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The Collection of my Poetry

The Thought of Moving Further

What is it to desire?

There appears to be the lost minds wondering when time will reveal the unseen

Whatever do they mean?

Where am I headed and what will occur?

There are some paying close attention to the directions

Soon enough what needs to be revealed shall be revealed

There are the inpatient ones

The visionaries continue to visualize

My eyes continue to view what some are unable to see

There is hope within my soul

There is a travel which should be

Prayers continue to occur there will be victory

There is the battle between here and there

How many truly truly care?

My arms are opened wide when the charmed arrive

The actions shall prevail

There is certainly many stories to tell


Poetic Pieces Written by: Tanikka Paulk 


The Breakthroughs are to be

There will be abundance and there shall be

There will be glorious happenings and visions of the great sea

There is focus upon the necessary

What shall be shall be

The minds try to figure out when and where the chosen will land

There was a Political man saying “Yes we Can”

The goals can continue and there should be more developments

Perhaps some have lived a dream or perhaps would love to live dreamly (made up word by: Tanikka Paulk).

Soon enough there will be the words spoken

There is still the favored chosen

My journey continues and the vision will move closer to the destination


To Live Freely

To live a life full of hope and to learn the best ways to cope

A mission which isn’t yet complete

There is movement within me=Tanikka Paulk

My walking, standing, paced moves aren’t understood by every being

There are some still wondering what I’m dreaming

My progress is to be appreciated

There is joyfulness and courage beyond measures

The caring, expressiveness, passionate guidance

There isn’t a fading here

There should be great cheers because there is progress

There will be walks unknown

There is the fulfillment of the mind

Here is time

My hopefulness lives within

To so many they think that I’ve actually been


Wouldn’t some want to know

There is the preparations to head there

How many actually are concerned about the movements to adhere to?

There is progressive steadiness and many generating what needs to occur

The doors are opened and closed

Where the journey will head next

Perhaps they’ll in tuned to know


To write poetry is what so many desire. To be able to achieve the expressiveness to jot down the words on paper or through technology is to live freely. There are ways to place the words meant to be seen by the world. Poets can be expressive in so many ways. I’ve been writing poetry for many years now. I’ve always wanted to be an expressive one. To be a writer can be exciting. There are many rewards to incur. A poet’s dream is to write the words which will be adored by the readers. “My journey continues to be apart of the expressiveness.” (Tanikka Paulk) There are many words spoken but there are words which need to be placed on a blank sheet of paper. There is the movement in which some seem to have misunderstood but there will continue to be words placed where some have dared to look.

Hi Hello I’m the Poet and There is the Expression Written  Right Here by: Tanikka Paulk

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Oh Yes Indeed Many Have Misunderstood

The ability to understand is a wonderful thing. When there are folks refusing to understand then there could be confusion. How many are unwilling to refrain from the understanding? It appears as though there are so many thinking on levels which can cause breakdowns. There should be focusing on building but too many continue to believe that there should be overly competitiveness. To observe so many without understanding can be unsettling however there are ways to at least make attempts to create better understanding. When a person is trying to accomplish further goals and when there’s resistance there could be some frustration. “There will need to be focus on the areas which will incur what is necessary to become apart of greater productivity.” By: Tanikka Paulk

I’ve been challenged many times and it seems as though there are some choosing to be difficult. The journey won’t and hasn’t been easy. There are so many distractions but I’ve chosen to remove the distractions and remain focused on the upward motions. The ones continuing to believe that I’m incapable aren’t really seeing the whole picture. They’re continuously believing that pulling down will gain the result they’re after. There are many reasons why I’m continuing. I’m continuing to develop the “necessary abilities” in order to obtain the balanced results.

There are way too many People refusing the accept but what is for a person is for the person. Mankind will continue to be uncooperative. No matter what’s discussed there are some willing to think what isn’t actually so. It has been stated, declared, and applied. Yes, it is so, how many really know? I’ve discovered that there are some individuals believing that there should be decreases when in actuality there should be “increases.” They’ve tried to take away what is suppose to belong to (Tanikka Paulk) but God has intervened.

