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Eyes are and Will Continue to see What Needs to be Seen
January 14, 2019

Everyday there’s the battle of what? The battle seems to be what I’ve became. The competitors aren’t recognizing what is actually so. No matter what they’ve been told some haven’t connected the dots. There’s problems to be solved and the “solutions” are just around the corner. To find the most effective solutions the thinking needs to occur. The time to find the facts, to analyze, to incur. The constant back and fourth but there’s no need to speak about what shall occur in the next few months.

What they’ve perceived they are incorrect. Why should I explain every detail of what is to occur? No. Refused to be persons puppet. If they’ve perceived me=Tanikka Paulk to be a pushover they’re wrong. There’s no way that I’m going to accept that I’m who they’ve tried to place me=Tanikka Paulk as. Are they suppose to be within my technology? No. They’ve invaded and I haven’t “extended” an invitation to the individuals who are constantly trying to chase my dreams away. Continuing because I want to.

They’re unable to accept the reasons why or unable to accept the decisions made. To live a dream or dreams certainly entails bravery one will need to focus on the pathway. “What has the actions caused and how will the chosen face the many obstacles?” Firmly, cautiously, objectively. The proof that my journey is important is the actions. Th4e many clicks after I’ve supplied some “information” the proof that I Tanikka Paulk am a victim. Breached is proven when they’re clicking the entire world can see that as I;m typing in the information I’m unable to click or underline words or names.

Using my noggin. Witnessed the clicks inside my files and other online areas. Sought after and way too important to the individuals to be forgotten. I can smile because I’m aware that I’m victorious. Victory is when good deeds are performed and despite what they’ve said God already knows me=Tanikka Paulk. God the Father of Jesus Christ. I’m able to choose, pick, decide. The freedom to do what some are unable to do.

There’s mounts of fruitfulness. Abilities, skills, trainable movements. Unified, unifying, and supplying. The data has been stored untouched waiting to be viewed. My eyes have seen what most haven’t thought to see. Cautious and have noticed what they may have perceived as getting by. Focused and awaiting what is to come. Soon enough the necessary tasks will “be performed”.

Continuation of what some thought would be omitted. Additions have been -placed where need be. There’s more to be seen added and adding. The troubles are removed in order to continue progressively. Moves are made without individuals able to view every action. There’s a time for quietness. The revealing of every piece of data shouldn’t be revealed. Connected and continuing to unify the ones which shall along. Moving upwards because there’s still room to move upwardly.

An Extended Invitation to Tupac Shakur

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Continuous Movement is a Plus
November 20, 2018

T0o be able to move in the set direction in which will incur abundance is a plus and what is the meaning of plus. Addition, positivity, building. There is the aspiration to fulfill what some have desired. “To build and continue to seek growth so that there can be a stronger nation is what some visionaries have visioned.” (Tanikka Paulk). I’ve tried and will continue to try to build although there is still some resistance. I’m in no way discouraged by the actions in which mankind has demonstrated. My movement from one destination to another was and is declared no matter what’s perceived I’m going to continue to proceed and achieve.

Motions in actions there is success and there will be continuous achievements. My views include helping others, youth direction, building. Some have demonstrated that they’re out of tune they’re disconnected and refusing to connect “The People.” The questions remain from people wanting to know what will be the next move.Oh yes they’ve tried to disrupt my process and my progress but there is so much determination to advance to the many levels. Irritated? Perhaps but in peace meaning I’m at peace isn’t that what Jesus Christ proclaimed?

Functioning in order to incur higher, the heights, the reaching the top of the mountain. There is hope some have viewed their situations as hopeless. They’ve underestimated my “achievements” as well as others. There has to be motivation in order to continue developing better societies. There is constant prayer that I’m able to achieve what I’ve set out to achieve. The time is now and I’ve heard what the crowd has to say but I’m refusing to turn in the direction in which they want me=Tanikka Paulk to go.

