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Whatever to do? Just Proceed

That’s right! Continue on the journey and forget about all of the disturbances which will surely take place. Any persons trying to slow down progress is doing themselves an injustice. No time to be bothered with “situations” which will properly continue whether there’s disappointment or not. Some are simply trouble. It’s better to just proceed but be cautious of course. The fact remains that there will be some who will be difficult no matter what.

There’s a lot to accomplish and why be in tuned with the noise? No need. There are some who actually want to grow in some way. The ones who don’t will properly be the ones causing the most trouble. That’s their problem. The journey is certainly a difficult travel and process. So much to deal with. Some setbacks will occur. The problems are meant to be solved. The ones who are so in tuned with distracting aren’t “moving along.” They’re the ones who shouldn’t be going on the journey.

Not all are equipped to come along. Some will try to hold others back. Focusing on getting ahead is the best way to go. The ones who are supportive will support and the ones who continue to supply trouble will probably continue on if there’s no consequences or intervention. There are some who want to stop but perhaps for some reason they’re unable to do so. The fact remains every person should not be joining in on a persons journey.

There should be elevation. “There are ways to get around the ones who are causing havoc.” The best thing to do is to allow the individuals to think a certain move is occurring but do the opposite. There are so many eyes watching right? Some feeling the need to know every aspect of a person’s life. Some discontinue their travel because there’s so much to deal with. Not wanting to be consumed with stress. There will be a lot of people trying to cause a lot of stress for others.

Although there will be a lot of adversity, no person should give up on their dreams, yes dealing with the cynics is quite annoying but it’s not impossible to get ahead. Even when there’s a lot of chaos. The person or persons who are determined enough will continue on. There must be “confidence and determination” in order to make any progress. “Never allow any person to cause a hold back. Proceed and Eventually There Will be Completeness.” By:¬†Tanikka Paulk

There is way too much talent all around the world to allow any person to remove the talent. There are so many who have thrown their talents, “dreams, and vision” away because of what the critics are doing. They’re criticize of course. Hear and don’t hear. See and don’t see. Don’t focus on what can add no value. That’s the best way to go.

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    1. My journey has been a hard but I tell myself with God I trust becuz I can only get help from him to get me thru this. He is suppose to choose my path and guide the way for me and my little ones and my teens. I always try my best to get on the right way of doin whateva it is that I need to do. But obstacles always come in my way for some reason I try to be careful or pursue each situation like as if it was a mission that needed emergency assistance. But most of the time it don’t cone out right. But from here on out I have to be on my game and do right to get it right. Am not sayin am doing something wrong but I need to pay more attention.


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