My purpose has already been destined. I’ve had to go through many battles and faced many trials. They’ve watched every move made and yet I’m still moving swiftly. God is allowing the growth to occur and what is it that mankind witness? They’ve chosen to project the resistance when they should consider the meaning of growth. There should be elevations because there will also be financial ability obtained. What line of thinking do they have? To move ahead even when there are so many refusing “to accept” is certainly proof that God is the most powerful. God the Creator of Mankind. Every word has been analyzed but have the words been analyzed properly? I’ve faced what others would be considered as reasons to cease the journey. My strength and determination has lead me=Tanikka Paulk to continue on the pathway.

To be chosen certainly means a lot. There have been setbacks but there has also been abundance unseen my their eyes. There will be continued focus on the dreams, ideas, and the vision. So many refuse to accept because of their thinking that they’re unable to accomplish certain set goals. If they choose to transform the mind then they’ll realize that their path will be more stabilized. Yes, there is thoughts of how so many are wasting their time in order to try and prevent what God declared, but there will be movements even when they think they’re aren’t any.

I’m smiling because I’m aware of how much God loves me=Tanikka Paulk and yes God loves all. There are some so determined to have their way that they refuse to allow the completeness to come together. They may want to include persons which aren’t considered to be equipped for the said mission. The ones chosen will be included and the ones they have perceived to be removed have not been removed. They’re busy minding my business instead of their own. The journey includes my family which includes my children. There are 5 sons belonging to Tanikka Paulk and they are with me=Tanikka Paulk now!

They’re too busy focusing on what isn’t their business. What I Tanikka Paulk choose to do is mine own business and what will come to me=Tanikka Paulk isn’t what they should be focused on. “It seems as though some either have no understanding or refuse to understand for whatever reason but there will be what God declared.” (Tanikka Paulk). The movements which so many want to take away should be hidden. There will should be joyfulness when there are elevations. I’m headed somewhere.

This is Tanikka Paulk That is Tanikka Paulk. Yes this that is Tanikka Paulk

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“Light Understands.” (Tanikka Paulk)


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Avoidance is Necessary When Trying to Accomplish a Purpose

We’re all given a purpose and it appears as though some are trying to live others purpose. There should be attempts to create our own dreams and avoid tagging onto other’s dreams or purpose. For so many they’ve given up on trying to purpose their purpose. There are so many continuously trying to distract visionaries in order to hinder or prevent the visions from coming together. When so many desire to hinder what is purposed then they’re placing themselves at risk. They’re trying to minimize what God has already declared. Mankind will try to do so and God will allow some of what occurs to occur but it’s up to God whether we’ll receive.

Just be Determined to get There

Focus on the pursuit and not what others are saying. There will be so many opinions and there is a choice whether to listen or to proceed. The distractions are placed in order to create slowness. The ones who’ve chosen to give up are missing out on what could be “glorious.” So many have listened to the critics and critics will have their say. They’ll speak but do we have to there? Choose to listen to the constructive criticism. What’s being said may not add any value. There will be some willing to project valuable information and data. Some will refrain from allowing this-that to make certain moves. Although such things may occur. The determination will allow the visionary to continue and become even more successful.

There will be a lot of adversity. Some may choose to add more adversities in order to recognize whether more developments have occurred. The envious will continue to try and disrupt and also try to take claim of the works performed. No matter how hard some may try to get next to visionaries it’s up to the visionaries whether to proceed or to cease. Coming close to the purpose occurs when there is continuous movement. Sometimes we’ll have to shut off from some in order to become more productive. The areas in which cause less productivity should be avoided or less time should be spent in such environments.

There should be focus on getting close to completing the dreams. So many have dreamed but refuse to put their dreams to work. There should be the desire to incur more growth and yes there are some not pleased with witnessing “movements.” Of course there will be setbacks but the setbacks aren’t reasons to stop pursuing. We’;re on positions to advance further and although there will be many difficulties there shouldn’t be a cease. The words projected could be valuable and some of what’s said is gibberish. The doubters  will doubt and may not want certain individuals to live their dream.

