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Facts About Working on ESL Online Industry

Some non-native speakers are willing to spend their time and money for the sake of self-improvement. During the old days, they cannot find ways to practice the speaking skills using English language and that makes them feel frustrated. Most of the non-native speakers seek guidance on how to improve their speaking skills with fluency manner. These students are from Asian countries.

Nowadays, there are so many ESL Online Companies had their chances of catering the needs of non-native speakers. It is a matter of having free registration and undergoes free trial lesson with the virtual teachers online. If they like the lesson, then it is about time for the non-native speakers to choose lesson packages in the company and ready to learn the universal language. It is an easy process and can pay it outright.

Learning online English language can have it through different mediums are as follows:

  1. Mobile App

Some of the quickest and easy ways to learn the English language is by using a mobile app. There are some companies embedded this application in the store, either android or not. Once the student downloaded the mobile app, then it takes a matter of time to undergo the simple steps in the app to follow. It is also the same process for the aspiring virtual teachers from different countries who can speak English fluently and know the principles in teaching the English context.

  1. Skype or QQ App

For some companies, they can ask the non-native speakers to register through the company’s website and use Skype or QQ to have the lessons. It wasn’t difficult at all. The class will be in two options: video or audio. It differs to non-native speakers’ preference. In the ESL online industry, the non-native speaker’s students are treated like kings and queens. The reason is that they are the primary source of profit.

  1. Other Forms of Software Programs

If the company wanted to rule the business, they tend to create their own software programs. This software programs resemble the usage of video, chat box and virtual lessons are put into one. It is a great software program to control or monitor the lessons between the virtual teachers and the students.

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Educating the Students the Importance of School Uniform

Some students hate to wear school uniforms. It could be the influence of modernization and was not trendy at the back of their mind. The inner thoughts boil to rebellious act that parents or teachers cannot understand their voice in not wearing school uniforms. Teens are so blinded with the modern thinking as compared to a traditional thinker.

For old-school people, we must admit that they don’t wear school uniforms during their school days. It wasn’t a big deal since the main objective is to be educated in schools. They had survived of not wearing a uniform clothing pattern to represent their schools. However, it takes time before the school administration of different school levels had adapted the idea of wearing school uniforms.

As the years go by, the school administrators had taken the directives in having the advantages of wearing school uniforms. It wasn’t forced but to abide the simple rule within the premises of the school. There is some punishment of not wearing it properly. Some students make some fashion statement in modifying the usage of the school uniform. It might sound weird but modern students do it out of being unique in the school campus.

  1. It identifies of what school the student in.

Even if the student is not wearing school IDs, they can be easily identified by just wearing a pair of uniform. There is no need to explain oneself in public. At some instances, the people can give the opportunity to have the benefits of being students.

  1. It reflects the refine uniformity of the students.

A school can be as nice when the students are wearing uniforms. It doesn’t mean the students are not tidy in going to school. If wearing the uniform, the school will be in unison. The students look so well in wearing school uniform.

  1. It gives proud in representing the clothes.

In times of having academic competition against other schools, the students will have the feeling of being proud in representing the respective schools. It gives pride and boosts one’s confidence in defeating a friendly competition against students from other schools’ representatives.

  1. It is a time-saver way of wearing the school uniforms.

Students can never feel time constraint if wearing a school uniform. They don’t need to spend more time in front of the mirror of what clothes to wear. Mothers are a life saver in preparing the uniforms in the closet and ready to wear by their children before going to school.

There are so many advantages of wearing a school uniform. Some students are still in denial but they need to know the good side of it. Eventually, they will know the importance of it as maturity started to develop as teens to young adults.

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Modern Students Became Netspeakers in Using Modern Gadgets

The modern gadgets had started to change the real essence of learning the English language by the students around the globe. The students are becoming lazy in learning the English language because of the usage of netspeak terms in mobile phones, iPad, computers, etc. It cannot be denied since even adults are starting to use it as a form of communication with the loved ones and friends.

At first, the introduction of the modern gadgets. People had their love at first sight in sending messages. For traditional old folks, they continued the typical writing their messages in complete sentences. The younger adults started to experiment in knowing how the youngsters do netspeak. It wasn’t a perfect world and things had changed. It will continue to change as the years go by. There is another set of modern technology will be introduced to people.

