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Points That Attract a Man to Marry a Woman

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A Woman’s Dressing Attracts a Man
A man can be attracted to a woman through her dressing. Most men prefer women who dress decently while some get attracted to women who dress indecently. Most times men rather go for friendship to women who dress indecently but marry those who are well dressed as wives.
The praises men give to a well dressed woman cannot be over emphasized. Women need to define why they are putting dresses and for what reason. It is the dressing of a woman that tells her character and moral value.
2. The man’s compliments to her make ups
Another aspect of attraction is the make ups of a woman. Most women take cognizance of their dresses before making up. Some really make up according to the colour of their dresses.Most women do not think of how they look after making up. Some who are careful to do their make ups attract men who have the eyes of beauty. It is really an eye-sour if a woman dresses in colour riots. This means that from her face to her toes bears different colours.This does not attract the eyes that love beauty.
3. Men Cherish The Time They Stay Together With Their Girlfriends
Men cherish being together with their girl friends. Staying together means planning together. The time men spend with their girl friends are valued more than business time. There are days when a man in love will like to stay with his girl friend from 6am to 6pm playing, discussing eating and drinking together.
Through staying together during courtship the men get familiar with the women they want to marry. It is better to be familiar with a spouse than the hypocritical deception of “not knowing him or her until marriage proper”. Most times the marriages of couples who did not stay together during courtship” hit the rocks” with time. It is ideal for couples to know themselves properly before agreeing to live together as husband and wife. Marriage is a long term project which needs careful study before engaging in it.

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    1. Hi Samuel, you are quite right. Men are attracted to the way a woman dresses, but end up marrying a girl who is well reserved and may not be a provocative dresser. I recently saw a true life movie of a man who was attracted to a young lady. They were not in love, he was shy to introduce her to his friends and family, but the girl couldn’t understand why. He simply was attracted to her physical appearance and their love life, but nothing else linked them together. He had eyes for another well reserved looking wife material lady who did not dress as provocative as his bed mate. Why is it so common with men?


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