There will be some wanting to subtract instead of add. A lot of noise will occur and we’ll have to shut the noise out. There will lots of saying and perhaps not enough encouraging words. That’s why it’s so important to encourage self. Unfortunately there will be come wanting to make  a visionary lose control and feel badly about self. Encouraging ourselves is needed and continuing to move forward towards the purpose is important. Some aren'[t quite focused on their purpose and could be more focused on other’s “purpose.”

What some fail to understand that not all should be traveling on the journey. There are some in no position to come along. When there is a destination to arrive to then there certainly shouldn’t be others coming along. There will times when we’ll need to express that some aren’t welcome. So many may feel as though they have a right to be apart of the vision. “My Work is of my own and There is Refusal to Hand Over my Work.” Tanikka Paulk. The ones feeling the need to take credit for my work aren’t confident. Producing our own work is of great importance.

this that= Tanikka Paulk

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Limit the Time Online and There’s Many to do so

Being online can be rewarding but is also a pain when dealing with a lot of the drama. I’m way too determined to be consumed with the matters in which so many continue to try and crate. There shouldn’t be any time to be concerned with the issues which some aren’t willing to deal with. If any person expects to go further then they’ll have to find a way to get through the crowd. Yes, there’s a lot of people who are very spiteful and will try to cause problems for others, especially the ones who are trying to climb higher. On the journey one will find out who is friend or foe.

There is certainly a lot one may have to deal with when they’re online for many hours at a time. If there are problems that aren’t being addressed and the person has tried to address some of the problems on certain platforms then it’s best to do what needs to be done and then move on. No need to engage in the drama because the drama will only offer setbacks. Some have incurred many setbacks because of trying to engage in the ridiculous matters. There are some p0latforms which offer protection to users and others simply allow the behaviors to get out of control.

For some, perhaps the drams is a way to gain more views and ratings, but I’m not in tuned with the hoopla. Some aren’t even considering how their actions can not only cause damage for others but could also cause damage for themselves. It’s better to try and progress then to deal with all of the chaos which can and is continuing to0 take place online. For some the drama is occurring in their devices. Oh yes, perhaps some have experienced breeches, that’s what I’m going through right now. My phone is riddled with all sorts of messages from some of what appears to be as insane individuals.

No time for the antics taking place. I’m just trying to excel and trying to discover. Getting from here to there. That’s so Right. If they’re trying to pull down no matter where the location is then the person or persons are on the right track. Yes indeed I’m on the right track. No matter what has occurred online I’m not discouraged at all. Some may have given up by now. Imagine having threats and all sots of madness coming through devices and it appears as if there are no laws. I’ve faced some of the most cynical people but I’m still continuing on for a reason.

Persons who are busy living of others aren’t very happy people. There should be a desire to create a more stable economy but if they are busy trying to pull others down then we’ll continue to see a decline. There are times when one would need to just shut all of the technology down and engage in other activities. If there is work to be done online then perhaps consider doing what needs to be done and then log off. That’s my plan. Not going to be consumed with matters which cause stress. There is enough to deal with.

Some may choose to cease all their goals because of the heckling which will take place no matter what one tries to do. If there’s no progress then there will be complaints and if there’s too much then there will be anger. Being online is a choice and if there’s no positivity at all then perhaps there should be little time spent online. Some area will have more chaos on the platforms and others are such a pleasure to be on. No matter what some decide to do online or offline. I’m going to continue to more forward. “I’m the Writer, Blogger, Founder and Advocate and I’m Still Encouraged.” By: Teep11

I’m (tanikka paulk)

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Can Either Send me=Tanikka Paulk to Heaven or Hell

There’s a lot of people who may actually think they’re God. Can’t be in their right mind to think that any can be God. No man and no woman can send any person to Heaven of Hell. Some may think their actions are like causing hell like problems for others. All they’re doing is opening doors for suffering. Some using ignorance as a means to try and destroy another. Oh yes being on earth is rough but hell is eternal. The suffering is not only long but forever.

