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The Mysterious to the Conquering Continues

They’re unaware of what’s really occurring and when individuals are unable to recognize what’s happening then they’ll become anxious. Wanting to know every move made. If there’s a need to make the most progress then the moves shouldn’t be revealed. “There’s more mysterious than the groups are aware of. There are so many believing that I Tanikka Paulk should engage in their war but there’s way too much to conquer. My abilities have surprised so many they thought that I was nothing but I’m everything Everything the same. “An African American female accomplishing what they wish they could.” I’m That African American female by the name of Tanikka Paulk.

They’ve challenges me=Tanikka Paulk and I’m refusing to give in to any persons trying to intimidate me=Tanikka Paulk. So the very ones which need to be included will and the others won’t know exactly what’s to occur. Coming to a destination where there is further growth and there’s the ability to achieve without the nonsense. The right eye continues my goodness has surprised so many and they’re trying to find out how just I am. My communications shall be deeply communicated without the invaders.

Secretive in some cases but there is more to what’s occurring right now. Perhaps fear is the reason why some feel that they can try to intimidate the path. My focus is on keeping what needs to” be kept” quietly. There could be motions in which they’ve perceived as actual but there will be the hidden in which doesn’t need to be revealed for many reasons. They’re watching every move but will they know what’s happening? Moving along here on my journey has taught me=Tanikka Pualk a lot. There are so many who I’m unable to trust.

That’s why there’s more mysteries involved. What they’ve failed to understand thus far is that “Love Conquers all.” Battling perhaps but will continue to keep my armor on. Haven’t forgotten about the head plate. There is also the word meditated without all to view. Have they invaded? Yes. What will I Tanikka Paulk do about their invasions? That too is a mystery. They’ve tried to use my gifts but there is more to me=Tanikka Paulk than their eyes can see. They’ve tried to compete and tried to intimidate but I’m refusing to back down.

Where will thie=Tanikka Paulk be headed to? There’s no reason to tell. They keep their visions on that=Tanikka Paulk. My purpose is to be fulfilled and although there are some wanting to prevent the movements there are some willing to assist with “the elevation.” Have I angered some? Yes. Am I concerned about their anger? No! They can project what they believe will destroy me=Tanikka Paulk but God has already ordained that=Tanikka Paulk. Mysterious with the continuation of. . .

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To Live Peacefully Amongst a Troubled Society
January 12, 2018

God has spoken to His Children referring to how we’ll have to experience troubles. There’s no person without adversities. There will be  some having to deal with more than others but we’ll all go through the storms. So many faced going through hardships and for some they’re unable to cope. In order to remain within peacefulness one will need to find outlets which will assist with obtaining “peace.” There will be wars between Nations and so many may not understand why we’re exposed to such difficulties. For so many they’ve come across the evils within society. There seems to be a disconnection of humanity. Mankind continues to try to destroy what is good.

What Will we Face Tomorrow

One may never know what tomorrow will bring. There’s a lot to discover and perhaps tomorrow we’ll discover more than we’ve discovered today. The challenges faced doesn’t mean that we’re doomed. Challenges can incur more strength which is needed in order to  transform from one point to another. If we’re being exposed to lots of adversities then it’s important to pray. Prayer will help get through the troubles. There are so many troubled each moment in time. They’ve forgotten how to conquer. Society needs more loving individuals. “Love” will and has conquered. “Love has allowed what some insist on contributing in order to see the good and discern what may be viewed as troubling. ” By: Tanikka Paulk

Yes there has been fatigue when having to deal with so many troubling events. There has to be a decision to move forward despite what I’ve faced. What so many have perceived they’ve been found to be incorrect. We’ll find what is necessary in order to produce a more sound Nation. Society has certainly caused destruction. In time we’ll incur what is needed to put together a more stable environment, community, and society. There is peace when we learn to tune out the distractions. If so many are more focused on causing disruptions then they’re adding little value to what society really needs.

