lot of chatter but there’s also progress. What I’m experiencing are tests and so far I’ve gained and regained the proper “knowledge” in order to incur further effectiveness. “Experience is more than an instructor is a achiever.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Scripture helps to adjust yo the matters in which some need my immediate attention and some don’t. “Proceeding.”

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Already Proven What Needed to be Proven
November 21, 2018

The proof has been supplied but some are in denial about the what is. What has already been declared seems to confuse the others. They’re behaving as if they haven’t got a clue. There is more to what’s seen by the naked eye. There is the inner in which some are unable to get a hold of. “Time and time again the troubling ones continue to mock the creations of The Almighty.” (Tanikka Paulk). The name is what some have misunderstood. Whether above or below there seems to be the desire to want to remove my existence.

The truth has been revealed although there seems to be some game playing there is still the seriousness which should occur. The motives of so many aren’t reasons to stop the movement. There is still room to excel and when the crowd behave erratic then there are ways to incur the calmness which is necessary in order to grow. Perhaps some haven’t considered how important growth is. There is the reaching of abundance and there will be achievable motions. The agreeable will continue to move in the swift direction. There will be the left and the right.

The misjudgments have caused some to cause confusions but the ones having the ability to think will find the ways to move accurately. There has to be acceptance perhaps some haven’t considered their own existence. They’ve troubled themselves by wanting to invade where there shouldn’t be any invading. There is room to go upwards and although some of what has taken place seems to appear backwards. There is understanding but there has to be a decision to understand.

There are many groups wanting to build Nations and there are some refusing to build at all. There tearing down of walls when there should be more unification. My purpose was already ordained despite what mankind tried to do to my journey there is the continuous travels. They’ve watched my every move to see what will occur next. What some expect could only be their thoughts. The thoughts, the pondering of what shall be, and the thinking in which some have refused to allow in.

My positions have been proven to be so. The evidence is in reach. There are the continued visions to become what some haven’t dared to consider. “Greatness is within but some refuse to allow their own greatness to be apart of their daily living.” By: Tanikka Paulk. Oh there are some who’ve tried to mimic my purpose and I’m continuing to be in pursuit. But of what? Building! Oh yes there appears to be just one willing to build they haven’t figured out yet how to participate. The connecting of groups which will and should push up instead of trying to pull down.

They’ve set my position where they’re unable to reach. There is no way that my thoughts will include defeat. My mind has is set on victory. No matter what’s said there will be the thoughts of prosperity. If there is only one dime I’m wealthy but how? The  wealth of love, accomplishments, and of gratitude. What belongs will remain what has caused declines won’t remain but there will be the fleeing. There seems to be some unwilling to continue to battle which can waste one’s time. On to the next levels. If there is slowed movements then there are ways to produce faster speeds. Moving up higher and higher and in some areas there will be a lowering but room to produce excelling.” by: Tanikka Paulk

“My journey desires the attention foolishness isn’t what I’m focused on.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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There has to be Absolute Focusing on the Achievements and More
October 19, 2018

There is still more to achieve and there are the cooperative ones wanting to achieve further “success.” Yes there are the ones wanting to play around but there should be the concentration so that the goals are met. I Tanikka Paulk encourage dream makers to focus on the aspirations be dedicated to what can help incur prosperity. Elevation is certainly necessary. What has been “discovered” thus far? Progress, abilities, and searches. I’ve searched in ways some won’t dare to search. There has been more than managing. To be equipped is what some refrain from achieving.

The abilities are desired, the crafts are observed, and the skills have been obtained. There are some desiring to cause distractions but there are many ways to get back on track. There’s the steady motions and even if there’s little movements there are movements. One should be careful when dealing with certain individuals because there are some so determined to cause delays, to try and stop what has already been purposed, there should be the focusing on their own goals. “There seems to be more focus on what I’m trying to accomplish and less focusing on what persons need to accomplish.” by: Tanikka Paulk

I’m certainly dedicated to my dreams it seems as though there are so many dedicated to other’s dreams instead of their own. The followers pretend as if their not followers. They’ll reveal in someway that they are. No matter what’s displayed, said, or perceived it is always about the what is. That’s right! I’ve conquered when there has been extreme adversity. I’ve learned how to handle situations better. Thankfully I’m continuing to head in the direction which will incur what is needed and what “can create” further developments. “Conquering has lead to the conquered.” (Tanikka Paulk)

