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The Foundation was laid Long ago

Purposed and designed and they still are unable to accept what God has already spoken about. No matter how many try to cause disruptions God is always in control. “God the Father of Jesus Christ.” Mankind seems to think that they have the ability to overpower God. Yes they’ve tried to disrupt my journey but I’m in no way intimated by their actions. There is no time to waste on pity things. They’ve misjudged, misunderstood, lack understanding. My purpose was designed by God. Satan tried to defeat God but was unable to do so. So why does mankind think that they can defeat God/Lord?

The thoughts achieved yesterday and today are my own. I’ve accomplished and will continue to do so as long as I’m here. The disruptions are a sign that I’m on the right path. I’m having, shall receive, because God has already favored “Daughter.” They’ve invaded my journey. Tanikka Paulk never invaded the individuals journey. They’ve tried to take credit for my makings. I’ve made and there is proof of such. There is so much determination here and despite the adversities I’m confident that there will be the accomplishments of the goals.

There is unity and I Tanikka Paulk truly appreciate the ones who’ve helped pave the way. There should be focus on achieving higher goals. There should be thoughts of unity. The ability to unify despite what some try to dish out. The foundation was laid and mankind can try to send out their spears but God has already ordained that. Yes He has. I’ve received the negative words and tossed the words back. My goal is to make the necessary changes. No matter what’s said about me=Tanikka Paulk what’s said about you=Tanikka Paulk “I’m going to keep on moving in the right direction.” by: Tanikka Paulk

Oh how some have underestimated my ability to discover and explore the endless possibilities. I’m functional enough to proceed and some are more in tuned with challenging me=Tanikka Paulk when they should be in tuned with their own dreams. My vision shouldn’t belong to every person. Every person shouldn’t be on my journey. I must remain focused in order to find the appropriate solutions. So many can criticize but what have are they willing to offer?

There are some trying to force individuals to invade my “purpose.” It’s my journey. Tanikka Paulk journey and every person shouldn’t receive an invitation. If they tried to sabotage then why should they be on my journey? There is so much confidence to proceed. I’m truly blessed to have the ones with sense to encourage the proceeding. Soon enough there will be the completeness and I’ll be thrilled. The words have encouraged me=Tanikka Paulk although some probably thought their negative words would have broken my entire body. No!

Imagine having to deal with some of the most cynical People. How would some handle such matters? Some probably would have given up and there are some who’ve decided to hide. I’m able to smile and believe that my gifts have and will continue to make the differences. Yes they’ve tried to force me=Tanikka Paulk to stop but God is allowing the movements to continue. Persons should try to live their dreams. I’m going to continue to try and live my dreams.

Yes that purpose mission matters. I’ve heard and read some of the negatives but I’m in no way discouraged. I’ve been chosen to be in the position I’m currently in. The individuals who’ve tried to ruin my walk will probably regret their actions. Some have tried to discipline me=Tanikka Paulk and really need to be disciplined themselves. If I focused on what the persons have said or will say then there will be less progress when there should be more. I’m going to continue as long as I Tanikka Paulk have breathe in my body. “What’s said about Tanikka Paulk should generate encouragement no matter what words are said.” (Tanikka Paulk).

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Headed in the Right Direction and Headed Somewhere

Although there are so many disagreeing with the decisions made. There are many reasons why my journey continues. What has already been declared and it is so. No matter what folks think about a person it’s always what the person thinks about self. It’s certainly better to develop confidence so that there can be further elevation. Some lose their confidence due to being in tuned with what mankind has to say. There are some refusing to accept that the path chosen was a decision in which no man can dismantle. Oh yes indeed there have been many challenges and there’s certainly a lot said.

I’ve been victimized in ways some couldn’t imagine. The words continuing to make their way in my direction haven’t caused what they have set out to do. There should be joy in knowing that there will be movements which will incur what’s needed in order to develop a more stabilized society. There must be a stern attitude when being in “Leadership.”  Some have chosen to remove the acceptance because they’re stubborn or simply because they believe that there should be another in the said position. However the journey continues and when the resistance enters there will be the motivation to continues and keep the Armor on.

