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Continuous Movement is a Plus
November 20, 2018

T0o be able to move in the set direction in which will incur abundance is a plus and what is the meaning of plus. Addition, positivity, building. There is the aspiration to fulfill what some have desired. “To build and continue to seek growth so that there can be a stronger nation is what some visionaries have visioned.” (Tanikka Paulk). I’ve tried and will continue to try to build although there is still some resistance. I’m in no way discouraged by the actions in which mankind has demonstrated. My movement from one destination to another was and is declared no matter what’s perceived I’m going to continue to proceed and achieve.

Motions in actions there is success and there will be continuous achievements. My views include helping others, youth direction, building. Some have demonstrated that they’re out of tune they’re disconnected and refusing to connect “The People.” The questions remain from people wanting to know what will be the next move.Oh yes they’ve tried to disrupt my process and my progress but there is so much determination to advance to the many levels. Irritated? Perhaps but in peace meaning I’m at peace isn’t that what Jesus Christ proclaimed?

Functioning in order to incur higher, the heights, the reaching the top of the mountain. There is hope some have viewed their situations as hopeless. They’ve underestimated my “achievements” as well as others. There has to be motivation in order to continue developing better societies. There is constant prayer that I’m able to achieve what I’ve set out to achieve. The time is now and I’ve heard what the crowd has to say but I’m refusing to turn in the direction in which they want me=Tanikka Paulk to go.

Oh the critics will have their say. They’ll want to know where visionaries are headed. The voices of glorious, positives, and speeches which hold value are greatly appreciated. The interruptions could have caused declines but there are some in agreement they’re wanting and needing to be apart of rising. Although it may appear as though there is little movement there is movement. There is “greatness” perhaps they should consider changing their line of thinking so that there can be further progress. Perhaps they’ve viewed the progression as slowed. Slowing of progress isn’t the same as no progress.

Small steps can reach heights there are additions and yes in some areas there have been subtractions. There is advancement despite what so many have tried to project. My projected path continues. The untruths told aren’t reasons to cease the journey. Perhaps some have believed that their actions would cause a push back. They’ve probably perceived that I’m behind but there is evidence that I’m ahead. The hecklers will heckle but my confidence hasn’t faded. The more confidence incurred the better the person will become. If they’re unsettled about movement and movements then perhaps they’ve viewed their own accomplishments as failures.

“Strive to be the best be confident about the craft and know that there is hopefulness somewhere. Building!” by: Tanikka Paulk. There are so many who’ve tried to prevent what should occur. God and Jesus continues to be at my side and prayer is certainly on my agenda. There is a smile because I’m aware that I’ve been chosen and the are declarations of such. What they’ve perceived isn’t my perception at all. My mindset is to proceed rightfully, abundantly, with a positive attitude and yes my attitude may not always be positive but my confidence will be within and outer.

The declines are caused by the actions of others. They’ve wanted to place blame on one but refuse to take responsibility for their own actions. Dreams are made to come true and a dreamer is a visionary and conquers when they’ve demonstrated that there is love. Mankind has misjudged in which happens quite often. I’ve been insulted but the insults won’t cause my visions to vanish. My focus is to make differences. I’ve already achieved what some have’t dared to achieve. There is more to accomplish and that’s what I’m focusing on. Transformations have occurred and will continue to occur. “The movement is what some have refused to accept and they have :demonstrated: that they’re without understanding.” (Tanikka Paulk). The strongest fo People are the ones which try to understand. There are supporters although right now there seems to be so many refusing to be supportive.


“Hated Because of Being you. Criticized Because You’re able to Achieve What They’ve Feared.” Continuing.by: Tanikka Paulk

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“Be Cautious With the Moves Know When to Leave the Area and Areas.” (Tanikka Paulk)


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