Look at the way Jesus Christ was treated. Persons not even concerned that Jesus Christ is and was God’s Son. If they crucified Jesus then who am I? Some behave as if they’re in a position to carry me= Tanikka Paulk to a place with long suffering. Fools no not what they’re doing. If they knew then they would take heed to what God has said. Some are suffering now because of their sins and the attacks they’ve continued to project against the anointed. “Called and confirmed.”

As I’m observing some who haven’t yet figured out exactly how God operates. They’re continuing to believe that mankind weapons can destroy but even if persons wipe out others. There is a “place of peace” and they’ll left behind to reap. Some are setting themselves up for long suffering. The kind where there is no turning back. They’ll beg for mercy and maybe call on the very ones they’ve tried to destroy. Some only see what they want and not what is of God.

Some have no “positioning” and want to make sure others do not as well. There’s battles which are long and for some difficult to understand. Evil comes and tries to tear apart any and all things which are good. Tries to remove love which they’re unable to do. Causes all sorts of havoc. Some claiming to be angelic but aren’t. Remember Satan was once an angel. The top angel. Is his residence is Never Doing Good Hell Street. Some have chosen to walk along side Satan. Thinking they’re doing good when they’re actually doing evil.

My good works have not gone unnoticed by God. My work shall not be destroyed. My heart is filled with love. My praises are still here. No matter how many try to destroy what I’ve worked for. They’ll find out soon enough just what they’re dealing with. No matter what it looks like. There is something some haven’t seen. Some may not know exactly what they’re doing until it’s too late. “Some in no position to carry any person, to lead, to conduct what is right. ”

Some wanting what isn’t of good to be in authority. Some telling lies in order to gain. The day will come when all of the evilness will cease can God will reward the “anointed.” Some not realizing that each day they’re attacking and the persons are still going. What a waste of time. There are some who do not even Know who God is. Not a man. Even some who are in the pulpit will call a man to be God. Not the right thing to do. God becomes angry when mankind tries to take His name.

“What is Stored up for me=Tanikka Paulk Will be. Still Grateful and Still in a Position to Proceed.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Goals can be met With Continuous Action

Trying to get somewhere or achieve a dream? Well there so many ways to do so but one sure way is to be active. Yes, that’s right to continuously be productive. Even if there are days where there’s little productivity. Some actions are better than none at all. Goals can be achieve in a timely manner however one must be prepared for setbacks and in some cases major setback. A setback doesn’t equate failure although some may express such. Really does not. Not trying is a sure way to fail.

No matter how many express that trying to reach certain goals is impossible. The goal seeker shouldn’t give up. For some reaching certain goals may take longer than others. There could some unforeseen reasons and if so. Do not become discouraged. Progress on. It’s best to be surrounded by positive people. The visionaries who are in tuned with achieving visions and dreams. Meaning they’ll want to become success and more than likely won’t have time for horse playing.

In the process of productivity there should be work going on. The distractions will occur and even the most focus person may become distracted from time to time. It’s important to quickly get back on track. So many have fallen victim to the criticism. Not all critics are right some are overly critical. There are some who are only vocal because they’re trying to hinder and cause distractions. Do not become unsettled with the actions from others.

Not are persons are happy when others are trying to achieve. There are some who are and will continue to try and sabotage others. The ones who are toxic should be avoided but if there’s no way of avoiding the individuals then there at least spend less time in their environments. Don’t want the toxicity to spill out on achievers. To achieve means to be determined in whatever one is trying to achieve. There must be confidence and one must feel comfortable in their own skin. It’s pretty difficult to achieve being anyone else.

Some may choose to write down their goals and others will just continue on without having to jot down their goals. Some may choose to embed their goals in their heads. Some information should be written down and kept in a safe place. All goals won’t be achieve in the same time frame. Some are achieve later on and in some cases some goals are put away until later on in life.