The concern was raised when students starting to fail in their English subjects. Even the teachers are worried that modern gadgets changed the student’s way of communicating. The literacy rate had decreased and it will diminish its fluency when these students will continue to use netspeak on a daily basis. Most of these students are having difficulty in spelling the right words, grammatical errors in the construction of sentences, etc. It will affect the real worth of learning the English language of the students.

The best course of action is to discourage the students to netspeak in using modern gadgets. Parents should also support such course of action. This will be the best thing to do than neglecting the problem. In the modern world, it seems normal to communicate with the usage of terms in netspeak. Netspeak can be used when chatting or talking with friends. But then, it surely needs to discourage in making some reports or projects at school.

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Facts: Medical Students Kill Cats

In the medical field, most medical students are required to study all thing living things under the subject of Zoology. There are some secrets that people don’t know about it. “How can a medical student understand the anatomy and physiology if there are limited resources?” The fact is medical students in college or university need to learn beyond the usage of medical textbooks.

The old medical students had no choice but to kill cats in learning the principles of anatomy and physiology. This is an old secret that people don’t know. It is also violated the animal rights. The people who advocate for this right cannot able to stop the medical students. It is also like rats that being a subject for experiments.

Cats resemble the structure of humans. Medical students need to know the actual anatomical structure and its function of cats in reflecting the resemblance to humans. The cat is the best choice to live short on earth and medical students are obliged to do it. If not, then the Zoology teachers will fail him or her. In some cases, some cat’s lives will be spared to live if the teacher requires killing the cat per group. It would be a disaster if the teacher requires killing a cat per student.

At present, there are some human dummies for the medical students to learn the human anatomy. Hopefully, cat dummies will be available for the modern medical students. It is so cruel to kill a cat but that’s the fact. Medical students need to learn the cat’s every part of it. It does exist in medical schools and cat should run for their lives. If they don’t, then they will die in the hands of medical students. It is a part of educating the medical students and learning to use it in the future.

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Facts: What is Childhood Stress?

Some parents cannot understand their children’s behavior, especially at the primary level. It wasn’t because the child is becoming misbehaving in the house or disobeying the parents. The main reason is the external or internal factors that contribute to childhood stress. Parenting is the tough thing to do in raising a child. Though they need to understand why their child is so stressed out.

Children are also like the adult ones. They experience stress from school, environment and even in the house. Stressors need to identify before judging the child. It wasn’t because they are under the spell of tantrum episodes. It affects their ability to think when being pressured from stressors.

That’s the reason why parents need to understand that children can be stressed out. They need to balance of being strict to their children. In some occasions, children are manifesting rebellious acts because they were not being heard by the adults. Parents should know how to reach out and listen to the child’s sentiments.

There are some parents insensitive to the needs of their children emotionally. In most cases, parents are only physically present to the children’s needs such as providing the tuition fees at school, daily allowances, clothes, food, etc. These are not enough to support child’s needs.

The emotional needs go along with providing some good advice such as the needs of accomplishing something at school, people that affect their lives, insecurities of something or someone, knowing what puzzled them, etc. It is a two-way process of learning between being a parent and a child. Parents can learn from their children and vice-versa.

This concern is not also limited to the parents. It should be learned by the teachers in school. Since the children are being catered by the teachers all throughout their lives. It is a not perfect world both parents and teachers should work together to boost the confidence of a child to face stressors. It will build their way of dealing with the stressors that affect them.

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Day Care Workers and Federation Officers Training-Orientation on ECCD in Emergencies

The two-day ECCD in Emergencies training-orientation workshop was held in Hotel Stotsenberg, Clark Freeport Zone San Fernando Pampanga on January 18th and 19th, 2012. The Day Care Workers and Federation Officers Training-Orientation on ECCD in Emergencies are supported by DSWD in partnership with United Nation Children’s Fund. The said workshop participated by 34 participants from the Hazard Prone Areas of NCR, CAR, Region I, II, III, IV-A, IV-B, V and VI. The designations of participants are the following: DCWs (12), DCW Trainer (1), Regional Federation President (6), Municipal Federation President (2), Provincial Federation President (3), SWO II (1), ECCD Focal person (6) and Focal Person Child Welfare Program.


