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Want to Know Just Have to Wait and See
October 11, 2018

There are so many anxious to know exactly what’s going on. Why? Shouldn’t a person be allowed to live their lives privately? We’re headed where some aren’t “qualified” to join. There’s more than the eyes can see. The moves should be secretly conducted. There are the watchers wanting to see if every action will be revealed to the public eyes. There are some who’ve expressed that they are along. That’s good that they’ve decided to partake in this travel. The journey continues and why should the “chosen” cease? Elevation occurs with the concentration, motivation, and extreme determination.

They’ve tried to instill fear the rattle of the snakes but there is way too much determination so therefore their tactics aren’t welcomed. I’m freely and confidently proceeding. God and Jesus Christ is always with me=Tanikka Paulk. The “Good Book” continues to remain close to me=Tanikka Paulk. The Book is ‘Gold and Black” The words are filled with boldness. Oh how important are the words which come from God. Jesus words are in red and the words are extremely important. “Muy Importante.” Si. (Very Important Yes). I’ve carefully reviewed the details in which they’re unaware of.

When there’s the sensitivity then there has to be ways to keep the information safe. There are many reasons why I’ve been chosen for the “Positions.” The competitors are focused on trying to pull down while I’m focused on the “rise up.” In order to remain whole which Jesus has stated that Daughter is there has to be constant prayer. I’m dedicated to get there. One direction to another. One location to another. Where am I now? I’m in Miami, Florida. There are some unwilling to try to follow their dreams, they’ve been discouraged in someway, no matter what’s said the confidence remains within me=Tanikka Paulk

I’ve chosen to dismiss the words from the hecklers, the haters, the competitors. Some won’t add any value to what’s to be accomplished. There are some not receiving an invitation. They may want to get back in the boat. No! My journey isn’t complete but there are the many attempts to incur the completeness. My faith is too strong to allow the folks who’ve tried to sabotage back in. There appears to be the enemies and they’re continuously trying to cause distractions. There is the “meditation” and I’m prayed up!

Along, along, along yes indeed. I’m pleased because there’s is so much to accomplish but yet there is so much that’s already been accomplished. Haven’t they learned that their tactics aren’t effective? Appears as though they’re desperate enough to continue to try to remove what God has already ordained. Brush my shoulders off. Looking to the right, looking up, looking around. I’ve seeking and I’m finding. What will the disruptions find? Perhaps what they’re not prepared to receive.

I’m called time notated, updated, and documented. I’m furnished with what some aren’t able to comprehend. The ability to proceed confidently really does come from God. I’ve attempted to add the security to secure there’s so many wanting. That’s right. They want and they need. Their desire to obtain is so deep. Their expressions are deeply demonstrated but there will always be ‘love.” To be remembered some are unforgettable. I’m passionately driven and there could be the crowds waiting to see if there will be the crumbling.

Magnifying my purpose. There are the supporters and although it may appear as though there’s little to no support I’m aware that the supporters are hidden in plain sight. Reading what God has said that His children should study. God’s promises, words, and His love. In out and about. They’ve said that “about you” Perhaps. There are some without the understanding. To understand offers “greater” rewards. Achievements shall continue. I’m ready but for what? Perhaps there has to be the awaiting in order to know.

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