No matter how long it takes to achieve a goal. There should be a desire to do so. The time it takes to achieve any goal shouldn’t be a reason to stop trying to achieve. Some may become frustrated with the time it takes to achieve the goals. When frustration enters the mind may become fatigued and little progress occurs. Continue to be alert and active with the goals. Eventually there will be completion. When all the goals are achieved. There will major relief. Persons feel better when they’ve achieved their goals.

Do not become dismayed when some send out messages about the length it’s taking to achieve the goals. Some may try to cause discouragement. Don’t become discouraged just continue to do what’s necessary to achieve and watch what happens after the work is done. The finished product is what one should be seeking. There is joy when the achievements occur. Some may not feel comfortable trying to achieve certain goals and that’s why some choose to try and discourage others.

“Continue to Believe in Self and Continue to Stay Motivated.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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Do not Become Weary From Doing Good There’s Hope After all

The many challenges have not made me= Tanikka Paulk stop the movement. No matter how many weapons are formed. “There is more than diamonds for me=Tanikka Paulk.” There will be adversity as long as we’re here. There is a place where there will be no troubles, no sorrow, no despair and there’s movements to make it there when the time comes. So all the attacks in the world won’t stop what God has for me= Tanikka Paulk. My grandmother would always be encouraged even when being treated unfairly. When some of her children were being disobedient. She kept the faith and kept on believing that someday she’ll make it in the arms of Jesus Christ.

So there is good and there is evil. Each person should consider doing good. Even the most notorious person will do some good so therefore there is good within each individual. Do not become dismayed when others try to come up against the greatness. There is a reason so many want to project more adversity upon another. Some are aware of the gifts and will want to take “the gifts” away. There will be plans to make some weak and to stop their gladness. Remaining filled with faith is necessary especially for me= Tanikka Paulk.

They’ve talked about me=Tanikka Paulk attacked me= Tanikka Paulk again and again. “There is still a smile” and I’m blessed even if they try to take away every single thing owned by me= Tanikka Paulk. Some are so disturbed and that’s why they’ll continue to come up against others. Not every person wants to see others shine. There are some who will never try to be happy. There will be more lies told and some may even want to see death occur. Sounds pretty evil but we all must remember that evil exist.

No matter how many project the arrows towards a person. God is always in control. The Creator of Mankind knows all things and will do what He said He will do. “The purpose was already designed” however there may be some changes. God allows each one to make their own decisions. Each person has choice and some may not be pleased with my choices but I’m going to make the choices anyway. The journey will be rough and there may be some fatigue and that’s why it’s so important to rest. Taking proper rest will allow one to remain functional.

There will be heckling going on. The heckles are meant to create distractions. Some aren’t happy when there’s progress especially if they’re not apart of the plan. Not every person should come along “the journey.” Some aren’t mean to travel with another. Jesus Christ traveled alone until His followers were allowed. Even Jesus Christ was challenged and ordered to perform miracles again and again. Although Jesus proved Himself. There were still the unbelievers.

The doubters are allowed to doubt. No amount of doubt coming from another should “be a reason” to just give in. There are way too many people who are focused on trying to cause disruptions for others when there should be focus on their own development. One must be courageous to deal with some of the individuals who will try their very best to cause an upset. Some may believe that they’re doing the right thing. Some may be forced to come up against another.

Build strength and never allow the confidence to fade. The words which are meant to pierce a person’s heart can be quickly removed by replacing the negative words with “positive thoughts.” Some will remain envious because they’re not doing what others are doing. God has a plan for each person and some simply aren’t doing what’s necessary to succeed. “I’m still here so I’m going to do what it takes to make it over there.” By: Tanikka Paulk

“God Still has Me Here.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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“Bring That Light, Bring That Light, Bring That Light. Alright!” By: Tanikka Paulk

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How to Deal With the Betrayal and Deception

A lot of people will find themselves being taken back by betrayal and deception. Some will expect certain individuals to be deceptive while others become deceptive due to desperation. No matter how or why a person displays deception, it can be difficult to believe, thoughts how could the individuals be so scandalous? Well, if there’s greed involved then there will be deception and betrayal, some love money more than people. “The need “to gain easily and not being concerned about how the money is being gained or who they’re hurting to gain. Some even risking their freedom in order to make a quick buck. Not really a buck but an expression.