There is “purpose.” Not all will generate what will help society become whole. There’s so much to learn. Have we learned? Perhaps we’re too bullheaded. There is “light.” The light continues to move ahead. No matter how broken society becomes there will be persons willing to m proceed. There will be sorrow, tears cried when the pain reigns in, there will be thoughts of how long will the troubles continue? Going to the word has helped in so many ways. There is peace within the word. The Full Armor of God continues to remain in tact. I’m continuing to keep on the armor.

Day has arrived. There will be completeness and although there has been many adversities to face. God has allowed the journey to continue forward. Continuing is what I’m thinking about. There is a smile knowing that I’ve been chosen to adhere to a path in which God has felt that I’m equipped to face. “No matter how many negative words float about. I’m filled with joyfulness and believe that I’m victorious within my path.” By: Tanikka Paulk. So what mankind projects there is hope. Being filled with the words in which God has spoken has really helped deal with the matters in which society continues to project.

The problems aren’t reasons to give up or to give into what so many continue to project. Timing is important and when God is ready to intervene He will. God has sent His son Jesus Christ to die for every persons sin and He continues to demonstrate just how much love He has for all of His children. There is protection by wearing the “Full Armor of God.” There is hopefulness when meditating on the word. There is peacefulness when tuning out the negatives which can cause setbacks. “To think positively continues to generate further developments.

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Craft Confidence is Extremely Helpful

It appears as though there are so many folks not feeling comfortable within their craft. There’s no need to try and sabotage or become overly competitive. If persons are comfortable and confident about their craft then they’ll just try to elevate further and will refrain from trying to pull others down. The ones who continue to try and cause disturbances aren’t secure or they’re envious of what some are accomplishing. In  order to become more skilled at a craft one has to decide to put in more effort and become more focused. There will be outsiders trying to cause disconnections and there will certainly be a lot of competitors trying to cause discouragement.

Be Confident and Believe That the Accomplishments Will Occur”

There are way too many refraining from believing in self. They’re more focused on trying to prevent elevations when there should be more focus on creating more and more leaders. To be gifted at a craft or crafts is very rewarding but when so many are trying to hinder trying to elevate further can become difficult. Keeping the confidence is important. Once a person losing their confidence, it may become quite difficult to regain, no matter what’s being said it’s better to just proceed. We’ll certainly have to deal with the noisemakers at some point but there should be focusing on what will add value.

What so many are or will say may add absolutely no value to a journey. Unfortunately there are a lot of highly competitive People and some are extremely aggressive. For some every move they’re making within their craft is under a microscope. They’re probably watching right now. Indeed they are. No matter how many times folks try to prevent a person from proceeding on their journey. The willingness should be within, be determined, and continue to believe that eventually there will be completeness.

So many end up giving up because of what’s being said. There are some afraid to proceed because of what they’ve been told. We’ll have to face some of the toughest critics and there will be some unwilling to accept the gift or gifts which were given before birth. There are so many believing that they’re capable of removing a gift but what is declared by God no man (meaning mankind) can take away. Yes, they’ll continue to try to sabotage, the victory is won when there isn’t any giving up!

When continuing to proceed with a craft one will find that there will be many rewards. Of course there will be some hardships but we’re capable of getting through the hardships. Of course there will be some willing to go through extreme measures in order to remove their competition. The focus should be on continuing to prosper. “Feel so Confident That the Words the Competitors use Aren’t Even Heard.”By: Tanikka Paulk Why so many are up against crafts? There are some refraining from thinking confidently.

I’m a writer, blogger, advocate/activist and Founder. I’ve experienced so many setbacks but refused to give up. Yes, there are a lot trying to cause discouragement but I’m refusing to give in. “Unfortunately There Will be Some Wanting to Take Credit for the Work Completed.” By: Tanikka Paulk. The competitors will continue to make noise and the ones wanting to further their elevation may become discouraged due to having to witness what some have to go through. “In the Realm of Confidence, Encouraged, Believing.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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For Elevation and Continuous Growth

So many have claimed to have faced the same issues I’ve faced and continue to face. The problems aren’t discouraging me= tanikka paulk in anyway. “Growth” should occur, growth will build a stronger economy, and growth is apart of the positives. So many become fearful when certain individuals start to elevate in someway. There is no reason why any person should be inti8midated when some choose to go further. There should be encouragement but unfortunately so many don’t think on such a level.