The workshop was a great success in terms of providing a venue to participants and resource persons in exchanging information as regard to ECCD in Emergencies. Since the main goal of the activity is to train and orient DCWs and Federation Officers of their important role during and after the occurrence of disasters, such as typhoons, landslides, and flooding. The participants were capacitated of emergency response knowledge and skills so that they could properly resume their roles, for the benefit particularly of affected children displaced in evacuation centers. The target participants in rendering their emergency response to resume sessions, especially for those affected children often situated in evacuation centers.

Specifically, the training-orientation provided the participants with substantial knowledge of the recent principles of Republic Act 10121, the DSWD Cluster Approach Family and Community Based Disaster Preparedness and Introduction to ECD. The participants were introduced to strategies/methods on how to handle disaster crises i.e., conducting a Rapid Assessment, Development of ECCD Activities during Emergencies, and Running SNP Sessions. Various sub-activities were also integrated during the latter part of training-orientation for the participants to exercise the theoretical knowledge they have learned earlier during the training as well as share their experiences prior.

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Saying the “H” Word: Hitler

Fortunately for me I’m not a politician. So it’s perfectly fine for me to choose Hitler as a topic for discussion. Whenever a politician mentions this man, it doesn’t matter what they were trying to communicate, the message gets lost because the only word anybody hears is the “H” word. Hitler! His name is almost like a cuss word to so many people. At least, it’s that way in the western world. Not sure if the non-western world has a different point of view about the man.


Adolph Hitler is by far one of the most notorious political leaders in the history of mankind.

Ya think? How could you not think that? Have you any idea how many different documentaries about this man have been televised? That’s just the documentaries. Add in the dramatizations or movies. Between Hitler and Henry VIII, you could be tempted to believe they are only two infamous cruel historical figures that ever existed.


Oh well! Might as well jump on the Hitler bandwagon and do a quick write-up on this bad guy who people can’t seem to get enough of.


Adolph (or Adolf) Hitler (1889 -1945)

* * *

Hitler quotes:

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

“He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”


Certainly sounds like the type of chap you want as your next door neighbor.  Ya think?
* * *

  • Born in Austria
  • Moved to Munich in his early 20s
  • Soldier in the German army during World War I
  • Hated Jews so much he wrote a book about it!
  • Believed his “theory” about racial superiority was TRUE!
  • Appointed chancellor of Germany in 1933
  • Became Führer of the Third Reich * in 1934
  • Provoked World War II
  • His own men tried to assassinate him (Of course, that was just a movie: “Valkyrie”.  Or was it?)


Took his own life – committed suicide when Berlin fell to the Russians

(That’s what “they” say.  I would prefer confirmation.  What really happened on April 30, 1945?)


* * *


→ For more lively discussion: Adolf-Hitler | Quora.com


(Over 8000 people are following this topic!)


* FYI:

The First Reich? Holy Roman Empire


The Second Reich? German Empire


The Third Reich? Nazi regime in Germany


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Several Signs that someone is probably Smarter Than You!

Here are the several signs…


1.Smart people don’t talk as much as deliberate people do, Since They Recognize That They’re Getting to be noticeably More quick witted by Listening stealthily.


2.They know loads of things other than what they’re represented considerable authority in. Theirs is the endowment of an expansive personality, always encouraged with the stimulant of being keen on what every other person is doing.


3.They work and individual interests with ability and never fall back on the drained old abstain about “effort life regulate”. Also, when they’re juggling, they some way or another figure out how to appear to be 100% drawn in with what they’re doing, on all fronts at the same time, despite the fact that you know they’re making fitting strides in the background to ensure their lives are flawlessly, gently adjusted.


4.They presumably do web-based social networking. Not generally, but rather presumably. It is another opportunity to tune in, as well as one they use to guarantee they can bolster their brains with things they generally won’t have run over.


5.Notwithstanding when things turn out badly, they’ll be grinning. Savvy individuals never get unsettled in light of the fact that their brilliant brains give them options quicker than the terrible stuff can happen.


6.They know they are generally the most astute individual in the room, yet they don’t invest their energy harping on that. Rather, they take it as an individual test to check whether they can make every other person the most brilliant individual in the room as well.


7.If they are administrators, they will bend over backward to get individuals more quick witted, more associated and more famous than them in their groups. They’re not undermined in light of the fact that they realize that shrewdness is synergistic. They additionally ensure that their brilliant individuals get the opportunity to search more astute than them for a similar reason.