No matter what darts are projected I’m continuing if they’re wanting to cause distractions then perhaps their afraid of where I’m headed. There is no time to stop and pay close attention to noisemakers. The show continues isn’t that what God has addressed in the “Good Book.” They’re worrying about what I’m going to do when there should be attention on what they need to do. Chuckles because I’ve been moving along for quite sometime now! Motivated there is sunshine and although there will be rainy times there will also be brighter times. “If they want to know where I’m headed then they will have to wait and see.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Some ask the question:  Are you coming or going? Could be either or. My main focus is to reach the goals in which I’ve supplied to self. Perhaps there are many misunderstanding what is to occur. Fear seems to be the reason why some would prefer to remove the journey. My place has already been set so therefore they’re out of order. What is it that they should achieve? I’ve seen the words in which would probably cause some to break completely but I’m aware of what God has stored up and what will occur after my leaving here.


“There is More Than one Reason why I’m Continuing and one of the Reasons is Because of God.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Want to Know Just Have to Wait and See
October 11, 2018

There are so many anxious to know exactly what’s going on. Why? Shouldn’t a person be allowed to live their lives privately? We’re headed where some aren’t “qualified” to join. There’s more than the eyes can see. The moves should be secretly conducted. There are the watchers wanting to see if every action will be revealed to the public eyes. There are some who’ve expressed that they are along. That’s good that they’ve decided to partake in this travel. The journey continues and why should the “chosen” cease? Elevation occurs with the concentration, motivation, and extreme determination.

They’ve tried to instill fear the rattle of the snakes but there is way too much determination so therefore their tactics aren’t welcomed. I’m freely and confidently proceeding. God and Jesus Christ is always with me=Tanikka Paulk. The “Good Book” continues to remain close to me=Tanikka Paulk. The Book is ‘Gold and Black” The words are filled with boldness. Oh how important are the words which come from God. Jesus words are in red and the words are extremely important. “Muy Importante.” Si. (Very Important Yes). I’ve carefully reviewed the details in which they’re unaware of.

When there’s the sensitivity then there has to be ways to keep the information safe. There are many reasons why I’ve been chosen for the “Positions.” The competitors are focused on trying to pull down while I’m focused on the “rise up.” In order to remain whole which Jesus has stated that Daughter is there has to be constant prayer. I’m dedicated to get there. One direction to another. One location to another. Where am I now? I’m in Miami, Florida. There are some unwilling to try to follow their dreams, they’ve been discouraged in someway, no matter what’s said the confidence remains within me=Tanikka Paulk

I’ve chosen to dismiss the words from the hecklers, the haters, the competitors. Some won’t add any value to what’s to be accomplished. There are some not receiving an invitation. They may want to get back in the boat. No! My journey isn’t complete but there are the many attempts to incur the completeness. My faith is too strong to allow the folks who’ve tried to sabotage back in. There appears to be the enemies and they’re continuously trying to cause distractions. There is the “meditation” and I’m prayed up!

Along, along, along yes indeed. I’m pleased because there’s is so much to accomplish but yet there is so much that’s already been accomplished. Haven’t they learned that their tactics aren’t effective? Appears as though they’re desperate enough to continue to try to remove what God has already ordained. Brush my shoulders off. Looking to the right, looking up, looking around. I’ve seeking and I’m finding. What will the disruptions find? Perhaps what they’re not prepared to receive.

I’m called time notated, updated, and documented. I’m furnished with what some aren’t able to comprehend. The ability to proceed confidently really does come from God. I’ve attempted to add the security to secure there’s so many wanting. That’s right. They want and they need. Their desire to obtain is so deep. Their expressions are deeply demonstrated but there will always be ‘love.” To be remembered some are unforgettable. I’m passionately driven and there could be the crowds waiting to see if there will be the crumbling.

Magnifying my purpose. There are the supporters and although it may appear as though there’s little to no support I’m aware that the supporters are hidden in plain sight. Reading what God has said that His children should study. God’s promises, words, and His love. In out and about. They’ve said that “about you” Perhaps. There are some without the understanding. To understand offers “greater” rewards. Achievements shall continue. I’m ready but for what? Perhaps there has to be the awaiting in order to know.