There are plans for so many “to go further”r than they’ve ever gone before. Too many become dismayed by what so many have done and perhaps so many may continue to try to do. Believe in self and build confidence. Yes, of course it isn’t easy when having to deal with a lot of adversity, the adversity can help one become stronger. If individuals are assisting with lifting others up then they’re the ones to be surrounded by. The visionaries, innovators, and the ones who believe in discovering the new.

There are so many ways to advance. “Advancing is good.” It’s not alright when individuals are trying to pull others down. The ones who are in better positions should at least try to encourage the ones who are trying to advance. There is plenty of room at the top so therefore there shouldn’t be a lot of confusion. We’re certainly living in a problematic world but do we have to be cruel to one another? No we shouldn’t be. It’s not healthy to be surrounded by so many individuals who are always creating trouble for others.

There are some willing to pull others up and then there will always be the ones who are intimidated by what some are trying to do. Even the ones who should be supportive are refusing to do so. Some may appear to be supportive at first but once they’ve recognized where a person is headed then they’ll start to behave oddly. No matter who starts to try to sabotage a person’s “direction.” The person should continue on their journey anyway. If there’s some who are trying to stop a person from heading “somewhere” then the person should continue to pray and what’s for the person just is.

The one’s who are in a position to make decisions should be allowed to do so. There are way too many individuals trying to control certain persons. It’s up to the persons whether they’ll allow themselves to be controlled. There has to0 come a time when persons learn to dish out the word no! There’s greater and if one expects to find greater then they’ll have to focus on the “movement.” Eventually there will be an end to the madness. The ones who continue to try and stop the elevation will see exactly how their actions aren’t beneficial.

“Keep going and do not be dismayed by what the world tries to do.” By: (Tanikka Paulk). There are a lot of ways to stay motivated. There’s so many activities that will help with encouragement. Being surrounded by the right people will help a person remain confident and want to proceed on. The distractions will come, breaks are needed, persons should try to get away from the environments which cause stress. Think about growing and getting better. “Believe in continuing on to “greatness, new heights, prosperity.” By: (Tanikka Paulk)

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Limit the Time Online and There’s Many to do so

Being online can be rewarding but is also a pain when dealing with a lot of the drama. I’m way too determined to be consumed with the matters in which so many continue to try and crate. There shouldn’t be any time to be concerned with the issues which some aren’t willing to deal with. If any person expects to go further then they’ll have to find a way to get through the crowd. Yes, there’s a lot of people who are very spiteful and will try to cause problems for others, especially the ones who are trying to climb higher. On the journey one will find out who is friend or foe.

There is certainly a lot one may have to deal with when they’re online for many hours at a time. If there are problems that aren’t being addressed and the person has tried to address some of the problems on certain platforms then it’s best to do what needs to be done and then move on. No need to engage in the drama because the drama will only offer setbacks. Some have incurred many setbacks because of trying to engage in the ridiculous matters. There are some p0latforms which offer protection to users and others simply allow the behaviors to get out of control.

For some, perhaps the drams is a way to gain more views and ratings, but I’m not in tuned with the hoopla. Some aren’t even considering how their actions can not only cause damage for others but could also cause damage for themselves. It’s better to try and progress then to deal with all of the chaos which can and is continuing to0 take place online. For some the drama is occurring in their devices. Oh yes, perhaps some have experienced breeches, that’s what I’m going through right now. My phone is riddled with all sorts of messages from some of what appears to be as insane individuals.

No time for the antics taking place. I’m just trying to excel and trying to discover. Getting from here to there. That’s so Right. If they’re trying to pull down no matter where the location is then the person or persons are on the right track. Yes indeed I’m on the right track. No matter what has occurred online I’m not discouraged at all. Some may have given up by now. Imagine having threats and all sots of madness coming through devices and it appears as if there are no laws. I’ve faced some of the most cynical people but I’m still continuing on for a reason.

