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Attempts may Continue to be Made to Stop a Purpose
February 14, 2017

When it’s stormy there should be no despair. Even when the storms come in there is hope and there will be some light. The storms are a way to the breakthroughs. There’s a reason why we go through whatever it is we’re going through. For some it’s to build strength and for others it’s to build courage. Whatever we have to face in the future we’ll go through some training before hand. There’s no way of going around the storms. Just know, the storms will pass, and although the mission may seem harsh. There’s nothing we’ll face that’s too great to bare.

We’re in times where there will be a lot of uproar and if we’re not “equipped” to handle the disruptions then we’re going to fall for sure. The Bible tells us how much war, evilness, and battles we’ll have face. Never alone but we’ll have to go through some of the roughest seas. Coming up against some who have no boundaries. Wanting things their way but it’s God who decides who will be in what positions. Mankind has always been disobedient. Causing destruction and chaos even when there’s peacefulness.

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If God doesn’t want certain situations to take place then He would stop what’s going on. There’s a reason why situations occur. Sometimes we may not want to face the battles but there’s always a way to get through. Difficulties won’t last always and of course we’re designed to handle such situations. Although we can become weak in the mind if we’re not careful. There will be some who will have to face more adversity than others. Not every situation is caused by man’s hands.

Some of what we go through is designed to get us to a place where we’re able to perform more and better. We’re not fighting individuals who are filled with God’s purpose and “word.” Some will continue to cause conflict in order to gain control whether over a person or over many individuals. Shouldn’t be surprised because war has been around a long time. The battling back and forth. Trying to get individuals to back down. To stop when there should be proceeding. The more we’re facing the more equipped we’ll become.

Some days we may want to just shut down. Meaning to block out whatever is taking place. To take a break from hostile environments. Environments where trying to get others “to understand” what must be done can seem impossible. Through strength and determination we’re able to make our way through. Even when others try to hinder, there’s still a way to move forward, no actions performed by mankind can be stronger than God’s actions.

What is purposed is. No amount of fighting, destruction, or chaos will stop what has already been designed. Some may not understand but that’s why they’re continuously going through the same things again and again. They’re trying stop situations they have no business trying to stop. Not understanding how spirituality work. “They’re fighting with a flesh mindset” and keep coming up short.

“The person they’re fighting against has already been called to perform certain duties.” So as they’re pulling. God is lifting the person and persons up. That’s why so many have difficulties trying to knock others down. They’ll keep trying again and again but no man can defeat God in Heaven. If God said so then who are we to say no? Wanting to control like Satan. Satan was a top angel but wanted to be more powerful than God.

So the best thing to do is to continue on and “continue to keep the tools” needed to get through all of the destruction. No amount of attacks can stop what’s suppose to occur. Before birth these occurrences were set in place. So mankind can go back and forth with their antics but their efforts will just be efforts and not results. Not positive results with how they’re going about things.

When there’s attack, attack, there’s the armor. With the “Full Armor of God” we’re protected and some may not understand exactly what the armor entails. That’s why they’ll keep going on and on. Trying to disconnect when they should be trying to offer better practices. Continuing to try and remove what’s been declared is a mistake on their part and of course God will do what needs to be done to make sure “purpose” occurs.

“No Matter how Many say no. If God has Already Declared it so Then it Will be so.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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