Oh the critics will have their say. They’ll want to know where visionaries are headed. The voices of glorious, positives, and speeches which hold value are greatly appreciated. The interruptions could have caused declines but there are some in agreement they’re wanting and needing to be apart of rising. Although it may appear as though there is little movement there is movement. There is “greatness” perhaps they should consider changing their line of thinking so that there can be further progress. Perhaps they’ve viewed the progression as slowed. Slowing of progress isn’t the same as no progress.

Small steps can reach heights there are additions and yes in some areas there have been subtractions. There is advancement despite what so many have tried to project. My projected path continues. The untruths told aren’t reasons to cease the journey. Perhaps some have believed that their actions would cause a push back. They’ve probably perceived that I’m behind but there is evidence that I’m ahead. The hecklers will heckle but my confidence hasn’t faded. The more confidence incurred the better the person will become. If they’re unsettled about movement and movements then perhaps they’ve viewed their own accomplishments as failures.

“Strive to be the best be confident about the craft and know that there is hopefulness somewhere. Building!” by: Tanikka Paulk. There are so many who’ve tried to prevent what should occur. God and Jesus continues to be at my side and prayer is certainly on my agenda. There is a smile because I’m aware that I’ve been chosen and the are declarations of such. What they’ve perceived isn’t my perception at all. My mindset is to proceed rightfully, abundantly, with a positive attitude and yes my attitude may not always be positive but my confidence will be within and outer.

The declines are caused by the actions of others. They’ve wanted to place blame on one but refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. Dreams are made to come true and a dreamer is a visionary and conquers when they’ve demonstrated that there is love. Mankind has misjudged in which happens quite often. I’ve been insulted but the insults won’t cause my visions to vanish. My focus is to make differences. I’ve already achieved what some have’t dared to achieve. There is more to accomplish and that’s what I’m focusing on. Transformations have occurred and will continue to occur. “The movement is what some have refused to accept and they have :demonstrated: that they’re without understanding.” (Tanikka Paulk). The strongest fo People are the ones which try to understand. There are supporters although right now there seems to be so many refusing to be supportive.


“Hated Because of Being you. Criticized Because You’re able to Achieve What They’ve Feared.” Continuing.by: Tanikka Paulk

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“Be Cautious With the Moves Know When to Leave the Area and Areas.” (Tanikka Paulk)


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The Know how is What Will get you Further
October 30, 2018

To the get to the got and to the determined. There are many followers although they may not appear to be following on the surface but they are. I too follow because a leader has to be a follow. There is proof that there is following by supplying some of their work. I’m aware of what God has said. “Recognizing” others is what God wants, giving, helping is what God wants some never recognize others. My name is what they’ve tried to dismiss no matter what’s said it’s about the what is. What is so. So therefore the words projected aren’t adding any value unless what is said is of truth. “Know what to say when to say what needs to be said.” By: Tanikka Paulk

What is it that I know? I’ve been supplied with lots of information and reading helps to obtain more information. There isn’t any doubt that my journey will incur what some have witnessed and that includes having to handle the competition. Competitors will continue to try and discourage but a virtuous one will try to encourage. Encouragement is of great assistance. To remain confident, determined, and add the “positivity” will carry one further than projecting poisonous words. “Positive words is what so many really need.” by: Tanikka Paulk

I’m aware what can occur when trying to tear People down. There are so many tearing down because they’re miserable. I’ve stated before an example of the ones using you how my example reflects the individuals. There is only one and my oh my have they continuously proven such. My proof has been supplied and if I’m to continue on the set path then I’ll need to focus on the specific areas. Are they frustrated with my progress are they frustrated with my continuing? Perhaps. There are many reasons why there’s progression.

I’ve continued to be close to my Father the Father of Jesus Christ. I’m close to my Brother Jesus Christ. Haven’t we recognized that we’re spiritual brothers and sisters? Regconition is what come are looking for. Recognizing others is what I’ve “demonstrated” and perhaps some aren’t pleased about what occurs here or elsewhere. There is the movements although there are so many wanting to pull down I’m refusing to accept whatever it is that they want. Distractions is what they’ve tried to produce but a person can move forwardly confidently by blocking the noisemakers out.

