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The Importance of Staying Mentally Focused While on a Journey

Being on a journey or mission isn’t an easy task. There will certainly be lots of adversity and not to mention the distractions. Some may choose to journey with others while there are some will journey alone. Having too many people on a journey can slow the process down. There are some who are willing to assist with the elevation and others will simply try to sabotage the upward move. No matter what takes place the “visionary” should continue to proceed. The process may seem long but worth the effort. It’s the end results in which one should think about.

Getting from one point to another. Achieving more and being apart of “growth.” There should be focus but there will be times when the visionary loses focus and may stumble. Some may try to assist with creating setbacks for the ones who decide to set off on a journey. Not all will be pleased with witnessing others make progress and achieve greater. There’s a lot of competition and so many have found out that some competitors won’t compete in a fair manner.

There will be lots of critics and one must put on some thick skin. There’s a lot of people out there who will become overly critical because of their own frustrations. Not all will utilize their “gifts and talents.” Some may waste time on trying to make sure others don’t pursue their dreams. Even the ones at the top will try to make it harder for the ones who are on a journey. Although there will be so many who will try to sabotage a dream. Keep going and when the focus is lost. Regain the focus.

It’s not fair that so many choose to try and bring others down due to their own insecurities. There will be a lot o of falsehood. Many games will be played in order to stop or at least slow down the visionary or visionaries. Too many become discouraged because of what so many have and will continue to do. Some could be inspired but are unable to express their being “inspired” properly. No matter how much chatter takes place. The goal is to make it to the finish line. There must be lots of courage to allow a light to shine.

Not everyone will be courageous enough to walk “the journey.” Some will just allow their dreams to fade. There will be a lot of deceptiveness because some may not feel as if certain visionaries are deserving of prosperity. There would be road blocks but go past the blocks by remaining determined. There must be determination, motivation, and a desire to live better and to grow further. If others are unwilling to grow then there’s nothing any person can do about their decision to not want to achieve prosperity.

In order to continue on, there must be some positive thinking taking place, breaks are important. Do not burn out. One won’t remain functional if there’s too many tasks being “achieved” at one time. If there are times that slowdowns must occur then allow the slowdowns to occur but continue to focus. Focus on moving from here to there. Focus on climbing higher. There’s a lot of rewards on the journey and at the end. No matter how difficult the journey becomes. Never ever feel despaired. If the opinions aren’t beneficial then don’t listen.

“This is Tanikka Paulk Life Experiences VP (Visionary With a Purpose). Founder Tanikka Paulk Called That and that. By: Tanikka Paulk

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“The Journey I’m Traveling Certainly Isn’t for Everyone.” My Vision may not be Understood by all.” by: Tanikka Paulk

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    1. It is highly imperative that u don’t loose your focus mentally while on a journey because, if u do: It affects every other thing in you which includes your peace of mind, joy, confidence and self esteem.
      Life is all about sacrifices. So u have to persevere when necessary until you achieve your desired goal


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