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Please run, it kills, again, it kills……
February 5, 2017


Sin is transgression against the law.

Sin kills

Sin is like a beautiful parcel, well rapped, but blows up when opened.

Sin is like a well prepared meal, that contains poison, you are fully aware it contains poison, but you chose to eat it.—- fleeting pleasure.

Sin is like a trap that caught a rat, the rat saw the food, went after the food and got caught up. —ate the food and was trapped. “there is a way which seems right to a man but the end is death”

Sin is like a virus – it enters anywhere little, destroys gradually until it damages everything.

Sin is easy to overlook, because it seems unrecognizable, so minute at times, but the prize is high.

Sin-when you call it the right name, is an ugly evil.

Sin coated well can be sensible.

Sin is rebellious.

Sin is very sweet in the mouth, bitter in the stomach,

Sin is enticising

Sin is fascinating, beckoning to you, all the time to come and see.

Sin is damaging

Sin is deceitful

Sin kills, again it kills.

Sin kills, again it cannot anymore.


JESUS stopped it.

You cannot run from its consequences.

The consequences hunt, oh! It hunts.

The consequences hunt like a wild animal pursue, it pursue till it overtake, it overtake and kill.

Sin kills, don’t taste it.

Sin kills, don’t make it a friend.


A Christian life is like climbing a tree, while the aim is to get to the top of the tree. When you commit sin, you have fallen to the ground no matter the stage you find yourself.

When it happens like this, ask God for the forgiveness and start climbing again.

Never accept defeat.
When you stay fallen, when you give up, then you accept defeat. Continue to climb don’t give up and you will get there. Remember that the righteous may fall seven times but he will rise again.


Remember, it kills, run away from it.

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    1. Sin is evil in itself,it should never be a part of our lives but the truth is it is there, it loves within us, it sometimes controls our lives when we let it do so, it messes up our lives, it kills people it destroys people’s lives it’s simply just not good. Sin was brought into this world and the only way we can live in this world is to shun sin and try to live a clean and pure life. The one thing that we humans do is to always do what is wrong we see something that is not right that is what we want to run for and do, instead of running away from it. So may God help us to shun evil and stay clean.

      • Amen to your prayers.
        If we do not want to commit sin anymore, the bulk of the work is in our hands.
        “flee from all appearances of evil”.
        “run from the devil and he shall flee from you ”

        What I am saying is that, our future lies in our hands.

        We need to choose what we want and work towards it


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