To know, to discover, to uncover. What they’ve perceived they are wrong, I’ve recognized when I’ve been attacked there is proof of such. There are some trying to come out of their holes. The chasing of my dreams and their attitudes towards the levels in which need attention. I’m continuing to smile what’s said could cause declines but if one supplies positives then the person is able to move forward. “I’m here continuing to do what I’ve been called to do. Chosen is what has been proven.” (Tnaikka Paulk)

There isn’t a battle with the uncooperative ones. They’re called ones because they’re grouped together. I’m “one” called One. Meaning that the title was administered to you=Tanikka Paulk. They’ve tried to fight but how successful are the persons? There is no time to battle with God’s Creations. I’ve have more tasks to complete and there are objectives to meet. There should be desires to advance and to help others advance. Leadership entails building others leaders but there doesn’t seem to be too many qualified. “Qualify.”

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There has to be Absolute Focusing on the Achievements and More
October 19, 2018

There is still more to achieve and there are the cooperative ones wanting to achieve further “success.” Yes there are the ones wanting to play around but there should be the concentration so that the goals are met. I Tanikka Paulk encourage dream makers to focus on the aspirations be dedicated to what can help incur prosperity. Elevation is certainly necessary. What has been “discovered” thus far? Progress, abilities, and searches. I’ve searched in ways some won’t dare to search. There has been more than managing. To be equipped is what some refrain from achieving.

The abilities are desired, the crafts are observed, and the skills have been obtained. There are some desiring to cause distractions but there are many ways to get back on track. There’s the steady motions and even if there’s little movements there are movements. One should be careful when dealing with certain individuals because there are some so determined to cause delays, to try and stop what has already been purposed, there should be the focusing on their own goals. “There seems to be more focus on what I’m trying to accomplish and less focusing on what persons need to accomplish.” by: Tanikka Paulk

I’m certainly dedicated to my dreams it seems as though there are so many dedicated to other’s dreams instead of their own. The followers pretend as if their not followers. They’ll reveal in someway that they are. No matter what’s displayed, said, or perceived it is always about the what is. That’s right! I’ve conquered when there has been extreme adversity. I’ve learned how to handle situations better. Thankfully I’m continuing to head in the direction which will incur what is needed and what “can create” further developments. “Conquering has lead to the conquered.” (Tanikka Paulk)

No matter what darts are projected I’m continuing if they’re wanting to cause distractions then perhaps their afraid of where I’m headed. There is no time to stop and pay close attention to noisemakers. The show continues isn’t that what God has addressed in the “Good Book.” They’re worrying about what I’m going to do when there should be attention on what they need to do. Chuckles because I’ve been moving along for quite sometime now! Motivated there is sunshine and although there will be rainy times there will also be brighter times. “If they want to know where I’m headed then they will have to wait and see.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Some ask the question:  Are you coming or going? Could be either or. My main focus is to reach the goals in which I’ve supplied to self. Perhaps there are many misunderstanding what is to occur. Fear seems to be the reason why some would prefer to remove the journey. My place has already been set so therefore they’re out of order. What is it that they should achieve? I’ve seen the words in which would probably cause some to break completely but I’m aware of what God has stored up and what will occur after my leaving here.


“There is More Than one Reason why I’m Continuing and one of the Reasons is Because of God.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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The Next Step Will be!!!

There’s progress and oh my goodness how progress just surprises some folks. What will occur next? Have to wait and see I suppose. Oh what a journey there seems to be the ones without understanding oh my why aren’t they able to understand? Perhaps they don’t want to understand or their minds are weakened by their oddly thoughts. Some may wonder where I’m headed but only God really knows where I’ll end up. In the meantime there is lots to achieve, many goals, and there certainly will “be completions.” Yes there seems to be some wanting to slow down what’s to be achieved but they really shouldn’t.