Persons who are busy living of others aren’t very happy people. There should be a desire to create a more stable economy but if they are busy trying to pull others down then we’ll continue to see a decline. There are times when one would need to just shut all of the technology down and engage in other activities. If there is work to be done online then perhaps consider doing what needs to be done and then log off. That’s my plan. Not going to be consumed with matters which cause stress. There is enough to deal with.

Some may choose to cease all their goals because of the heckling which will take place no matter what one tries to do. If there’s no progress then there will be complaints and if there’s too much then there will be anger. Being online is a choice and if there’s no positivity at all then perhaps there should be little time spent online. Some area will have more chaos on the platforms and others are such a pleasure to be on. No matter what some decide to do online or offline. I’m going to continue to more forward. “I’m the Writer, Blogger, Founder and Advocate and I’m Still Encouraged.” By: Teep11

I’m (tanikka paulk)

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Oh yes too Determined to Turn Back
July 17, 2017

No matter how many try to discourage a person from living their dreams. It’s up the person whether to stop or not. Unfortunately there are a lot of people who may become envious of others trying to live their dreams. Some may not want to see others “rise up” and a lot of their thinking comes from being competitive. Not wanting others to surpass their success. There are some who will constantly try to sabotage others. They may not be happy within because if there was happiness then they wouldn’t try to rain on a person’s parade.

So many have stopped supplying ideas and stop trying to put their dream into reality because of the criticism. There will be critics everywhere a person goes. There is no way any person can avoid criticism unless they’re in hiding somewhere. As long as individuals are seeing others shine and trying to get ahead then they’ll try to stop the persons from doing so. The key is to be brave, “filled with courage”, and be very determined. Do not become discouraged when there are crowds of people who are trying to hinder what is taking place.

For some they’re reasons have to do with their own selfishness. There are motives why some choose to go after others who are only try to prosper. “Some are trying to live better lives.” Don’t have a defeated attitude. Believe in the victory and be victorious. It’s no fun having to deal with difficult individuals but there is no way that any person will completely avoid the difficult ones. Some may seek out persons in order to just try to get the individuals down.

While on a Journey

When on a journey it’s important to have a positive mindset and of course no person will always be positive but for the most part. One should “discover positive outlets” to engage in. All of the chatter should go in one ear and out the other. There’s a reason why some are chose to walk certain journeys. There is always hope. Remain hopeful even when it appears as if they’re throwing rocks. The ones who work harder to get others down aren’t filled with joy and there are some no matter what. They’ll continue to try and sabotage whatever some are doing.

So many have expressed how they’ve faced many troubles while trying to get ahead. Some have discovered that the very ones who they’ve perceived as being supporters end up being apart of the sabotage group.  If persons aren’t climbing higher then there’s a possibility that they may not want to see others trying to excel. Although there may be so many who try to hinder “a process.” The person shouldn’t give up. There should be some progress even when there’s very little. Eventually all what needs to come together will.

“The sun Comes out After the Rain. The Storm Ceases and There is Rebuilding.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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The Importance of Staying Mentally Focused While on a Journey

Being on a journey or mission isn’t an easy task. There will certainly be lots of adversity and not to mention the distractions. Some may choose to journey with others while there are some will journey alone. Having too many people on a journey can slow the process down. There are some who are willing to assist with the elevation and others will simply try to sabotage the upward move. No matter what takes place the “visionary” should continue to proceed. The process may seem long but worth the effort. It’s the end results in which one should think about.

Getting from one point to another. Achieving more and being apart of “growth.” There should be focus but there will be times when the visionary loses focus and may stumble. Some may try to assist with creating setbacks for the ones who decide to set off on a journey. Not all will be pleased with witnessing others make progress and achieve greater. There’s a lot of competition and so many have found out that some competitors won’t compete in a fair manner.

There will be lots of critics and one must put on some thick skin. There’s a lot of people out there who will become overly critical because of their own frustrations. Not all will utilize their “gifts and talents.” Some may waste time on trying to make sure others don’t pursue their dreams. Even the ones at the top will try to make it harder for the ones who are on a journey. Although there will be so many who will try to sabotage a dream. Keep going and when the focus is lost. Regain the focus.