Mankind is difficult to understand sometimes. They’re so filled with thoughts which lessen the progress. Why is mankind so disturbed by what has been decided? A question which could be left unanswered. There shall be focus on the areas in which will add more value. What’s said shouldn’t cause backwards motions but the criticism isn’t always welcomed. The overly critical seem to do so because they’re being spiteful. “To become to be apart of being is what God wants and no man can defeat God the Father of Jesus Christ.” By: Tanikka Paulk. They’ve tried to break the bonds, they’ve tried to cause setbacks, but what has been decided shall be.

The direction that I’m headed in incurs gratefulness and joyfulness. If there was the focus on what’s being said then there would be slowness. So many have listened to what mankind has to say and ended up losing out on their breakthroughs because they’ve held the negatives close instead of retrieving the positives. There shouldn’t be any forcing to cease towards upward. “There is light and there is hope.” (Tanikka Paulk) The adversity comes and the adversity will leave. “There are some thinking that they have the ability to stop what God ordained.” (Tanikka Paulk).

How many are focused on challenging me=Tanikka Paulk? There appears to many so many wanted to see a decline occur. But why? Shouldn’t there be building up? There needs to be building occurring and rebuilding in areas where there has been some tearing down. There will be rises and there will be more explorations. There is a smile knowing that God has favored the path in which so many have chosen to disagree about. I’m in no position to please the individuals in anyway.

Politics and the areas of being political has been with me=Tanikka Paulk for many, many, years. So there has to be some decisions regarding of leaving some behind. The ones sabotaging shouldn’t be invited to continue on the path that has been chosen. Right! They’ve tried to violate my rights and they’ve been angered because I’ve made it thus far. I’m so thankful that God has allowed the journey to continue and that He’s given me=Tanikka Paulk the protection which is “The Full Armor of God,” Amen.

Author’s Notes: God doesn’t want Politics and Religion to mix but there has to be prayer when dealing with the most difficult beings. There are ways to separate the Politics and Religion. In order to proceed there has to be prayer, meditation, and the tools needed to fight the uphill battles in which so many have faced. (Tanikka Paulk)

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My Courage, my Exploring, and my Beliefs

what I’m continuing to believe in is that. I’m believing in my progress and I’m believing that God nor Jesus will forsake ,me=Tanikka Paulk. No matter how many attacks there are there won’t be any hopelessness. I’ve been challenges so many times and I’ve been called so many names. “It’s what I’m believing in that truly matters.” By: Tanikka Paulk. What I’ve faced so many probably would stray away from. The fear would cause so many to run away from the mission ahead. The competitors aren’t “courageous.” They’ve demonstrated how intimidated they are. They’ve focused on what I’ve been up to and not what they should be discovering.

The bravery has allowed the journey to continue to move forward. There are some indulged in foolishness. They’ve projected their foolish ways and are still doing so. They’ve accomplished little but perhaps it may appear as though they’ve accomplished so much. The battle continues and yest I’m still exploring. There are adversities in which I’ve though about avoiding but why should I Tanikka Paulk do so? It’s my courage in which allows the proceeding to occur. The movements “are continuing” despite what some have tried to project. They’ve taken words and tried to cause intimidation.

I’m too focused to step backwards. They’ve said so much but what have they added. If what is being said isn’t helpful then there is no need to take what is being said in. The purpose was designed for many reasons. The exploring will continue and my purpose isn’t to be destroyed. God has allowed the challenges to occur but there will be gold and silver obtained. There will be more “victories” won. My identity has been challenged. They’ve tried over and over to remove what God has given to the you=Tanikka Paulk. “My hope, my, bravery, my advancement continues.” By: Tanikka Paulk.

The songs are being sung and written. The music is still being accomplished. The tunes in my rhymes are glued together. “They could become angry but what does God have in stored for me=Tanikka Paulk?” By: Tanikka Paulk. I’ve tried to assist and how have they showed their gratitude? They’ve tried to sabotage my journey but God hasn’t allowed the dismantling. No! God “already favored” the journey. My purpose was designed before my birth. He is calling me=Tanikka Paulk to Minister greatness. To project the words already spoken and perhaps there are some willing to listen. There has to be because they’ve repeated what is said.

