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Unauthorized Journeys Is a Love- Killer Point in Marriage?
husband and wife fighting over table

husband and wife fighting over table
Unauthorized means “not given official approval”. Unauthorized journey in marriage then means travelling to places without the consent or approval of either a husband or a wife. It also means that a husband or wife travels without discussion and agreement of the other partner. Another meaning is travelling unawares, unexpectedly to place or places with no agreement with a husband or wife. Surprise disappearance from home to a place or places not known to the other partner in marriage. This is a love killer in marriage. Some husbands and wives do this with impudence-a situation of shamelessness, boldness and insolence. Couples who do this treat the other partner with disregard and hence there are consequences to unauthorized journeys. Suspicion of a husband against the wife or vice versa comes into the marriage. Constant worries and running around occurs. This is because the partners who always travel without consent put the other into emotional disturbance. Hence when the offender is on the journey, any news of accident, kidnapping and high way armed robbery attacks throws cold chill into the heart of the other partner. Many marriages have been dissolved as a result of unauthorized journeys. It is actionable in court for a wife or husband to abscond from his or her marriage for a period of exactly one year without communicating the other partner in marriage. Even if there is an emergency, the wife or husband should let his or her partner to know why he or she travelled and the destination of the journey, if he or she wants the other partner to reach him or her. Many husbands and wives had been accused of going to native doctors, boyfriends or girlfriends if they are not able to specifically explain the motive of their journeys and the reason for not letting his or her partner know of the journey they made. It is not welcome in marriage for a husband or wife to disappear for days, or months or years without the consent of the other partner in marriage. There is a tendency for a partner to die in accident or be hospitalized without the knowledge of the other partner. It is a heart breaking practice that should be avoided entirely. The peace of a marriage is very important. Those who handle their marriage with levity always regret the consequences of their actions. This issue should be completely avoided to enable peace and stability to be in place in a marriage.

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