It’s not fair that so many choose to try and bring others down due to their own insecurities. There will be a lot o of falsehood. Many games will be played in order to stop or at least slow down the visionary or visionaries. Too many become discouraged because of what so many have and will continue to do. Some could be inspired but are unable to express their being “inspired” properly. No matter how much chatter takes place. The goal is to make it to the finish line. There must be lots of courage to allow a light to shine.

Not everyone will be courageous enough to walk “the journey.” Some will just allow their dreams to fade. There will be a lot of deceptiveness because some may not feel as if certain visionaries are deserving of prosperity. There would be road blocks but go past the blocks by remaining determined. There must be determination, motivation, and a desire to live better and to grow further. If others are unwilling to grow then there’s nothing any person can do about their decision to not want to achieve prosperity.

In order to continue on, there must be some positive thinking taking place, breaks are important. Do not burn out. One won’t remain functional if there’s too many tasks being “achieved” at one time. If there are times that slowdowns must occur then allow the slowdowns to occur but continue to focus. Focus on moving from here to there. Focus on climbing higher. There’s a lot of rewards on the journey and at the end. No matter how difficult the journey becomes. Never ever feel despaired. If the opinions aren’t beneficial then don’t listen.

“This is Tanikka Paulk Life Experiences VP (Visionary With a Purpose). Founder Tanikka Paulk Called That and that. By: Tanikka Paulk

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“The Journey I’m Traveling Certainly Isn’t for Everyone.” My Vision may not be Understood by all.” by: Tanikka Paulk

 “A Visionary”

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Disruptions Within Productivity may Occur

Of course there will always be some who will try to discourage others from advancing. Try to prevent others from leaving one point to travel to another. There are many reasons why some will try to prevent certain situations from occurring. For some there’s selfishness, persons the need is great, so instead of communicating a need there may be some deceptiveness going on in order to stop the individual or individuals from prospering. If there’s a lot of determination then there can be “prosperity. ”

Some will go as far as to cause harm to another in order to stop what they’re afraid of. For some seeing others advance is hurtful. They’re not “feeling confident” due to the fact some are determined to get ahead. There should be more people trying to encourage others to elevate because doing so will create a more stable economy. Perhaps some refuse or aren’t thinking on such a level.

There may be lots of disruptions and some may try to use tactics to cause a complete cease. The drive will allow the individual “to proceed despite the circumstances.” Some are seeking to gain only and will do whatever they feel is necessary to gain. Even the ones who are suppose to be supporters will try to create the disruptions to either stop or delay what one is trying to do. For the individuals who are only seeking to gain but refuse to learn or do some good. They’ll most likely won’t be prosperous and just because some may try to prevent prosperity doesn’t mean that prosperity won’t occur. There are so many levels of prosperity.

There can still be lost of productivity when there’s chaos. If a person chooses to tune out the noise then a lot can be accomplished. There can be greater rewards when there’s some removals. Meaning some individuals may need to be removed from one’s circle in order to incur “more elevation.” Some will hang around certain individuals in hopes to gain or to try to seek out their weaknesses in order to destroy the individual.

If a person allows any person to stop their dreams, vision, and ideas then they’re weak. There has to be bravery and courage in order to move from one point to another. No amount of words or attacks should be a reason for any visionary to stop not only visualizing but to not “the vision.” What’s said can go through one ear and out the other. The persons who are always chattering but aren’t being productive aren’t doing themselves any favors. It’s better to proceed and try to continue on the productivity path.

“Yes, I’m Proceeding on and so Should any Visionary. Be Confident, Courageous, and Victorious.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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My Journey or Everyone Else’s???????

My journey seems to be a journey so many have chosen to tag along on. Having too many people on a journey can hinder the progress. Not every person should come along on a journey and some may not understand why they’re not welcomed. If they’ve caused trouble then they should be allowed to come along. Some just can’t stand to see others rise up. No matter what they’re trying to do. “I’m continuing on and still blessed.” Tanikka Paulk.

