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So many have claimed to have faced the same issues I’ve faced and continue to face. The problems aren’t discouraging me= tanikka paulk in anyway. “Growth” should occur, growth will build a stronger economy, and growth is apart of the positives. So many become fearful when certain individuals start to elevate in someway. There is no reason why any person should be inti8midated when some choose to go further. There should be encouragement but unfortunately so many don’t think on such a level.

There are plans for so many “to go further”r than they’ve ever gone before. Too many become dismayed by what so many have done and perhaps so many may continue to try to do. Believe in self and build confidence. Yes, of course it isn’t easy when having to deal with a lot of adversity, the adversity can help one become stronger. If individuals are assisting with lifting others up then they’re the ones to be surrounded by. The visionaries, innovators, and the ones who believe in discovering the new.

There are so many ways to advance. “Advancing is good.” It’s not alright when individuals are trying to pull others down. The ones who are in better positions should at least try to encourage the ones who are trying to advance. There is plenty of room at the top so therefore there shouldn’t be a lot of confusion. We’re certainly living in a problematic world but do we have to be cruel to one another? No we shouldn’t be. It’s not healthy to be surrounded by so many individuals who are always creating trouble for others.

There are some willing to pull others up and then there will always be the ones who are intimidated by what some are trying to do. Even the ones who should be supportive are refusing to do so. Some may appear to be supportive at first but once they’ve recognized where a person is headed then they’ll start to behave oddly. No matter who starts to try to sabotage a person’s “direction.” The person should continue on their journey anyway. If there’s some who are trying to stop a person from heading “somewhere” then the person should continue to pray and what’s for the person just is.

The one’s who are in a position to make decisions should be allowed to do so. There are way too many individuals trying to control certain persons. It’s up to the persons whether they’ll allow themselves to be controlled. There has to0 come a time when persons learn to dish out the word no! There’s greater and if one expects to find greater then they’ll have to focus on the “movement.” Eventually there will be an end to the madness. The ones who continue to try and stop the elevation will see exactly how their actions aren’t beneficial.

“Keep going and do not be dismayed by what the world tries to do.” By: (Tanikka Paulk).┬áThere are a lot of ways to stay motivated. There’s so many activities that will help with encouragement. Being surrounded by the right people will help a person remain confident and want to proceed on. The distractions will come, breaks are needed, persons should try to get away from the environments which cause stress. Think about growing and getting better. “Believe in continuing on to “greatness, new heights, prosperity.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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    1. If those whom we trust or look up to or cAll our friends begin to lead us on the wrong path or constantly discourage us or show no interest in us, then It is time to drop them or separate ourselves From them, because If we continue to be around them then we will be stifling our own progress. Progress needs a catalyst and negative people influence negative results. We must analyze our surroundings and If it is not conducive to growth then we must move on to one that is.


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