To be brave is a good thing. To realize that there will be more accomplished by keeping the will. There is still joyfulness because there will be abundance. No matter how many times they’ve tried to decrease there will be increases in the name of Jesus. My praises will continue and my reading of scripture will also continue. The removals they’ve tried to create will backfire on the individuals. “God is an awesome God and He loves every one of His children but He will supply the necessary discipline as well.” by: Tanikka Paulk Moving forward and continuing to seek.

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The Mission is to Head Towards What’s Purposed
February 15, 2018

Indeed there will be delays and there will be some wanting to incur the delays for whatever reasons. Too many continue to think that they’re actions can stop what was already designed. Yes, folks can try to hinder but what God has declared is so, so therefore their efforts to disconnect won’t occur. “What am I Tanikka Paulk seeking?” A good question wouldn’t so many want to know. The gifts and gifts which were given to me=Tanikka Paulk no man shall take away. It’s been said over and over again within the word that you seek and you shall find. I’m continuing to seek and will continue to make the necessary discoveries.

Although there have been many challenges there is still progress. No matter how many arrows are pointed in my direction there are many reasons why “I’m continuing my journey.” (Tanikka Paulk) The ones trying to cause delays and a cease aren’t understanding just how purpose really works. The dysfunctional behaviors have caused some tension but has also alerted others that there needs to be some changes occurring. There is progress and there will continue to be progress. What I’ve found so many haven’t dreamnt of finding. So there will be further developments occurring.

There will always be some disagreeing with what has to take place and what has already taken placed. For so many they’re not seeing the whole picture. Most of what needs to occur must occur without so many eyes seeing. Too many are so in tuned with trying to make sure that there is little progress. If they’re willing to change their mindset then perhaps there will be more accomplished. As long as there are individuals wanting to cause upsets then there will probably be delays. “There no need to become all bent out of shape just because there’s problematic events.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Perhaps more will occur when there are removals and yes there will need to be disconnections in order to create more success. Shouldn’t persons want to become more successful? I’m not sure why so many continue to believe that their more powerful then God the Father of Jesus Christ. I’ve been in situations where it would appear as though there were no solutions at all. There are ways to get through the trials and although trying to get through the many trials may take sometime. “Remaining hopeful is key.” (Tanikka Paulk)= T. Paulk

My mindset is towards “goals, achievements, progression.” (paulk tanikka) There should be building occurring and for the ones thinking that sabotaging is the answer. They’re wrong. It’s better to soar then to go backwards. I’m on my journey and no matter how much chatter going on. I’m going to continue to make the efforts to build. Rising upwards will occur because God has already declared my destiny. There were and will continue to be achievements. Too focused on what should and needs to occur in order to produce a stronger economy.

“Reflecting and the Reflections. Positive Thinking Shall Occur.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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The Moves Can’t be Revealed

What some may assume may not actually be so. Too many could be focused on one area but some are making moves elsewhere. It’s better to keep some of the moves secretive so that there’s more progress. Too many are focused on trying to hinder and trying to sabotage instead of trying to create what can be known as “prosperity.” Every person has been given a gift and some are way too focused on what others are doing and not on their own gifts. soon enough what we’ve worked for will be finalized and the ones who’ve tried to hinder will be left behind. Sometimes we’ll have to pretend in order to get ahead. Make some folks think that we’re headed in one direction and end up in another.

There Should be Advancement Taking Place

It’s so unfortunate when some would rather witness failure then to witness excelling. If we at least make attempts to advance then we’ll be in better positions. We’ll certainly experience a more wealthy economy which we certainly need. Not all may think in such a manner. Some aren’t concerned about growing the economy which they should. So many end up being wealthy because they’ve focused on the areas in which can “generate” wealth. There has to be focus and even when the focus is off at times. Have to get back on track.

Some are anxious to know exactly what’s taking place. Don’t need to know until the products are finalized. So many would rather see downfalls when there should be building and rebuilding. A lot have tried to chase their dreams but haven’t grasps the dreams because they’ve given up! We shouldn’t feel bad about wanting to excel. There are some who have taken longer than others to get to where they’ve desired to be. The best approach is to continue whether there’s disruptions or not. To remain focused however there will be times when are attention will need to be on other areas. “Movements” should occur and even if it takes more time then we’ve expected. Continuing on needs to occur. Imagine how much wealth can be generated if we allow more and more to discover.