My journey certainly isn’t an easy one. There has been some setbacks and a lot have become very angry. I’m still here for a reason and as long as I’m here “there will be progress.” No person should stop making progress or stop their vision because others aren’t pleased with the elevation. For some it’s the fact that they’re afraid of the movement. Not wanting a person to leave one place to travel to another. If any person expects to advance then they’ll have to make some decisions in which some may not agree with but doing what’s best for the individual is the right thing to do.

There will come a time when it has to be expressed. Some will need to be told to stop tagging along. There are some who will just weigh a person down by performing actions which cause one to slowdown. No person should allow any individual to stop their dreams. So many will try to stop what is taking place out of fear. For some they’re feeling bad for not doing more. “We’re all given a gift for a reason” and there is no reason why the gift or gifts should be hidden. There has to be some boldness.

A time will come when the ones who seem to act as if they’re not understanding why a person has to move forward have to be told no. There should be more people encouraging others to follow their dreams and to try and accomplish as much as “possible.” Some may want to but are unable to for whatever reason. Allowing others to cause a delay or to just stop the vision is a mistake. Individuals have to realize that persons have to move on. Some have difficulty letting go.

So many may listen to what some will say and stop trying to achieve. They’re making a mistake if they’re allowing others to stop their dreams. “My journey will continue as long as I’m here.” There will be a place where there’s comfort and more progress made. I’m trying to get there and although there’s a lot of resistance. That’s what I’m trying to achieve and with the determination it’s certainly possible and I’m believing so.

“Never Stop a Dream of Vision Because That’s What Some may Want. Continue to Make Strides.” By: Tanikka Paulk

tanikka paulk

http://dailytwocents.com/keep-composure-dealing-aggressive …


35 mins ago – http://dailytwocents.com/keep-composure-dealing-aggressive-behavior/ by:Tanikka Paulk How to Keep the Composure When Dealing With Aggressive Behavior .

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Photos Belongs to Tanikka Paulk “There is Light When There is Darkness. There Will be ups as Well as Downs but I”m Blessed and Will Continue on my Journey.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Be Creative and Explore Using Self Identity

Ever wonder why so many choose to take on another person’s identity? God gave every person their own identity, talent, and gifts. “Why so many choose to commit identity theft?” Not wanting to use their own creativity or just desperate. Mainly desperation. Doggy dog World we’re living in. There so many ventures to adhere to so there’s no reason to try and take on another person’s identity when there’s so much within. It’s amazing how so many aren’t considering their own gifts. Hiding their talents because they’re too afraid failure. Afraid they’ll be criticized so taking another identity will put the pressure on the one who has had their identity stolen.

Every person has creativity even the disabled. Some may have wasted so much time in other areas and forgot about taking some time to explore. Reaching deep down and finding the gifts. Taking their frustrations out on the ones who have chosen “to explore” their creativity. Some of their thinking doesn’t seem logical but not every person will appreciate the gifts which were given by the Creator of Mankind.

Trying to take away another person’s dreams because they’ve failed to live their own. Shouldn’t they use their own creativity? “What’s the use in impersonating another when eventually they’ll be discovered.” Some have to fight to gain their identity back. individuals who continuously steal identities are mentally disturbed. They could be suffering from a personality disorder. even the mentally ill can utilize their talents. There’s some with some outstanding talents.

My father played the guitar, was an artist, and wrote songs. Yes, the mentally can be as creative as any other person. Some may use laziness as an excuse. Not trying to further their lives with supplying the gifts to the world. Not allowing their abilities to shine and “continuing” to knock others down who are trying to elevate. The envy which is so settled into the world causes so many to try and ruin a person’s dreams and vision. Perhaps the ones who take on another person’s identity should have their day in court and be sent to jail.

Self love will prevent individuals from wanting to take on other identities. Loving their own gifts and not being fearful to “let the gifts shine” will help individuals rise up. Some are extremely insecure and are afraid to be who God called the persons to be. Some will spent their entire lives trying to be someone else. Trying to disrupt what was rightly given can be a mistake. Trying to take away a person’s vision can cause a meltdown with so many groups of people. Not a good decision to do so. So many reap because they can not be who they should be.

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