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The Focusing Should be on the Excelling
November 17, 2017

Some may not understand the importance of excelling. To be able to get ahead and accomplish what is needed to be accomplish. So many believe that trying to prevent the accomplishments from occurring means that the accomplishments won’t occur. The excelling should be allowed because the more individuals that excel the more we’ll notice that our economy will “increase” and become more stabilized. Too many are focused on making sure that there are decreases instead of increases. We’re in positions to advance but some aren’t quite understanding just how and why we should.

Some have missed their opportunities to advance for many reasons. For some they’ve become too fearful and refuse to excel and because of their refusal to do so, they’re not cooperating, and they’re not willing to see the shinning taking place. Perhaps we’ll become a more unified society if more try to understand the need for advancement. So many continue to try and hinder the growth and they’re certainly doing a disservice by doing so. We all need to “witness a growing economy.” There’s way too many homeless individuals and so many without any earnings at all.

Trying to prevent excelling won’t be effective. Some continue to believe that they’re actions are justified when they’re actually not. “Growth” is apart of positivity which we should allow to occur. Of course not all will be positive and some are learning to do so. There are some who refuse to allow the growth to take lace because hey’re afraid that some will get too far ahead. We don’t need advanced degrees in order to rise up! Experience is what so many would rather deal with anyway. Accomplishing even small tasks can lead up to gigantic dreams.

To focus on the movements can incur more than any person could even imagine. So many are so in tuned with trying to make sure that certainly individuals do not receive what is deserved. It’s not easy trying to excel when there’s so much resistance. So many unwilling to gain more knowledge and understanding. Society needs to be more productive as a whole. It’s so unfortunate that so many are focused on a “life” and where the person should or shouldn’t go but aren’t concerned about their own progress. If we begin to realize the importance of moving up the ladder then we’ll be in better positions.

It’s necessary to take sometime out to ponder on the “important” matters. We’re unable to control what so many may try to do but we’re in control of how we’d react when they’re trying to cause a cease. There are a lot of individuals who may try to gain the attention of the ones who are apart of movement. There could be a lot of chaos taking place because some are aware that if certain individuals reach a certain level then the persons could be quite powerful.

My experiences include being judged, attacked, insulted and harassed. Although the injustices have occurred and continue to occur I’m not stopping. God has allowed the movements and each person has a purpose. We should be in pursuit of growth. The desire to learn more “to obtain” more information and to go further than we’ve imagined. Focusing is important however there will be times when the focusing isn’t occurring the way that it should. If we get off track then we can get back on track but we must be willing to do so.

“There’s Light the Light Continues to Shine Despite the Circumstances.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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