The best way to manage being betrayed in someway is “to think” about Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ was betrayed by His followers. Jesus was hated and suffered but was willing to do so to save all. So therefore mankind will be willing to betray any person. They’ll turn away from family, friends, and etc for many different reasons. Some for mere pennies. Suppose considering getting out of whatever hole they’re in. Not realizing how they’re actions will cause deeper problems.

Being betrayed isn’t easy to deal with but the Bible does speak about how so many will be betrayed and by whom. Mothers will betray their daughter. Fathers will betray sons. The Children will betray their parents. Some may do so out of desperation. Trying to get out of one hole and creating more holes. Some never get over being betrayed. For some “the best move” is to move away from the toxicity. To take a different route in order to heal and feel free. It’s not easy being betrayed by a mother or any other person but one can heal.

Forgiveness is important and can sometimes be difficult to do. If there is none then one won’t be able “to rest.” There has to be forgiveness in order to be forgiven. Prayer helps to get over being betrayed. There is also professionals who can assist with the healing. Some dwell so much on being betrayed and that’s where the mind starts thinking about some form of retaliation. That’s why it’s so important to replace the negative thoughts with positive ones.

Some will never admit to their betrayal. Never admit to any wrong doing. There may be further actions to try and make their way out of the mess they’ve created. There may be more lies told and some will even continue to try and setup others in order to keep themselves from being imprisoned. Some are fighting for their freedom. Not considering anyone else but how they’ll be able to stay out of a cage. It’s really sad when some are willing to take their own child or children down in order to gain. Reading “the Bible helps to understand” why so many will become deceptive.

Evil certainly exist and coming into world has made so many become riddled with evilness. Some never turning back. Going so far into the darkness and not seeking the light. Some may not want to come back to the “light” because of not wanting to incur more responsibilities. That’s why some choose to block out certain events and information because of not wanting to deal with what they’ve should have dealt with long ago. Imagine being betrayed by so many. Can be difficult to even ponder but we’re in times of major darkness.

Forgiving the persons doesn’t mean that their behavior is condoned. It’s a way of releasing the pain. To allow healing to take place. For some getting over the betrayal will take a very long time. Some may want to hold on to the pain in order to feel something. God wanted each person to know that when the betrayal comes to not be dismayed because God will never forsake. When the mother or father betrays. God will take up His children. Some move away just to be in place of healing. To discover more and “find ways to live a more productive life.”

In Tupac’s case. The betrayal came from his inner circle. Never know where or when betrayal will creep up. That’s why it’s very important that each person examines who they’re allowing in their circle. Some betray because they’re forced to do so. Some do so in order to gain and some will do so in order to protect certain information from leaking out. Betrayal can produce anger. Anger can create more betrayal.

“Being Betrayed in Someway is not the end of the World. There has to be a Time of Healing and the Healing Must be Allowed in.” By: Tanikka Paulk

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I am proud to be an Indian
March 20, 2017

When India attained the independence, it was no nation, she was divided into the princely states and provinces and she was backward economically, educationally, and scientifically and even culturally.

And It needed men of genius and destiny like Gandhi, Nehru and Patel to knit her into a nation. And Since the dawn of independence, we have been striving to solve various problems facing the motherland to make her united democratic and solvent nation.

And What we have achieved is praiseworthy, what we have failed to achieve is deplora­ble.And It is right criticism that we could have achieved more than what we have an achieved if we had possessed missionary spirit & sacrificing attitude.

And Nevertheless, our achievements are not negligi­ble in light of circumstances in which Britisher left us at time of the transfer of power.

And We received freedom under the shadow money.