There are many goals set and so many have tried to right me=tanikka paulk off. God is allowing the mission to continue. My mind is focused on what should and more than likely will occur. I’m thrilled that the protectors are along so that there can be further developments accomplished. Hooray! Some continue to play but are they sure what they’re doing? It doesn’t seem as though they’re sure at all. Anyway there will be moves made in which some are unable to see and are unaware of. I’m certainly aware that there are moves made in certain areas.

How many are along the way there are more than their “eyes” can view. Large numbers of People are working where the individuals are unable to see what they’re doing. Hidden where their visions are unable to visualize. Hidden in plain sight. That’s right! There has been the invasions but although some decided to invade on that mission there will be continued progress with this. Many hills to climb but with the help from the Lord there will be more accomplished, more succeeding, more abundance.

Some seem to think that to be rich meaning includes having plenty of money but rich can also include being rich at heart. I’m rich because I’m heart filled, blessed, grateful. On the journey to achieve what some probably are afraid to achieve. No words spoken will cause a decrease with my determination. No matter what’s projected as long as I’m here on earth there will be movements. I’ve been challenged many times but oh my Heavenly Father continues to walk on my journey with me=Tanikka Paulk.

Soon enough there will be the motions I’m still holding my titles. I’m titled and no man (meaning mankind) can take the titles away. Yes they’ve tried to wipe me=tanikka paulk out but they won’t defeat God. I’m truly blessed to have been chosen and to be able to proceed. “I’ve faced the many battles and have withstood the tests so how many can accomplish what I’ve accomplished?” by: Tanikka Paulk

The ones who’ve tried to sabotage I’ve said before that they aren’t welcomed. For there are some unfriendly. There are the mean ones trying to prevent what really should occur. The cynics will say whatever they feel they want to say but I’m refusing to be in tuned with their foolishness. Nope! Some think that I’m weak or have weakened but God has made me=Tanikka Paulk strong. He’s continuing to walk on my journey as well as Jesus Christ and always they’re the ones I’ll completely trust. Amen!

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Unable to Accept That I’ve Been Chosen

Oh how my position bothers so many. Any person shining, living a dream, has a vision will have to expect that there will be some displeased about where they’re headed and the achievements obtained. “They’re still insisting on trying to pull (Tanikka Paulk) down but God has already declared my purpose.” By; Tanikka Paulk. If they’re trying to create war then I’m going to create the peace. I’d rather be a peacemaker instead of being what so many have decided to become. There are some living as if they’re strapped in hell. In fact there will be so many going to the pit.

They’ve tried to pull me=Tanikka Paulk down what are the results? I’m still continuing and still have my faith. No matter how many times I’m attacked God is allowing my journey to continue. Amen! I’m still smiling because I’m aware of what God can do. My Bible Bibles are being read and I’m meditating. I’ve prayed and will continue to pray for the enemies. Some are lost and they’re unaware of light. There was a Minister who said, “I see the glow of Jesus around you.” The statement was made to Tanikka Paulk. Confirmation of the anointed. Being anointed comes with a lot of responsibility. There will be many unable to accept what God has called you=Tanikka Paulk to be.

They’re unable to cope with my gifts so they’ll try to attack what they are unable to understand. Jesus Christ was mocked, they wanted Jesus to perform miracles, He was crucified. No person  can be Jesus but to demonstrate that the Son of God was attacked my man meaning mankind so therefore who am I? They’ve invaded in my personal information, they’ve altered my “information”, told lies. What will God do? He will do what He said He would do. The reaping.