The focus shouldn’t just be on becoming wealthy but to advance in all sorts of areas. Growth is so important and it appears as if not too many people are thinking in such a way. There are some desiring to prevent certain individuals from growing. What they’re doing is hurting “the economy.” Perhaps they’re not thinking on such a level. There are many steps to take and sometimes we’ll stumble. Some have fallen and haven’t yet figured out how to get back up. There’s still a lot to learn and shouldn’t we believe that we’re blessed when we’re able to do so.

What are so many gaining by trying to prevent a visionary from advancing. Trying to hold back a person could backfire and some may not be prepared for the consequences. There will come “a time of reveling” and the very ones who continue to try and stop the visions and movements from occurring will be disappointed because they won’t receive what they assumed they would receive. A lot are making moves where there aren’t so many eyes. A lot are wondering what’s occurring and the ones who continue to try and push back the ones who want excel won’t be rewarded.

“Continuing to Discover and Understand That not all Should be Involved Within the Movements.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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The Focusing Should be on the Excelling
November 17, 2017

Some may not understand the importance of excelling. To be able to get ahead and accomplish what is needed to be accomplish. So many believe that trying to prevent the accomplishments from occurring means that the accomplishments won’t occur. The excelling should be allowed because the more individuals that excel the more we’ll notice that our economy will “increase” and become more stabilized. Too many are focused on making sure that there are decreases instead of increases. We’re in positions to advance but some aren’t quite understanding just how and why we should.

Some have missed their opportunities to advance for many reasons. For some they’ve become too fearful and refuse to excel and because of their refusal to do so, they’re not cooperating, and they’re not willing to see the shinning taking place. Perhaps we’ll become a more unified society if more try to understand the need for advancement. So many continue to try and hinder the growth and they’re certainly doing a disservice by doing so. We all need to “witness a growing economy.” There’s way too many homeless individuals and so many without any earnings at all.

Trying to prevent excelling won’t be effective. Some continue to believe that they’re actions are justified when they’re actually not. “Growth” is apart of positivity which we should allow to occur. Of course not all will be positive and some are learning to do so. There are some who refuse to allow the growth to take lace because hey’re afraid that some will get too far ahead. We don’t need advanced degrees in order to rise up! Experience is what so many would rather deal with anyway. Accomplishing even small tasks can lead up to gigantic dreams.

To focus on the movements can incur more than any person could even imagine. So many are so in tuned with trying to make sure that certainly individuals do not receive what is deserved. It’s not easy trying to excel when there’s so much resistance. So many unwilling to gain more knowledge and understanding. Society needs to be more productive as a whole. It’s so unfortunate that so many are focused on a “life” and where the person should or shouldn’t go but aren’t concerned about their own progress. If we begin to realize the importance of moving up the ladder then we’ll be in better positions.

It’s necessary to take sometime out to ponder on the “important” matters. We’re unable to control what so many may try to do but we’re in control of how we’d react when they’re trying to cause a cease. There are a lot of individuals who may try to gain the attention of the ones who are apart of movement. There could be a lot of chaos taking place because some are aware that if certain individuals reach a certain level then the persons could be quite powerful.

My experiences include being judged, attacked, insulted and harassed. Although the injustices have occurred and continue to occur I’m not stopping. God has allowed the movements and each person has a purpose. We should be in pursuit of growth. The desire to learn more “to obtain” more information and to go further than we’ve imagined. Focusing is important however there will be times when the focusing isn’t occurring the way that it should. If we get off track then we can get back on track but we must be willing to do so.

“There’s Light the Light Continues to Shine Despite the Circumstances.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Many Questions and a Response is Possible

Some may wonder exactly what some are up to. There may be many questions asked and if they’re worth answering then a response could possibly be generated. Too many aren’t understanding just how to go about being productive. “Some may ask just where I’m going and some may ask What You you Plan on Doing?” Well let’s see now. There’s plans to get away all of the madness. There are plans to achieve more. There’s plans to continue to fight for justice. Eventually there will be breakthroughs which are certainly needed. In time all  of the matters will be rectified. I’m not going to just lay down and allow what has occurred to be thrown out. No not at all. You is still on her journey. That’s right.