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The Foundation was laid Long ago

Purposed and designed and they still are unable to accept what God has already spoken about. No matter how many try to cause disruptions God is always in control. “God the Father of Jesus Christ.” Mankind seems to think that they have the ability to overpower God. Yes they’ve tried to disrupt my journey but I’m in no way intimated by their actions. There is no time to waste on pity things. They’ve misjudged, misunderstood, lack understanding. My purpose was designed by God. Satan tried to defeat God but was unable to do so. So why does mankind think that they can defeat God/Lord?

The thoughts achieved yesterday and today are my own. I’ve accomplished and will continue to do so as long as I’m here. The disruptions are a sign that I’m on the right path. I’m having, shall receive, because God has already favored “Daughter.” They’ve invaded my journey. Tanikka Paulk never invaded the individuals journey. They’ve tried to take credit for my makings. I’ve made and there is proof of such. There is so much determination here and despite the adversities I’m confident that there will be the accomplishments of the goals.

There is unity and I Tanikka Paulk truly appreciate the ones who’ve helped pave the way. There should be focus on achieving higher goals. There should be thoughts of unity. The ability to unify despite what some try to dish out. The foundation was laid and mankind can try to send out their spears but God has already ordained that. Yes He has. I’ve received the negative words and tossed the words back. My goal is to make the necessary changes. No matter what’s said about me=Tanikka Paulk what’s said about you=Tanikka Paulk “I’m going to keep on moving in the right direction.” by: Tanikka Paulk

Oh how some have underestimated my ability to discover and explore the endless possibilities. I’m functional enough to proceed and some are more in tuned with challenging me=Tanikka Paulk when they should be in tuned with their own dreams. My vision shouldn’t belong to every person. Every person shouldn’t be on my journey. I must remain focused in order to find the appropriate solutions. So many can criticize but what have are they willing to offer?

There are some trying to force individuals to invade my “purpose.” It’s my journey. Tanikka Paulk journey and every person shouldn’t receive an invitation. If they tried to sabotage then why should they be on my journey? There is so much confidence to proceed. I’m truly blessed to have the ones with sense to encourage the proceeding. Soon enough there will be the completeness and I’ll be thrilled. The words have encouraged me=Tanikka Paulk although some probably thought their negative words would have broken my entire body. No!

Imagine having to deal with some of the most cynical People. How would some handle such matters? Some probably would have given up and there are some who’ve decided to hide. I’m able to smile and believe that my gifts have and will continue to make the differences. Yes they’ve tried to force me=Tanikka Paulk to stop but God is allowing the movements to continue. Persons should try to live their dreams. I’m going to continue to try and live my dreams.

Yes that purpose mission matters. I’ve heard and read some of the negatives but I’m in no way discouraged. I’ve been chosen to be in the position I’m currently in. The individuals who’ve tried to ruin my walk will probably regret their actions. Some have tried to discipline me=Tanikka Paulk and really need to be disciplined themselves. If I focused on what the persons have said or will say then there will be less progress when there should be more. I’m going to continue as long as I Tanikka Paulk have breathe in my body. “What’s said about Tanikka Paulk should generate encouragement no matter what words are said.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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There are Positive Ways to Handle the Competition

Oh what can one say about the competitors? There’s lots to say and they’ll be said right here. Competition has and will continue to occur as long as mankind is here on earth. Oh yes indeed some of the competitors seem to have lost their minds because they’re willing to get rid of their competitor and when I say get rid of their competition (meaning) they’re willing to cause their competition’s demise. “How can competitors think that they’re effective within their craft if they’re unable to compete effectively?” by: Tanikka Paulk. Some of my competition was and probably are stilling willing to through shade, attacks, and try to ruin my name.

I’m able to keep smiling and proceed because I’m confident driven and motivated to achieve more than I’ve achieved before. There are some competitors insanely trying to pull down my path why? Perhaps they’re lacking confidence or perhaps they’re envious of what I’ve achieved and what will be achieved in the near future. There are so many afraid to live their dreams because they’re afraid of what the critics will have to say. In order to prevent being criticized a person would have to be a hermit. As long as they’re seeing the shine then they will want to dim the light.