India looked storehouse of problems when English people left us with bag and baggage.And The greatest problem was that of prin­cely states. And India then was in a condition of complete disintegration, as nearly 562 princely states were raising their ugly heads. And Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel, immortal son of mother India and the Bismark of India, and with his will power and iron will, unified these scattered states dealing with them individually & collectively the situation warranted and made India compact whole.And The stages like Bikaner, Junagarh arid Hyderabad had to surrender-to the indomitable will of Sardar Patel.And This is our second achievement of an out-standing merit.

India is biggest democratic nation in the world. We have seen during the past few years that in many ‘countries of world, and specially in the neighboring countries, democratic govern­ments have been thrown out of power mercilessly & dictators have come info power. In spite of different castes, creeds & politi­cal ideologies, we have held eight General Elections in complete peace. We are living under democratic governments in states and stable government at the centre. It is really miracle that demo­cracy as a way of life has been success in. India. And It is our third achievement of international repute.

And We have brought every department of life and nation under well conceived planning. And We have completed Sixth Five year plan and have gone halfway through Seventh Five year plan. Indians, individually & collectively, have become planning minded. It is surprising that planning has entered into every house­hold of the India. We are hopeful of solution of all the problems by means of planning. Rajiv Gandhi’s 20 point programme has infused new life into our national life.

It is gratifying to note that Indians have shaken off effects of conservatism & fatalism & have begun to view these problems with scientific out look. We have become conscious of these problems & have tightened our belts to solve them. There is a radical change in psychology of Indians.

And This is our grea­test achievement. Our but look towards every problem economic, political, educational, national & international, is now progres­sive. We are progressing in every field.Women of India are doing well.I really proud to be an Indian.

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How to get Around Troubled People
February 27, 2017

There will be some who will display war like personalities. Trying to get groups to fight against one another in hopes of creating weakness within the groups of people. We’re living in times where everyone wants their way. The control, the power, other people’s money. Not even willing to create their own but to try claim what others have produced. No person should tolerate being mistreated. “Unfairness” seems to be the name of the game these days.

The best way to get around all of the chaos is to keep going. Go through the crowd even an angry mob. There’s “many reasons” why some will continuously try to hunt other down. The main reasons is “the gift.” What was given to the individuals by the Heavenly Father is something the flesh would want to take away. So they’ll fight for what isn’t even there’s and come up short because their methods are incorrect.

Believe in the power of prayer then praying is what needs to be done. There’s a lot of people who are filled with hateful hearts not wanting see others “do better” so they’ll cause all sorts of havoc but no amounts of challenges are too much to bare. Some may even up at the first sign of difficulty but when there’s been many complexities in one’s life they’re more equipped to deal with more.

Continue to “proceed” with the works. Doing good doesn’t mean others will do good as well. The world is filled with all sorts of troubles and that’s what we’re told not to become of the world. Individuals focusing on what others should or should not do and are messing up society as a whole. Putting a country at risk by their antics. Not considering how their behavior will produce war. A world thinkers or a world of destructive beings?

Move swiftly if need be. Some will try to distract no matter what’s being done. “Don’t ever give in.” Actually the ones who are on constant attack display weakness. Not willing to allow others to just try and make a better self and a better economy. Not very smart. If they were using the brain in which is given then they’ll encourage instead of trying to knock down. A weaker country will put everyone at risk.

Other countries will have the advantage. Amazing how some will focus on trying to knock others down but refuse to focus on rising themselves. Never being positive just looking for ways to prevent others from excelling. Fighting their own and society will continue to crumble. How can we expect “to unite” with such people? Well as long as they’re using their attacks it would be difficult to produce unification.

No matter what’s being done there should continue to be progress. No matter how many attacks arise “there should never be a feeling of hopelessness.” Eventually there will be the right solutions but remember some will never be satisfied to one thing and they expect another. Do good and evil will surely come. Make mistakes and be judged. Perhaps they should consider checking themselves.

“The key is to Proceed Even When There’s Noise. The Noise Makers Will Make the Noise but There Should Still be Progress Made.” By:

Tanikka Paulk

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