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Do not Become Weary From Doing Good There’s Hope After all

The many challenges have not made me= Tanikka Paulk stop the movement. No matter how many weapons are formed. “There is more than diamonds for me=Tanikka Paulk.” There will be adversity as long as we’re here. There is a place where there will be no troubles, no sorrow, no despair and there’s movements to make it there when the time comes. So all the attacks in the world won’t stop what God has for me= Tanikka Paulk. My grandmother would always be encouraged even when being treated unfairly. When some of her children were being disobedient. She kept the faith and kept on believing that someday she’ll make it in the arms of Jesus Christ.

So there is good and there is evil. Each person should consider doing good. Even the most notorious person will do some good so therefore there is good within each individual. Do not become dismayed when others try to come up against the greatness. There is a reason so many want to project more adversity upon another. Some are aware of the gifts and will want to take “the gifts” away. There will be plans to make some weak and to stop their gladness. Remaining filled with faith is necessary especially for me= Tanikka Paulk.

They’ve talked about me=Tanikka Paulk attacked me= Tanikka Paulk again and again. “There is still a smile” and I’m blessed even if they try to take away every single thing owned by me= Tanikka Paulk. Some are so disturbed and that’s why they’ll continue to come up against others. Not every person wants to see others shine. There are some who will never try to be happy. There will be more lies told and some may even want to see death occur. Sounds pretty evil but we all must remember that evil exist.

No matter how many project the arrows towards a person. God is always in control. The Creator of Mankind knows all things and will do what He said He will do. “The purpose was already designed” however there may be some changes. God allows each one to make their own decisions. Each person has choice and some may not be pleased with my choices but I’m going to make the choices anyway. The journey will be rough and there may be some fatigue and that’s why it’s so important to rest. Taking proper rest will allow one to remain functional.

There will be heckling going on. The heckles are meant to create distractions. Some aren’t happy when there’s progress especially if they’re not apart of the plan. Not every person should come along “the journey.” Some aren’t mean to travel with another. Jesus Christ traveled alone until His followers were allowed. Even Jesus Christ was challenged and ordered to perform miracles again and again. Although Jesus proved Himself. There were still the unbelievers.

The doubters are allowed to doubt. No amount of doubt coming from another should “be a reason” to just give in. There are way too many people who are focused on trying to cause disruptions for others when there should be focus on their own development. One must be courageous to deal with some of the individuals who will try their very best to cause an upset. Some may believe that they’re doing the right thing. Some may be forced to come up against another.

Build strength and never allow the confidence to fade. The words which are meant to pierce a person’s heart can be quickly removed by replacing the negative words with “positive thoughts.” Some will remain envious because they’re not doing what others are doing. God has a plan for each person and some simply aren’t doing what’s necessary to succeed. “I’m still here so I’m going to do what it takes to make it over there.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“God Still has Me Here.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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“Bring That Light, Bring That Light, Bring That Light. Alright!” By: Tanikka Paulk

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