My focus isn’t on what the competitors will do or say but my focus is on helping and accomplishing my set goals. If any person focuses on what their competition is doing then they’ll achieve less. There should be focus on building but there are so many continuing to believe that there shouldn’t be any building. They’re wrong. My journey has been filled will adversities some wouldn’t dare to face. Annoying? Yes. Although there were and are many attacks my purpose was already declared so the individuals aren’t brain filled perhaps their actions would suggest that they’re brainless.

God chose me=Tanikka Paulk and mankind selected me=Tanikka Paulk. There will be some disagreeing but the disagreeable won’t cause “Tanikka Paulk” to turn away People. I’ve helped and will continue to help and although I need help myself I’m a firm believer in what had has said. God wants mankind to help one another and love one another. There are so many “demonstrating” hateful ways. No matter how many times I’m attacked I’m believing in what God said and will continue to seek as long as I’m here on earth. Yes they tried to destroy my path but I’ve prayed and will continue to pray for the individuals.

There are positive thoughts even when there appears to be persons wanting to see my decline. I’m able to smile at the individuals and proceed. Glory! There’s less in an area and more in areas. My confidence didn’t lower there is strength to proceed and achieve what I’ve desired to achieve. One can learn to communicate with the competition and counter acting by offering positive words when they dish out negatives. There are so many reasons why I’m continuing and I’ve made a difference and in fact I’ve made differences. “Obtaining abilities is a wise thing to do to be able to grow is a blessing but how many are appreciative?” by: Tanikka Paulk

To be positive when the storms reign in certainly can be difficult. There are endless possibilities and I’m willing to seek what my dreams have to offer. I understand that there will be competition and I also understand that there needs to be bravery in order to accomplish “the set goals.” Perhaps they’ve viewed me=Tanikka Paulk as an easy target. Some of my competition I’ve included on my journey due to the individuals trying to sabotage my purpose I’ve uninvited the individuals. They’ve tried to ruin my work, my expressiveness, every area I’ve created but I’m refusing to become what they individuals are.

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God said to “Seek and you Shall Find.” The you has found. Scripture will tell people about the you and God as well as Jesus Christ will provide the glorious words describing you. Mankind doesn’t seem to understand that they’re unable to overpower God. God is the Creator of mankind and He designed my purpose but mankind will try to destroy what God has ordained. Their efforts won’t incur what they’ve expected. My continuation probably surprises most. Glory to God I’m living faith filled. There is more to me=Tanikka Paulk than their eyes can see.

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Visionaries and The Leads Towards the Understanding

When there’s a vision there should be focus on putting to vision to life. Bring a vision from one area to another. One point to another point is extremely important. A person may never know how effective their vision can be unless there’s the courage to place to vision to living. “Life” is here and ready to continue to supply what’s needed for the vision and the purpose. I’ve been very focus on what the vision should look like. All visionaries should be concerned about their vision. There are some afraid to put their vision out there so that the world can view the vision for many reasons.

“A vision is similar to the light shining through the window pane.” (Tanikka Paulk). The focus will continue to be on the movements. I’ve been challenged during many stages of my journey but there is no way that my confidence will leave. The persons continuing to try and discourage visionaries aren’t doing themselves any favors. It’s better to spend time around visionaries and try to focus more on the path at hand. What I’ve learned about the journey is that there will be cynics trying to destroy what God has already ordained. “My gift has been supplied to me=Tanikka Paulk and why are so many after the gift?

God is continuing to walk with me=Tanikka Paulk on my journey. He’s favored me=Tanikka Paulk. The actions in which so many display hasn’t altered this path. Yes, they’ve tried to take the vision away from me=Tanikka Paulk, they’ve tried “to send” all sorts of messages in order to cause discouragement but I’m still continuing on the journey. Amen! “What causes so many to believe that they’re worthy of sabotaging what God creates?” By: Tanikka Paulk. Allowing the visionaries to continue is a good thing. Yes indeed. There is still joyfulness related to that journey. Yes it is this also that. (Tanikka Paulk).

I’ve proven my worth by placing more and more what God has stored up! I’ve been criticized harshly but the criticism hasn’t prevented to journey from “continuing.” They’ve challenged me=Tanikka Paulk so often. The words spoken from the mouths of fools won’t cause me=Tanikka Paulk to believe that a cease should occur. There should be gladness when there are visions. How many are really thrilled when there are movements which can generate prosperity? My mind is continuing to have thoughts of reaching the finish line. Oh yes I’m blessed.

