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The Enemy Attacks When Breakthroughs are Near
February 5, 2017

John 14:1 says, “Let not Your Heart be Troubled.” Just remembering what a Pastor use to say about “Turn the Other Cheek.” The Pastor expressed often how doing so was a problem for him. For a lot of people actually. We’re living in times where the attacks of the enemy will come around often. The weapons used are to cause insanity and despair. The enemy will continuously go after the anointed, the called, and the gifted. Work day and night trying to destroy.

The first attack is of the mind. That’s why so many use words to cause depression and anger. The scripture states to let not the heart be troubled. What’s “occurring” is to try and isolate and cause one to become immobilized. The enemy will attack more when things aren’t going the enemy or enemies way. Control is apart of the attacks. When there’s assistance to create a positive change then the enemies will try to disrupt what’s taking place. For instance: a person who’s troubled and another comes along to try to administer comforting. The enemy will try to intervene. Not wanting others to become whole.

Going back to what Malcom X use to say. Wasn’t concerned about being politically correct. Saying what he said could cause some uproar. “Observing” what’s taking place. Malcolm was right. Devils. Didn’t understand. Devils. Each day using tactics to try and cause disruption, to agitate, to instigate. The great instigators. The individuals will try to separate families, will attack finances, will try to control.

As they’re pulling. There’s lifting. When the attacks come the breakthroughs are awaiting. The greater the attacks the greater the blessings. That’s why the attacks continue to come. Anointed ones will step and step on the enemies. “Stepping.” They’re reaching up trying get a hold of the person or persons. The persons continue to move away and they’re trying to keep the persons in the same position.

The more they’re pulling. The more the persons rise up. Being a human being one will become upset but know when to close the month and “proceed” with the growth. Clap the hands, stomp the feet, and wave the hands because something good is coming. That’s why they’re attacking. Another reason is because of the love. When others who have a spirit of hatefulness witness love going on. They’re trying to hinder the love.

Let a group people start “loving” one another. Gathering together. Helping one another and watch on the Devils will start to become irritated. Now the individuals be called Devils if they wasn’t displaying the tactics the Devil uses. Hate, Bullying, Harassment. Bashing. Sending harassing messages through technology. While all of these things occurring. The Heavenly Father is up to something.

Preparing “restoration.” Preparing elevation, rejuvenation, and prosperity. So all the attacks come and go. No one can defeat God in Heaven. Jesus was attacked as a man. If they attacked Jesus then who are we? As they’re preparing their next attack. God is setting up the blessings and will send out the discipline for touching the anointed. Touch not. Touching doesn’t actually mean to place hands but to send out attacks on the anointed and the called will cause the individuals to reap.

Saying what Malcolm X expressed does not take away from what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed in. Yes, we all should be peaceful, but we should not allow anyone to keep jabbing. The best way to “avoid” conflict is to go off and calm down and perhaps talk with a calm mindset. Sometimes doesn’t work. There will times when we’ll want to tell some folks when they can go. To keep sane. Bite the lip and say there will be no jabbing. Devils will use individuals to try and come after the person or persons they’re trying to control and try to make it appear as if the person is losing their mind.

Well. They wouldn’t use such tactics if there wasn’t something the person has that they want. There’s a gift and they’re trying to use the gift. So they “become” angry when they’re unable to do what they’ve set out to do. The control is like a drug. They’re addicted and want to get high. So they’ll continue to try and gain what the person or persons have. They’ll harass, send messages, send interruptions and so on. They’ll go after children to try and agitate their parents. The work of the enemy.

“The Situations Which are Occurring Today are Situations God Said Would Occur.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“The Bible”

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    1. The whole world is filled with darkness, abominable deeds have taken over the day.

      Christians are being irritated by the truth.

      Now, You will have to think twice before you correct.

      Will faith be found on earth when Jesus comes back?


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