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Do we seek companionship with our Almighty God

Throughout our lives we are expected to proclaim the salvation power of Almighty God. Though we are his sons and daughters, if we are not actively seeking his graces, in humanness we will die just humans and the glorious resurrection will not be ours. All our works are meaningless and useless if they do not come from or serve the purposes of God.

God created us with free will giving us the power to choose to follow good or bad and right from wrong. To be able to use our free will correctly we need to ask God for the wisdom to discern such choices. The road is presented before us, but which path to take is only given to us by the direction of God.

The creation story in Genesis tells us that God created us male and female, man and woman. Our creation was not just to satisfy sexual desires or to produce offspring, but as a means of unity. He created us male and female so that we might come together in the bond of love by giving of ourselves to each other in sacrifice and shared happiness.

God made us in his image and likeness. Therefore to look at each other is to see a representation of God. We all have it within us to express God’s image and likeness for we are all a gift and we all receive his Spirit. He created us very good and over and over he has expressed his unwavering love for us. He gives order to the whole creation and his giving of his Son to us expresses to us how important we are in his plan.

We are blessed from the very beginning of creation. He blessed us and told us to be fruitful and multiply. He told his messengers, servants, prophets to issue blessings on each other and their followers. Each blessing has a purpose and unique to each individual, yet when we come together us a whole a holistic world is possible.

In the bond and sacrament of matrimony we the human couple are presented as the authentic image of God. For no marriage can be fruitful without God. God is love and we have to love him first before we can love anyone else. In him we live for eternity. By giving of ourselves to each other in the bond of love we join in the mystery of Christ where he calls himself the bridegroom and we his bride.

Let us thank God for always being our companion and for all those persons he has given to us to share our lives and our love.

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    1. When we obey God we are sure to receive God’s blessings. Obedience means faithfulness to God’s words. He promises us good things, the only thing we need to do is wait.


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