My vision isn’t for everyone. My journey shouldn’t involve all persons. So many may not understand what I’m trying to accomplish here. They’ve been misjudging “the purpose” and one of the reasons could be due to lack of understanding. The attacks projected are attacks in which so many visionaries have received. “God knows what He wants and will see that the purpose is completed. I’ve faced the injustices and there’s still work to be done. “”My mission of that and that of is to remain focused and confident so that there will be further progress occurring.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

Here I am. I’m here trying to continue what God had already declared. The anointed hand will do what’s necessary in order to create more goals. “I’ve achieved and yes there is more to achieve.” (Tanikka Paulk). How many are willing to allow the further achievements to occur? There could be some resistance but no man which means mankind can prevent God from doing God’s work. No man can take God’s position God meaning God the Father of Jesus Christ. The cynics have tried to cause discouragement but there’s the continuation. Thanks.

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The Mission is to Head Towards What’s Purposed
February 15, 2018

Indeed there will be delays and there will be some wanting to incur the delays for whatever reasons. Too many continue to think that they’re actions can stop what was already designed. Yes, folks can try to hinder but what God has declared is so, so therefore their efforts to disconnect won’t occur. “What am I Tanikka Paulk seeking?” A good question wouldn’t so many want to know. The gifts and gifts which were given to me=Tanikka Paulk no man shall take away. It’s been said over and over again within the word that you seek and you shall find. I’m continuing to seek and will continue to make the necessary discoveries.

Although there have been many challenges there is still progress. No matter how many arrows are pointed in my direction there are many reasons why “I’m continuing my journey.” (Tanikka Paulk) The ones trying to cause delays and a cease aren’t understanding just how purpose really works. The dysfunctional behaviors have caused some tension but has also alerted others that there needs to be some changes occurring. There is progress and there will continue to be progress. What I’ve found so many haven’t dreamnt of finding. So there will be further developments occurring.

There will always be some disagreeing with what has to take place and what has already taken placed. For so many they’re not seeing the whole picture. Most of what needs to occur must occur without so many eyes seeing. Too many are so in tuned with trying to make sure that there is little progress. If they’re willing to change their mindset then perhaps there will be more accomplished. As long as there are individuals wanting to cause upsets then there will probably be delays. “There no need to become all bent out of shape just because there’s problematic events.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Perhaps more will occur when there are removals and yes there will need to be disconnections in order to create more success. Shouldn’t persons want to become more successful? I’m not sure why so many continue to believe that their more powerful then God the Father of Jesus Christ. I’ve been in situations where it would appear as though there were no solutions at all. There are ways to get through the trials and although trying to get through the many trials may take sometime. “Remaining hopeful is key.” (Tanikka Paulk)= T. Paulk

My mindset is towards “goals, achievements, progression.” (paulk tanikka) There should be building occurring and for the ones thinking that sabotaging is the answer. They’re wrong. It’s better to soar then to go backwards. I’m on my journey and no matter how much chatter going on. I’m going to continue to make the efforts to build. Rising upwards will occur because God has already declared my destiny. There were and will continue to be achievements. Too focused on what should and needs to occur in order to produce a stronger economy.

“Reflecting and the Reflections. Positive Thinking Shall Occur.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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Avoidance is Necessary When Trying to Accomplish a Purpose

We’re all given a purpose and it appears as though some are trying to live others purpose. There should be attempts to create our own dreams and avoid tagging onto other’s dreams or purpose. For so many they’ve given up on trying to purpose their purpose. There are so many continuously trying to distract visionaries in order to hinder or prevent the visions from coming together. When so many desire to hinder what is purposed then they’re placing themselves at risk. They’re trying to minimize what God has already declared. Mankind will try to do so and God will allow some of what occurs to occur but it’s up to God whether we’ll receive.

Just be Determined to get There

Focus on the pursuit and not what others are saying. There will be so many opinions and there is a choice whether to listen or to proceed. The distractions are placed in order to create slowness. The ones who’ve chosen to give up are missing out on what could be “glorious.” So many have listened to the critics and critics will have their say. They’ll speak but do we have to there? Choose to listen to the constructive criticism. What’s being said may not add any value. There will be some willing to project valuable information and data. Some will refrain from allowing this-that to make certain moves. Although such things may occur. The determination will allow the visionary to continue and become even more successful.