Although they’ve tried to pull me=Tanikka Paulk down I’m still confident and refuse to believe that I’m unworthy. They’ve tried to convince me=Tanikka Paulk that I’m unworthy perhaps they should look in the mirror. Envy is the reason why so many behave disorderly. Glory! They’ve tried to compete but their competing has landed the individuals in positions in which they’ll be unable “to cope” with. My bravery seems to disturb so many. Continuing because God allows.

individuals observing could think that trying to live their dreams shouldn’t occur but there has to be courage in order to live a dream. Yes the critics will criticize if they’re witnessing growth then they’ll have their say but how many criticize and analyze self? They really need to look in the mirror. Where I’m headed they don’t need to know. Every move they’ve tried to discover but what they perceive could be the opposite. I’m love no matter what’s said, no matter what weapons are projected towards my purpose, I’m continuing to be blessed. Ahead!

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I’m Right Here Making the Continuous Moves

To move from here to there is a patient decision and decisions. There are so many People wanting to know what moves are actually being made. There’s some which need to know and others don’t need to know. Progress is made when there are the removals of People who aren’t offering the values needed to create progression. Some haven’t figured out that they’ve played way too long with the goal planning. They’ve tried to cause what could’ve incurred tumbles but thankfully there are “success” beings knowing exactly what to do. I’ve made and continue to make what some are afraid to do.

Here I am continuing to be productive and although there are still some trying to cause disruptions they’re unsuccessful. Alright! There’s the key and the keys. Which has the valued keys? There are many having the keys but do they have the right keys to open the treasured door? No. There is only one other with the special keys. They hold the value in which others wouldn’t ever qualify for. My vision was set long ago and yes there are others but right now there is focus on “a specific area.”

I*f they tried to cause a decline then there won’t be an invitation on the journey. The setbacks occurred but I was able to regroup and continue at a constant pace. Yes there are some disappointed because they expected to see failure. The key is to remain determined. There were troubles and there will continue to be troubles but I’ve learned how to deal with the troubles patiently. What I’ve made some are stunned about. There is the continued focus on the dreams in which some have tried to include themselves and they’re un-welcomed.

My journey has attracted a lot of People. Some believed that they have rights to my journey. My rights are my rights and I’m refusing to give my rights away. I’m a believer in People’s rights but refuse to allow my rights to be taken away. “I’m cleared headed and won’t tolerate the negatives vibes some continue to throw in my direction.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There are some insisting on trying to cause a setback. I’m continuing for many reasons and my mind is focused on what should occur.

Time will tell exactly how much progress is made. I’ve moving quicker but there seems to be some wanting to slow down my progress. Oh there is way too much motivation to continue on my journey. There are continuing to think that I’ve invited the individuals on my pathway. My decision to let the ones go is the best decision because there is more peacefulness. There are some refusing “to understand” why I’ve made such a decision but the decision has been made.

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How Many Builders out There

How many are willing to build? Building will incur more prosperity but if so many are trying to tear down then there could be more problems than the individuals are geared to handle. “Yes I’m someone and could be considered to be somebody and they haven’t yet discovered that my purpose is to proceed and to proceed peacefully. Some aren’t focused on trying to understand at all. There seems to be disconnections because there are so many continuing to think that they’ll become more “abundantly” sound by trying to ruin my path. They’re mistaken.

For many years now there are individuals insisting on trying to pull this visionary down. Why? Perhaps they’re intimidated afraid of what will be incurred. Surpassing the ones seem to scare the ones. They’re unable to deal with having to witness my shine or others. Some are connected and are working as though they’re laying bricks. For the most part it appears as though my travel is alone. I’ve tried many times to include individuals but they’ve continued to project their antics and I’m refusing to accept the mistreatment. “There are many goals to accomplish and the dreams, visions, and “solid” ideas will continue because God already ordained that.” (Tanikka Paulk)

Where will I be headed to next? Have to wait and see there certainly are moves being made. The challenges aren’t intimidating in fact what they don’t realize is that they’ve added fuel to my motivation. I’m accomplishing and have accomplished. There should be more focus on their own elevation. If they’re trying to sabotage then they shouldn’t be invited on the journey. Even the ones who’ve received an invitation seem to be thinking the same way as the destroyers. What will happen to the ones? Perhaps there will be some consequences for their actions.