Oh yes. There are so many who continue to try to perhaps annoy but also there are some who are just so out of touch that they’ll continue to try and cause a decline or what they may assume is one but are really causing their own decline. So on the journey I’ve noticed that there are some who claim to be highly successful but do not behave as such. Just observe what some are willing to do in order to beat their competition. Some have encountered a lot of injustices and although it may appear as if there are none available to assist with limiting the injustices. There are some who are willing to uphold the law and are willing to create a better society.

Perhaps there will be one of the most innovating discoveries in the future. There will be further progress that’s for sure. Imagine having to prove an identity all of the time. What’s for a person certainly is. Here’s the thing if there is no need for a response then there is no need. No response means either the person will move on or they’ll wait for one which may never be received because of their con games. So I’m moving forward and have discovered how much more strength I’ve gained. It’s been a challenges having to deal with the difficulties but there’s a reason why my calling came about.

There is a plan to navigate to a new destination. Perhaps that’s why so many are presenting so many challenges. There has been many lies told. A lot of people have tried to weigh my progress down. There are many reasons why I’ve been chosen and the callings occur before birth. There are some who need to be called out and some who will receive what is due. They’ve taken away but Job also lost plenty and received more than he had before. I’m not concerned with the worldly antics. There is still a better w3ay for me= (tanikka Paulk).

Alright! Yes I’m alright and doing just lovely. There may be lots of game playing but I’m not into the games. I’ve made connections to individuals and agencies in which should assist and eventually will when all of the attention is focused on the agencies and persons. Some are continuing to sabotage their own careers and that’s their decision. Although there are so many trying to remove my joy. I’m not removing the joy. Doesn’t matter who’s behind the evilness. Still going and God the Creator of Heaven and Earth is the reason.

The ones who continue to try and take my name and taint it. They’re not considering what God has said and He promised that there will be reaping. Some are already reaping while others will receive their reaping at a later date. The ones who are busy trying to make sure that others aren’t apart of growth will notice how much trouble will enter their lives. There is no time to be bothered with the foolishness. Fools can’t be trained and will never try to understand what is occurring. Fools cause havoc and try to9 destroy and the ones who will rise are the ones who remain in the “Word of God.”

My journey isn’t for all. Some continue to travel to travel the journey and they have no business trying to invade on my path. That’s why some are being blocked. There may be knocks at the door but for some there is no need to answer. There may be many questions and for some there is no need to9 give a response. Not responding to foolishness. Not trying to add more stress into my life. No matter what is said or shown some will continue to believe what they want to believe.

My life is just that. No person has the right to try to dictate my life. There is no reason why so many should be invading in what I’m trying to achieve. The progress will continue whether they like it or not. The words that continue to flow about can either be taken in or not. There’s a lot that I’m not bothering listening to. There are some are refusing to respond to because of what they’re trying to do. The ones who deserve and appreciate the assistance can receive my help the others can receive a hand.

Still trying to move upwards. I’ve been writing for a long time and will continue to do so as long as I’m able. Although some have tried to claim my work. They’re having so many difficulties doing what it is they’ve set out to do. All sorts of tactics may be projected but the weapons shall not prosper. When some are trying to take away what God has ordained. They’ll find that more and more problems will rise up in their lives. Some may continue to risk their freedom.

You you are the same person. The question is ‘What’s new With you? I’m still Continuing on Despite What They’re Trying to do.

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Do not Become Weary From Doing Good There’s Hope After all

The many challenges have not made me= Tanikka Paulk stop the movement. No matter how many weapons are formed. “There is more than diamonds for me=Tanikka Paulk.” There will be adversity as long as we’re here. There is a place where there will be no troubles, no sorrow, no despair and there’s movements to make it there when the time comes. So all the attacks in the world won’t stop what God has for me= Tanikka Paulk. My grandmother would always be encouraged even when being treated unfairly. When some of her children were being disobedient. She kept the faith and kept on believing that someday she’ll make it in the arms of Jesus Christ.

So there is good and there is evil. Each person should consider doing good. Even the most notorious person will do some good so therefore there is good within each individual. Do not become dismayed when others try to come up against the greatness. There is a reason so many want to project more adversity upon another. Some are aware of the gifts and will want to take “the gifts” away. There will be plans to make some weak and to stop their gladness. Remaining filled with faith is necessary especially for me= Tanikka Paulk.

