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Put the Culinary Skills to Use
October 29, 2018

My son graduated from culinary school and he should really be working as a chef. Hopefully in the near future I’ll be able to hire my one of my sons. Developed skills should be used so that there’s the hands on there’s more learning when the chef is in the kitchen using the taught skills. The career “description” could scare some away there certainly is a lot of work in such a career. There will be long hours standing in the kitchen and working on holidays. Chefs spend a lot of their time working in and around the kitchen as well as working “events.”

My son has worked many events in which he was compensated immediately after working the events. Chef Christopher is what I’ve decided to call him. He’s gained lots of experience and is certified. I Tanikka Paulk was so proud of him when he graduated from culinary school. There were many visitations to other schools but he was able to finish school close to “home.” Receiving the certifications is such a rewarding feeling. To watch my oldest son go up on stage and receive is diploma and also his certifications was exciting.

Perhaps soon he will be working all sorts of events. There’s a lot of avenues within the culinary arts. He’s also experienced with pastry. Baking, making his own icing, three layer cakes. Soon he can create specialty wedding cakes. Wow! Isn’t it exciting when children become adults and obtain the skills in order to set off on their careers? Indeed. To be able to witness and capture photos of certain events is so delightful. Thank goodness for cameras. They’re able “to capture” precious moments.

To build careers, to be apart of career development, to obtain the necessary skills in order to reach certain heights is blessed filled. i’m so grateful to have been able to witness the events and to see my oldest grow and soon he will become a bit older. The age of 23. October 31, 1995 is his date of birth. The memories some captured and some embedded within my memory bank. I’m able to recall the certain events. Blessed to see my sons develop into young men.

He’s continuing to make some headway. There is still room to grow. There is the focus on making sure that they attempt to obtain a stable future. There is the time when we’ll have to send “the children” on their own ways in order to become what they’re capable of becoming. I’ve overcome most of the adversities and have witnessed the storms, sunshine, and rainy seasons but God has allowed “Mother” mama to spend precious moments with the sons. How blessed is thee? i’m truly blessed can’t buy “love.”

Career paths should be the focus. There are so many students and youth wanting to set off on their careers but need the appropriate guidance. There should be stronger mentors. Mentoring is what the youth need. Positive role models. Persons willing to help guide the youth on their projected paths. Education is so very important and hiring “qualified” teachers will assist students in the positive directions. More funding is needed in order to create more careers, more jobs, and better education.


Chef Christopher

Chef Christopher’s Mother

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