It’s important to remain confident and to consider what avenues to take. They’ve tried so many times to disrupt my journey and there must be frustration because they’re attacking the same person but at the same time I’m protected by the Armor. There is joyfulness because I’m so dedicated to my vision. There are many goals to meet and yes there’s fatigue but there isn’t any thought about giving up on my dreams. The competitors can take a back seat. No matter what they’ve perceived my plan is to keep it moving.

Their behaviors are oddly they’ve allowed what I’m doing on my journey to hinder their own progress. Some have proven to be afraid to live their own dreams. They’re tried to blame me=Tanikka Paulk but I’m refusing to accept the words which have been posted and have come out of their mouths. There is way too much confidence here to be bothered with foolishness. Yes, some have tried to send their insults, and there are some who’ve even tried to send out their attacks. Here I am continuing and that’s what God wants.

Imagine helping a lot of People. Perhaps some aren’t concerned about helping others. When they think that I’m selfish they’ve be “proven” wrong and the selflessness will be proven. They’re so in tuned to every move made that there isn’t a moment that they’re looking away. They’re eyes is always on Me! Looking trying to figure out what will occur in the next stages. Where will I Tanikka Paulk be headed? I’ve demonstrated the unification. If so many were more focused on unifying then there will be greater progress. There would be less problems but it seems as though there are some wanting to create more problems.

Oh yes indeed I’m focus on building. Building mighty, building, conquerors. There are more than dreams here. There’s the vision in which some aren’t understanding. “If I’ve invited some then they’ve decided to include the ones who are sabotaging my “progress” and I’m refusing to accept such individuals on my journey.” By: Tanikka Paulk. There has to be boundaries set. Perhaps some are unwilling to understand because they’re thinking on the lines of their own fleshly selfish ways. “Continuing because God said so.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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Businessmen, Progress, and a Ridiculous Question

“Much  of the best energy of the world is wasted in living in the past or dreaming of the future. Some people seem to think any time, but the present is a good time to live in. But one man who move the world must be a part of it. They must touch the life that now is, and feel the thrill of the movement of civilization.”

“Many  people do not live in the present. It does not know them. They are buried in books; they live in archives, and in history, but the great throbbing pulse of the world they do not touch. They are not a part of the world; they are never attuned to it.”

“The young man who would win must plunge the current of events. He must keep step with the march of progress, or he will soon be far in the rear. The current of the times must run through his veins, or there will be paralysis somewhere in his nature.” ( The Business Journal).

Because of this all-encompassing philosophy, the young man who would win must plunge the current of events is claiming to be the standard bearer of progress, of civilization, and even of the march of progress, because the current of the times must run through his veins. Everyone else, and above all those studying in the archives and history are excluded from the great throbbing pulse of the world, and so they do not touch the life that now is, namely, the progress and civilization.

But the people who  study in the archives and history know that, from the historical point of view, the idea of progress is far from easy to define, while it is a true-life event that many people only understand the progress both from a technical point of view, and as a continuing development of machines.

But the people who study in the archives and history know that,  so understood, the progress  is an unfinished concept, because it lacks the other side of the coin, namely,  the progress of society. Social progress has been very difficult to obtain in all Western societies, and as a result of fierce social struggles for political rights and democracy. So social progress is still a work in progress in this respect, not only in advanced industrial societies, but particularly out of them, viz. in those countries where there is insufficient income to meet minimum consumption needs.

As I have read  in The Businessman’ Handbook, the idea of progress is linked with the word civilization. Let me simply remark that today the word civilization is usually  written between quotation marks. This is a matter of great importance:

“People increasingly now use the word in quotation marks or with mocking sarcasm or speak not of progress in civilization but in barbarism” ( J. Colton).