They’ve talked about me=Tanikka Paulk attacked me= Tanikka Paulk again and again. “There is still a smile” and I’m blessed even if they try to take away every single thing owned by me= Tanikka Paulk. Some are so disturbed and that’s why they’ll continue to come up against others. Not every person wants to see others shine. There are some who will never try to be happy. There will be more lies told and some may even want to see death occur. Sounds pretty evil but we all must remember that evil exist.

No matter how many project the arrows towards a person. God is always in control. The Creator of Mankind knows all things and will do what He said He will do. “The purpose was already designed” however there may be some changes. God allows each one to make their own decisions. Each person has choice and some may not be pleased with my choices but I’m going to make the choices anyway. The journey will be rough and there may be some fatigue and that’s why it’s so important to rest. Taking proper rest will allow one to remain functional.

There will be heckling going on. The heckles are meant to create distractions. Some aren’t happy when there’s progress especially if they’re not apart of the plan. Not every person should come along “the journey.” Some aren’t mean to travel with another. Jesus Christ traveled alone until His followers were allowed. Even Jesus Christ was challenged and ordered to perform miracles again and again. Although Jesus proved Himself. There were still the unbelievers.

The doubters are allowed to doubt. No amount of doubt coming from another should “be a reason” to just give in. There are way too many people who are focused on trying to cause disruptions for others when there should be focus on their own development. One must be courageous to deal with some of the individuals who will try their very best to cause an upset. Some may believe that they’re doing the right thing. Some may be forced to come up against another.

Build strength and never allow the confidence to fade. The words which are meant to pierce a person’s heart can be quickly removed by replacing the negative words with “positive thoughts.” Some will remain envious because they’re not doing what others are doing. God has a plan for each person and some simply aren’t doing what’s necessary to succeed. “I’m still here so I’m going to do what it takes to make it over there.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“God Still has Me Here.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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“Bring That Light, Bring That Light, Bring That Light. Alright!” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Whatever to do? Just Proceed

That’s right! Continue on the journey and forget about all of the disturbances which will surely take place. Any persons trying to slow down progress is doing themselves an injustice. No time to be bothered with “situations” which will properly continue whether there’s disappointment or not. Some are simply trouble. It’s better to just proceed but be cautious of course. The fact remains that there will be some who will be difficult no matter what.

There’s a lot to accomplish and why be in tuned with the noise? No need. There are some who actually want to grow in some way. The ones who don’t will properly be the ones causing the most trouble. That’s their problem. The journey is certainly a difficult travel and process. So much to deal with. Some setbacks will occur. The problems are meant to be solved. The ones who are so in tuned with distracting aren’t “moving along.” They’re the ones who shouldn’t be going on the journey.

Not all are equipped to come along. Some will try to hold others back. Focusing on getting ahead is the best way to go. The ones who are supportive will support and the ones who continue to supply trouble will probably continue on if there’s no consequences or intervention. There are some who want to stop but perhaps for some reason they’re unable to do so. The fact remains every person should not be joining in on a persons journey.

There should be elevation. “There are ways to get around the ones who are causing havoc.” The best thing to do is to allow the individuals to think a certain move is occurring but do the opposite. There are so many eyes watching right? Some feeling the need to know every aspect of a person’s life. Some discontinue their travel because there’s so much to deal with. Not wanting to be consumed with stress. There will be a lot of people trying to cause a lot of stress for others.

Although there will be a lot of adversity, no person should give up on their dreams, yes dealing with the cynics is quite annoying but it’s not impossible to get ahead. Even when there’s a lot of chaos. The person or persons who are determined enough will continue on. There must be “confidence and determination” in order to make any progress. “Never allow any person to cause a hold back. Proceed and Eventually There Will be Completeness.” By: Tanikka Paulk

There is way too much talent all around the world to allow any person to remove the talent. There are so many who have thrown their talents, “dreams, and vision” away because of what the critics are doing. They’re criticize of course. Hear and don’t hear. See and don’t see. Don’t focus on what can add no value. That’s the best way to go.

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