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To Remain Confident is the Main key
December 7, 2017

Having confidence is very important and some will lose their confidence because of what they’re going through. There’s so much to face while here and there will be times when we’re feeling fatigued due to the pressures which we’ll experience. “Being Confident is a joy and we Should all Appreciate Being Surrounded by Confidence.’ (Tanikka Paulk). There are so many ways to build confidence and some simply aren’t knowledgeable about the many ways to do so. It’s not difficult to remain confident however being surrounded by a lot of persons who insist on trying to remove the confidence can certainly take a toll.

Too many are in tuned with trying to discourage instead of trying to make sure that more are achieving. We’re worthy of course but when facing so many individuals who are trying to pull down can be unsettling. That’s why we should take some time out and just think and allow the mind to think about exciting events. The competition is the reason why so many are so in tuned with trying to create discouragement. Facing so many at one time can be filled with complexities. Why are so many so cruel? There’s so many reasons why so many are but if we ponder long and hard on what others will do or say then we’ll end up not achieving what we should achieve.

So many may want to give up because of what they’ll have to go through. Not being able to cope can really make any person just crumble. The very individuals we’ll expect to be support will be the very ones who try to break the line of confidence. It’s better to “just smile” and don’t worry about what they’re saying. It’s obvious when a person has what so many may desire by the way the persons will try to pull and tug at the person. There’s a reason why some are chosen to lead and others are not. Going on despite what’s going on will demonstrate that a person is not only confident but on the right track.

Image having to deal with so many not willing to even offer a break to be challenged often. Not a good position to be in but through the “avenue of confidence” the person or persons can achieve anyway. There are so many folks trying to get ahead and they’re not able to do so because of the persons trying to hinder. If they’re trying to hinder in any way then they’re behind. Indeed they’re behind. Every person was given a gift and should be allowed to move forward. There are some always trying to disrupt what’s taking place. So many causing so much havoc.

I’m continuing on and there’s many reasons why. “The process isn’t an easy one.” There are some continuing to develop strength despite what they’re going through. “No I’m not Stopping or Given up for any Person. I’m Continuing Because I’ve Been Chosen.” (Tanikka Paulk). To be harassed is like a nail in the bottom of my foot but despite the harassment I’m still on the road to more success. Even the wealthy will be behind and not understand why some are chosen and others are not. To believe in my gifts are a blessing.

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What is it That I Seek
October 19, 2017

To Seek

To seek to seek that is all over me=(Tanikka paulk)

To be able to find what was designed

Oh what joy to be able to seek there is seeking inside of me=(Tanikka Paulk) and you=(Tanikka Paulk) too.

Seeking joy and my goodness why oh why do so many challenge me=(Tanikka Paulk)?

Oh please oh please let my mind be free

There is so much “to discover” and the very best has yet to come

So many may not consider how much work there is to be done

Seeking oh seeking that’s what we’ll see

The Bible told me=(Tanikka Paulk) so and that’s what I’m doing

What is so will be and no matter who tries to cause a cease

God knows my heart and He continues to Guide me=(Tanikka Paulk

The Heavenly one loves so deeply the one who Created all things and Keeps me=(Tanikka Paulk)


Discoveries Await oh yes!

I’m discovering and shouldn’t we all?

To discover and to continue to stand

What a blessing for each woman and man

To take what is gifted and to try and shield

There has to be a will in order to discover what should be found

Too many aren’t trying to fulfil

There are some who are just trying to discover thrills

Oh what a joy to be able to discover what can be consider as abundantly

There is so much that is left within me(Tanikka Paulk)

There is no need to think that I’m not on a mission to find my discoveries

So many may not “understand” why some choose to discover

There are discoveries by my spiritual Sisters and Brothers

Discovering continues and I’m so grateful for

To discover here and there and to discover more and more


Blessings are upon Each one of Us!!

Shouldn’t we all consider how blessed we are?

It appears as if some may not have considered how truly blessed they are

“To continue” to complain about what some are achieving

There are some who become so frustrated and are leaving

Moving on to brighter days ahead

Finding out that what they’ve perceived isn’t actually so

There is certainly a ways to go

The journey continues and what wonders

There may be some who may appear to project clouds and thunder

May my journey continue there is certainly a lot to adhere to

Although there may be some displeased but I’m continuing on

May not be with ease at all times but I’m still here to accomplish grand

They’ve seen my blessed “hand.”