8.They have shrouded aptitudes that never get taken off until they’re required. They don’t have any need to demonstrate their full abilities for reasons of demonstrating they’re superior to others.


9.They could possibly have costly trainings. You’d never know just by being with them unless you had their CV before you.


10.They never, ever, under any conditions, make you look moronic, despite the fact that it is anything but difficult to do as such. They’ve learned through sharp experience that the main thing that happens when you make somebody look terrible is you look awful yourself.

Social problems faced by women
April 25, 2017

Women of today’s generation are facing a lot of problems, both physically and mentally in their day to day lives. If we look at the statistics we can see that these problems are increasing at a steady pace in recent four to five years. Men alone cannot be solely blamed for all the problems as women of today’s young generation too are to be blamed. But, it is time to improve and protect every girl child and stop them from getting harmed in the clutches of some evil people in our society. Let’s take action together. So, here I am highlighting some major problems faced by our present women community.


Women education has been improved compared to the past decades. Even though a lot of women are still fighting to get their primary education, many are fighting for their higher education. All over the world most of the women, especially in villages, are not aware of the value and importance of education. It is said that educating a girl child is similar to educating a family, in turn, educating the nation.

Child marriage:

Most of the NGOs’ and the government are constantly raising their voice against child marriage. But, still, there are so many child marriages happening all over the world. It is very common among the uneducated parents on the village side. They fail to acknowledge the problems of the child (girl child) which she faces after getting married at a very tender age. This has to be stopped or at least reduced by taking necessary actions.

Dowry or bribe:

Dowry or the bribe giving is a never ending problem. There are so many rules and regulations available out there in the name of protecting the women. But, still, a number of women are suffering from this dowry and bribe torture in our society. I see some men who marry a girl only for the dowry and not for the life and love. They see women as their profit and a money machine.

Sexual harassment:

According to a result of WHO, 1 in every 3 women is experiencing sexual violence in their life. Daily in the day to day life, there are so many women out there facing sexual problems in schools and workplaces. Most of us see or read at least one news daily about a woman or a girl being sexual harassed. With so many regulations and acts of the government, the rate is increasing day by day. Parents on seeing and hearing these they are afraid of sending their girl child out.

Employment opportunities:

Everybody talks about women empowerment and equality but when it comes to employing a candidate everybody wants a male candidate. Even if a girl gets selected for a job either she will get a lower salary than a male candidate of the same designation or she will be ill-treated. Being a civil engineer and a girl, having a good knowledge in my field despite, these most companies rejected me because of my gender.

Are all these fair? Absolutely no. We can’t change all the problems in a single day. But with a good heart, we can stand together and do something in empowering our women.

Time Management for Skills Training

Some hosts are confused about how to manage time in conducting series of training to old or new employees in certain companies. It wasn’t easy but there are some basic ways on how to deliver certain training. The preparation of the things needed should be carried out before hosting the skills training.

First, determine the target or list of participants. Second, send invitation trough emails or notice letter in every department of the company. Third, acquiring the needed materials such as photocopied of modules, equipment, soft copies of the powerpoint presentation, etc. Lastly, set up the venue of the activity.

Once accomplished the physical requirements mentioned earlier, then it is time to follow the simple steps in conducting the skills training are as follows:

  1. State the main topic

It is important to know the main topic of the training session. Some people might think it is so simple to state the main agenda. But then, it can be forgotten. As it was said, the host should always know the flow of the training.

  1. State the main objectives

The main topic will be followed to assure the expectations of the participants. This will guide the host on how to lead the skills training. If not, it would be a chaos situation. The participants can determine if the host is not ready or prepared for the said training session.

  1. Introduce the outline

The outline should be presented prior to giving the full details of it. The participants can able to anticipate which subtopics will be tackled. It is the core of the presentation and participants will have the idea of the training session.

  1. Provide the information

In this part, the full detailed information will be able to deliver. It can be presented through power presentation, photos, actual usage of products and the like. It depends on the host’s style. The most important thing is to give the essential information needed by the participants.

  1. Entertain the issues or concerns

At the end of the training, the host will raise the open dialogue to gather the issues or concerns that needed to be addressed by the host. It is the time for the participants can share what is running into their mind. The issues or concerns will be documented for the possible review on the next training session.

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