And the most remarkable test of how  we are progressing toward barbarism are international and terrible new tragedies and  weapons, ruined economies and annihilation of the young generation. No one can deny these facts, because these facts are not debatable, taking place before the eyes of all. But today one would says that we can’t stop progress and civilization.

In the ‘Paean’ to the Invincible Businessman, I read:

“Men with strong individuality,

Are in demand everywhere,

As never before

In the history of the world!”

But had The Business Journal not assumed that history is a waste of time, and that we should live in the present?

What a ridiculous question!



The Business Journal, October 1910, No 2, p. 10.

Colton, J., “Foreword,” in Progress and Its Discontents, Edited by G. Abraham, A. Chodorow & R. Harvey Pearce, University of California Press, 1982,  p. XI.





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Ruined Business Relations due to the Actions

There are some networks I’d rather not have to deal with. Imagine being bashed on some networks and expected to be their support. How many would allow such incidents to occur? There are some who may choose to be very vacal about the mistreatment. I’m an advocate and one way to advocate is to be unwilling to accept nonsense. “Perhaps using Professionalism will help keep business relations intact.” (Tanikka Paulk). The African American community should be more supportive. Helping one another will help the race grow and will help generate “abundance.’

Oh the Bashing was Unnecessary 

Yes they bashed me=Tanikka Paulk on a network in which I Tanikka Paulk was very supportive of. Presently I’m unwilling to support the network and I’ve haven’t receive an apology so therefore I’m not considering being a supportive system to the network. Imagine a group of People behaving disorderly on a awards show. What are the other groups thinking about the disorderly group of People? They’ve already known just how the group can behave. Business disagreements can occur and how are some willing to deal with the disagreements. There should be boundaries.

I’ve set my boundaries and I’m expecting for the individuals to respect my boundaries. There’s no reason why any person should tolerate mistreated. There certainly is unfair treatment and I’m willing to take a stand. “So now there is the focus on the other aspects of business.” (Tanikka Paulk). There’s the competition so there will be some trying to disconnect business ventures. Although the bashing occurred by movements continue. There has to be a decision to avoid looking backwards. Forward is what’s on my agenda.

There are other networks who’ve decided to join in on the hoopla. Their actions haven’t detoured this that journey. Oh no! “I’m confident” that there will still be progress even when it appears as though there is less movement. There will be more in other areas so there is no need to fret. What’s to be expected? There are many avenues to choose from. It’s better to try and keep the important business relationships open. There are some overly competitive and they’ll allow their emotions to control their line of thinking.

Business is Business

Certainly have to keep the personal and business separate because the two could result in disasters. There should be more connecting occurring. There are some without the ability to understand so therefore they’ll overreact. The mishaps seem to have left some in a state of huh! They may not know what to do or what to say. There are some too prideful to even offer an apology. They’ll just continue on as if the incidents didn’t occur. “To love business is to be willing to take the risks but unwilling to accept the poop.” By: Tanikka Paulk

Do They Really Know who I am?

It’s apparent that the individuals are unwilling as to what they’re dealing with. They seem to have underestimated me=Tanikka Paulk. Perhaps thinking that I’m on a lower level. They’re wrong. Although there’s the unfairness my path was already set so therefore there has to be the completion. Oh yes it hasn’t been an easy journey but getting to the destination will “be worth” the pain and suffering. Every person must face the adversities. There will be some unwilling to cooperate and there has to be the patience in order to know how to deal with individuals.

I’ve Made Progress

There’s progress even when the crowd tries to send out the attacks. Yes, they’ve tried to cause discouragement but it’s necessary that my path continues. There is productivity occurring and although it may appear as if there is less at times there is still progress. The invasions seemed to help in some way because they’ve offered room to grow. There will be more to learn and there will be “the ability to adapt” to the many attitudes. Some may not agree with where I’m headed but there are chooses here. I’m choosing to continue to incur abundantly. How many are willing to do the same?

“Reflection of Excelling Confidently.” (Tanikka Paulk)

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