There will be a lot of adversity. Some may choose to add more adversities in order to recognize whether more developments have occurred. The envious will continue to try and disrupt and also try to take claim of the works performed. No matter how hard some may try to get next to visionaries it’s up to the visionaries whether to proceed or to cease. Coming close to the purpose occurs when there is continuous movement. Sometimes we’ll have to shut off from some in order to become more productive. The areas in which cause less productivity should be avoided or less time should be spent in such environments.

There should be focus on getting close to completing the dreams. So many have dreamed but refuse to put their dreams to work. There should be the desire to incur more growth and yes there are some not pleased with witnessing “movements.” Of course there will be setbacks but the setbacks aren’t reasons to stop pursuing. We’;re on positions to advance further and although there will be many difficulties there shouldn’t be a cease. The words projected could be valuable and some of what’s said is gibberish. The doubters  will doubt and may not want certain individuals to live their dream.

There will be some wanting to subtract instead of add. A lot of noise will occur and we’ll have to shut the noise out. There will lots of saying and perhaps not enough encouraging words. That’s why it’s so important to encourage self. Unfortunately there will be come wanting to make  a visionary lose control and feel badly about self. Encouraging ourselves is needed and continuing to move forward towards the purpose is important. Some aren'[t quite focused on their purpose and could be more focused on other’s “purpose.”

What some fail to understand that not all should be traveling on the journey. There are some in no position to come along. When there is a destination to arrive to then there certainly shouldn’t be others coming along. There will times when we’ll need to express that some aren’t welcome. So many may feel as though they have a right to be apart of the vision. “My Work is of my own and There is Refusal to Hand Over my Work.” Tanikka Paulk. The ones feeling the need to take credit for my work aren’t confident. Producing our own work is of great importance.

this that= Tanikka Paulk

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To Remain Confident is the Main key
December 7, 2017

Having confidence is very important and some will lose their confidence because of what they’re going through. There’s so much to face while here and there will be times when we’re feeling fatigued due to the pressures which we’ll experience. “Being Confident is a joy and we Should all Appreciate Being Surrounded by Confidence.’ (Tanikka Paulk). There are so many ways to build confidence and some simply aren’t knowledgeable about the many ways to do so. It’s not difficult to remain confident however being surrounded by a lot of persons who insist on trying to remove the confidence can certainly take a toll.

Too many are in tuned with trying to discourage instead of trying to make sure that more are achieving. We’re worthy of course but when facing so many individuals who are trying to pull down can be unsettling. That’s why we should take some time out and just think and allow the mind to think about exciting events. The competition is the reason why so many are so in tuned with trying to create discouragement. Facing so many at one time can be filled with complexities. Why are so many so cruel? There’s so many reasons why so many are but if we ponder long and hard on what others will do or say then we’ll end up not achieving what we should achieve.

So many may want to give up because of what they’ll have to go through. Not being able to cope can really make any person just crumble. The very individuals we’ll expect to be support will be the very ones who try to break the line of confidence. It’s better to “just smile” and don’t worry about what they’re saying. It’s obvious when a person has what so many may desire by the way the persons will try to pull and tug at the person. There’s a reason why some are chosen to lead and others are not. Going on despite what’s going on will demonstrate that a person is not only confident but on the right track.

Image having to deal with so many not willing to even offer a break to be challenged often. Not a good position to be in but through the “avenue of confidence” the person or persons can achieve anyway. There are so many folks trying to get ahead and they’re not able to do so because of the persons trying to hinder. If they’re trying to hinder in any way then they’re behind. Indeed they’re behind. Every person was given a gift and should be allowed to move forward. There are some always trying to disrupt what’s taking place. So many causing so much havoc.

I’m continuing on and there’s many reasons why. “The process isn’t an easy one.” There are some continuing to develop strength despite what they’re going through. “No I’m not Stopping or Given up for any Person. I’m Continuing Because I’ve Been Chosen.” (Tanikka Paulk). To be harassed is like a nail in the bottom of my foot but despite the harassment I’m still on the road to more success. Even the wealthy will be behind and not understand why some are chosen and others are not. To believe in my gifts are a blessing.

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