Poet’s Notes: Poetry is an expressive way to place words to pen and paper or technology. To be able to be expressive is truly a blessing. To have the opportunity to place my words here is wonderful. My name is Tanikka Paulk and I’m a writer, blogger, poet. Founder and Advocate. etc. I’m blessed no matter how the seasons turn. There is are many reasons why I’m continuing to proceed with the journey. “Not in the business to give up!” by: (Tanikka Paulk)

What a Gift

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By the Glory of God the Progress Continues

It is God who continues to allow me= tanikka paulk to continue on my journey. I’m so confident that there will be so many solutions to the many problems and injustices and will continue to do what I’ve been doing before and that’s advocating. It’s better to find ways to smile so there can be more achievements. Any person who has ever tried to pursue a dream, tried to achieve a goal, or to put a vision to work knows that there will be adversity. For some they’ve come across a lot of resistance and I’m quite aware of such. “So many continue to try and make it very difficult for me= tanikka paulk. But Glory be to God. I’m still here.”

Yes, I’ve been through a lot of storms and yes I’m continuing to be on the battlefield but not without my armor. “The Full Armor of God.” God has chosen me=  tanikka paulk for a reason and He knew that there would be a lot of people who would try to stop my journey. Of course through the many challenges there has be greater strength developed. The competition hasn’t detoured me= tanikka paulk from making any progress. There is still “movement despite what has occurred.” The best thing to do is to continue to think positively and come out of whatever it is that seems to be a hold.

There are some who will be extremely cruel and some will try to taint a name but it appears that they’re having difficulties. The reason why so many have such difficulties trying to stop a person from continuing on is because they’re not doing good deeds. There is goodness in a place even when it appears to be evilness. There is light and hopefulness even when there is darkness. “I’m functional and continuing to make the necessary progress.” I’m still believing in self and believe that God will never leave my side. Of course not because God doesn’t forsake and neither does Jesus Christ.

Through it all, I’ve learned just who the friends and who the foes are, there are so many who behave like wolves. Of course no person can be an animal but their behavior can be animal like. It’s my positive attitude towards victory and to think of being victorious at all times. The good will overcome whatever it is that is presented. There is joy in knowing that eventually all of the “problems will be solved.” Although it may appear as if there is little progress at times. There is progress indeed. Some progress is certainly better than none.

My positioning is well understood. It has been proven again and again that so many who travel a journey have faced their critics and some have suffered many setbacks. A setback does not represent failure. In these times I’m continuing to stay prayed up. Whether the days are filled with havoc or joy. Prayer is always on my agenda. I’m going to get to the place where I’m trying to get to. Even if there are many roads to travel. The best road is the one  in which there will be many achievements. “Yes I’m Still Here and I’m Still Confident. There’s a Reason for my Travel.” By: (tanikka paulk).


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Do What Needs to be Done and That’s it

Due to so many individuals behaving like donkey’s probably would say the not so nice sounding meaning but I’m stick with donkey’s. Some may decide to just do what is “absolutely necessary” at that’s about it. Meaning some may choose to assist less and proceed to other matters. There may a lot of people going through some very troubling times. The issues could be a reason why so many are so irritating. Therefore there may be some who just do the minimum and refuse to go out of their way.

No matter how many be on the attack. No person should stop striving. However there is no need to stress out over what others will do or have done. If one wants to elevate then they’ll need to “do what it takes” to do so and leave the foolishness behind. No matter what others think, there will always be some who will do whatever it is they love to do. Some may get entangled with what’s taking place. Having so many are one’s behind can be quite annoying.

touching and rubbing one’s bottom. That’s how it appears to be because so many are after certain individuals. Just do what’s necessary and enjoy living. Otherwise some of the individuals will drive a cow crazy. It’s important to focus on the positives. There will always be negativity around but there’s some positivity somewhere. Some days some will have to brace themselves for the tornadoes. That’s right! There’s a lot of people who “can relate” to what I’m talking about. They’re aware that there’s a lot of people who will believe what they want and will cause disturbances no matter what’s going on.

Either one can choose to move ahead or pay close attention to what others are doing. Their actions shouldn’t detour a dream, “a vision,” or the ideas. Of course a lot will be said and a lot of people are in tuned with making life more difficult for others. Imagine what they must be going through. A lot of troubling individuals huh? Exactly. Some may be stressed or not knowing how to manage their own problems.

There has to be something going on to cause so many to be so destructive. If some are willing to behave like donkey’s then that’s their choice. There’s a lot of “inspirational messages” and other material to read so that there’s no focus on the negatives. Of course the ones who want to be continuously negative will be there. It appears as if some wait around just to try to see if they’re in a position to annoy others. Wonder if they’re sleeping at all.

Anyway. There should be focus on achieving and if one decides to address the issues then doing so is simply up to the person. Perhaps finding the right words will help. They’ll listen, may choose “to continue” with their antics, but they’re listening. That’s why it’s important to find positive activities to engage in. Otherwise a person would be stressed out with all of the issues which will probably continue to take place in every area.

“No Matter how Many try to Stop the Elevation. The Determined Ones Will Elevate Anyway.” By:

Tanikka Paulk

Photo Credit: Pixabay Free to use Even Commercially


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